10 best women putter reviews 2018-easy to use and durable


In the end you should be able to define a Putter and list the best women Putter on reviews for 2018,What is a Putter? Just in case someone is asking, A Putter can simply be defined as a club used in the sport called Golf to make relatively short and low speed strokes with the intent of getting the ball into the hole, Period.

Better and more effective consideration and measures have led to better ways to improve the putter of female golfers so as to increase their relevancy as regard to the game of golf

In comparison to decades gone by, women were not really considered in the game of golf and so no one cared about their own club specification

Decades later everything changed, infact Clubs manufacturers are now out with an ever increasing number to produce for women who are intrested in golfing the best of club which is also very easy to use to help them become exceedingly great at golfing like the men’s world

Thanks to this initiative and bless them high_ the pioneers of such outstanding concept

Women have showed immeasurably times great tendency in mastering golf sport plays like their counterpart, this means more consideration on the manufacture and production of more simplistic but sophisticated putter by manufacturers

Meeting par on the putting hole largely depends on Putter, that is the reason you can never ignore Putter in the game of golf, no matter how great you are you are are an incomplete golfer without a great putter

It doesn’t matter how good you are at driving, be the fastest person using your iron to hit out of the bunker and fairway, escape from traps as quick as possible but in the absence of a good putter all your effort did probably be a time waste because in the end you must putt

Putting is critical in golf sport and if you aren’t putting you ain’t playing golf, remember a putter is always the last club to hit into the hole after many hustle and struggles to get the ball closer to the hole using every other kind of club possible

Now imagine how frustrating it will be that in the end the final club which ensures more hole wins is not capable

You need the best of putter to give you perfect shot line up that ensures a better and improved ball roll straight into hole

Putter shaft type is also an important factor that must be considered but what’s more important is the club head in which you are using

if your club head aren’t good then it’s no magic putting becomes difficult

When it comes to Putter, every golfer have their own preference, in recent years there have been many more putters in the market and so in this post I will show you the best Putter in the market for Women in 2018

The reason is quite simple, because every woman out there deserves to become better at golfing(putting) sound simple right? Putter have different head shapes giving room for multiple choices selection and preference

The top 10 picks are largely tied to this following factor-Forgiveness, longevity(Putter life span) and easibility to use

What are the best Putters for Women in 2018?

  • Callaway White Hot Pro(Best Forgiving And Lightweight)

Women's best putter, putter, best putter

The Callaway white hot pro is a top recommendation club every woman who aspires to play like a pro, increase your putt percentage accuracy and become the favourite female golfer on course when you use this club, with this putter you are assured of a better improved putting and in a grand style

This club can be used by people who suffer from arthritis and Dupitins due to its easibility, lightness as simplistic style

It is way more easier to get used to than many putter out there, this putter has great aim and direction when used properly

You will love this putter due to its tendency to cut your putting strokes by half, it does have a nice and attractive grip with nice weighing

The insert and improved insert in the white hot pro is highly engineered for most consistent sound, feel and performance

This club has won some major winnings in recent times, it does have an appealing look due to its attractive brushed steel finish


Enhance feel and control

High MOI

Aggressively forgiving

Durable and easy to use

Fast delivery


Heavy head

Typically for women, not a general club

  • Odyssey 2017 Women’s White Hot RX(Best Forgiving And Responsive)

Putter for ladies, best putter, best ladys putter

This Odyssey by Callaway is the perfect putter specification for every woman, and is known as a radical mild mallet putter, the name ”Radical” was thus coined from its ability to help you do more wins than loose

it has a connecting wings that forms lines in the shape of triangle for better and improved swing control and accuracy

This putter does have a dual bend shaft completely offset, with a balanced head weight for women typically shorter shaft lengths

there is a design insert, which is multi-layer in nature that falls between the Callaway White ice and White Hot XG in terms of softness which was preferred by many women as the product was undergoing testing and market research

