Golf’s $2.6B Equipment Industry Estimation Worth-(2018) update


In the end you should be able to recall the term Golf Sport, Golf Equipment, Statistics and the current value of golf equipments industry and the big name companies manufacturing golf equipment

What is Golf sport? Simply put Golf Sport is a club and ball sport in which players use various club to hit ball into series(arranged in a particular pattern)of holes in the course in as much few strokes as possible

What is Golf Equipment? Simply put it is the instruments used in playing golf sport game, golf equipment encompasses the various item used in playing the sport called golf

The term”equipment” in golf sport crosses the barrier of clubs alone, yes clubs are a major part of your golf sport game but there are more to golf equipment than merely clubs

Golf Equipment is any tool which enhances golf sport playability and easibilty, examples of such equipment might include the golf ball, clubs, devices that aid in the process of a stroke

The industry of golf sport (equipment)is the most commercial viable aspect of golf game and such reason lies in the fact that every major aspect of your golf sport games will be dealing with golf equipment, to efficiently play golf you must practice continuously just as doing any other aspect of life

When you become great at golfing your handicap-ism lowers, handicap is the measurement of ones playing ability in the game of golf

In a more simplified description, the lower your handicap the more better your golf game

Amateurs do have higher handicap-ism level(high handicap) and as they learn it lowers

There are 3 handicap level in the sport of golf, this levels include high handicap, mid handicap and low handicap, from the explanation on how handicap-ism works, use your imagination and you will understand what the other 2 levels mean

Ok, to make it easy, higher handicap means you aren’t good enough at golfing, mid-handicap means you are getting better at golfing and low handicap means you are a good golfer

Golf Sport equipment industry is currently valued at an all time high of whooping $2.6B

Imagine that, hope it shouldn’t come as a surprise to you that one quarter of the businesses in the inaugural NGF are golf equipment companies

Golf equipment have a huge market and it still continues to increase, now many companies are fully into the manufacture and development of golf sport equipments

22 of this companies are majorly into clubs, shaft, grip and ball segment(production/make) with the others into shoes, apparel and probably accessories

This are some of the well known brand manufacturers of golf equipments, to be specific clubs, shaft and balls

Callaway, Titleist, PING, Taylormade, these companies are setting the pace for other golf equipment companies to follow suit, they are well known golf equipment compaanies that specializes in the manufacture of high end golf equipment built to last

The wholesale equipment statistics in the US as regard to golf equipment sale in comparison to any other sport showed that golf sport is among the top recreational sport most especially in the US

No matter how expensive this equipment continue to grow the sport of golf is never in a decline, this up trend in golf activities around the world and most especially in the G-7 Nations has made golf sport industry worth more than it has ever been ($2.6B) as a rough estimate

More money is being spent on clubs, ball and other golf equipments such that the famous football, basketball and base ball combined has never recorded

In accordance with sport and fitness industry association 2017 manufacturer sales report

Companies into equipment manufacturing were in front and centre at the famous show in Orlando(PGA Merchandise)

The big company producers of golf equipment(Titleist and callaway)watched their stock price move rapidly upward in recent years, Callaway went 30% upward

Nike another big brother when it comes to equipments(golf) manufacturer evacuated the market to focus solely on footwear and apparel

Golf sport continues to expand around the world and so does it’s manufacturing companies as new golfers keeps on taking on the game, in accordance to the speech made by Callaway CEO Chip Brewer, he said, ”From a business perspective, Golf industry is getting a lot healthier”

There have been a tremendous and baffling improvement on the functionality of these equipment in comparison to previous year, every single year, better and improved equipment are crafted to help aid better playability and easibility in playing golf game

This simply mean new golfer have better chances of becoming better golfers in no time compared to new golfers of those old era

Clubs alone makes up roughly 2/3 of equipment industry sale and ball about 1/3 that is the reason behind the prominent feautres of suppliers and manufacturers of golf clubs and components in the NGF GOLF 100

Titleist, Callaway, Cleveland, Puma, Ping Tour Edge, Mizuno name them are all in this list simply because they manufacture clubs and balls

continued  technological advancement on equipment would never cease to be even so personalization and customization of this equipments to meet everyone’s need

this advancement in better and more efficient technology as explained earlier would make golfing easier and more fun coupled with the most important aspect of golf sport, i.e becoming better and more relevant

there are a whole lot of advanced and well built equipment from where you can choose from, one interesting thing with this improved equipment is the aspect of customization, this equipment are customized in a way that everyone has a specific equipment best suited for their playing style and abilities

Just in case someone might ask, How much money is spent of golf equipment each year?

