At the end you should know the tips on how to do Ping clubs selection so as to be able to make the best selections of ping clubs

Before delving into what to consider before selecting a Ping club, lets give a brief address on Ping club

Ping is a well known and respected brand as far as golfing is concerned, Ping are the world’s leading golf club manufacturer’s

They are responsible for the large manufacture of golf club such as iron, wood, putter, hybrid and wedge all with the intention to suiting every golfers need

Many unlearned golfers thinks its a waste of money to get a well fitted club

Well if it is, then not to worry for a poor result on course is good, if really you are out and thirsty to become a great, well known and respected golfer then grab the lesson on ping club selection tips and know it to your finger tips

There is always a best club fitting for everyone and this club is dependent on your physique as well as your swing problem

Making the right club specification based on your body structure gives you confidence since you are sure you have the right set of clubs

Many golfers buy off the rack because it is less expensive, easiest and most convienent

Two step is taken to get fitted if you really want the club best suited for you

These two step involves the static and dynamic fitting

Ping gives you the opportunity for an online fitting tools, it simply done in this manner, they ask you question and you give them the right answer

Static fitting involves snapshots of your physical structure, such structure include_height, hand size, weight and wrist distance to floor

Static fitting test is the basic which introduces a much more complex test(dynamic fitting)

The word dynamic should suggest something in your mind_wide or complex

In dynamic fittings things like how you position to hit the ball, swing speed comes in play


Tips On Choosing The Best Ping Club For Novice/Beginners

How do you select a Ping club?this is the tips on how to do Ping club selection will be of help to all level of golfers

Right there in the PING website every kind of club are listed with a comparison line chart for each

These comparism chart shows you what exact club that will be best suited for you, for instance

Beginners or high handicap should look for club with the best of forgiveness, the reason being beginners or amateurs do have poor swing positioning and low swing speed so therefore they will be needing a club that will help compliment their swing even on a mishit

These extremely forgiving club are easily identified by their larger heads and lower CG’s

Professionals or low handicap, clubs with maximum workability is the best recommended, having (smaller head)for better touch and feel

These clubs have line specification all available on the PING website, right there you can dig deeper for more information by clicking on each line name

Many factor comes in play when on the voyage of selecting a ping club, what does this mean?

For instance after narrowing down your choice to two lines of wood you can go into greater detail such as knowing the specific length and loft of each club

An example is, if you have difficulty getting the ball into the air then a higher loft club would be your best recommendation

Another consideration is the shaft, choosing the correct shaft can help improve on your game

The choice of shaft have great impact on your swing

There are two kind of Golf club shaft_stiff and flex

The stiff shaft is strong and so is for golfers with great swing speed

The flex shaft is more flexible, not that hard so therefore it is recommended for golfers with slower swing, slower swingers can also use graphite since it is the most popular

Consider hybrid club if you have difficulty hitting long iron, simply consult the chart listing PING’ hybrid lines

From the line specified you will know what iron and or fairway wood each hybrid was made to replace

In accordance to Newwell’s note Putter selection is open to greater personal interpretation than any other club


To make the best choice on Ping club it must be precided by some tips/consideration to avoid making the wrong selection/choice








Bear trap dunes hot deals_ golf course at Delware


At the end you should know what the bear trap dunes represents

 Bear trap dunes golf course and other amenities(home of golf)

Bear trap dunes is located in 7 Clubhouse Drive, Ocean View, DE, 19970

Why is the bear trap dunes referred as the hearth of golf experience? It is referred  in that manner because it solely for golf related matters

The activities in the bear trap dunes totally depicts golf sport culture if there is every anything like that and Golf sport promotion activities

It all happens here, for unforgettable golf experience then the bear trap dune is your choice. It is reffered to as a place where fun lives

Play an exhilarating round of golf, make friends you’ve never dreamed of, a home of deep dreams for golfers and you can’t beat it

The Bear trap dunes has an exceptional course condition, expert service, warm hospitality and remarkable facilities

The golf club in bear trap dunes offers the most unique and outstanding arena for golf activities and recreation of the highest pedigree

Situated in Ocean view, Delware, 3 miles west of Bethany Beach, bear trap dunes will do you good

The bear trap dunes do have this following feautres thus making it one of the smartest place to buy and repair your faulty club and at a discount, get the best of golfing experience, purchase the best of golf costumes and apparels and finally a place where you can receive golf lectures

Looking for a place to carry out your golfing activities? Are you searching for a place dedicated a hundred percent to golf activities/recreation look no further for the bear trap dunes is the most suitable place for all of that

