In the end you should tell what a sand wedge means, what a bunker means according to golf and  be able to identify the 8 Best Sand Wedges for Bunkers in 2018

What is a Sand Wedge? Sand wedge also referred to as sand iron s a type of cub(Opened Face) primarily designed for easibility of getting(escape) out of the bunker

What is a Bunker? simply put a bunker is a hazard(obstacle) in the golf course that is a depression or hole on the ground, natural or man made, the bunker is either filled with sand or generally any other obstacle all in an effort to get you trapped


It is usually disheartening many a times when you get into the bunker or fairway and it becomes difficult to get out, today’s golfing offers vast and amazing wedge for bunker and fairway, looking for the best wedges for the bunker and fairway in 2020? we have you covered, this golf wedges are the best and are great for getting out of the bunker and fairway in 2020

Golf club manufacturer’s finally figured out the best club(sand wedge) to get out of bunker(obstacle) as easy as possible thus eliminating the dreaded name “Bunker”

A whole lot of golfers on hearing the name “Bunker” or “fairway” frizzle out, with the top picked sand wedge for bunker and fairway obstacles such anxiety are eliminated

In the modern day there are specific clubs designed solely to help you get out of the bunker as fast as possible even with much fun

This clubs are what we will discuss in this article

Goodnews golfers for there is a formula which will help you make the best selection of sand wedge (club) for bunkers and fairway

If you have problem hitting out of the bunker/fairway, this selected best club for bunker escape will bid all your worries and anxiety byebye

Hitting out of the bunker or the fairway was once a general challenge for many golfers be it a pro, average and a beginner

All thanks to this club designers for designing a wedge exclusively for the sand(bunker) and green

Sand wedge club is a must have by all serious golfer because you never can tell when and where you ball might get trapped

If it gets trapped on the sand, in order to easily get out, you do not just need a sand wedge, you need the best of it to easily and quickly get out of the sand/bunker

Manufacturers are constantly and tirelessly seeking better ways to improve on the efficacy of golf wedges on bunkers

What Are The Best Sand Wedge For Bunker And Fairway Of 2020?

A question that has been a great burden to a whole lot of golfers

As earlier said there is a big golf between a sand wedge for bunker/fairway and the best of sand wedge for bunker/fairway,

someone might ask, what’s the difference? simple, the difference is the “Best” sound simple right?

we are focusing on the context which enlightens you on the best sand wedge for bunker/fairway

What are the best Sand Wedges For Bunkers and fairway of 2020?

Let this be stated, on a generalised note. the best sand wedge for bunker/ fairway should have 56 or 58 degree loft and a thick wide sole with minimum 10 degree bounce

After much research and analysis it was observed that thick sole with high bounce are key factors when you consider making the best of selection of sand wedge for obstacles escape(bunker)

Here are the top pick best sand wedge which will easily help you hit out of the bunker

  • Cleveland Smart Sole 3 Wedge S(Best Forgiving And Responsive)

Sand wedge for bunker, 2018 top picks on sand wedge, best sand wedge reviews for bunker


With this sand wedge you are assured of easibility in getting out of the bunker to the green

Its higher loft angle and thick wide sole makes it a whole lot easier to hit out from the bunker to the green

Using this wedge on a bunker the high loft propels the ball straight into the air as the bounce angle digs deeply into the soil/sand to facilitate better ball flight on hit

The smart sole sand wedge makes the worrisome bunker fun no matter how bad or good your swing is and irrespective of sand

Wether wet sand, fluffy sand or dry sand the ball is sure to get out with little effort

And the beauty of it is that you can do all with a square face, without the need to open it up

There is this young man whom his friend bought the Cleveland Smart Sole 3 Wedge S at first he was reluctant in using this wedge

One day he got stuck in a bunker and decided to use this wedge and to his greatest suprise, he got too quickly out of the bunker and with an amazing near zero stress level

Since after then he made this wedge his favourite like no other


Little or no stress it gets you out of the bunker

Playable on most lies

Three tiered sole for improved turf interaction

Can be used in full swing

Optimized sole for easibilty in hitting bunker

Wider sole plus feel balancing technology

Very easy to hit


Shipping restriction


  • Callaway Sure Out Wedge 58 degree Wedge(Best For responsiveness And Feedback)

Sand wedge, bunker, best sand wedge for bunker, top review on best bunker sand wedge, top rated sand wedge

The Callaway SureOut 58 degree with no iota of doubt makes the list of the top rated sand wedge for bunker

Take a close look at the secret behind the production of one of the best sand wedge and you will discover a unique feautres_a thick sole well designed and a groove over the whole club face to help you overcome difficulty on tough lies

“Sure Out” as the name depicts surely bring your ball from bunker to safe green all you simply do is hit with a face square

You can’t beat it for the sure out is true to its name, ask golfers who it has saved a couple times and they will always say it is the most mind blowing saviour out of any tough lies

It will beat your expectation and leave you mouth agape, tested and proven it has a solid contact for distance control and with consistency

How about its high spin for easibility in stopping shots or light weight and graphite option for responsive and feel

You will love it, its no assumption but a fact, this is a highly recommended tool to any golfer bag


Can be used for short pitch and chip shots especially from rough

Solid contact for consistent distance and control

Best for bunkers with fluffy soft sand and wet sand

Extremely forgiving on bunker shots


Quick delivery

Someone complained of the club being too bulky

  • Tour Edge 1Out Plus(Best For Feedback And Response)

Bunker best wedge, wedge for bunker in 2018, sand wedge, top rated wedges for bunkers, sand wedge top reviews for bunker

Well know as the best sand wedge for all bunkers, for easy launch, hill sole puts maximum weight below the ball

This wedge is a 56 degree wedge with a bounce degree of 11 and you will love it

Armed with this wedge, bunkers have no hold on you rather the always dreaded bunker becomes fun

It does have a large sole and bulky which slaps the sand hard and up to the top it bounces to propel the ball to the green

You will love it and wouldn’t hesitate to get another in a heart beat

Tour Edge has been known for its stroke saving club, it has a counter balance grip that improves stability and wrist positioning at impact for a more accurate and precise shot

Looking at its head design, it feautres a super wide sole for easier sand shot, such that has never been

This club ensures little to no mis-hit when used, commit to your shot and you will have no worries to where it is going

This wedge is also a great club for short game improvement and why not let me give you an idea_ buy this club as a gift for someone then sit back and watch them remain forever grateful to you


Extra control of your pitch shot

Easy to use with a pleasant feel

Heavy head for balance and more accurate shot

Less expensive than any other club of similar make

Extremely forgiving



A purchaser complained of it being too long

  • Ray Cook Short Saver Alien(Best Lightweight And Easy)

Wedge for bunker, sand wedge top rated, best sand wedge, top review sand wedge, wedge top reviews for bunker

Offers a unique and revolutionary shaped wedge such that’s worth all attention

And for ease in the creating of high MOI, it has an over sized 2 piece construction with an extra large sweet-spot for better forgiveness

With this club you will come alive, if you are tired of leaving balls in the bunker then in no hesitation, pick the Ray Cook Short Saver Alien for with it you will kiss all your difficulty in getting out of ths bunker “bye-bye”

You will love it, looking at the sole area it is a bit thick and heavy for the provision of ample weight and force so you can in all ease get club through the sand


Fast shipping

Extremely cheap

High quality and very durable

Bunker buster

Very easy to hit

Insanely forgiving

Very good for beginners/high handicappers

High MOI



Takes quite sometime to get used to

Not USGA 2010 complaint

  • Cleveland Golf 2018 Men’s CBX Wedge(Best For Feedback And Response)