How Much Is Spent On Golf Equipment Each Year

As said earlier, Golf sport equipment industry is valued on estimation at $2.6B and still in an up surge

Money spent of Golf Equipment’s each year is quite outrageous and mind blowing about this is due to the fact that golf sport equipments are quite expensive and more also golf sport is the game of the financially endowed

No doubt for it is the truth, check out the Gentle-men who are well to do, a whole lot are highly engaged in the sport of golf than any other sport

Golf sport always regarded as the game of Gentlemen(financially made) this is no surprise why golf continues to dominate when it comes to one of the most expensive sports in the whole world, yes I quite understand that the likes of Football, Basketball and probably Table Tennis Equipment’s might be more popular than Golf sport Equipment’s, but when it comes to the big spending no one comes any closer to Golf sport Equipment’s

Golf Sport is associated with money, this sport is big business, from the courses down to every single equipment

In accordance to National Golf Foundation Survey of 2013, looking at the demographics on Golfers, 11% of golfers are born before 1946, 27% golfers between 1946-1964, 27% are born between 1965-1975, 29% of golfers are born between 1980-1999 and 6% are born after 1999

according to smartAssest golfers born between 1946-1964 spend an average of $1908 on golf equipment while those born from 1965-1999 spend on an average of $1,262 on equipment

the debate on the cost of Golf Equipment’s is not started today, it’s been over a 100 years ago, An issue occurred in 1915 which initiated the listing  of the cost of the initiation fee at an exclusive golf club of which it happened to be $5000 and using the inflation calculator of smart assets such sum of money is an equivalent of $116,166 in today’s exchange rate

total typical cost of golf equipment in 1915 for a year in inclusion of an initiation fee, annual dues, club, ball, car fare and caddle was at $182.50 an equivalent of $4,288 in today’s rate and this is simply in exclusion of the one time initiation fee the cost(average) of golf in a year is said to be $2,788 today equivalent to about $120 in 1915

Golf equipment industry alone is valued at $2.6B, why not? When most of it’s wholesale equpiment in dollar are patron from the US


Golf equipment sale statistics continues to increase as more people get introduced to golf sport

Particularly clubs and balls are considered the most important aspect of golf because in the actual sense that is what you will be needing to play golf

This golf equipment industry is valued at an all time high of $2.6B(estimation) and is still on an increase

With big companies like Titleist, Callaway, Puma, Mizuno, Odyssey e.t.c being the top manufacturers of golf sport equipments

Golf is said to overtake virtually every other sport when it comes to the big spending with golf club being the most spent on item in all of golf equipments




In the end you should be able to understand the concept handicap-ism and it’s level in regards to Golf sport, understand what a Golf Wedge entails and be able to list the 10 best wedges for high and low handicappers for the year 2020

Times without number, people ask what is handicap, what level of handicap-ism do we have and for novice they might probably ask, what is a golf wedge?

I understand that this might be the first time someone might be coming in contact with terms associated with golfing, but not to worry we have you in mind m

In this article before being tempted to list the best golf sport wedges for men’s high handicapper we will firstly discuss all golf term relating to this topic

The United States Golf Association introduced this term ”Handicap” far back as 1911 with the motive of gauging players ability against difficulty of course

According to the game of Golf, what is a Handicap? A handicap according to golf sport is simply the measure of ones golf playing ability, it is a measure of one’s flaws against his strength in golfing

In a more refine terms and in accordance to golf sport standard, A handicap is a certain number of strokes which a player is allowed to remove from his total score from a round

In golf sport just as in every other game, there are different level of plays, simply put some play better than others and vice-versal

