At the end of this article golf amateur or beginner golfers

  • Should be able to Know the best of tips for them
  • Golf beginners should be able to praticalize this tips effectively on course
  • You should be able to transfer these beginner golf tips knowledge understandably to someone else who knows nothing about golf sport.

Tips as a decentralized explanation is simply a piece of private or open information imparted especially by someone who has an expert knowledge concerning a subject matter of field to another of lesser experience.

With this definition in mind we can then explain best of golf tips for beginners as the best of handy information as regarding the basic of golf sport for fresh, amateur or beginners (no or little experience) to help groom them into becoming a better highly effective golfer.

Before a beginner can effectively and efficiently play golf such person has to get acquainted on how it is done, the basic best of tips governing it and the tricks and technicality that can help one gain better and greater advantage control over his golfing destiny.

Getting acquainted as to the best of golf tips as a beginner is as important as winning, or else how do you explain winning to someone who has no clue on what you are talking about.

Such kind of explanation would seem like madness, and yet it is.

It’s all best to get it right from start, instead of starting wrongly. There can be no better knowledge than knowing how a thing works in this case knowing the best amazing golf tips for beginners before starting a golf carrier.

it adds to your confidence portfolio and reduces the number of frustration one may encounter as a result of repeated failures.

Much rules accompanies the game of golf and so you must be open minded as a beginner to know the best of amazing golf tips much as you can, lest you will be weary.

As a true fact the game of golf is one of the few games tied to many do and dont’s and being aware of this keep you way head of your competitors and increases the fun you will derive from being a part of it.

Many beginner golfers give up too soon all because they were not open minded to learn the best of tips required for them as starters

They think being good in golfing is just one of those natural occurrence and not really through best of handy information and constant pratice.

To be an exceptional golfer as a beginner, one needs the best of golf tips education to achieve that.

This day do I beg you to perish that thought for it is false and always will be that becoming efficient a golfer is by chance.

No matter how talented you might be there are some certain lesson, rules, tips and information you cannot bypass as a beginner, if you want to know the best of amazing golf tips.

In this era of information and technology one might concour to the statement which says information is power and those who lack information perish.

The survival of the fittest in this present generation lies in ones ability to get useful applied information.

Golf tips are information helping you stay relevant and become a more polished golfer.

Lack of these golf tips might mean a lot of disaster, such as breaking golf sport rules which has a penalty to it simply because you lack information as to that rule or how about lacking new techniques to help you better play golf.

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Back to focus, Here are the top 10 golf tips every beginner must know.


  • Take Dead Aim

dead aim, golf positioning, dead aim positioning
Dead aim golf positioning

If you are a right handed golfer and aim right that does not guarantee a positive result so is the same for left handed golfers. There are many alignment issues in many of the players and this challenge is basically tied to two factors and they are

  • Changing their stance and address position because they are trying to correct a fault in their swing, a perfect example is displayed in slice
  • and secondly lack of constant check of alignment.

How can this bad golf alignment be corrected so we are able to eliminate such mistakes so it doesn’t occur again.

This problem can be corrected through a square stance. in square stance feet are parallel to the ball to target line. they point parallel left of the target, not directly to the target.

unlike closed stance which have your feet point towards the target of right of it or open stance which have your feet point well left of trajectory.

for the right stance which is the square stance make sure you hips, kneel and should align to your feet.

A friend can help you hold the golf club across your hips and then your shoulder while you get set in the proper position and dont forget the club face angle as you address the golf ball.


  • Make your stance solid

stance positioning, golf stance,
Golf stance positioning.

Move backward and then create a wide, balanced and stable stance. congrats now that you are done with alignment and you in a proper position and pointing at the right direction.

What next? build a appropriate or proper golf stance. a too narrow stance will limit your power and balance which can severely have a negative impact on your hit/striking.

A too wide stance on the other hand can also limit you by making it difficult to move the weight of your body when you swing.

How do you know you have a proper golf stance? you know by taking this into consideration.

Measure your shoulder width using a club and be sure your interior feet are to some certain degree wide apart.

For longer clubs like the fairway wood and driver, interior feet should be 2 to 3 inches wider than shoulder width and for shorter irons or wedges reduce your stance width by maybe 1 or 2. the reason being less than full shots like the pitching and chipping do not need wide stance. kneel should be slightly flexed, not bent.

Make sure your body mass is evenly distributed, it should be on a balanced ratio of 50/50 between your left and right foot.


  • Perfect Posture

beginner, beginner golfer, best tip.
you position after a hit

Many beginners make the mistake of tilting with their waist instead of their hip. if you are not getting your posture right, you are not getting the game right. The way you position determine how accurate and intense your strike is going to be.

The golf swing is essentially  a turning motion around your spine. so when your spine angle is in a good position the better swing you will produce.

here is how to correct a poor posture for a better result

  • Hold the club in fro of your belly button with a straight arm and leg then stand up tall with your shoulder pulled back with a sticked out chest
  • Make your lower back flat and let it feel like you are pushing your behind backward
  • Flex your kneel slightly as you feel the club lower is about touching the ground and do not over bend your kneels, the common mistake most amateurs do.



  • Hold you grip aright 

tips, best tips, awesome tips.
The right way to hold the club grip

A grip has a standardized way it should be held, this is actually a big problem for new golfers, it is referred to a big problem because when the grip is held wrongly be ready for a bad day swing. how you hold the grip matters and must be considered critically.

the grip should be placed beneath the upper part of your palm, just under the thumb line and make sure your thumb is vertically straight on top of the grip.

Here is how you can handle a grip effectively and rightly

  • Place the grip in the fingers of the left hand, let the grip of the club run from the middle of the index finger to the base of the little finger
  • Half an inch from the end grip the club to improve you ball striking activities and control of club
  • Let it be in a neutral position the V-shape made by your left thumb and forefinger should be in alignment to your right shoulder.
  • Make sure you see two and half knuckles which indicates your left hand being in a strong position.



  • Use your hip to start your down swing

amateur golfer,
start your down swing with your hip.

A down swing must be started with the hip. the mistake many golfer make is starting with the upper body thus limiting their ability for a more forgiving and accurate swing capabilities. the down swing is best initiated when you shift your hips to the left. then simultaneously backward and downward but a little slightly towards the direction of the pocket of your right hip, with this you give your weight the advantage for a forward move to the direction of your left foot and as soon as your hip begins to turn you must make sure your body uncoils and your chest should make a turn much faster than the golf ball puling your hands forwards.


  • Make range session count

beginners golf tips,
tips every golfing beginner must know.

Always try and have a focus, you should have some couple of clean target may be one or two that you are going to try and work through. it is best to start by hitting short shots and do not forget to get yourself enough golf balls.

For some people fifty golf ball is enough, now with this fifty. they use maybe five or ten of the golf balls for warm up purposes, thirty when they are fully ready for a practice and ten for rounding up purposes.

It is important to segment this golf balls into this three section because of its psychological and physical impact it does have on improving your game. Yea, am not a psychologist but at least they say so.


  • Plenty of loft you must practice with

club, loft club
High lofted club

A short lofted club for practice is the best any beginner can have in order to experience the best of golf tips, too little loft discourages beginner golfers and makes them express their shooting abilities in a destructive scooping action.


  • Try A Par 3 Course

amateurs course
The best course for golfers newbie.

When you practice on a par 3 course you increase your ability to learn and better understand the game and your management skills improves instantaneously. in the par 3 Golf balls are not easily lost because of its plain nature.


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