Bunker, wedge for bunker, best wedge for bunker, most cherished wedge, best wedge for bunker

Cleveland Golf 2018 Men’s CBX Wedge is the most versatile club in the market with a loft angle of 46, 48, 50, 52, 54, 56, 58 and 60

How to succeed at bunker shot? This is the best sand wedge, “CBX” is all good

A cavity back is still rare in today’s club and this wedge has it, the cavity back leads to more better accuracy with and at great consistency

Best designed for players which want all the maximum forgiveness they can get

It has a finish which is made of chrome and a grip that sometimes comes in steel or graphite

Cleveland decided to create one of the best club for bunker to help meet the need of the masses,

It comes with a grind, with this wedge you are assured of a better and more straighter shot with a pleasant feel as well

Lots of spin accompanies this club, nice balance with great forgiveness in off centre shots


Light weight and lots of spin

Made of quality and durable material

Improved accuracy with great bounce

Very forgiving

Soft feel and great distance control

Quick delivery


Heavy bottomed

  • Callaway Mack Daddy 3 S Grind(Best For Response And Easy)

Sand wedge, best wedge for bunker, top rated bunker wedge


It does have a bounce of 10 degree, Mack daddy 3 S Grind is a great club if you are in search for a perfect balanced wedge

It is a well suited wedge for mid to low handicappers, it does have versatility of loft

This loft angle include 50, 52, 56, 58 and 60 and its shaft material is made of steel

This wedge is more versatile than ever and many pros use it, this wedge is with all vigor recommended for you if you want to be known as the fastest to get out of obstacles

You will love it and will never hesitate to recommended it to others after a use

Mack daddy has 3 grind for every shot, every condition and every swing

This versatile grind were designed to suit your shots, the courses you play and your swing

How about the progressive groove optimization in the face of this wedge which helps to optimize spin as you go up in loft

How about the advanced shaping and design made perfect by the legendary wedge designer Roger Cleveland

Buy this wedge and you did be happy and forever thankful to yourself and this post


Versatile grind and groove for better playability

Most complete wedge ever created by the “Callaway

Great feel and very workable in any lie

Easy to use

Ultra durable and very responsive

Price friendly

Exceptional response, feedback and feel


Limited stock

  • Callaway Golf 2018 Men’s Matte Black Mack Daddy 4(Best Forgiving And Easy)

Best sand wedge, bunkers wedge, top wedge for bunkers, best reviewed wedge for bunker

With the Men’s matte Black Mack Daddy 4 you will fear no bunker again

All your bunker tension is sure a thing of the past as you will hit more greens and escape more often and with ease from all fairway’s and rough

Mack daddy is known world over for its versatility in grind option for more spin and control ability

Made of soft carbon steel you get a satisfying feel and with a precise CG location and crisp turf interaction you are guaranteed of a more forgiving club ever with consistency

This wedge have been a winner of major awards


Easibility and

very well forgiving

durable and light

Price friendly

quick delivery with warranty


Feels hard while striking

  • Cleveland Men’s Golf Sole 2.0 Wedge S, (58 degree)-(Best For Response And Feel)

Sand wedge for bunker, bunker sand wedge, top reviewed bunker wedge

Never again will you have to endure the embarrasement of being stucked in the bunker, this wedge, “Cleveland Sole 2.0 Wedge” will bid all your worries and fear for the embarrassing bunker farewell for ever

Want to get out of the bunker with ease and faster? Want to be made free from the fear of the embarrassment the bunker presents? Want to play with full confidence and agility with zero worries that anything like obstacle might stop your game?

Look no further for the solution lies in front of you, this wedge offers a forgiving sole with the right bounce proportion and loft to get the ball out of the bunker

Taste and see for this wedge is such that you have never seen

Built with one of the most sophisticated yet simple to understand mechanism to help you spring out of the bunker in an unbelievable and classical style

One of the technology that propels this club is the refined sole design which allows for smooth turf interaction , promotes cleaner contact and also increase playability from all turf condition around the green

How about the improved feel plaque another great technology which helps to place more of the weight around the perimeter of the club for better forgiveness and outstanding accuracy and consistency on all shots

One other mind blowing technology that backs this club is the premium black satin finish which creates contrast between the ball and the weight for improved alignment

Buy this club and watch how well you will master the bunker


Suitable for any lie

Very easy to hit

Super easy to get out of the bunker(sand)

Perfect for a 5 yard lob shot over a bunker

Great for wet hard packed sand

Very forgiving and almost unthinkable

Nice feel, look and hits the ball higher

A club for everyone


A lot of practice

Wide sole can cause you to hit farther than your expectation sometimes

  • Cleveland CG 16 Satin Chrome Wedge(Best For Control And Forgiving)

Best golf club, women's best golf club, senior women club

This club have more forgiveness than the CG 15, you will really like the club and with the correct loft and bounce you are assured of more victories such that you’ve never tasted

With the Cleveland CG, your fear for the bunker is a thing of the past, Cleveland is greatly recommended by anyone who is serious about their game

Escape the bunker in the nick of time, get closer to the green and hit the ball into the hole

With this wedge you will get the ball up quickly with more spin and better rolls

The C Sole wider constant width sole from heel to toe combined with a mild heel and toe grind helps to improve bunker performance while maintaining shot making versatility

Perimeter weighting and undercut geometry makes CG deepen for improve stability and forgiveness while maintaining signature

  • Cleveland Golf Men RTX 4 Wedge(Best For Feedback And Control)

Women club, golf club for ladies, senior ladies club

Made of black certain, a dark colour preferred by many with the least amount of glare at adress

Built for maximum forgiveness and easy escape from the bunker, with this wedge in your possession bunker becomes not a serious issue

Simplify your shot game and lower your scores with the wider sole and feel balancing technology in the RTX 4 Wedge

If you want to hit a pitch or chip that will roll a bit this wedge is the best for that

It is an excellent and very easy to hit kind of club, trust it and it will hit the ball softly into the greens, your days of too much struggle, less result comes to an end, the very day you choose to identify with this club


Optimized loft

Enhanced feel and control

Rotex face technology for more spin

Its low CG placement makes it exceptionally forgiving

Easy to hit

Quick delivery with warranty


A little weighty


Sand wedges is a crucial club in the list of a complete golf club set, Why? the reason being, in the game of golf there is bound to be obstacles like trees, sand, fairway and many more

at this point what saves you? oh, yes, the wedge, because of its high lofted angle it will chip the trapped golf ball in no time compared to other club and the result is better and faster result in your golf game

you need the best or else you could get trapped in obstacle longer than expected, being trapped for sol long might jeopardize your game

These are the best sand wedge for bunker and fairway, with these wedges all your fear for obstacle you will bid bye-bye, this top 2018 wedge will get you out of the bunker as fast as possible and in a grand style






















In the end you should be able to explain the term ”light weight Wedge, tell what a proper game setup means and finally identify the top 5 best sand wedge for proper game setup

Today’s golfing promises the golfer the best of sand wedges for the best of proper game setup, through the early days of golfing there were little to no provision on great sand wedges that will assist the golfer for the best of setup, the story is different now as there are vast collection of golf sand wedge from where the golfer can comfortably choose from

Looking for the best sand wedges in 2020, look no further for this article will do you just good as it is bent in giving you the updated list of the best golf sand wedge today

Golf Sand Wedge Explained

What is a Sand Wedge according to golf sport? A sand wedge can simply be seen as a type of club in the game of golf designed specially to help players play the golf ball from soft lies such as sand bunker, a sand wedge helps you get your golf ball more easily and efficiently from sand

What is a light weight sand wedge? this simply means a light weight club used to rescue the golf ball from soft lies

What is a Game Setup? A game setup is simply the plans you have toward an efficient launching of the golf ball

A proper game setup is the most important thing for amateurs and recreational golfers, it is a fundamental for success at golfing

The reason being your swing evolve from your setup. Do a bad setup and expect a bad result all the time except on too rare occasion when the God of Good-luck decides to parson you on a particular swing

The setup writes the script for the swing and all great golfers and teachers are aware of the importance of a swing, Do not get it wrong, a good setup doesn’t guarantee a successful swing/result it only highly increase the probability

But let the truth be told, it becomes almost impossible to do a correct swing without proper game setup, How about equipment, does it help for proper game setup which ensures better result?