The club also helps to divide into portion the head weight through the outer limit of the area(Perimeter) of the club and this gives opportunity for a more stable, powerful and straighter putt

the graphics is highly love-able by every woman since it is made of pink and silver graphics


Great support for breast cancer research

Tour Proven alignment system

Multi grip option

Textured clear coat for better and increased friction

Easy to align

comes with a standard grip and a head-cover


A little delay after order

  • Cleveland Golf Women Classic(Best For Responsiveness And Feedback)

Best golf putter, golf putter, putter club

Made in Cleveland Huntington beach, USA, the Cleveland Golf Collection HB 10 Putter has four different proven tour design and delivers great level of performance that is unmatched

the Cleveland Women’s Classic have a deepened CNC milling pattern on the face of the club and this gives it a softer feel at impact so as to allow better control with each stroke

it does have a Winn grip that is upgraded, this Winn grip are soft and just the right combination of squishy and firm for accurate responsive feedback

the high MOI is a classic one and helps improve off-center ball speed and consistency,


  • CNC Milled surface for better contact control
  • High MOI for improved ball speed accuracy and consistency
  • Versatility in mallet style design
  • Durable and easy to use


A little pricey

  • Tour Edge Women’s Back-draft GT Plus Putter(Best Forgiving And Easy)

putter for women, women putter, top putter for women, putter clubs

Get ready for an improved putt, the jumbo grip of this club reduces to the barest minimum wrist breakdown for a pure fluid stroke and an unprecedented high level of accuracy to every golfers game is what this club is well known for

The Tour Edge Women’s Back-draft GT has a high contrast head and jumbo size grip that are a unique technology such that has never been

A technology known as the optic technology is used by the Back draft to increase contrast between greens and putter head

with the high MOI heel and toe design the Tour edge Women’s putter is said to be kept square all through stroke so more putt can find the hole

on purchase of this club you will be given a 30 days money back guarantee, isn’t that amazing so this should tell you how true to its functionality this club will serve you

the Jumbo grip helps reduce pressure and and to the barest level reduce rotation of club heads for a softer touch and more pure putting, you will like the weight and feel  of the grip

A suggestion though, you can purchase this club for someone and be highly appreciated for your kind gestures


Enhanced visual contrast for accurate alignment

Easy to use and durable

High MOI and deep centre of gravity

30 days play guarantee

comes with a head cover


  • Ray Cook Golf Ladies RC PT 02(Best Responsive And Easy)

women putter, top putters for women, women putter 2018, best putter for women

It does have a lie of 70 deg and a loft of 3 degrees, this putter was highly engineered to meet a woman own demand, beautiful and attractive was it built to be and at an amazingly affordable price giving every female golfer the opportunity to own one

Numerous award has been clinched to the Ray Cook, it is a might deliverer in time of need and does have one of the most fine-tuned straight shot accuracy due to its low CG placement

it is premium cast and heel toe weighted, in addition it has a vibrant colour scheme that turns head so that you will play better and look better


Comes with a fitted head-cover

Vibrant colour scheme for improved appearance

Not pricey at all

Very easy to use and durable

Heel?toe weighted for better stability


Shipping restriction

Limited stock

  • Odyssey White Hot Pro V-Line(Best For Forgiveness And Feedback)

Ladiea specified putter, putter for ladies, best putter

The White Pro has won several award in the PGA tour and has always been feautred among the first top 10

However it is expensive, through frequent test by big golf names around the world the White hot pro continues to uncover areas of improvement and that is the main engine that has driven them to where they are today

The engineers has developed a very consistent and best feeling insert that you have ever known

You will love this club and a bet is placed on that, this putter is specifically dedicated to female golfers with softer aesthetic and ideal head weight that gives them everything needes to drain more putt, so women, you all need it

Its roll is spectacular and legendary as it ensures a straighter and more accurate ball roll, it is made of very high quality material which makes it durable and easy to use