Here are the four activities and classic feautres which makes the bear trap dunes worth a place to visit

Why the bear trap dunes is referred as the best place for your golfing experience

  • Amazing Course Layout

Feel the warmth, feel the atmosphere, hear the sound. Smell the surrounding and taste it sweetness, for it is all “golf” and nothing else

it represents one of the most classical arena that promotes golf sport

Looking at the course layout the native wetland grasses are lined with winding bentgrass fairway that drift into stunning sand dunes on this natural golf course

The bear trap dunes is known for perfection to the highest pedigree,

A groomed over sized greens and four masterfully placed set of tees attracts golfers of every skills level all year round

With the bear sand dunes you will experience unrivaled fun, there are so many unique feautres tied around the bear sand dunes which makes it the best hangout for golfers, one of such feautres include an ample use of sand dunes which adhere to coastal area natural terrain

The dunes being strategically placed_bunkers, grassy hollows and water hazards, players will have to use their creativity to find a way into each hole

Green have enough speed to make them fun, you will enjoy every single minutes right here, it is a beautiful challenging very playable course


  • Affordable Golf Outfit With Quality Of The Highest Pedigree

Real golfers knows an excellent golf outfit Shop when they see one

Its not hidden, it reveals itself, there has been no obligation other than the quest for the best quality outfit sale by the bear trap dune

Having earned the prestigious award from the Associate of Golf Merchandisers,

It is well known as the top 100 Golf shop on American, where you can find everything you need to improve on your game from equipments to apparel to accessories even for kids and toddlers

Assorted golf outfit/utilities all made readily available at an extreme affordable pricing

The team are always there to give you the best of golf outfit and at an affordable price

There is a catalogue of hassle free event package events from where you can make a choice

They exceed your expectations and that is the reason they have been trusted by hundred’s of co-operation and associations.


  • Exceptional Golf Lectures

The bear trap dunes is an exceptional environment to learn golf,

The bear trap dunes have countless professional golfers who are willing to share the secrets to becoming great at golfing

With the professional golf lecturers in bear trap dunes you have no difficulty in grasping golf sport skills to the highest pedigree

All you need do is get started with one of the cheapest golf training or lecture fee, after payment put your mind to learn and you will

Bear trap dunes are commited to player developmeny and growing the game of golf for intrested members

A whole lot of golf selection programs are readily available to choose from, indicate your choice, meet up the requirement and get started, as simple as that

You will be taught the fundamental of golf

There are four distinctive learning activity in the bear trap dunes and they are

  • Individual lesson

One of the greatest activity is the individual lesson which is more of a private kind of lecture and cost $75 per 45 minute duration


  • private group lesson

Another exceptional learning activity is the private lesson group

In the private group a number from two to ten members are allowed to receive lectures all at the same time


  • 9 Hole Playing Lesson

This activity is more of of playing golf and taking close observation on your golf game weaknesses

The cost of a 9 hole playinf lesson is $175, in this playing lesson your instructor observes your game as you play so as to discover where you need improvement on and then figure out the best way possible to make your your weakness as regards golfing and then convery such weakness to strength

This lesson also include recommending the best club for your person bases on your strength and weakness


  • Coaching Program

The coaching program is a 3 month program which cost $1,200

In this program you will be working with your selected coach for 120 minutes in each month, this means 360 minutes for 3 months

In this program the main focus will be on putting, full swing, mental toughness, on course shots and many more

This 120 minutes in each month can be broken down pending on your own preference and time schedule

You can have your 120 minute all at once or twice by breaking it down to 60 minutes lectures or four times by segregating it into 30 minutes, it all up to you

After this program you will be evaluated using different strategies to ser if you have actually improved

Wether you are an adult or junior the bear trap dunes will serve you beyond your expectation


  • Amazing Restaurant

This Amazing restaurant known as Den Bar and Grill is a must visit by everyone whether you are a golfer or not

Encounter great delicacies like never in your life and get to interact with new people who share common intrest with you


The golf course of the bear trap dunes, DE is the best place to experience the best of golfing activities looking at the bear trap dunes

Its a place where you can repair your faulty clubs or buy new ones, buy golf apparel/costume of any kind, receive golf lectures and an amazing restaurant where you can have a breath fresh air



Salt pond golf club course_Bethany Beach, De, USA.