Oh yes it does, in this post we will be focusing on the best of sand wedge for proper game setup, Just as there are tips to positioning for a better golf game setup, so is there clubs for better setup as well

What are the best sand wedge for proper game setup in 2020?

What Are The Best Sand Wedge For Proper Game Setup OF 2020

It must be stated with precise and minute accuracy that the sand wedge in our list are based on fact and figures, test and reviews, debate and observation, record and speculations

So it is no one man suggestion, it is a world-over standard compilation and statistics

This are the best top pick wedge for proper game setup in 2018

  • Cleveland Golf Men’s Smart Sole 3 Wedge S(Best For Forgiveness And Easy)

Proper game setup club, sandwedge for game serup, top picks of game setup club

This sand wedge, “Cleveland Golf Men Smart Sole 3 Wedge S” hits the number one spot as the best sand wedge for proper game setup

They have long been an industry leader when it comes to golf wedge design and are expert in the manufacture of wedge for higher handicappers

There is a technology in the smart sole known as feel balancing which moves weight away from the hosel to the centre of the club face

Resulting in an awesome pleasant feel and better dispersion on shots and with an improved and recent three tiered sole you are assured of an improved turf interaction for a more precise and accurate result

It will save you many strokes, this club is termed as a club with excellency and easibilty in hitting purchase this club and you will be glad you did


Very easy to get the ball into the air

Price friendly

Standard flange

Unmatched forgiveness

Prompt delivery

One year guarantee on purchase


A little bit difficulty getting used to


  • Cleveland Golf 588 Tour Action Wedge(Best Responsive And Forgiving)

Proper game setup, best sand wedge for proper game setup, top rated clun for proper setup

Fear the bunker no more, without question and with zero opposition, “Cleveland Golf 588 Tour Action Wedge” is among the iconic and most successful golf wedge of all time

They have been part of the hundred’s of wins due to their simplistic yet well crested tour proven shape and design

This club will give you a proper game setup since it is structured in a specific way to help you position in the best suited manner for a better swing thus your result is greatly improved

You will love this club, its no guess but a fact, this club has an exceptional performance

This club has a new and advanced conforming groove designed to deliver maximum speed with a sole design and shape for better result

Comes in versatility of loft, these loft are 50, 52, 54, 56, 58, 60 degrees, with 50, 54, 58, degree representing right handed and

You will discover a noticeable positive impact on your swing, it is a perfect club for your game

The smartest thing you can ever do is to buy this club as a gift for a person (golfer)


Functionality outsmarts price

Won so many award

Well balanced and sturdy

Strong grip plus great feel

Prompt response on order

6 months to a year guarantee


A little bit on the heavy side

  • Wilson Staff FG Tour PMP Wedge Raw(Best Responsive And Feedback)

Wedge for game setup, proper game setup wedge, clubs for proper game setup, top list of club for golf game setup

This is a club built to perfection for a proper game setup

It does have a maximum volume on HM grooves for spin shots

Even on partial/weak shot the “Wilson staff FG tour PMP wedge” does offer an increased spin due to its laser etched micro spin technology

The three finished versatile finishes include the Tour frosted, oil can and raw offers a great opportunity for huge numbers of possible combinations with various loft and bounce option

A lot of positive reviews awaits this club due to its numerous test which all proves its a great club with every recent and top notch technology for better golfing experience


New raw finish

Delivers a higher ball launch plus increased spin for added stopping power, control and accuracy

Three finish option

Consistency on hit

Easy to use



  • Callaway Golf 2018 Men’s Matte Black Mack Daddy 4(Best For Forgiveness And Lightweight)

Golf wedge for proper game setup, sand wedge for better setup, top rated game setup sand wedge

The Mack daddy 4 has versatile sole grind options, all with a motive of suiting a variety of playing style

With the multiple option you can easily execute numerous type of shot from the fairway, rough and sand

You will love it and wouldn’t hesitate to get buy another in a heart beat considering its diversified loft option and bounce combination

This club has a very good spin with better control-ability and well balanced

You will make lots of good shots with this club

A lady bought this club for her fiancee as a birthday gift, being an avid golfer her fiancee was greatly mesmerized after doing few rounds with this wedge

He confessed, “this is one of the greatest wedge i have ever used

The CG is precise and perfectly positioned to give you the best of  proper game setup


Low CG for ultimate forgiveness

Versatility of sole grind to suit a variety of playing style

Choice of finish option either platinum chrome or black matt finish

Crisp turf interaction


Club feels hard while striking

New XE 1 59 degree Ultimate Sand wedge(Best For Feedback And Responsive)

Wedge for game setup, proper game setup wedge

Versatile degree loft and very easy to use, it gives you perfect drop shots for difficult greens as ball does not roll

Use it and you will be very happy with the tremendous improvement in your short game

Looking for a club that will boost your game setup properly?

Look no further for the New XE 1 is here, it restrict you to the right positioning for a better swing

With this club you will hit remarkable recovery shot from all around the green

With this wedge bunker, fairway wood and rough have no hold on your ball for long


Price friendly

Softer and more Consistent shot

Higher and more forgiving

Low CG for better accuracy and judgement

Easy to use and extremely durable

Best at spin

Proper game setup

60 days money back guarantee if it doesn’t meet your expectation


Someone complained of it being heavy

  • Callaway Mack Daddy 3 Chrome S-Grind Wedge(Best Responsive And Forgiving)

proper game setup, wedge, best sand wedge, game setup

works great as long as you swing easy,These are the best thing smoking in the wedge category and you will love them, there are 3 unique grind to suit your shots

its shaft material is made of steel which means it is more on a heavy side, this club comes in versatility of loft which includes_52, 54, 56, 58 and 60 deg, available in right hand and left hand all with the effort to suit your playing position

works in different types of course condition, the S-Grind fits the majority of players since it works seamlessly with versatile swing shape with turf condition


Works in different course condition

Versatile grind option from where to choose from

Progressive groove optimization makes it much easier for you to be able to set up your

Easily get out in no time from the bunker


takes a little time to get after order

A little bit difficult getting used to


The Need For A Golf Sand Wedge

In it’s simplest form , A sand wedge golf club  is one of the many clubs you will be needing while golfing as it is solely designed to get you out of tough lies, in this case and to be more specific, ”The sand”, Sand  dunes are one of the obstacle you might be experiencing as you golf and with a golf sand wedge you will be able to get out of the Sand much faster and easier

A Sand wedge is designed in such a way that it has a high loft angle , this results in a higher ball flight for easy escape from the sand



Just as there are tips to positioning for a proper game setup so is there clubs that can boost/ spice up your game setup, these 5 clubs(sand wedges) are the best proper game setup wedge in 2018

Looking for the best wedge for proper game setup? Look no further for this 5 wedges(sand wedge) are the best for proper game setup

there is a progressive groove optimization in the MD3 milled line, the 3 in the MD means it does have a 3 groove package milled that is milled into the surface of this wedge, this helps to optimize ball spin as the loft progresses




In the end you should be able to distinguish between blade putter and mallet putter club and then identify the most wanted blade putter club  for men for the year 2019, this blade putter are well light and easy to use

Firstly before delving into the different types of putter and then listing this most wanted men’s blade putter we will firstly explain the term putter

Putter is one of a club in a set of club specifically used in the game of golf to do putting, Putting, all right, I know that sound complicated to someone

Putting in the game of golf can be seen as the process of using a putter to hit the golf ball into the golf hole, this club called putter are usually the last club to hit and are used when the ball get’s closest to the hole

Putting is practiced on a putting green, most golf courses have putting green and most golf courses do have putting green

Players are advised to do some practice before a round of golf to get a feel of what the green look like

What are the two types of Putter for doing Putting? Actually there are two types of putter in the game of golf, these two putters are Mallet Putter and Blade Putter

What is the difference between a blade and mallet putter?