Durable and easy

Feautres a brushed steel finish for a more appealing look

Extremely forgiving

Well informative manual on how to use

New and improved insert for more consistent feel and sound


It takes some times getting used to

It is heavy

  • Wilson Staff Women’s the Bean Infinite Golf Putter(Best For Forgiveness And Response)

Women's putter, putter for women, best putter, best putter clubs

The Wilson staff Women infinte putter is a club with classic versatile head shape, six classic head to be precise

And they all have well instructed details on how best use, this heads feautres a technology known as counter balance technology for better an more controlled putting stroke

The company head quarter is some where in Chicago and each putter name is coined from a local landmark

It has high MOI and deep centre of gravity which ensures better improved rolls

The doubled milled face gives room for improved distance control

Its large head surface ensures better and improved forgiveness even on a mishit


Dark anti-glare finish that looks appealing

Perforated pattern new grip for improved feel

Over size design construction to reduce rotation on a stroke

Heavy grip construction for counter balance feel

Extremely forgiving even on a mishit

Very easy to use and durable


Limited stock

  • New Ladies Tommy Armour Pravada Putter(Best Forgiving And Lightweight)

Best putter for female, golf putter for women, 2018 most wanted putter, putter club

The New Ladies Tommy, having undergone different test, it was found out that this club is great and does an excellently straight forward and precise putt however it is fragile

Its fragile nature deserves carefulness as you use them, if you are not the extra careful kind then never buy this club

But have you ever asked yourself this simple question, how careful can i be? Well, the truth is you cannot be too careful enough

It’s is preferably a putter for ones in a while kind of female golfers, its shaft material is made of steel so it is a little bit heavy with it shaft flex that of lady’s type

This putter is forgiving and helps correct your swing when you hit

Very easy to use with improved rolls


Very cheap

Attractive and good looking

Moderately forgiving

Improved rolls with consistency


Does not come with a headcover

It is fragile

  • Wilson Staff Harmonized M2 Golf Putter(Best For Feedback And response)

Putter for women, best club putter for women, women's club

The Wilson Staff Harmonized M2 will forever remain a classic, it has a handful of award clinched to it’s name

It does have a multi density are in the micro injector face insert which you will admire greatly

One of the amazing thing about this putter is the fact that it is a “Wilson make”, they are great at club designs are pretty among the top best club makers, you can bet that anywhere

This putter is well famous for dependability and true roll, with this putter you will make more putt, it’s sure

It has a soft grip that is pleasant to the hand and will definitely improve your putt due to its wider and bigger head size,


Improvr roll

Very famous

Cheap for the price

Micro injector face insert

Durable and easy to use

Good length and can be used by men too

Soft grip



Terrible MOI

  • Wilson Men Augusta Golf Putter(Best Lightweight And Forgiving)

Female putter, putter for female, best female club

Great club for any golfer whether right handed or left, begginer or advanced, it is a multi gender putter, i.e can be used by both parties perfectly

One of It’s greatness feautres lies in the fact that it is an all weather grip

The Augusta has a brass blade style thus giving it a better improved roll and attractive look

If you seek for a durable, long lasting putter then you may confidently pick the augusta anytime anyday

This putter is extremely cheap and is a well know putter which meets the tour standard

The Augusta is a well designed putter, thanks to it’s manufacturer’s

The sweetspot is just in front of the shaft and way easy to align

Talk about simplistic putter, peak the Augusta, simple but classy is what it is known for

Well balanced and constructed and sure will transform your putting game


Solid construction with great design

Well balanced with a simplistic design

Very easy to align and durable

Multi gender purpose putter

Improved consistent rolls

Cheap and affordable

Solid response and great touch


Heavy heads

easy to use but a little bit difficult compared to others in this list


A Putter is like the finishing club, from the word ”Putt”, it is used to push the golf ball into the hole designed for golf, the putter is not a club for long range shot, it is rather a club for very short range golf ball drive

The Putter List above is undoubtedly the best for senior golfers who deliberately wants to become more better and efficient at golfing, try any of this club and watch your game step up, relax sit back and watch people term it a miracle



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