At the end you will know the four awesome and amazing fact about the salt pond golf club, what it represents and why it is regarded as the best choice for your golf destination

What the salt pond golf club stands for

The salt pond golf club, is a place located in 400 Bethany Loop, Bethany Beach, DE 19930, USA

It is a first choice place to be when in search for the best of golfing experience, better playability and the best of golf utilities

The Salt Pond golf club Bethany Beach, DE 19930, USA.

typically depict a world class standard location for quality golf sport related item plus all other services you can think of all of golf kind

Looking at the salt pond golf club overview it Feautures an inviting  beautiful 18 hole golf course, welcoming front the forward tees

One thing about its course is that it is less than half the cost of other leading course and in no way less in quality and standard

The salt pond club will do you good, the salt pond golf club renders services and sell product this product are strictly quality golf sport related utilities and accessories of any kind

Here are some exceptional and exciting services and item brought to your doorstep by the Bethany Beach salt pond club

  • Pro Shop

The salt pond pro shop is a place where you can find a full line of both male and female golf utilities and leisure apparel at amazing discount and at the highest quality pedegree for long lasting durability

The items found in the pro shop is crested with the beautiful and captivating salt pond logo while some others are free from logo all with the motive of creating a platform for variety and making you look the smartest you can possibly be on and off course

Looking for the best of golf clubs, Original apparel, balls, clothes, shoes, wrist band, shorts or other accessories potraying the noble game of golf

Check them out for they offer the best of its kind, from hats to shoes to pants to shots to skirt to blowse  to balls, clubs, tees and on and on

They offer them all and at an insanely affordable and unbelivable price and at the best of quality

Whenever you think of any item that comes from the salt pond club, you think quality for that is what they represent

The salt pond club are known to promote and sell golf utilities/equipments for the famous brands like the Footjoy, Nike, Cutter and Buck, Montery, Heritage Cross, Adams, Crixon, Callaway, Cleveland and more

All items found there is made from the finest quality, built to last,

Looking at the golf club equipments it sells, they are the most forgiving golf club with the best of flexibilty now than ever with versatility of extremely amazing high end golf sport technology for better performance

The pro shop feautres the nice selection to the highest pedegree of junior size apparel, like shoes, cloths, hat, clubs, bags and many more as well


  • Repair and discount

Want a repair of your broken clubs, shoe spikes or you simply want to change your club grip?

The pro shop is the most preferred place to do that and at the best affordable price

Here you will find the most experienced and smartest of golf utilities menders whose area of specialty is on repairs

In terms of discount there is a frequent change in merchandise so be sure you check on the pro shop as best possibly can, to get updated on the latest trend

One lovable thing about the pro shop is that members get a 10 percent discount on items bought from the pro shop,

10 percent discount? Imagine, just like that even despite it very price friendly atmosphere, this means your item is almost for free when compared to other shop of the same purpose

All season long a discount rack is made available on items like clothing, short, skirt, blowse, clubs and other golfing accessories

You can make special order for virtually everything made available in the pro shop merchandise

For quick contact of the pro shop  simply call (302) 539-7525


  • Gift Certificate

Want to suprise someone by giving them a golf related item?

Sure, such golf suprises in gift certificate form is best done in the salt pond golf club pro shop

There is and always will be a pro shop staff ever willing and happy to assist as best possible with gift certificates all year round

What you simply do is stop by the pro shop and give them an email or call (302) 539-7525 for quicker and faster certificate preparation

The pro shop staff are at your service, all gift certificate have a one year validity peeiod after which it expires until renewed again


  • Book Tee Time

The salt pond golf club is so organized that you can on your own convienent book your tee time without and hassle

With the salt pond club, you can easily schedule your play to your own specific timing, this makes it no doubt one of the best location for golf sport activities all over the world

The salt pond golf club use Chelsea Reservation for booking online tee times


  • Unique Playing Ground

The soft pond golf club has an exraordinary unique playing ground such as the natural woodlands surrounding the course and the 18 hole captivating public mid challenging mid length course

Suituated around 538 home and town home community in Bethany Beache DE

This is a friendly course for women, juniors, seniors and beginners even though it is a professional manicured 18 hole public mid length course that is sometimes difficult for even the finest of golfers

This golf club is well situated around beautiful beaches, thus making you enjoy a breathe of fresh air while golfing all day long

Mark Allison, Golf club Supreintendent with over 10 years working experience in this field is responsible for the standard maintance of course

From West CO, Newyork and studied Turf grass management at the University of California


There are 5 awesome and amazing facts about the soft pond golf club located in 400 Bethany Loop. Bethany Beach DE, 19930, USA. Which makes it the best hang out choice for golfers

These fact include

A pro shop where you find the best of all golf utilities from clubs to accessories