Blade Putter: A blade putter ha a simplistic design than a mallet putter

The name blade putter is derived because this putter has a blade like club head shape design attached to the shaft, the club head takes a straight 

The shaft is attached in the centre of the blade or to the heel of the blade

Mallet Putter: A mallet putter does have a more elaborate design and do have larger heads that comes in different shape, such as square, semi circle or abstract

Looking at the mallet putter you discover that most of it’s weight is away from the club face thus making it have a lighter club face

Finding the best putter for your game shouldn’t be so complicated but with an overwhelming amount of choices in the putting world how o you figure out the best

There are a whole lot of choices out there when it comes to putters, in this article we re going to break down the most wanted blade putter for the year 2019

The particular model style have been decided on how each manufactured putter are chosen for the most wanted blade putter

The largest fully independent test for blade putter is the 2018’s prediction which took place at MGS test Facility

In this participation were made up of 20 testers and a whooping sum of 26 blade style putter underwent the testing protocol

Testing time was approximated at 7200 minutes equivalent to 120 hours with a total putt of 14,695 in total record

These 20 testers used the Bridge stone Tour B-RX Golf Balls

Testing protocol for the most wanted blade putters

The top picks of the most wanted blade putter here went through series of comprehensive testing  before we were able to generate the putters that make the list

It is no one man assertion, this was made possible by testing 20 people using 26 of this blade putters

This test consisted of several putts from 5, 10 and 20 feet distance by testers who did at least 18 putts on holes with each of these putters

This putters experimental result followed recording at the immediate,

The next step was to quickly identify top performing putters for each tester. Then, for each golfers, using a 90 percent confidence interval then identify any other putter which the total number of putt is not suitably different from best performers

In this top statistics the number of putters are different between testers

There is a mono-statistical significant best for some testers while for others the field more than half of the field is shown unreliably different from from any individual top performer

The most wanted putter is figured from the top statistical top group of the greatest percentage of testers

The final order is called a True Rank, a measurement that indicates the position in which they finish(Rank)

Coupled with the numbers of golfers for whom each club was shown to be in the statistically top group

Complete parameter for the test of the most wanted blade putter for this year

Tester’s count:20

Range for handicap:+3-20

Location of test:MyGolfSpy testing facility

Ball type:Bridgestone B330-RX

Test Distance: 5, 10 and 20 feet

Completed holes for each distance:18 (per tester)

Putt test summation:14,695

 What Are The Most Wanted Blade Putter Club For Men In 2020

Wilson Staff Men’s The Bean Infinite Golf Putter(Best Lightweight And Responsive)


Blade putter, putter club, golf putter, most wanted, golf sport putter, best for men, 2020 best putterWilson Staff Men’s The Bean Infinite Golf Putter club is highly favoured anytime there is a putter review this is due to how well it serves the audience

Envroll claimes 1st spot in my 2018 most wanted blade putter test with its new ER3

Congrats to the Envroll brand for snagging another most wanted

Everybody says they are fantastic, pros mainly use Scotty cameroun, Ping, Odyssey but the Envroll is destined to change this statistics

Whoever have not used the Envroll is missing out, Envroll is still a fairly small company compared to Scotty cameroun or Odyssey and need sponsors so they can use the names of winning players


No 1 in my 2018

Extreme forgiveness

Moderately heavy for optimum impact

It is price friendly in comparism to function

Strong, sturdy and durable

Mishit corrector

Standard grip and head cover


Not that popular

  • Odyssey Hot Pro 2.0(Best Forgiving And Easy)

2018 most wanted, most wanted blade putter, top blade putter, reviews on most wanted putter, 2018 top most wanted blade putter,

Odyssey hot pro is listed among the most wanted blade putter for 2018, it is no doubt that the Odyssey hot pro 2.0 blade putter is one of the leading edge in the of club design

This putter with its softer insert will definitely work best for you

It has a much better feel on down hill putts, Odyssey hot pro 2.0 you can more firmly strike the ball

It has a larger head which is more stable through impact and the longer shaft allow you to stand up straighter which greatly helps your back

After a few round of golf you will find this a well balanced putter with great accuracy but dont forget that the person putting makes more difference than the putter


Highly cherished by top golf pros

Well balanced with accuracy to the optimum

Larger head for better and improved forgiveness even on mishit

Has a softer insert

Quick delivery on order

Grip are comfortable with great feel

Light weight

Shipping restriction

  • Odyssey 2017 O Works-Putter(Best For Response And Feedback)

Most wanted putter, 2018 best putter, top rated putter for 2018

The Odyssey O Work is a balanced and superb putter with a great alignment aid which you love

Using the Odyssey O Works you will see less jump at impact and a smoother longer role on your putt

All Odyssey putter for sure comes with a head-cover which helps protect your club against rust, dirty or scratch

A lot of amazing technology has been part of the reason this putter is one of the most wanted putter out there

Such technology is the new micro hinge insert incredible gains in top spin and impact not minding your stroke

This putter does have a two grip option, the first is a super-stroke slim 2.0 with counter core technology and the second super-stroke pistol GT tour with counter core technology

Odyssey 2017 O Works is known as the number one putter across major tour due to their consistency in work with the best players in the world to develop and tweak shapes for the best of performance

It is most certain you will love it, give it a try and you be happy and thank your heart you did


Improved roll

Versatility of grip option

Revolutionary  high contrast versa alignment

No 1 putter across major tour

Well streamlined for improved accuracy

Improved micro hinge insert for incredible gains in top spin

Head-cover for club protection

Easy to line up and ball comes off face consistently


Shipping restriction


  • Callaway Works Odyssey 2017 Steel V Line Fang CH Winn(Best For Forgiveness And Control)

2018 best blade putter

No one mentions this Callaway Works Odyssey 2017 Steel V without giving it attribute as the most wanted putter in 2018

considering its CG placement, it is perfectly positioned in an absolute point where it ensures full forgiveness on a hit

Great technology accompanies this club because of the intensive research carried out in the manufacture of this club by top golf club manufacturer expert

Though looking at this club as at the time of writing has no review, probably because you have not gotten the opportunity to have a feel of this such an amazing club

Nevertheless, it is a club to be proudly owned for golfers who wants to absolute improved performance on their game

This club has an unmatched roll due to the new micro hinge face insert coupled with a mind blowing and boggling new and improved versa alignment technology for more precise and accurate trajectory

You will love this club, it is light weight and comes with a head-cover to protect your club from scratch

As a matter of fact its price will double the moment it gets at least 5 positive reviews

A very consistent club brought about by its tank counterbalance coupled with high MOI and increased forward rolls

If you dont buy it now then it most certain you will a short while from now but most likely double the price


