In the end you should be able to list the best golf shoe for women so as to determine which one is right for you

Choosing a shoe for your game is more than visiting the market place and grabbing a fanciful and well looking footwear, it is part of it but not the most important criteria

One of the very important and valuable piece of equipment for a golfer is the shoes, making a choice on your shoes can have a tremendious impact on your game. make a wrong choice on your footear and watch your game tank

These piece of equipment can have a great affect on your game as they provide traction and stability while you swing, with this reason women are to put all factors into consideration so as to avoid making the wrong choice

As a golfer there are lots of factors that must be considered when making a choice on your golf shoes, this would be discussed later on in this article.

In this blog post we are going to be giving you te complete list of this Womens Golf Shoe


Best Womens Golf Shoe Reviews

  • Ecco Women’s S-Three Gortex Golf Shoe(Best On Review)

Best golf shoes for women

ECCO Women’s S-Three Gore-TEX Golf Shoe

This is massive, the Ecco Women’s S-Three Gortex is so so comfortable, offering you the best of comfort which is second to none and one that you will definitely come to appreciate

Note: Shoe are waterproof and can be worn in wet conditions!!! Thats value.

This footwears are a real beauty and availabe in lots of colour options to choose from, features a reomveable ortholite insole which make them real quick and easy to mainatin

Note: You are not just buying a golf shoe you are buying quality!!!

They are so very breathable, offering you 100% waterproof technology andf protection against element for long lasting durability

I am a giant of Nike snob and the price of Ecco have ben hard on me to take a jump, this shoes are so comfortable and I will never wear Nike Golf Shoe again so said a one time buyer by name Crystal from the United State on Oct 11 2022.

Note: It’s nothing personal, hahaha, as the Nike are a great and awesome brand too!!!


  • So very comfortable and made of high quality for long lasting durability
  • Highly breathable to keep your feet warm and dry all day long
  • E.D.T.S Offers lots of traction for the best of griability on course
  • Features a 100% Waterproof technology which make them wearable on wet conditions
  • Removable insole for quick and convineinet mainteinance
  • Lightweight and very sturdy


  • Quiet expensive
  • Footjoy Women’s Sport Retro Golf Shoe

FootJoy Women’s Sport Retro Golf Shoe

The Footjoy Women’s Sport retro Golf Shoe is one which is made unique as they are so easy to return when you order the wrong sizing

They are well constructed as is everything you expect from a Footjoy, the Footjoy on review is  asuper modern classic designed and geatvforwomen who have a great taste for classic and styling

Note: The Footjoy Women’s Sport Retro is a Spikeless Golf shoe

Made of super soft premium leather which makes them quality and off course this guarantess a highly durable golf shoe built to last

Available in so many coloyur options to choose from so that you can make a choice for which colour and sizing best resonates with you

Note: You are not just buying a golf shoe, you are buying quality and that is what matters!!!

If you are in search of one of the truly great spikeless golf footwear for the woman then you can barely go wrong with this, offering you turf grip and stability

Note: This shoe are waterprood and you are assured of a 1 year warranty on product, thats quality!!

We also love the fact that it does fit perfectly by being true to size, you will like the style of the shoe, it is a guarantee as they are exceptionally comfortable due to proper cushioning on the inside

We Kindly apologize as there are no Video reviews availabe for this product, as soon as there is we have them uploaded for you right here 


  • Great and simplistic style lacing system for easy adjustment between rounds
  • Very breathable and flexible so that you feet remains cool and happy
  • Attractive and classic
  • Quality as they are made from leather material for the sake of durability
  • True to size and very lightweight


Cat Lover by name a one time buyer from the United Stateon Jan 11 2022 complained of shoe being too high and wider, sorry about that Cat Lover, we hope you issues were resolved

  • Callaway Women’s Coronado Golf Shoe 

Callaway Women’s Coronado Golf Shoe

If you are looking for one of the reputable golf shoe brand then you are one Callaway from the ”Callaway brand”, this shoe is aggressively comfortable through its natural Opti Soft EVA midsole 

Note: Shoe is great for hot summer days

For maximum durability and control the Women’s Coronado features 6 spike durable outsole, and with the micro fiber leather upper with opti-dry waterproof for thne best of durability

Available in varying sizes which helps to fit a wider range of golfers so that no matter you feet type, length or width there is just one to fit you perfectly

Note: The Callaway Women’s Coronado Golf Shoe does have a whooping 11 size options

If you are looking for an easy and convienient to clean shoe for golf, then this footwear can be your best bet as it come with a removeable insole for easy mainteinace and cleaning

Its a guarantee, you will love how light this shoes are as they are really stylish and waterproof as well. Amazingly the Women’s Coronado offers a whooping 2 year warranty which guarantees trust.