Repair and discount on items bought or repaired from the pro shop

Gift certificate, that the pro shop staff is willing to help you do

Comfortable schedule your playing to your own particular time

Unique playing ground for the best of golf experience






A putter is used for hitting the ball into the hole from a short range, to be really great and win more titles in golf sport you must have the best putter available
this is the list of the top 10 golf blade putter in 2018, they are the best on review, using them guarantees you game improvement


In the end you should be able to identify Men’s best blade in 2020

Finding a putter with the right length, balance and feel is difficult especially for non pros

Performance of blade putters have drastically changed during the last few decades, thanks to technology that has finally improved its efficiency to maximum

Such change can be seen in the tremendous change and effect of the inserts, grooves, depth and material used in the production of this putters

All this changes was to make a more softer, smoother and greater forgiving blade putter such that’s never been

This selected putters has undergone several trials on various situation and occasions coupled with feedback from golfers who bought and used this club

So this 2020 Men’s best blade putter picks are no one man opinion or suggestion, it is a collective experimentation made by using hundred’s of Male golfers as a test to these putters

Choosing a putter that is best suited for you is a crucial thing that must not be overlooked since it has a great impact on your strokes

Before delving into the best blade putter for Men in the market as of 2020 let consider a little what a putter is and its role in golf sports

The Concept Of Blade Putters

A putter is a subset of club in golf sport used in short distance range to make relative strokes of low speed with the intent of rolling the ball into the hole

Putter are classified into two categories, they are mallet putter and blade putter and each has its own design to best fit a particular putting stroke

Take for instance a mallet putter has been known for a more elaborate design than blade putter such as having a more larger club head that comes in varieties of shape like the half circle or a square back design which are the most common type of shape design for the mallet

Comparing a blade putter to mallet, a blade putter have a more simplistic design and smaller head

because of its traditional look it is the favourite and “go, go” among golf purist

The name blade putter simply suggest its shape, “razor blade” this putter has a straight blade style shape with a narrow body

If you take a close look at a blade putter you will notice something, “straight blade style shape” and a narrow body, meaning its resemblance is “blade like”

Mallet are not that way, a mallet putter is more of some kind of bulky shape that is not usually straight like a blade, mallet putter does not usually have a narrow body

So when you see a mallet putter and a blade putter with this description you should be able to differentiate them without difficulty

The blade style putter club is the most preferred by the PGA TOUR pro and they come in different style variation just like the mallet

They are often preferred because it is has a better streamlined body structure which favours ball direction and speed at impact and is usually lighter than the mallet

This is not to down grade the efficacy of the mallet putter

Mallet putter also do have an advantage over the “Blade” this advantage is due to its varied weight distribution which provides a completely different feel than what a blade putter provides

Mallet putter are known for better stability, straighter putting strokes and more accurate performance on long putt especially for less advanced golf players

This style variation also have different weighing and face type like some have (insert) others have (no insert)

Blade putters provides better distance control and accuracy on long putt

What Are The List Of Men’s Best Golf Blade Putter 2020 Top Picks?


  • Wilson Staff 8802 Milled Putter(Best Lightweight And Responsive)

Blade putter, best of blade putter, blade putter top picks, blade putter reviews, top putter reviews

The 8802 is one of the most favourite putter out there, with a flawless milled face and a strong grip you will experience exceptional forgiveness with comfort and in a classical style

The way the ball comes off this club is simply amazing coupled with its great feel and sound all geared towards giving you great and outstanding comfortability

Fantastic putter at address and of a high quality well built to last

It is difficult to find quite an impressive and stunning putter similar to the wilson staff 8802 as this gives you a true roll until the ball gets straight into the hole

8802 is milled from 304 stainless steel for feedback, feel and precision

The low unique CG placement is one to be envied, yielding all the forgiveness needed to correct all mishit


  • Super feel and great weight
  • larger head for optimum accuracy
  • milled from 304 stainless steel
  • super grip
  • low CG for exceptional forgiveness
  • Crispy sound at contact with ball


  • Not the easiest to master
  • Smaller sweet-spots and tiny heads


  • Medicus Overspin CB2 Cast Blade Golf Putter(Best  Responsive And Easy)

2018 blade putter, top pick putter, blade putter reviews, blade putter best








Medicus overspin CB2 holds the title for fringe benefit, a first of its kind, this rare trait found in this club creates a sense of confidence and boldness as you handle this putter for a putt

There is an incorporation between the famous technology known as CT groove and over spin cut angle face design for easy accessibility to putting from high fringe and rough