Insanely forgiving due to perfect positioning of CG

Tank counterbalance for more consistency

New and improved versa alignment

New and improved micro hinge face insert for better unmatched roll

High Moment of inertia (MOl)


No reviews as at time of writing

  • Wilson Staff 8002 Milled Putter(Best For Forgiveness And Feedback)

most wanted, blade putter, mens putter

The Wilson Staff 8002 Milled Putter  feautres a Classic head shape which revives the famous 8802 played by many major winners, designed with modern head weighting (335 grams) for today’s greens

It has a Double milled face which offers the ultimate in precision, feel & feedback, they are a great putter and way well easy to use and lightweight

Well designed and built to last with a classic finish and an appealing look With the same heel-shafted head shape, the new 8802 is milled from 304 stainless steel for the ultimate in precision

You will love this blade putter for the milled face is flawless, and the shaft, grip, and head cover look great

This putter was originally designed in the sixties by Arnold Palmer when he was still with Wilson


Very high quality

Stylish head cover

Double milled face which offers best of precision, feel and feedback

True Temper Head Speed Shaft for outstanding feel

Very forgiving

Responsive shaft


A little difficult to master

  • Odyssey Callaway Golf 2018 White Hot Pro 2.0 Putter(Best For Control And Response)

mens putter, best blade putter, mens blade putter, most wanted

This Putter is no doubt among the most wanted blade putter for men seeing how forgiving and easy to use it is

With the Odyssey Callaway Golf 2018 White Hot Pro 2.0 Putter your putting becomes very easy, they are accurate and lightweight

This putter comes with a head cover and can be returned within 7 days of purchase if it does not suit your playing style

You will love this putter, if you have arthritis and Dupitins the Jumbo grip and longer shaft are a Godsend 

They come in the right size for you and at a fairly good price, it has a  Design, weight, white head surface which will suit you well

It has an amazing feel, balance and are highly durable, looking for a well designed and classic putter? then in no twinkling this is sure the right one for you


Very durable

Classic and appealing look

Extremely forgiving and lightweight

Easy to use

Comes with a head cover to prevent scratches

Soft and better feel


Someone complained of head cover having hole in it

  • TaylorMade Big Red Daytona Putter(Best For Forgiveness And Easy)

Putter, blade putter, most wanted, mens best, best putter, best blade putter, male putter club

The TaylorMade Big Red Daytona Putter is the best club for your super stroke,the effortless alignment makes it extreme forgiving

The beautiful finish is a classic and makes the putter very attractive and appealing

It does have a raised, high-contrast sightline which helps makes alignment much easier

With the Oversized heads you are assured of an increase stability at impact, which helps to keep you more on line and into the hole more often

And with vertical, Deep-milled insert you get a better ball gripping for improved roll, sound and feel

It comes with a very nice, quilted, lined cover with velcro closer that goes around the heel to help support you as you play

Looking for a putter with great feel? this is such a great one. ball roll exceptional well off the face


Improved ball roll

Better feel

Durable and easy to use

Lightweight and balanced

Fair price

Over-sized head for best of forgiveness


Someone complained of putter face extremely closed on address

  • Wilson Sporting Goods Harmonized Square Heel/Toe Golf Putter(Best For Forgiveness And Feel)


blade putter, men's putter, putter club, most wanted, 2019 best

The Wilson Sporting Goods Harmonized Square Heel/Toe Golf Putter is a well designed and balanced putter club

They are in no doubt the best recommendation for anyone looking for a blade putter with soft feel and the best of forgiveness

Built to last due to make from high quality material, the are lightweight and easy to use

The eye catching vertical seam grip is designed with a slightly larger diameter to improve feel and give you better golfing experience

And the all new cosmetic for 2013 coupled with the Harmonized Putters provide responsive feel and precise accuracy on and around the green

The putters have multiple density areas in the micro-injection face insert and an alignment aid for accurate puts

This is a great putter for the money and it’s large grip gives the best of feel thus making it much lovable

Very cheap

Pleasant feel

Extremely durable


Very forgiving

Classical look and appearance

Well balanced and stable


Very affordable

All-weather, oversize three piece paddle grip for great feel and control

Multiple density micro injections on the club face

Pleasant and soft feel

Durable and easy to use

Soft and comfortable grip 

Light and easy to use

Exceptional and excellent ball roll


Someone complained of having no bounce on the insert

  • Cleveland Golf Men’s Smart Square Blade Putter(Best For Response And Easy)

putter, putter club, male putter, most wanted, best blade putter, 2019 best

Experience a more putting stroke than ever as you watch your putting becomes more accurate

The Cleveland Golf Men’s Smart Square Blade Putter offers you a classical putting with this putter and in a grand style

The Smart Square putter will help players of all abilities discover easier, more consistent alignment for a better improved putting experience

The advance head design of the Cleveland Golf Men’s Smart Square Blade Putter does maximizes Moment of Inertia for minimal distance loss on off-center hits

They come with a head cover to help protect putter from scratch or unfavourable weather condition

Balance is another area where this putter stands out, it is very easy to swing back & through online


Well balanced and easy to swing

Comes with a head cover

Great look and feel

Price fantastic coupled with fast delivery


Consistent and improved roll


Still waiting for a negative review

  • Odyssey 2018 Black and Chrome O-Work Putter(Best For Control And Forgiveness)

2019 putter, best putter, putter club, blade putter, most wanted

Get ready for an improved roll with consistency with the Odyssey 2018 Black and Chrome O-Work Putter

They are well streamlined to help increase your putt and offer you a better golfing experienced

This putter do come with a head cover to help protect your club from scratch or harsh conditions 

They are well balance and lightweight for a better feel on hitting, built with the best of material, they are highly durable

Thanks to it’s Engineers for the time spent in trying to figure out one of he most forgiving game improvement putter for male golfers

This putter face gives a good roll, easily aligned and with a great comfortable grip

You will love them, it’s perimeter weighting helps off center strikes keep their speed

For those in love with centre shaft, this putter is the best recommended for you anytime of the day

This is a great face balanced putter with soft feel insert and a pleasant crispy sound at impact, moreover it does have a great and bounce when on contact with ball


Soft feel at impact

Durable and easy to use


Great bounce and an excellent roll

Comes with a head cover for protection

More distance control


May not have the dots for alignment



Today’s Golfing offers great and amazing collection of insanely forgiving golf putter, looking for the best golf putter in 2020, here in this article we have got you covered, we have the updated list of the most wanted golf putter for the females golfers of 2020

This putter is the most wanted due to how well they serve the female golfer, they are very durable, easy to use, lightweight and extremely responsive and forgiving as well

 These picks are the most wanted blade putter for men in 2020 because of its uniqueness and exceptionalism on course, Get any of this and watch your rolls into the hole happens like magic each time you handle a putter to do a putt




In the end you should be able to list out the best women’s golf driver for distance and accuracy in 2020

Today’s golfing sport offers the female golfer great and amazing driver for distance purpose, this driver is highly efficient for distance and accuracy, with this club driver you will hit longer and accurate distance shots

In golfing, in other to be more advantageous over your opponent, you will be needing a driver club which can aid you longer and more accurate distance, since the game of golf involves distance and accuracy, you will be needing such driver club to achieve a maximum feat while golfing

The game of golf is one of the fastest growing sports globally, and more women are being introduced each and every single time of the day to this beautiful sport, this makes it a great, fair and enjoyable game to be actively involved in

In this blog post we will be listing the best for women golf driver for distance

Looking for the best driver for distance? We’ve got you covered as this article is bent on revealing the best of them for 2020

The need for the best womens golf driver for distance sake was brought about by an urge by women to gain more distance as they hit with their club

Before delving into this fully blown topic, we must know that even as a women you will also consider your height and hand size to help you make the best selection of the best women’s golf club for distance purpose

Reason For The Difference In Male And Female Club

Why are female golf club quiet different from that of the male?