Note: Comes with a 2 year warranty, that’s classic!!!

The presence of the technology known as the opti-vent mesh liner does help to solve the issues of breathabiity and heat management so that your feet remains cool and warm as long as you use them

Note: Does come with a removeable insole so that hey are easy to clean and maintain!!!

Callaway Women’s Coronado Golf Shoe Video Review By Shop Zappos


  • Opti-mesh liner for breathability so that you legs becoes cool and dry all the day long
  • Quality and classic design
  • Simple and well structured lacing system for easy and off or adjustemnt betwen rounds
  • Lightweight and comfortable to the extreme 
  • Lots of size options to choose from which mean there almost a fitting for every feet


  • Seems to run a little big
  • Ecco Women’s Biom Hybrid Hydromax Golf Shoe

ECCO Women’s Biom Hybrid Golf Shoe

The Ecco Womens Biom is a classic water resistant golf shoe, designed with the female feet in mind and with and EDTS traction system for increased stability and gripability

Note: Consist of 100 TPU Traction bars and 800 Traction angles, That’s magnificient!!!

The Ecco Women on review features an ECCOFORM which is responsible for its lightyweight nature and ergonomically advanced sole that offers cutting edge comfort and flexibility

Note: Does come with a removeable insole for easy mainteinance and cleaning

And when it comes to breathability, this footwear is not left out as they are strategically built for passage of air in and out so that shoe does not get hurt and stuffy which can iritate your legs

With the ECCO HYDROMAX Technology you are rest assured that this shoe is designed to repel water and this keeps your feet dry even on wet conditions

Available in multi size options( 7 to be precise) so that you choose which fits you properly. this golf shoe is of great quality as t is crafted from the combination of highly durable Ecco YAK leather and premium textiles

You get to choose from 3 colour option as well, if lots and lots of people love and are satisfied with this product we bet that you too would be.


  • Multi size option to choose from
  • Quality as they are made from Ecco YAK leather and premium textiles  
  • So comfortable due to quality cushioning and padding
  • Easy to clean due to removable insole and water friendly material
  • Offers great traction and stability
  • Simple and classic lacing system for easy and quick adjustment


Seems to run as complained by  different buyers from the United State by name James Duh on Oct 3 2021 and JAE on May 20 2021, sorry about that James & JAE, We do hope your issues were resolved.

  • Skecher Women Go Elite 3 Twist

Skechers womens Elite 3 Twist Golf Shoe

If you are looking for a great golf shoe with some fantastic features then you will be well off with the Skecher Women’s Go Elite on review

This is massive as it offers a twist fit alternative dial closure for a comfortable and tight fitting and a spikelss durable grip TPU outsole for un-matched traction and balancing 

Note: The sole and inside are cushy cushy and super comfortable that you cam wear them for 18 holes 

We love the fact that this shoe runs true to size with a scratch prove material which is easy and convieninet to clean and maintain

Or how about the so very comfortable sole which feels as ”if you are standing in the cloud” as said on Sep 1 2021 by a one time buyer by the name Karrar R.

You will love and come to apprecaiate footwears as your friend and colleagues are bound to be shoe envy, features an amazing technology known as the Skechers GOGA Max technology insole for a high rebound cushioning

Note: You get to choose from whooping 11 size option so there is more likely that you have a right fit

The Skechers Womens Go Elite is also greatly admired for its true lightweightness and level of breathability to keep shoe dry and free from odour

Skecher Women Go Elite 3 Twist Video Review By Hotgolf 


  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Easy to clean and maintain as it does come with a removeable insole
  • Solid material and excellent quality 
  • Water repellant golf shoe which means that they are safe in wet conditions
  • Great traction system and gripability 
  • Fantastic twist system which is super easy to quickly loosen and tighten


  • Available only in two colour option(White and Black)
  • Ecco Women’s Biom 4 GORTEX Golf Shoes(Best For The Value)

ECCO Women’s Biom Hybrid 4 Gore-TEX Golf Shoe

The Ecco Hybrid 4 on review stands out firstly as it offers a super fast delivery system, this is something that isnt that common and we recommend them for that.