The function of the CG groove is to prevent the putter face from turning and better accuracy improvement

The overspin custom WINN grip also adds comfort and eliminates speciality club around the green

It is rumoured to be the one and only putter with true roll performance

Buy it, you will love it, through statistics it is observed that more and more people are taking the Medicus as a preferred choice club over other putter for perfection purpose


  • Consistence roll of putt
  • Putt roll through to the hole
  • Well constructed and weighted putter
  • Easy alignment
  • Well worth the price


  • No putter cover


Wilson Harmonized Square Heel /Toe Golf putter(Best Accurate And Lightweight)

Blade putter, 2018 putter top picks, top rated putter

One of the most popular lines of golf putter is the wilson harmonized square heel

Customized for great and unforgettable hit accuracy and feel with a great superb balance for a more relaxed swing

Great putter for the price with nice weighting positioned strategically for an easy ball putt

Some of its exciting feautres is the new large diametre grip size for better performance and a multi density area in the micro injector face insert

It has a beautiful and captivating padded face of which you will love and wouldn’t hesistate to buy another even in a heart beat,

in recent years willson harmonized square heel putter has won several awards in the PGA tournament

Looking at


Price friendly and nice weighting

Soft and padded face

Good and comfortable large grip

Consistent shots and at great accuracy


Behind the head is an area painted silver

Does not come with a headcover


  • TaylorMade Big Red OSCB Daytona Putter(Best Balanced And Responsive)

Blade putter reviews, reviews of blade putter, 2018 top rated,

Daytona putter is the best club for alignment vandetta, its raised high contrast sightline makes alignment very easy

This putter is toe heavy, its great fit and finish with a fantastic headcover makes it lovable

It has a larger super stroke grip coupled with a great alignment visibility for easy adjustment

Counter balance mechanism helps in stabilizing the swing


It has an alignment marker

Well balanced for nice performance

Smooth stroke

Nice super stroke grip

Alignment marker with good visibility




  • New H3 Mallet Heavy Putter Mid-Weight(Best Responsive And Flexible)

Similar to the classic 8802 putter style but designed with patented counter balance weighting technolgy

This blade is toe droop with a half shaft of offset

Designed in the light weight category and so therefore is also known as the M4_LITE WEIGHT putter

M4_LITE WEIGHT utilizes a prioprietary shaft with a 65 gram weight inserted  in the grip end of the shaft this gives you more control over your stroke


Higher balance point than conventional putter

Light weight putter

Designed with patented counter weighting technology

Eliminates wrist action on stroke

Forgiveness and flexibility


No reviews


  • Odyssey 2017 O-Works Putter(Best Responsive and Forgiving)

2018 putter picks, top rated blade putter, blade putter reviews

Odyssey works have an outstanding alignment aid which are very positive for your game

You will experience a smoother amd longer roll on your putt, the feel help you to judge distance with ease and the feedback from this putter are top notch

With the odyssey the ball comes off the face clean, no bouncing coupled with an effortless speed

It is no choice but a compulsory putter for every serious minded golfer

It is very easy to line up and ball comes off it face consistently, you can easily change weight on the super stroke grip

The micro hinge technology provides incredible gain in rolls and top spin


weight change option

Ball comes of the face clean

Nice super stroke putter grip

Counter balance for more consistency


Appears to have removable weight


  • Odyssey 2018 Black O Work Putter(Best Forgiving And Ball Control)

Blade putter reviews, top rated putter, putter best list

With its new and advanced micro hinge face insert you get unmatched roll and consistent improvement

The new  tour head proven shape is the best for a wide range of player profile

It has two grip unique option for better playing experience and feel

One grip for superstroke slim 2.0 and the second for Winn AVS Mid-size pistol

This odyssey was designed to help average golfers creates more forward with your strokes

The inner layer of A thermoplastic Elastomer provides all the soft feel odyssey putter have been known for

The versa alignment technology helps for better and proper alignment, you will love it

The ball comes of the face with much more true roll even on off hits


Better and improved consistency

Comes with a headcover

Thermoplastic elastomer provides all the soft feel with best of playing experience

Well packaged with quick delivery

More speed and better ball control

Good balance and weight


Thin grip and so you must learn to adjust your swing


  • Odyssey Women’s White Hot Pro 1 Putter(Best Easy And Accurate)

Best blade putter, top rated putter, putter best reviews

One like never before, the odyssey women white hot pro insert is ridiculously engineered for more sound consistency and pleasant feel

This is an iconic putter, through various testing programs top designers of the hot white pro were able to produce one of the best leading edge putter, that has remain the foot print of all other putter design