It is not farfetched, females on a general note are somewhat fragile when compared to men in the aspect of physical strength and power

This simple but too crucial factor to be ignored made club manufacturers consider women a great deal as they manufactured clubs

At the initial birth of golf sport, they were little or no specification of club type for gender

As a matter of fact in the intial birth stage of this sport, all clubs were made to meet men’s own specification alone

But soonest it was observed that women began developing keen intrest for golf and so this manufacturers decided to go into production of women’s own club

It makes sense that women should have their own specially designed club

Though the specific requirement for women club design is different from that of men but their use remains the same

This article was made out of the desire for women to get even more active in golf game than ever before

Qualities Of The Best Women Golf Driver For Distance

Many factors have been taken by manufacturers in the design of golf driver for women

Such factor may include shaft flexibility, narrower grip, greater loft angle, light weight and aerodynamics

  • Shaft flexibility

Shaft flexibility is a crucial factor that must not be left out as you make the best selection of the best golf driver for distance

For ladies the best recommended shaft type should be the Ladies shaft with a symbol “L”

This is best recommended because it is highly flexible, women do need highly flexible shaft because they usually have weak or at most moderate swing power

  • Narrower grip

Grip consideration is one of the first lesson in golf, in general women do have a lighter and smaller hand than men

Women must get a grip to fit the size of their hand and a narrow grip in general is the best suited for women

  • Light weight and aerodynamics

This is simply the study of the motion of air, particularly its interaction with solid object  “Aero-dynamics”

It is a sub field of fluid dynamics and gas dynamics

An aerodynamics and light weight driver should allow creates room for faster swing and greater distance travel by ball

Women’s club ought to be light weight, it is important to know that women are not as heavy or strong as men

So, you will be needing something light for easibilty in swinging and force dispation

  • Adjustable high loft

An adjustable loft is the best and most women will benefit from, with an adjustable loft you can adjust your swing speed for more distance even on a windy day

This is the list of best women’s golf driver for distance

Best Women’s Golf Driver For Distance

The top women’s driver on our list for distance was compiles through intensive research, analysis, feedback, test and retest

Having tested a whole lot of female golfers over and over again on course we bring this true list to you

  • TaylorMade Womens M2 Driver(Best Responsive And Lightweight)

Distance best driver, best women's driver for distance,

Specially crafted for female golfers who wants to do a great swing and more farther and exceptional ball travel plus accuracy

This club have an exceptional distance with extreme forgiveness due to its massive sweetspot

The M2 is built with a multi material construction, one thing that makes this driver extremely loveable is that it includes a wrench and grip made by Taylor

This driver has an adjustability option to help increase accuracy and better playability


  • Maximum distance
  • Light weight titanium design
  • Adjustability option
  • Excellent CG positioning
  • Superior sound and feel
  • 6 months guarantee on purchase


  • Most player wanted more loft option



  • Taylormade 2017 M2 Women’s Rescue Club(Best Forgiving And Easy)

Distance golf driver, best golf driver for distance, 2018 top rated driver, womens driver for longer distance

The Taylormade M2 women rescue club feautres improved playability with an exceptional mind blowing long distance ball travel when in contact with ball

An intresting one is the modified speed pocket which is more flexible and longer for more ball speed distance travel in comparism to the previous

M2 women’s rescue is the solution to your short short distance swing problem

Provides a classic pleasant sound and feel due to an improved and advanced sborter fluited hosel design

The large open channel speed pocket with an increased flexon delivers more distance and forgiveness on shots that is low faced and by a decrease in backspin generate distance


  • Improved playabilty and enhance longer distance
  • Longer and more flexible speed pocket
  • Dual sole design improve turf interaction
  • Adjustability option for better playability
  • Improved feel and acoustic at impact
  • Lightweight due to graphite make
  • Improved distance plus accuracy


  • Some hitters found the tendency to hit to the right


  • Medicus Dual Hinge Driver(Best For Speed And Accuracy)

Best ladies driver for distance, longer distance driver

In the production of better improved golf clubs for speed and distance, specifically, driver.

No one beats the Medicus, they are one of the best, looking at their concepts in their club productions, they have been the leaders in the invention of new technologies to better improve golf sport

You are guaranteed of an exceptional and unbelievable long distance travel for your ball when you embrace this club

Yes, they arent the most popular brands in the market but sure they produce the best club ever

Using this medicus driver gives you accuracy, improved consistency with the best of feel

It is the best choice club(driver) for both thousand’s of amateur and pro golfers, this club helps eliminate your slice hook although it is quite expensive

Master the act of controlling your swing with ultimate forgiveness using this club and you will thank yourself you did

It does come with a headcover for protection of club from harsh conditions


  • Ultimately forgiving
  • Easy to use
  • Eliminate slice and hook
  • Accurate shots and longer distance ball travel
  • Best swing diagnosis and training tools
  • Increased ball distance travel


  • Somewhat expensive
  • Might break easily if not properely used


  • Callaway Women’s XR 16 Driver(Best For Feedback And Response

Best distance driver, women distance driver, 2018 best driver for distance

In partnership with Boeng the Women’s XR of the Callaway was able to make the best aerodynamic head shape design for optimum speed

A completely streamlined big club head for the best of MOI leading to better accuracy and swing control ability

This driver is forgiving to the extreme due to its lower and deeper CG, so what are you waiting for?

Step up your game with the next generation RMOTO face simply by owning this driver

You will love it, tested and tried you can pick up a lot of ball speed wether you hit it dead centre, of the heel or off the tee

It is a highly recommended club for female golfers looking for accuracy and a significant increase in distance


Larger MOI for Ultimate forgiveness

Light weight and easy to use

More ball speed at every impact location

Comes with a headcover

Adjustability option

Increased distance


Shipping restriction


  • Callaway Golf 2018 Women’s Rogue Hybrid(Best For Distance And Feedback)

Golf Driver for distance, women's golf driver, best golf driver for distance, top rated driver for distance, top women's best driver review

The callaway golf 2018 Women’s Rogue Hybrid is extremely loveable

It is extremely easy to hit and is a great helper in making an easy launch of ball into the atmosphere

Your short distance problem days are now over, they have become history when you have this clun at your disposal

The women’s rogue will give you all the distance you have beem looking for

Looking at its CG placement. It is on a stragetically point for optimum and accurate result at impact

Its pleasnt and versatile adjustability option creates room for customization of your own specified adjustment choice

Voted as the best leading innovative drive for more distance gain, flexibility and accuracy

There is a proprietary internal standing wave which allows for precise location of CG in a tremendious way


Forgiving to the core

Ultrs thin face and hyper speed face cup technology

Internal standing wave

Swing corrector even on a mishit

Better accuracy with longer distance shot

Comes with a headcover

Great control and better feel



Shipping restriction


The Need For a Golf Club Driver For Distance And Accuracy

In the sport called Golf, distance and accuracy is the name of the game, you will be needing both to achieve great victory on your game, A driver club is the very first hitting club in a round of golf, it is used to hit long range shots to achieve long distance



Today’s golfing world provides plenty of golf sport driver club for distance, this drivers ensures longer and specific range shots for better result, looking for the best driver club for accuracy and distance?