Note: Fast delivery system according to two seperate buyers by name Olga and Conny V. This is classic!!!

The Ecco Womens Hybrid 4 GORTEX is an all round golf shoe as it goes spikeless, this golf footwears offers great support and stability and very importantly very comfortable 

Designed to keep your feet dry even on wet conditions as they are made of waterproof material, armed with this hybrid GORTEX shoes comfort is now at your door step

Note: This is a great choice for people with Bunion & Pronation due to its adequate spacing in the toe section and stability 

This shoe is ”one that fits like a glove” as described by a one time customer by name MikeR on July 11, 2021, this golf shoe is bent to fit you perfectly as they are made readily availbe in vaarying size options

And with the removeable inssole you can get a wider fit, this also makes them easy, quick and convienient to maintain by airing them or having them washed

Note: Shoe seems to run a bit wide

And for solid stability, rational support and durability, footwear does features a technology known as ECCO MTN Grip Outsole, you get to choose from varying colour option(4) to be precise and 7 select options for sizing


  • Extremely comfortable as they are well cushioned and padded
  • Great and fast delivery system 
  • Removeable otholite insole for easy mainteinace
  • Very quality and breathable
  • X -TENSA Invisible technology for enhanced stability and fit


  • Still waiting for the cons



How To Choose A Golf Shoe For Women?

As a lady going on a hunt for a golf shoe entails more than just picking one which looks appealing to you

To make the most out of your time and to avoid the pain that come with making the wrong choice 

There are clear part and step that must be followed to ensure that you make the best buying decision on your golf footwear

From sising to lacing system to stability to comfort to adjustability and more are all part of what you should take note of especially when buying via the internet

Here is the list of the most citical factors which ensures you make the right decision on your new golf shoes

  • Sizing
  • Stability
  • Spike or Spikeless
  • Material
  • Comfort 
  • Quality
  • Lacing Technology


  • Sizing

Note: You do not want to buy a a golf shoe that is undersized or oversized, If you do it is not gonna be funny!!!

What is your size like? Got a wide feet? or a narrow feet? or a flat feet? well its left for you to figure out

Golf shoes are available in varying sizes and manufacturers are aware of this that is why they tailor down one type of shoe into different sizes

Imagine how frustrating it is going to be that having ordered for a pair of shoe and you find out that it does not fit. sound frustrating right? I bet it is especially via the internet

Thisis why ypu should have a proper evalaution of the size of your feet before ever coming to a conclusion that it a footwear is right for you

For more information on shoe sizing and chart please refer here World Wide Womens Large Shoe Size Conversion Chart

  • Stability

Note: you do not want to opt for a shoe that makes you slip of your feet, this is very important!!!

The best of golf shoes for women in 2022 must by all means pass the traction and gripability test mark.

When you think golf sport, it usually involves a whole lot of rollings and twisting of the ankle, waiste and possible joint of the body from one extreme end to the other.

These unstable activities must be complemented with shoes which offers great traction so as to withstand all this shock and pressure it is being subjected to

A whole lot of technology in this female golf shoes have been dedicated to stability to help combact the chances of slipping on the course 

Some of this technology specifically designed for stability in female golf shoes is the Hyperflex from Footjoy which is made of high performance material that helps to control the foot during a swing.

Infact the designers of Hyperflex from footjoy went as far as carrying out thorough research in civil engineering and construction just for stability puposes.

Boa Technology is another innovative design technology geared toward improving on golf shoe stability and other golf shoe must have important feautres.

Boa system is made up of three integral part and each is geared toward boost on stability of golf shoe_a micro adjustable dial, super strong light weight laces and low friction laces guide.

  • Spike Or Spikeless

Whether you choose to settle with a Spiked golf shoe or spikeless golf shoe it is all up to you as both are designed to offers great stability and traction

Spike golf shoe are simply shoe with spikes(Having teeth) and Spikeless golf shoe are simply shoes which do not have teeth

For your spikeless golf shoes please this is what we recommend Best spikeless gofing shoe


  • Material

Do you want a shoe which is highly durable? or you want one which is resistant to water? or you are probably looking for one which is easy to clean and maintain.