Great simplistic design. the design, construction and performance still remains unmatched


Nice feel and forgiveness

Good quality and affordable

Highly engineered for consistence sound, feel and performance

More appealing look at address

Heavy putter head for better control and feel


Specifically designed for women only


  • Taylormade Golf White Smoke Putter IN_12(Best Forgiving And Lightweight)

Putters, top rated putters, most forgiving putter

Even on mishit it promotes exceptional stability and great feel, off the face putter have a good roll with outstanding consistency

Looking at the alignment lines it does help to make aiming easy while maintaing a clean and captivating appearance

One exceptional feautre about this putter is the surlyn PureRoll insert which promotes forward spin with a soft feel

This putter is so designed that it renders the an unmatched forgiveness

It probably is the best pick of putter that can be presented as a gift to a golf player

Use this club and notice a mind blowing increase on your putt


Extremely forgiving

Improve spin with better role

Comes with a headcover

Great feel and exceptional stability

Very forgiving

Good weight and smooth stroke

Highy durable


A little difficult to get used to


There are two different types of putter club in golf sport, this putter club are the blade putter or the mallet putter, today’s golfing offers great and amazing golf putter whether mallet or blade, prior to this era there were little to no provision of great and assorted putter club as we can find today

One of the main difference between a blade and mallet putter club is its head shape and weighting, a blade putter does have a head design which looks similar to a blade and they are lightweight when compared to a mallet putter

Looking for the best blade putter club of 2020? this are the best, they are extremely forgiving due to its CG positioning, with great feel, exceptional stability and improved rolls, with any of this you will be ready to take your putting to the next level







golf irons are the most common club in a golf set and is used to propel the ball toward the hole, there are 10 best most forgiving iron and this are the list of the 10 best top picks of the most forgiving golf iron for 2018


In the end you should be able to know and make the best selections of the most forgiving iron for senior male golfers in 2020

Playing golf with an iron can be a little bit daunting especially for senior golfers(male)

Hitting the ball and making the most clean contact at consistency is easier said than done and that’s the reason why special clubs are out there to help you get the best out of every swing

A whole lot of forgiving and game improvement iron are out there for seniors and in this article we focus on the top list for older male golf players in 2020

Using this iron will help you make stronger contact and achieving a higher and more accurate ball flight

This irons will aid you hit more greens and win more games, it has helped other golfers in uncountable situations, such as winning more games, making more attempt and winning more titles

Its as easy as saying, find the best set of forgiving iron and turn your handicapism to more wins and more glory

Iron, iron, iron. Firstly its best we give a little introduction on what a golf iron means in the game of golf

The concept of golf iron

An iron in the sport called golf can be defined as a type of club used to propel the ball towards the hole

Iron have a smaller club heads with a shorter shaft in comparism with a wood

There are variety of situations where an iron is needed to execute

One of such is that you use an iron from the fairway or rough as you approach the green

it can also be used for ball extraction from hazards like the bunker, trees or water hazards

It is the most common type of club(iron) and are classified using numbers

There are approximately 7 to 11 irons in a standard golf set made up of about 14 clubs and that is why irons are regarded as the most “common club” in a golf set

The classification of golf irons

Golf irons are typically classified into 4 categories and they are

Driving iron, long iron, mid iron and short iron and each of this irons have numbers they are identified or know with

Irons are identified using the numbers (1 to 10)  but most commonly (3 to 9) and this indicates the relative angle of loft on the face of the club

There are the 3 iron, 4 iron, 5 iron, 6 iron, 7 iron, 8 iron, 9 iron

The higher the number of an iron the higher the loft and shorter the distance of ball travel and speed, the lower the number of an iron the lower the loft and farther the distance of ball travel and speed

In other words if you need an iron that can make your ball travel more distance and at great speed then the iron with lower number is best recommended

And if you need an iron that can easily get you out of the rough or fairway through its higher loft launch angle then the higher numbered iron is best recommended

Higher number=higher loft angle and shorter ball distance travel

Lower number=lower loft angle and longer travel distance of ball

What are the best forgiving irons for senior males in 2020


  • TaylorMade M CBG Iron Set(Best Forgiving And Easy)

Best golf iron, 2018 best iron, top rated iron, best iron reviews, iron top picks 2018

The taylormade M CBG will forever remain a classic and relevant as much as golf sport is concerned

The mantra behind this design is the undying desire to create the most forgiving clubs for older male golfers

The CBG are taylormade fastest iron to date and are highly unique from in comparism to other golf iron of its kind due to its high COR performance right through the set