The measure of one’s playing strength is termed handicap-ism and in golf sport there are three levels of handicap-ism, this are the level of handicap in golf sport_the higher handicap, the mid-handicap and the low handicap

Someone with a single digit handicap, from 1 to 9 is a low handicapper and is considered a skilled golfer,

the lower a golfers handicap the better golfer he is considered, take for instance a golfer with a 2 handicap is considered a better golfer than a 3 handicap though they are all classified as low handicappers also known as skilled golfers,

this is the best kind of handicap level(low handicap) it simply depicts perfection

even in low handicap-ism there are also even the more preferred as illustrated using the 2 and 3 handicap level as earlier buttressed, the 2 is better preferred to the 3 though they are all low handicap(skilled to the teeth)

How about the mid-handicappers, they simply are an average golfer,i.e not the best and neither the worst, they some sort of fall in between good and perfection, mid handicapper falls between 11 and 20(number)

from 21 and above is best considered as high handicapper, i.e they are not good at golfing, they some sort of are still in the learning process,

in simile to our grading system, someone with a test score of 30% of 100% is a failure just as another who has a test score of 40% of 100, looking at this two individuals, they are categorized as failures but different failure intensity, so it is with the three golf levels

high handicappers aren’t good in golfing, they are simply babies in the game and this post is meant to target this set of individuals

We all need wedge in our bag so we could play shorter shots and also from the bunker(obstacle), the average golfer plays with two wedge but that is not a stipulation, Wedge do have a loft degree of 45-46 on the average

If you are a baby golfer, HERE, are the best Wedge to help improve your game, this club(wedge) would help you as best possibly can

What Are The Best Wedges For Men’s High And Low Handicappers In 2020?

High handicappers can simply be termed as baby learners, everyone who starts out in a journey hopes to become better as he or she moves further, no one wants to remain stagnant, this is directly target to to high handicappers who are in search of the best suited wedge for them in 2020

mind you the best wedge for high handicapper(baby learners) in 2020 has undergone different testing protocol yet proven to be the best wedges for men’s high handicappers for the year 2020

this test was based on this 3 distinct qualities most needed by a high handicappers but which they lack, they are consistency, forgiveness and easy of use, this qualities was as best as possible made part of the characteristics of this wedge

here is our take on the best wedges for male high handicappers for the year 2020

  • Mizuno S5 Wedge(Satin Steel Wedge)(Best For Forgiveness And Control)

male golfers wedge, best wedge for high handicappers, handicappers, top handicap wedge, club wedge, best wedge 2018

The Mizuno S5 is some what larger than it’s previous version. this helps greatly in correcting error that the previous couldn’t do

it does come in two finishes_the standard satin and the blue finish, all your choice, you can settle for the one which best suits you

comes with versatile loft which ensures the right amount of spin to suit your playing style, great club with exceptional feel, whether in the bunker or in the green, it is a winning club for every high handicapper and it’s beauty lies in the fact that it is a club for all golf levels and not simply for high handicappers alone

comes in deg 58.08 and 58.12 with a shaft material made of steel, there is a slightly rounded edge designed to allow the club to be opened and closed yet still properly aligned to target

it delivers un-matched feel and control on a whole new level that is enticing and fun, it’s a classic with exceptional beauty and adding this wedge to your set gives you great feel and better control-ability on ball


Loft specific groove to suit your playing style

Harmonic impact technology for better feel and hit

Improved ball control

Price friendly

Eye catchy and durable

Easy to use

For men handicappers


For now it is only available in left hand

  • Cleveland Golf 2018 Men’s CBX Wedge(Best For Feedback And Control)

2018 best wedge, high handicapper, handicapper wedge, best wedge club, club, best, high handicapper, top wedge picks

Men’s CBX Wedge is designed precisely for the cavity back iron player and the average golfer of which most golfer fall into this category

Built to provide you all the spin technology needed to spice up your game, No one dare mess with the “CBX” when it comes to the best wedge makes, as a high handicapper you definitely lack skills to play the game

But with the CBX, yes there are bound to be a whole lot of errors, i do not promise it will change your game but one thing i do know, it will cut mistakes and minimize every flaws

Cleveland created this premium cavity back wedge with an attempt to meet the needs of the masses