Golf shoes vary by material, for example some shoe are made of leathr material and are the most durable

And if you live especially in araea with constant rain fall or wet conditions then the Waterproof golf shoe is your best bet

On the other hand if you want a golf shoe which is very esy to clanand maintain then one made of nylon or polyethene material can be a great option 


  • Comfort

Comfort cannot be negotiated or exchanged for any other thing, one of the key consideration which must not be traded is comfort

Now think of buying a shoe which offers poor comfort, cahances are you are not going to be able to perform to your optimum 

To play golf you need a very comfortable footwear so that you can concentrate on what is more important(Your swing)

The subject of comfort boils down to a highly cushioned and padded shoes which ensires you foot does not rest on top and by the side of the rough edges of the shoes

The foot is soft and fragile and therefore do not need a hard and rough surface to lie on, else it would mean injury and most especially golf game as earlier said involves great sliding and gliding of ones foot around the inside shoe perimeters.

This means a hard shoe equals a whole lot of injury and pain due to contact with hard and rough surface.

No body like to be inflicted with pains and injury, so a soft and foamy shoe cures this problem by making your feet comfortable, cool and safe no matter how hard and how long it has to slide and glide.


  • Quality

Note: You do not want to spend your hard earned money on some gabbage that isnt going to last you for few months 

You want to something which is able to stand the test of time, a shoe that is going to last you for long

This is what quality entails, you want a footwear which is able to offer you maximum satisfaction not just in terms of duraility but also efficiency as well

This is why quality do not come cheap, you should be willing to spend a reasonable amount of money for your shoes 

Note: A golf shoe of at least a $100 is a great start!!! and this does not mean that you should go for less if it is what you can afford anyway(Just a recommendation)

  • Lacing Technology

Golf shoe do differs by lacing technology, from the usual simplistic lacing system to a more advanced one like that of thne BOA system 

Over the recent years there have been thne emergence of more and more lacing system for shoes

With some offering more simplistic and ease and the other beiong more complicated by highly effective

For instance the BOA system on golf shoes is a unique designed which is made to integrate a dial, lace and guide configuration throughout the shoe to achieve the excat fit which is need ed by the athletic

The BOA fit is a great option for especially people who find it difficult to get a traditional or speed lacing system veery comfortable and as tight as they want 

Golf swing requires sharp and swift movement and a weak or loose lacing system would and always make your foot slide too often as you try to do a swing.

A great lacing system help to keep your foot locked properely and tight thus preventing too much gliding and sliding of foot on a swing.

If your foot move too often you will always have a bad swing as we all know just a little insignificant movement of foot on shoe as a result of slide means a bad swing.

The lacing system is best to tie the inside outside instead of the usual outside inside so as to ensure the foot is properely locked and pressee in the shoe.

Another factor under great lacing system involves the shoe lace being thick enough and possibly long and elastic.

See, if the rope itself is not thick then it will not hold the shoe as firmly as possible, if it is not long enough it will not grip the shoe as it should

And if it is not elastic as possible it will not balance on the shoe properely and it will have adverse effect on feet by making feet too loose on shoe.



As a woman getting the best golf shoe is a crucial aspect of your game, this is because this footwears forms the base of your swing and 18 holes is a minnimum 3 hours walk

And as such women wants shoe which is guaranted to offer great comfort, offering the best of stability and are of high quality as well

The goodnews is that through innovation and technology there are lots of golf shoe on sale which are highly targeted at the female golfer to help them during their swing











Callaway Womens Solaire Golf Shoe

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Women Adizero Sport II Golf Shoe

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Footjoy empower Women’s Golf Shoe

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Womens Go Walk Back Swing

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Skechers Performance Go Golf Birdie Golf Shoe

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Womens Aspire Golf Shoe

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Footjoy Empower Boa Shoe Closeout Women

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Footjoy Superlite Women Golf Shoe 98819

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Footjoy Womens DNA Closeout Golf Shoe

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If a golf shoe lacks the attribute and characteristics as listed above it is then something else, not a golf shoe.


Best of Golf shoe for women 2018 must possess all the very vital qualities that must qualify it to be called the best for women.

It must be stable, waterproof, flexible, cushioned, good lacing system and gripability.

Look out for these feautres before you ever think of buying a golf shoe.

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