Why Lot Of people fail today In amazon 2018 affiliate marketing program and how to succeed



In the end you should be able to tell the reason why people fail today in amazon affiliate marketing program and how to convert such failures into a success story in no time

this simplistic formula to convert affiliate marketing failure to success is for all affiliate marketers, not restricted to amazon in anyway, it is the solution for all who ever wants to succeed doing affiliate marketing, forget the caption that pinpoint to ”Amazon” use this formula as best possible

The story of failure is not anew in our ears, people fail at things and will continue to fail at thing but you are to determine whether to be among does who will continue failing at thing or not

A whole lot of people are desperate to do affiliate marketing but due to one reason or the other they fail, they fail because they do not have the slightest idea how affiliate program works, I bet you if they knew the tricks, I beat my hand in my chest and say they wouldn’t fail

Before telling you the secret of success in affiliate marketing program and how to avoid the failures, it is well worthy of note to let you know that Affiliate marketing ones gotten right is sweet and very rewarding

If you have tried many a time and failed at Affiliate marketing do not despair, do not be wearied, do not be afraid for this article will be the positive changing story of your Affiliate marketing journey from now on

You will sing the song of victory in your quest to become a great Affiliate marketer that is if you follow the rules explained in this article

Now don’t think I am motivating you, No, I am only telling you that it’s possible ones the right strategy is applied, Actually looking at the current rating of how well people fail at Affiliate marketing, you might be focused to believe that your chances to succeed at Affiliate marketing program is slim, yes, the truth is not far fetched, you chances to succeed is actually slim if as earlier said, you do not apply the guideline outlined in this article,

A whole lot of people fail today at Affiliate marketing due to the following reasons

  • They want to talk about every product

It is a well known fact that the head cause of failure is not knowing one’s direction(lack of focus) this problem is in our schools, place of worship, work, it’s all around us

The vast majority of people are easily distracted, this is the same with affiliate marketing, take for instance, there is this dude who after starting up a site into promoting a product became confused along the way on what he should be promoting

He wanted to promote cloths, equipments of all kind, electronics gadget, in short he wanted to promote just about anything he could find online, after starting his site for a year plus he is still at a struggle to succeed

Here is the secret, pick a product from a niche, someone is already asking, what does this dude mean by niche? Ok, fair play, firstly a niche can be seen as a ”particular” area of discussion, A niche is a ”particular” topic interest

for instance, if i start up a fashion site for affiliate marketing, it means the only topic of discussion in that website would strictly be targeted at any thing fashion related and nothing more, that is niche marketing

If i start up a site and all i do is talk just politics and nothing else, that niche blogging, talking about politics related issues ”alone” makes that site specific and straight forward, that is simply a niche blogging/marketing

As an affiliate marketer, do not promote golf equipment, football equipments, basketball equipments, volleyball equipments, TableTennis equipments all at once

Rather for example pick Golf sport and just talk golf sport related topics alone(specific) but do not talk everything all in one site

In all this said, as an affiliate marketer you must be specific, taking a look at the site what do you observe from the articles? It is well observed that it is all about ”affiliate marketing” discussion and strictly ”Golf sport equipment” promotion

It doesn’t talk about cloth and phones and cars and electronics, so the first rule to why a whole lot of people fail at affiliate marketing is they talk about too many un-related product(absolutely different niche)

Looking at the picture above you discover that female dude, what product is she promoting? Furniture related product, that is all she does(focus on one niche) this is the beginning of success in affiliate marketing

  • Lack of effective strategy

Every individual have a strategy that works for them, simple put, the strategy that works for Mr.A might not works for Mr.B and so Mr.B has to find his own workable strategy, I mean the one that will work for him

As you begin you journey as an affiliate marketer who wants to no longer fail but succeed, choose your strategy, your strategy might be your style of interaction or communication to your audience, looking at this article at the top most beginning you will discover the subheading, ”Objective” in every single article, that is a strategy and unique to this site

If Mr. B sticks to Mr.A strategy then it might well mean that no matter how he/she tries it will not work, our personality are different so resonate with your personality and visitors of your personality is mostly likely to follow up

The mistake too many Affiliates do is trying to use the same (strategy) one or two other successful affiliates use, creativity comes in play when trying to promote a product, be creative find your own unique style of communication and message presentation

  • Lack of product comparison

Most Affiliate marketers fail because they do not compare product, they are too busy to notice what product is converting the most and so success and an affiliate almost become impossible

Look, in every niche product there seem to be distinguished ones well preferred by the audience, probably because of some unique feautres that product do possess, as an affiliate marketer compare product and be very ”observant”

the key take home point is as you write about a product, compare them and be vigilant enough to notice the one with the most conversation, when you sniff out the product with the best conversion then is time to stick to that product at that particular time

Do not just focus on high commission product in the expense of what your audience want’s, else be prepared to loose, we cannot deny the fact that high commission product gives you the opportunity as an affiliate to make more money but do not let that be your priority

You must resonate with your customers, there is this guy who in his niche focuses on products above $100, his ultimate goal was to make more money, he never listened to the high converting product and at the end he made little to nothing

If he was wise enough he would have focused on high converting product and talk the most about them, this high converting product in his niche was on a general note lower than the $100 product he was promoting

you can compare a product by simply visiting the merchant site and seeing the ratio of positive reviews to negative reviews, this can help you determine what your customers love then present such product in an UN-biased way to them


Many people fail at Affiliate marketing because they do not know the key secrets that ensures success in marketing, to become successful in affiliate follow this 3 simple but highly effective steps in this article and watch the success of your affiliate marketing carrier turn out to be a miracle today



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