It does have a clean classic shape and it’s for sure, you gonna like it, it is a forgiving light weight wedge and comes in versatility of loft_46, 48, 50, 52, 54, 56, 60 all engineered to suit all playing style

this is the best wedge for golfers of all levels, the CBX Wedge feautres Clevelanda TMs feel Balancing techy to help remove weight from hosel and enable Centre of Gravity(CG) to be well positioned  in line with the centre of club face and less toward the heel this gives it an a tighter shot dispersion


Rotex face technology for optimal spin impact on your every shot

Designed with precision for the cavity back player and the average golfer

Dual V sole for exceptional Turf Interaction

Re-positioned weight to perimeter of club head for optimum forgiveness

Great for male high handicappers

Available in versatility of loft


A bit on the heavy side

  • Cleveland Golf Men’s Smart Sole 3 Wedge C(Best For Responsiveness And Feedback)

wedge for men, high handicap wedge, golf best wedge, men's wedge, high handicap wedge

With the Cleveland Golf Men’s Smart Sole 3 Wedge C you shots are simplified and your scores are lowered all this are made possible with the wider sole and feel balancing technology

Specially designed for males of all handicap for specialized extremely high angle shots such as from the ”lip” of a bunker

this wedge presents you a Three Tiered Sole, all refined for more turf interaction with this you are assured of a cleaner, crisper contact from all lies and increased playability

How about the feel balancing technology? it is one of a kind such that you have never seen, it works by redistributing weight from hosel toward toe area of club, all thanks to its manufacturer, its CG has been smartly re-engineered and moved closer the centre of the club surface thus resulting in a better improved feel plus a tighter shot dispersion all with the effort of getting you closer to the hole

If you aren’t using or have never used this wedge before then you haven’t have a taste of what real wedge entails, the smart sole C is typically made for bumps of close range and run shot around the green

it is designed to help people who struggle around the green and inside 100, use this club and watch how better you become a better golfer, you will love it, i bet you


Three tiered sole

wider sole and feel balance technology for simplified shots

Optimized loft and lie for better accuracy

Highly durable and easy to use

Super game improvement wedge

Great for men’s high handicappers


Club parts are made from different location

  • Ping Glide(2.0 Wedge)(Best For Forgiveness And Response)

high handicapper wedge, best wedge, men handicapper, best golf wedge, 2018 wedge for handicappers

Great one from the ”Ping”, and kudos to it’s engineers, a lot of effort went into the manufacture and development of this wedge, Alas, this great wedge built to better help high handicappers is born

built to last is it known for and offering you all the forgiveness you need to stay alive in your golf game and relevant, the precision milled groove was tirelessly worked upon for better optimized compression and spin for better and improved performance in all conditions

this wedge can be configured personally using the multiple bounce angle offering for personalized result, the stunning appearance is made possible due to the hydro pearl head finish which also enhance Turf Interaction

looking for a durable and easy to use wedge? then in no way can you shy away from this Ping Glide, add it to your arsenal and experience golfing in a whole new dimension


Milled face and groove for more advanced ball angle optimization

Quality make so highly durable

Light and easy to use

Price friendly

Classic and stunning appearance by hydro pearl head finish

Enhanced Turf Interaction

Highly recommendable for Men handicapper


No reviews

  • Taylormade (Men’s M2 Wedge)(Best Responsive And Forgiving)

High-handicapper, best handicap wedge, men's high handicapper, men's best wedge

Graphite shaft produces faster ball swing of great consistency and control, the M2 iron is absolutely reliable and will help every high handicapper improve immensely in their golf game

love this club so a testimony goes on a high handicapper who ones improved tremendously in his golf game that it was noticeably seen, friends came around wanting to hear the secret, ”how did your suddenly improve tremendiously on your plays?” and he answered, well just pratice and the right wedge.