This is the list of the best women’s golf driver for distance in 2020, this driver provides the most distance shot than any other with better accuracy and contol even on a mishit






Golf club parts_typical component for seniors 2018


In the end you should be able to identify the different components that makes up a golf club

What are the component of a senior golf club

Actually wether seniors or juniors golf clubs do have the same components

So wether you are a senior or junior this are the components of a typical golf club

A golf club is made up of three basic distinctive components, these basic part are the shaft, grip and head

Each of this very distinctive component have its own basic function

And cannot function on its own except they are merged together

Before delving further, what is component?

Component of anything can simply be reffered to as a part of the larger whole. I.e the different less significant part which comes in unity to form a whole

In relation to golf, a golf club part is the different part which are assembled together as one in order to become a whole club that becomes useful for golf sport plays

Many golf stores offer these different golf club for sale, whether as a whole part or in bits depending on choice

What you simply do is go to where it is sold in your locality and simply tell them the golf club part you will be needing


Why golf club is sold in parts

Someone might be forced to asked why is golf club sold in parts?

Golf stores sell golf club parts because of two main reasons

Golf club parts are sold seperately because you might have a sound club with one un-functional part

Instead of going to buy a new one you can simply order a new part to replace the un-functional or simply buy a new whole

but not every one have enough cash to get another club due to a slight problem they might be having with the previous

Another reason for the sale of different golf club part is for customization

What is Golf club customization? It simply means the act of modifying a golf club to suit a particular individual or perform a particular task as intended

You might buy a golf club and there might be something you do not like about it, with customization you could remove that part you do not want based on your own reason and replace it with another part to suit your taste

Now lets look at Golf club parts

As said earlier golf clubs are made up of three important parts, they are

  • The Grip

The grip or simply put the “handle” this is the point or part in the golf club where the golfer holds to play the golf ball

The grip is a welll important part of a golf club because it is a “connector” between the golfers hand and the club

The grip for further understand is should be understood as a point of contact from the hand to the club

This is why it is an important parts that cannot be treated with lieniency or laxity

The feel of the grip is a big prediction on how well you will perform with a particular club

If the grip is soft, well balanced with a pleasant feel on the hand it simply means your swing will be complimented

The grip is a complementor. It complements your swing when it feels good

In accordance to golf rules, the grip must be round and smooth

Not having lumps, bumps and hollows

For comfortability sake some grip are made of leather or rubber with a lot of tiny holes and grooves

Golf club grip comes in different sizes, the reason being not everyone have the same hand size

Some have a thick big hands others might have a light small hands and vice versal

There is always you grip size in the market


  • The shaft

The shaft is the connector to the head and the grip and must be round in cross section

Shaft of the modern age are usually made of resin composite and carbon fibre or steel

In light weight comparism carbon fibre is way more lighter than steel, the only cons with carbon fibre is its more expensive purchasing power when compared to steel

There is usually a different feel when you hit with a steel made shaft and a carbon fibre kind of shaft

This difference in feel is brought by their difference in vibration transmission

In grip make selection, it is more of a personal preference and not a rule

Shaft do have various stiffness degrees and some golf manufacturers indicates the intensity of this stiffness using a symbol

In accordance to standard stipulation, manufacturers of golf club rate stiffness in six levels, these levels are

  • L_Ladies
  • A_Senior
  • R_Regular
  • F_Firm
  • X_Extra firm
  • S_Stiff

But on a general golfers prefer stiffer shaft to any other and with these manufacturers produce more of it

The stiff and extra stiff are best recommended for golfers with great energy

It is recommended for strong energitical golfers so as to enable all swing energy to get to ball, instead of it being absorbed in a flexible and bendable shaft

On the other hand, golfers with less or weaker swing speed and strength might consider going for a more flexible shaft


  • Head

The head of the golf club is usually the primary contact with the golf ball, it is were all the energy of your swing is being transferred to

Golf club has more variation than any part of club and its functionality is dependent on the shape or design of the head

The head of a golf club falls under three major

click here for the List of different types of golf clubs and their uses categories, this categories are

The heads of wood, iron and putter

Wood type are identified by numbers. There are the 1-wood also known as the putter used for putting(hitting) the ball into the hole from short range distances. Note, putter is for short range hit

3-wood, 4-wood and 5-wood are known as fairway wood, they are used to hit the ball out of obstacles like the bunker, trees or fairway

Iron are categorized as 3-iron through 9-iron or pitching wedge, irons are the most common type of club in a golf set


Golf clubs are made up of three basic components, these components include the shaft, grip and head

Each of the golf club parts can be bought and sold seperately, this components of the golf club helps for costumization or a specific part replacement without having to change every part




In the end you should become familiar with the list of senior golfers different types of club and their uses

Golf club are of different kind and each having its own specificied use

What You Must Consider Before Ever Buying A Club

When buying a club, what you should ask yourself is what would i be needing a club for or better still why do i want a club?

The moment you profer an answer to this difficult question then the solution begins

Yea, its actually a difficult question because most people don’t know why the are out there buying another club

Couple of times you hear some golfers say, its been over six months since i last used that club, this statement was born out of the nedlessness to buy a club

You don’t just buy a golf club, because every one is doing that, you buy a golf club(s) because you need it

club are meant to help solve a particular challenge you might be having, golfing

Every right thinking golfer does not just buy a club, they do that with a purpose and not simply for fun, buy a club because you will be needing it and as for fun you can make that a secondary

No two types of club have exactly the same function, though they might have similar functionalities and some have multiple function but they can never be the same

Every club has its own purpose for which it was made,

some were constructed with a primary purpose that your chipping might be made easy,

some were made that your ball might travel longer distances,

some where made that you might easily putt the ball inside the hole from short range distances,

some were made that your loft might be higher

Identify your weaknesses and look for a complimentary club, for instance someone wanting his ball to go much higher on a hit, will have to compromise distance over launch angle and vice versal

Someone who wants an extremely forgiving club will look for club with larger heads and lower CG’s

This means you will be needing a high lofted club to help you achieve that and for longer distance with faster speed ball travel you will be needing a low lofted club

The need for a specific club is depended on the situation that warrants its use

In the game of golf, there are several clubs with different uses, these clubs and their uses are listed below


What Are The List  Of Different Golf Clubs For seniors And Their Uses

One of the common physical distinguishing factor of clubs is the head size and shape, the length of the shaft and the loft, these differences in physical build up is to help serve to  the optimum a particular/specified purpose


  • Woods

Woods have the longest shaft and larger rounded head in comparism to any other club type, a wood typical design intent is to be used to hit longer distance than any other club

They are known as “Wood” because they were originally made of wood although now made of metal heads but it still retains its original name “Wood” since that is where it evolved from

Golf club woods include Driver or 1 wood, 2-wood, 3-wood and 4-wood

Woods generally fall into two categories_Driver or 1 -wood, the other_2-wood, 3-wood and 4-wood fall under fairway wood, but the most common type of fairway wood is the 3-wood and 5-wood


Types of Wood

  • Driver

The Driver or 1-wood is usually the longest club in a golf set, and is used to hit for long range distance as mentioned earlier

Commonly made of light weight titanium so as to avoid becoming too heavy

The primary objective of a driver  is to drive your ball “FARTHER” than any other club will do, maybe that’s where the name “driver” was coined from

A driver compromises loft range over distance and is always the first club to hit, off the teeing ground(golf club start up)

The term tee and teeing are synonyms, the teeing ground is the point where the game of golf begins

The tee is a small piece of equipment used to raise the golf ball out of the ground when you play the first stroke of a hole from the teeing ground, it looks like a peg, usually two to three inches in height

The driver also known as the 1 wood is used to start of the tee, it is structured in a way that it encourages longer distance ball travel even on the slightest swing hit at any given point in time

