200 plus Golfers battle for CBN Governor’s Cup In Maitama, F.C.T, Abuja(Nigeria)Tommorow

Lalong Open’s Tournament in Jos, Plateau state

Over 200 Nigerian golfers drawn across country Nigeria will be battling tommorow 8th December for the CBN Governor’s cup at IBB international golf country club Maitama FCT Abuja, Nigeria

This tournament as earlier potrayed will be teeing off tommorow

It is a one day championship and is the 12 in the series, this tournament is all together proudly sponsored by the central bank of Nigeria(CBN) with the IBB Golf Club

The mode of competition is in stroke play-shot Gun’ format where every competitors will at the same time tee off from various point right in the golf course

The golfers are meant to compete in 8 categories, these categories are

The men’s category 1(Handicap 0-14)

Men’s category 11(Handicap 15-28) and Gross (men)

And for women category it is going to be category 1 with a handicap level of (0-20) and category 11 with a handicap level of (21-30)

There is also the category for CBN staff, CBN retired staff, CBN guest, and the veteran for both men and women

The overall winner is smiling home with the overall net price, a lot of price are there also to be won, these prices include the nearest in pin award for ladies, men and CBN women in inclusion of CBN staff and the drive award for both ladies and men even the CBN staffers

The yearly CBN Governor’s golf cup competition is not just for the creation of a calm and recreation atmosphere for big Government personells

The well organized private sector and member of diplomatic cup also serve as a platform for the promotion of competitveness and inspiration of partnership and great networking among golf players across country Nigeria

This 200 professional golfers are now in plateau state in Jos for this 2018 Governor’s championship cup

Tang Daopet the captain of the Lamingo golf club disclosed yesterday

He further stated that the participant are drawn from all over the country and beyond

In comparism of the 2017 edition with this year’s edition it is crystal clear that the number of participant of this year was more than double of last year

Last year according to Tang Daoper was 96 professional golfers but this year is over 200

This means golf sport is really growing since there is a significant improvement in those getting involved in the sport of golf

Lalong, said Daopet, the Governor, ” Simon Lalong” has made significant impact in the promotion of golf in the country

The Governor of plateau state, Jos said, since the inception in 2016 Plateau has been some what peaceful

There have been a lot of crisis in Jos but the inception of this game has helped maintain peace to some reasonable degree


Governor Lalong says, “Plateau hopefully will soon be known as the home of golf in country Nigeria adding that the serene weather of jos well favours the game of golf

He went further still by telling Nigerians that golf is the game of the elite but more still it is a game for everyone

this competition kicks of tommorow and is one of a kind of it’s kind


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