Its shaft material is the graphite reax 65 for the best of lightweightness


Lightweight and easy to use

Made of quality so therefore very durable

High recommendation for male high handicappers

Well optimized Centre of Gravity(placement) for outstanding performance

Cost effective and light weight


If not used properely finish might scratch off

  • Callaway Golf 2018 Men’s (Matte)Black Mack Daddy 4 (Best Lightweight And Forgiving)

Golf wedge best, high handicapper, handicappers, men handicappers

Versatility of Sole Grind is the Men’s Matte Black daddy 4 known for, to give you the playing style that you deserve all with the effort to suit your playing style and attack angle

It does also have a broad loft range bounce combination, when you talk of the Callaway Men’s matte its all about versatility and why? because everyone deserves the best

The Centre of gravity(CG) is situated in a precise location for proper crisp interaction coupled with extreme forgiveness

You will love this club, it’s a promise, gain more spin, do better hits with thr Groove in Groove technology

Roger Cleveland and team worked relentlessly anything wedge of “mack daddy 4” one of the highest performing wedge in golf sport

Built to promote superior performance for high handicappers with a soft feel that is well pleasant and pleasurable to you phalanges


Great club for 80 yard

Groove in Groove technology for better streamlined shots

Versatility of grooves to suit your playing style

Great feel satisfaction from soft carbon steel

Highly durable and easy to use

Dual choice of finish

Quick delivery on order


Ball strike feel very hard

Limited stock

  • Titleist Vokey SM6 Wedge(Best Forgiving And Responsive)

Best wedge, golf wedges, handicapper, high handicapper, 2018 handicapper wedge, men's wedge

A wedge built to awesome, helping you maneuver from different challanging lies

The Titleist Vokey is one that cannot be ignored, it’s is a great spinner of golf balls using the 100 percent inspected TX grooves and a new paralel face texture

Well suited to meet the demands of high handicapper

You will love this club when you get a chance to use them and wouldn’t hesitate to get another in a hearth beat

The Centre of gravity(CG) location gives you well defined distance and trajectory control

And for your swing type there is an enhanced shot variety all engineered to meet your needs

This is a highly affordable golf wedge and it’s exceptional forgiveness and quality make makes it on the top recommending wedge for high handicappers, male to be more specified


Centre of gravity(CG) gives you an un-matched feel

Tour Proven Grind from one of the well known brand of golf makers

There is just no better feeling when you strike this beauty, Well recommended for high-handicapper

Funny enough, can be used by anyone who needs to boost his golf game performance

It is durable, light and easy


Limited stock

Takes some times getting used to

  • Callaway Golf 2017 Men’s Sureout Wedge(Best Responsive And Easy)

Mens handicappers, high and low, 2018 high and handicapper wedge, best wedge for handicapper men, best wedge clubs, 2018 wedge

Leave up to it’s name, good news handicappers greenside shots have been easier than ever before with the Callaway Golf 2017

Get out and up and down especially from the rough and sand, all your days of struggling with tough lies are over

Tested and proved and concluded, you will love this wedge, at least dozens of testimonies tell us so

Having a new and enhanced camber high bounce sole glide you will generate easy, high soft landing shots

How about the large face area of the wedge which helps promotes better ball contact for optimal distance control sake

The multipe grooves, 17 to be precise with a geometry of aggression encourages fast shot stopping even when the hit is off centre


Lightweight for more responsiveness and feel

17 full faced grooves for fast shot stopping

Wider sole face area of club for better and efficient optimized distance control

Enhanced camber for easy and high soft landing shots

Premium weight specific shaft for durability and flexibility

Specially designed for Men’s high and low handicap


Takes some time getting uses to


The Need For A Golf Sport Wedge

A golf sport wedge club is one of the most important club you will be needing in a club set, A golf wedge is a club usually designed to hit out of obstacles or tough lies, as regarding the sport called golf, there are four types of wedge, each of them having the best situation to be called upon, when golfing some of the obstacles you might encounter are such as the fairway, bunker, sand e.t.c, with a golf wedge it becomes very easy and quick to get out of any tough lies or obstacle which is part of the game



Today’s golfing offers great and terrific wedges for the high handicappers, prior to this era there were little to no provisions of golf sport wedges for the high handicapper but it sounds different now as there are many variety of great golf wedge for the high handicapper from which they can choose from

There are great and terrific golf wedge for the high handicapper which have never been since the early days of golfing, here is what it means, today’s wedges have been so advanced that they are highly accurate and precise  all with the effort to help the male high handicapper better and efficiently play golf