Completely maximized for every shot, the M-CGB went to the extreme of iron engineering to give you distances to the climax

With its low CG you get an optimized spin rate plus higher trajectory

M CBG is extremely forgiving and creates high MOI with greater ball speed for correction even on a mishit

With its Geocoustic engineering you will enjoy better pleasant sound and feel

That name called the “CBG” stands tall among legend of iron, you will love it


  • Ultra low CG placement for the best of forgiveness
  • High COR and MOI
  • Finely tuned sound and feel


  • No return guarantee policy


  • Mizuno JPX 900 Hot Metal Irons(Best For Forgiveness And Response)

Most forgiving iron, 2018 most forgiving iron, the best of iron. Best iron reviews

Its adjustability combined with an offensive ball speed is incredible

Mizuno is one great club which remains unmatched in the world of golf iron

Looking at the Mizuno JPX 900 you see an extremely forgiving club with great feel due to its low CG strategic placement which ensures maximum playability

You will love the Mizuno, the versatile Chromoly 414M gives both the strength for a distance enhancing cup face

It does have a 360 and a thin cup face for faster and longer ball spees and travel

This iron stand the chance of being the number one pick again for the best of golf iron for senior golfers(men) in the year 2019 and the reason being right now it is undergoing a transformation face which aims at doubling its present maximum capabilities

This amazing feautres makes it one of the top best most forgiving iron for seniors in 2018


  • Extremely forgiving due to its low CG placement
  • Stands to be the most favourite iron for 2019
  • Used by many professional golfers
  • Increase distance and ball speed
  • Moveable and bendable neck


  • Very limited stock


  • Cobra Men’s F Max Iron(Best For Feedback And Control)

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With the Cobra F max you will see a drastical change in both your swing speed and the speed at which the ball travels

Very light is the cobra and easibility in usery, you will love it and probably buy another in a heart beat

Its surely one of the most forgiving favourite club(iron) older golfer could possibly own, specifically male

Buillt with lighter cobra Temper Superlighr Steel Shaft and swing weight

Anything club made by the Cobra manufacturers is for sure durable and well made, Cobra has set the pace and is still setting and breaking new grounds as relating to the best of clubs


  • Swing weight ensures maximum club head speed
  • Low CG for an improved take off
  • Its large sweet-spot makes it extremely forgiving
  • Light weight and easy to use
  • Increase your swing speed and doubles the distance of ball travel
  • Longer and straighter shots
  • Sturdy with well constructed grip


  • Limited stock
  • A little bit heavy


  • Callaway Golf 2018 Men’s Rogue Individual Iron(Best For Forgiveness And Control)

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The Callaway men’s rogue individual iron is a fabulous club, it will give you more speed with consistent accuracy even on a moderate swing speed

This means you wouldn’t be needing to stress yourself with more swing strength as you have always done trying to gain more distance

Take a look at this club 360 face cup+VFT all engineered to give you the best of spin and more ball speed and distance

Are you looking for a club with optimal flight and control? Look no further for what thou seekest is right in front of you, with this club you have full control of how the ball goes

The (VFT) Variable face thickness technology helps expand the portion of the face that delivers fast ball speed

Rogue iron are the best combination when it comes to distance, playability and accuracy


  • Great solid feel with extreme forgiveness
  • Tungsten weighing for optimal flight and control
  • Urethane microspheres for phenomenal sound and feel


  • A little bit difficult to get used to
  • Steel not graphite


  • Medicus Dual Hinge 5 Iron(Best For Forgiveness And Easy)

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Length is standard 5 iron,The dual hinge is the best swing correcta, no matter how bad your swinging might be,

it supports you in everyway possible for your swing to become better

With it your distance, accuracy and consistency is boosted dramatically

Learn to swing on path and control your clubface and consistency on hitting target shot using this club

It is regarded as the best of diagnostic club for every golfer(men)

The medicus is way easy to use than many other clubs and can be used by the amateurs and professionals

With it you are assured of a longer and straighter shot on every hit, infact with the advent of technology it gets better on an everday bases this is due to its manufacturer consistent and unyielding effort in trying to make it better in both forgiveness and distance

You will love it as it does also help you eliminate your slice and hook

With no iota of doubt, this is the best swing trainer right now and if you want to refine your swing


  • Easy to use
  • Perfect at swing improvement(highly forgiving)
  • Eliminates slice and hook
  • Great spin and bounce
  • Correct speed and plane issues
  • Teaching you to swing on planes and on tempos
  • Swing flaws identifier