According to research a typical golf club for men have an average distance travel of 230 yard and for women 200 yards

No club beat this distance statistics, the one that comes closer is the 3 wood which travels 210 yard for men_as an average and 180 as an average for women

  • A typical driver has a loft angle of 8-11 degree
  • Average distance ball travel of 230-250 yard
  • Accuracy: not the best but good

  • Fairway Wood

Woods with higher numbers are usually fairway woods, its name depicts what it is used for

“Fairway” woods are woods designed for off turf shots from the fairway still requiring long distance

For example the shots(second shot) of a par 5 or par 4 long hole

The distinguishing factor between a driver(wood) and a fairway(wood) is that the fairway is used to hit long distance but from a hazard or obstacle,

A fairway wood has a higher loft for easibility in lifting the ball out of the turf and over low obstacles, it is also designes to have a shallow face height, allowing golfer hit using the middle of the club


  • Putter

When you hear the word “putter” it should tell you something, “Putting” a Putter which used for putting the ball into the hole is the most precise aspect of golf club

It is so seen that way because that’s the reason you ever step out to go play golf, putting is the primary objective of golf, after the struggles and challange all you want to see is the ball go as many times as possible into the hole

The word Putter suggest to putt, a Putter is a club used to putt the golf ball into the hole from a short distance range

A putter was designed for relatively short and low speed strokes with the intent of getting the ball into the hole

Without a putter, it becomes more difficult for the ball to get into the hole

The structure of a putter was designed in a way that is usually not perpendicular to the ground

The small amount of loft in a putter is to simply enable it lift the ball easily out of any depression

The loft of a Putter falls between the range of 5_6 deg

A Putter has a very distinguishing feautres not common to other club type

It is the only club without a grip that is not perfectly rounded

It is also the only club with a bent shaft, toward the mounting area of the club head where the shaft is bent to, for an increase in stability and accuracy


  • Wedges

Wedges are further classified, there are different types of golf wedge, namely

Gap wedge

 Gap wedge_ also known as an all wedge is used to hit a short with higher and shorter trajectory than a Pitching wedge

Lob Wedge

Top 7 Best lob wedge reviews_2018 editionLob wedge also known as a lofted wedge or L_wedge, it is the shortest hitting club in the game of golf and provide the most loft on shots

Customized specifically to produce shots with a very high arc, “lob wedge” its name suggest that, these wedge are commonly used in times of challange, when there are obstacles such as tree, water or bunker which tries to obstruct the ball

The lob wedge is like a saviour to the golf ball on tetms of anything “hazard” it high arch launching capability makes the ball fly high over obstacle

Pitching wedge

A Pitching Wedge  is used to hit higher and shorter trajectory than a 9 iron and lower and longer trajectory than a gap wedge

Sand wedge

A The best sand wedge/7 top picks_2018 sand wedge also known as sand iron is type of club, open faced used for getting out of sand

Its name suggest, its functional values, “Sand wedge” for getting out of sand, it sole is the widest when compared to any for a bigger better bounce


  • Iron

Iron when compared by physique, it does have shorter shaft and smaller club heads than wood

The head of an iron club is made of a steel or solid iron, looking at the head it has an appearance of large, flat and angles face commonly scored with grooves

Irons are diversified in term of useability, such situation that involves the use of an iron is the fairway or rough as players get closer to the green

It can also be used to extract the ball from hazard like the bunker and trees

They are usually the most common set of club in a golf bag

A wedge though falls into the family of iron in general but they do have more higher loft than the numbered iron and so that is the reason they are classifed differently


  • Hybrid

The term “hybrid” means to merge. When you merge to seperate thing to become one, that is “hybrid” of whatsoevee it might be

In golf sport a hybrid club is simply referred to as a club created through the merging of iron and wood together

Hybrid are one of the most important club in golf sport, because of it dual exhibition nature

It does have the ability to function like an iron and a wood all at the same time, this is why it is know as “rescue club”

Hybrid simply put is the mixture of two different species to five you one single specie with dual functionalities, characteristics and trait for the best of forgiveness, accuracy and stability

The hybrid golf club is meant to be a balancing point between the iron and wood, this make them much more expensive than any other single club

When you think a hybrid club, think a club which can display the trait and characteristics of both an iron and a wood club type


This is the list of different kind of senior  golf clubs and their uses

In the game of golf, there are different kind of club for seniors and each having its own specific use and purpose for which it was made

Looking for the best list of the different types of golf clubs, here is the list

Best List Of The Different Types Of Golf Clubs

Best Wood(Driver)

Best Wood(Fairway)

Best Putter

Best Wedges

Best Iron

Best Hybrid




Golf club statistics_facts and findings_Amazon review’s 2018


In the end you should be conversant with golf club statistics information and findings

Hey, want to know the performance of golf club statistics world over? Want to know facts and findings, analysis and observations on golf club round the globe

This is what this article is all about, it was crested to give you the best of information on the performance of golf club round the world, let’s get started

What is statistics? Statistics is seen as the science of collecting and organizing numerical data in quantum numbers

From this definition of statistic we can rightly say golf statistics is the collection, organization, interpretation and presentation of golf sport information for better understanding


The need for golf club statistic

What is the use of Golf club statistics?

We need golf club statistic to summarize past number of manufactured golf club for better understanding then through this summary predict the future of golf sport clubs

Without statistics we would have more difficulties in predictions and this difficulty would further close our eyes to opportunity that may come on our way

Golf statistics put the number of golfers in the US in the staggering sum of 29,000,000 of which 77.5 percent are males while 22.5 percent are females

And this number gets increased on an everyday bases as the game of golf gets rapidly popular

This popularity outburst on golf sport makes golf club even way more popular as more people would have to buy golf clubs to play golf sport

Golf has been a major spectator sport since the 1920’s, this makes it one of the few sports with major impact

The every increasing intrest of people in golfing gives room for more production of clubs

For instance in mexico as at 2006 the direct economic output of golf reached an all time high of $481,000,000

This statistics show the revenue chart of golf equipment/apparel companies in 2017

These stastistic shows that Nike golf a division of Nike in 2017 made $579 million in revenue selling golf clubs and other golf equipments

The golf equipment companies/industry is yet to groom more start up companies who would grow into millionaires and possibly billionaires in the billion dollar range simply producing clubs

There is more opportunity in the golf industry now than ever and only those wise enough could have their fair cake

This statistics displays the annual sale value of golf clubs and other equipments from 2008 to the year 2016

Of which UK manufacturers sold a whooping sum of 113.8 million pounds

Golf club statistics, statistics on golf club,
Golf club annual sale revenue in the UK

Although this statistics keeps on fluntuating and is never constant but yet still the production and consumption of golf club is always on an increase

This statistic depicts the domestic shipment of golf club specifically in japan from 2013 to 2017

Japan club statistics, golf club statistics
Shipment statistics on golf club in Japan

This statistics shows the total salary and wage cost of country club from 2012 to 2016_Canada

country club wage cost,
Total salary and wage cost of country club

Total salary and cost of wages amounted to the staggering sum of  992.3 million CAD

This statistic reveals the domestic shipment volume of hybrid clubs from 2013 to 2017

It amounted to 660 thousand in 2017, see the statistics below

hybrid club, shipment volume
domestic shipment volume of hybrid club

Golf sport continues to thrive, looking at golf club/equipment it is revealef that the wholesale of golf club and equipment amounted to a staggering sum of 1037.4 million dollar just in the US alone


Although there have been an upward and downward statistic movement of golf club and equipment sale yet statistically golf club production and usage is still ever on an increase