Looking for the best golf wedge for men’s high handicapper in 2020? The wedges above listed are the best every high and low handicapper, men to be precise must own




In the end you should be able to know the most forgiving game improvement putter and how to find it

Just in case someone is lost and asking what a putter is, a Putter in lay man’s term is simply a golf club designed in putting(slightly pushing the golf ball into the golf hole)

In a more broader and more acceptable terms, A golf putter is a club used in the sport of golf to make relatively shot and low speed strokes with the intent of rolling the golf ball into the golf hole

Putter is one of the very important equipment’s you will be needing in the game called golf, the reason being at the end all your effort pays off by pushing the golf ball into the golf hole

Imagine hitting with your driver, wedge and every other club that ensures the golf ball gets closer to the golf hole and in the end you get close enough to the hole and having nothing to finish the putt(pushing the ball into the hole)

This simply means all your effort and struggles right from the start is a waste of time and energy, this sound frustrating and annoying

Putter is always the last hitting club that ensures the golf ball goes inside the golf hole

A putter is used by tapping/hitting the golf ball softly and more gently in a straight direction so that it safely get into the golf hole without diverting

Having being cured with the ignorant of not knowing what a putter is, we further advance

Identifying the best of this putter used in hitting the golf ball into the golf hole has been a great challenge for many golfers, they sheepishly buy putter without even knowing if they are very forgiving or not

In an attempt to buy a putter they buy into some kind of crappy putter that isn’t forgiving and what do they get at the end of the day, nothing but a bad putt after successfully getting close to the hole

Oh firstly lest someone get’s lost again, we must first define forgiveness as related to golf sport

Forgiveness in accordance to golf sport is simply defined as the construction and design element that reduces the effect of a bad/negative swing and poor ball contact

Simply put in this article you will know the list of the best putter with design element to help increase your positive swing and better ball contact while playing golf

How To Find The Most Forgiving Game Improvement Putter

If you are looking for the most improvement golf Putter here are the tips that will best serve you in the quest of finding the most forgiving game improvement Putter for 2018

Here are the few things you must look on a search for the most forgiving game improvement putter in 2018


The higher the MOI the more stable the face of the putter will be when you do a stroke

In golf sport MOI is simply referred to as Moment of Inertia, if you probably payed attention at your 9th grade Physic teacher you in no doubt have come across the word “MOI”

MOI measures the degree(amount) of resistance to twisting when a shot is hit off centre

The level of stability of a putter solely depends on the degree of the MOI, when the MOI is increased the more firm and stable a putter is on a stroke

A quality putter is not suppose to shake when you make a stroke the reason being a slight deviation in putter face can have a terrible impact on your swing thus meaning a bad result

To rap this up you must take into serious consideration the MOI when on the voyage to getting a quality putter for your golf game


The sweet-spot is simply a place where a combination of factor result in maximum response for a given amount of effort

A given swing will amount to a more powerful and more effective and efficient result if the ball strikes the ball sweet-spot

The sweet-spot helps to increase ball spin and reduce skidding of ball at impact


See alignment as that mechanism which helps the golf ball move in line with the direction it is hit

Have you ever wondered why a road worthy car must be well aligned? If a car lacks proper alignment that car simply goes the direction it feels, you will be steering right and it is moving left

There is so many things that go into a golf swing as a result sometimes we drift this in turn makes us to hit the ball wrongly

Mechanism designed for alignment help improve our swing path and aim

Alignment is like a corrector, it does help in balancing the gap between a miss hit and a proper hit

Great and quality club do have classic alignment tendency this you must consider if an exceptionally forgiving putter is what you seek

Consider this three as the key factor to helping you find the most forgiving game improvement putter for 2018

Read it, digest it, re-read and peruse this article as much as you can until you fully grasp this secrets to making the best choice picks of the most forgiving putter for the year 2018

What Are The 10 Most Forgiving Putter For Game Improvement In 2020

We research different kind of putter to find the best one, Putting is the most important part of a person’s golf game, if you are not putting then you are not playing golf, period