  • Makes you turn the club over too much
  • Lots of hours of practice


  • Callaway Steel Head XR Iron(Best For Speed And Forgiveness)

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This iron is a hotlist medal winner from Golf digest 2017, armed with this iron you gonna win more distance and spin than you have ever done

It solid feel at impact is very pleasant and satisfying, hou can always count on the callaway steel head XR iron when you need to clear natural obstructions

The callaway’s are good at coming up with better golfing equiment year after year

The CG is positioned in such a way that it promotes easy launch and more carry in the long iron


  • Fast delivery
  • Price friendly
  • Super light
  • well constructed grip
  • Low CG for extreme forgiveness


  • Limited stock
  • A little bit delay on order


  • Callaway Big Bertha OS Individual Iron(Best For Distance And Forgiveness)

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The callaway golf iron( callaway big berth OS iron) is one of the best golf iron on reviews

Backed by the highest pedigree of engineering design, the callaway is still yet the leader in the design of the most forgiving golf iron for every senior in 2018

Its light, unique and strong design of the exo cage gives more room for the position of weight to be placed in a strategic location for optimum forgiveness and better function in general

It is difficult to beat the callaway when it comes to the production of golf iron and if you must you need way more work

Its next generation 360 face club technology elevates the club face COR closer to the limit of the USGA for faster and more ball distance travel


  • Fast delivery on order
  • Very forgiving sweet-spot
  • Great quality make
  • Price friendly
  • Distance improvement plus accuracy
  • Pleasant sound and feel
  • More ball speed and better high launch


  • Shipping restriction
  • Moderately strong grip


  • Callaway Men’s Big Bertha Individual Iron(Best For Feedback)

Your shot will launch higher and fly straighter using this iron, it sole design are the best you can think of

It sole design is wider in the longer iron and more narrow in the shorter iron

Versatility in premium shaft iron, which helps for better shot control pending on what type of swing you possess

Known for its lightness and great comfort on any kind of swing, this club will add more distance to your swing if that is what you seek

It sweet-spot makes it great at forgiveness and its quality make grants it longer durability than many club out there

If you knew how forgiving and durable this particular iron can be you wouldn’t think twice before ordering it in a seconds


  • Great quality and finish
  • Ball Control plus an increase ball distance travel
  • Cheap for its functionality
  • Quick delivery on order
  • Highly forgiving and sturdy


  • Hits too far if not carefully struck


  • Callaway Men’s Apex CF16 Individual Iron(Best For Control And Feedback)

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Having said this times without number, no one beats the callway in the manufacturer of golf irons

Firstly this men’s apex CF16 offers extra distance with great playability

Secondly multi_piece construction which goes through the whole set for an unforgettable distance, control and feel on your game

Thirdly very soft feel through its advance forging, this was done through a very precise net forging precise milling and 1025 mild carbon steel


  • One of the softest iron
  • Swing easily with a super feeling on contact
  • Extremely forgiving
  • Increased ball spin plus distance
  • Provide the right balance for ball flight
  • Low CG for better accuracy on ball trajectory
  • Very sturdy with quality grip


  • A little too long
  • does not come with a headcover


  • Forgan F_150 Golf Club Iron Set 4 SW Custom Fit(Best For Feedback And Response)

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Feautres a whooping sum of 431 stainless steel heads for great look and long lasting durability

These iron are easy to hit at all conditions and this is made possible because of its wide sole design

With its perimetre weighing as well you are assured of a straighter and more effective shot even with off centre contact

With this iron being at your disposal you are assumed to be the smartest person due to its extra forgiveness and maximal correction on a mishit

The graphite shaft of forgan are known to be very light thus making it much easier to have a faster swing speed and distance

For the price you can beat this iron, they are solid and hit very well


  • Nice and easy to hit
  • Quality make
  • Awesome grip built to last
  • Stunning appearance with sturdy nature
  • Large sweet-spot for optimum forgiveness


  • Limited stock
  • Less than 6 month warranty policy


Today’s golfing sport offers in great variety one of the best golf club iron of all time for the seniors, Senior golfers of today can now easily make one of the best choice of golf sport iron to help them improve on their game in 2020

This article is bent in extracting the best of the best of this golf iron club for the senior who want to see drastic improvement on their game

They do have great accuracy, awesome forgiving tendencies and playability with other feautres that makes them the most preffered and favorite golfer on green

Though this article emphaise male senior golfer but it is also a great club for senior females as well

This article was for more precision on the best forgiving iron for senior(male) but it is still perfect for senior ladys who are strong enough to handle men’s own club