10 Best Golf Shoes for Women 2018

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This article is so women, specifically women Golfers to know the qualities they should be expecting from a feminine quality golf shoe and not just that but know these shoes by name.

Golf shoes are designed for golf own purpose but that doesnt mean they cannot be worn outside golf sport own purpose.

The best golf shoes for women would be based on some key component functionalities.

These shoes must possess some very important charateristics and mechanism to help you get the most positive result out of your swing.

As the day go by a whole lot of women are crazily getting insane with the love of golf sport.

This inspiration made golf shoe makers to consider women as part of the big game, this consideration made them think of how they can produce the best of golf shoes for you to make you a more efficient and better golfer.

Their thought produced these best golf quality shoe ever.

Women are a big patrons to golf equipments and costumes these days and you dare not side line them.

Well, for a woman golf shoe to be classified and listed among the best of golf shoe 2018 it must be tested through this characteristics toroughly and must pass these test.


  • Stability

The best of golf shoes for women in 2018 must by all means pass the stability test mark, at least these golf shoes should be able to score a B+ when it comes to stability.

When you think golf sport, its usually involves a whole lot of rollings and twisting of the ankle, waiste and possible joint of the body from one extreme end to the other.

These unstable activities must be complemented with a stable shoe being able to withstand all this shock and pressure the body subjects it to.


has a great impact on your swing and at such you should never joke with it.

Think about wearing an unstable shoe and walking down the street, i mean imagine wearinf an unstable shoe and you walk down the street without playing golf.

You discover your movement end up becoming a haphazard kind of movement, just a walk.

And now just imagine how worse its going to be when you subject that shoe to even much greater pressure when you play golf with it.

Such kind of unstability is capable of changing completely the direction of your swing and at such your swing can never come out good no matter how hard you try.

Stability helps to absorb every shock as a result of twisting and turning the body subjects the shoe under.

A whole lot of technology in this female golf shoes have been dedicated to stability because these companies knows that ones your shoe are not stable be prepared for a bad day swing and i bet you, no one enjoys a bad day swing on course.

These stability feautres is made up from different composite material to form an entirely new brand for the purpose of stability.

Some of this technology specifically designed for stability in female golf shoes is the Hyperflex from Footjoy which is made of high performance material that helps to control the foot during a swing.

Infact the designers of Hyperflex from footjoy went as far as carrying out torough research in civil engineering and construction just for stability puposes.

Boa Technology is another innovative design technology geared toward improving on golf shoe stability and other golf shoe must have important feautres.

Boa makes it easy to dial in the perfect fit.

Boa system is made up of three integral part and each is geared toward boost on stability of golf shoe_a micro adjustable dial, super strong light weight laces and low friction laces guide.

These are but a few of many many technology to enhance performance on stablity of golf shoes for women.

So you should take serious note on stability as you go to buy a golf shoe, it wouldnt be a bad idea to ask the sales person on what percentage stability the shoe possess.


  • Rubber Spike

A good and best of quality of golf shoe for women 2018 must possess a rubber spike.

The presence of spike adds gives you the additional foot traction needed for a perfect stroke hit.

If these shoes are free from spike, it is most likely you would slide or slip when playing on wet course and you know what the slightest movement out of position in an attempt to do a swing means.

You simply become a total failure on course because the slightest movement from position is a full blown disaster.


  • Water Proof

The game of golf is not an indoor game. It is an outdoor game and with such, expect anything from the weather.

A hot sunny day may in one minutes turn into a cool full blown rainy day or light shower day.

This conditions ends up wetting the course and with the presence of a non waterproof golf shoe your legs get soaked and so does the shoe as well.

Your foot begins to slip inside and the golf shoe ends up getting spoilt on time.

To avoid all this uncomfortability and inconvienences of having to buy a new golf shoe all the time one needs a golf shoe that is waterproof.


  • Comfort

The game of golf involves a lot of walking.

The most crucial factor for walking is proper sizing.

The best of golf shoe for women 2018 must be very comfortable and the components of comfortability entails the golf shoe must be light weight and breathable.

Too heavy shoe would make your swing and walk sluggish and slow and a poorly breathable shoe as well entails dampness with might become uncomfortable on the long run.


  • Quality

The style quality is greatly considered for women golf shoe to be classified among the best of golf shoe.

There are uncountable styles opportynity many golf shoe makers offer.

If you need a classy and sophisticated kind of golf shoe, sure you have it, and for those who choice are sporty and modern kind of golf shoe, sure, yoy have never been forgotten.

In all thus said these shoe should be balanced.


  • Great Lacing System

The best of golf shoe for you as a woman should have great lacing system.

Golf swing requires sharp and swift movement and a weak or loose lacing system would and always make your foot slide too often as you try to do a swing.

A great lacing system help to keep your foot locked properely and tight thus preventing too much gliding and sliding of foot on a swing.

If your foot move too often you will always have a bad swing as we all know just a little insignificant movement of foot on shoe as a result of slide means a bad swing.

The lacing system is best to tie the inside outside instead of the usual outside inside so as to ensure the foot is properely locked and pressee in the shoe.

Another factor under great lacing system involves the shoe lace being thick enough and possibly long and elastic.

See, if the rope itself is not Thick then it will not hold the shoe as firmly as possible, if it is not long enough it will not grip the shoe as it should and if it is not elastic as possible it will not balance on the shoe properely and it will have adverse effect on feet by making feet too loose on shoe.


  • Cushioning

Every good shoe must be highly cushioned, meaning they must be foamy and soft most considerably in the inside.

The foot is soft and fragile and therefore do not need a hard and rough surface to lie on, else it would mean injury and most especially golf game as earlier said involves great sliding and gliding of ones foot around the inside shoe perimeters.

This means a hard shoe equals a whole lot of injury and pain due to contact with hard and rough surface.

No body like to be inflicted with pains and injury, so a soft and foamy shoe cures this problem by making your feet comfortable, cool and safe no matter how hard and how long it has to slide and glide.


  • Flexibility

Shoe on the list of best of golf shoes for women must be fkexible.

What is flexibility someone may ask?

It simply means the quality of bending without breaking.

There is bound to be a bend on golf shoe.

This sport as earlier stated involves twisting of the ankle, foot and kneel and there is absolutely no way this twisting and bending of the body will take place without the shoes bending as well.

Golf shoe must be able to twist without breaking, thats the nature of the game and will and always be like that so a highly flexible shoe is needed to adapt with this game mechanism.

I apologise for keeping you this long before listing the best of gokf shoes for women 2018, i only wanted you to know what to look out for to know the best of golf shoe for every woman golfer.

Here is the list of top 10 women best golf shoes 2018.


Skechers Womens Go Walk 2 Backswing Golf Shoe.

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Callaway Womens Solaire Golf Shoe

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Women Adizero Sport II Golf Shoe

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Footjoy empower Women’s Golf Shoe

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Womens Go Walk Back Swing

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Skechers Performance Go Golf Birdie Golf Shoe

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Womens Aspire Golf Shoe

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Footjoy Empower Boa Shoe Closeout Women

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Footjoy Superlite Women Golf Shoe 98819

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Footjoy Womens DNA Closeout Golf Shoe

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If a golf shoe lacks the attribute and characteristics as listed above it is then something else, not a golf shoe.


Best of Golf shoe for women 2018 must possess all the very vital qualities that must qualify it to be called the best for women.

It must be stable, waterproof, flexible, cushioned, good lacing system and gripability.

Look out for these feautres before you ever think of buying a golf shoe.

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