So its critical to choose the best putter for your game, we tend to loose more in the putting green since in general everyone is more focused in driving than putting

Here is our top picks

  • TaylorMade Golf Prior Generation (2017) Spider Putter(Most Forgiving And Responsive)

how to identify, most forgiving putter, putter clubs, clubs, 10 most forgiving

The Taylormade Golf Prior Generation is made available in versatility of shape, four to be precise, it does fit for right hand and left hand simultaneously with three shaft size on offer(33,34 and 35 inches)

This Putter has 70 degree lie angle and 2.5 loft degree, designed all with the effort to offer every golfer the control and stability they deserve to remain relevant in their golf game

As a golfer, want to improve? then this club should be in your mind when you think of the best selection of the most forgiving club you can ever get in the market of 2018

even in your mishit the perimeter weighing still tries to hide your flaws or how about the amazing technology well known as the pure roll that mixes with 45 degree groove for amazing responsive feedback, feel and accelerated topspin

with the improved top spin you are rest assured of better accuracy and speed in all your games, this means victory, victory scenario

and as for the balanced face design, it will be a great fit for those who seek straightness to the maximum and minimum arch in their game


The Pure Roll Technology improves top spin

For control and stability

Highly forgiving

mad available in versatility of shape

very durable and light for better playing experience


takes sometime to master

  • Odyssey 2018 Black Putter, 7S Superstroke Slim 2.0(Most Responsive And Forgiving)

Most forgiving putter, game improvement putter, how to find it, putter club, best forgiving putter

With the Odyssey 2018 7S Superstroke Slim 7.0 your days of more effort little result are over

This Putter will change your game forever, you will no longer be known as that person who do few strokes, you will be known as that expert in stroke putt

Features an unmatched roll with the new micro-face hinge insert, new tour proven head shapes for a wide range of profiles

There is a double unique component crafted for optimum performance and feel such that you’ve never experienced

Do more putt, make more roll and use the versa alignment technology for proper set up and alignment

They are available left handed and right handed, its a matter of choice, this is a “go, go” club for anyone who wants every forgiveness they can get on course

You will love the balance and weight of this putter


Comes with a head-cover and quick delivery

Ultimately forgiving and easy to use

High MOI which prevents face from bending when in contact with ball

Unmatched roll and improved consistency

Made of quality so it is highly durable

Easy to use

Micro-face hinge insert and versa alignment technology


Grip is a little thin for some people

  • Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0(Best Forgiving And Lightweight)

most forging putter, how to identify, top 10 putter, game improvement putter

With the Odyssey you days of struggle with putting are over, let the Odyssey White hot Pro do the lifting for you

It does have a right handed and left handed option, this means whether you are a righter or lefter the Odyssey will serve you

Made by Callaway, a brand well known for quality and they do come in multiple shaft-3 to be precise

It’s design is a classic and i bet you will love it, one of the most wonderful thing about this putter us its alignment tech

Greatly recommended Putter for players with little arch due to it’s toe balanced nature

It is a simplistic kind of putter with amazing forgiveness tendency such that is mind blowing

And with it soft touch and unmatched accuracy you will really appreciate this putter


Toe balanced alignment

Unmatched feel and feedback

Has the number one insert on tour

Aggressively forgiving


Grip is a little thin

  • Odyssey 2018 Red O-Works Putter(Best For Forgiveness And Feedback)

most forgiving putter, putter clubs, how to identify them

After using this head shape you will love them, 35 inch is standard for the average height individual, Women usually prefer 33 to 34 but in order to get the best suited for you, you might as well make inquiry of its length

Virtually everyone loves this Putter as it has the balance and perfect weight and feel when in contact with ball

the face of the Odyssey O-Works face produces a soft and responsive roll, gain consistency and accuracy because of the Versa-Alignment technology that helps players get properly aligned at setup

forward roll is a crucial for tour players and this putter will help you solve such, the head design is mallet with a head eight of 350 grams, a loft of 3 degree and 70 degree lie angle, this club is durable and easy to use


versa alignment technology

forgiving and easy to use

durable and light

micro hinge insert get the ball rolling more quickly

more distance control and better speed

Glaring beauty


If not carefully used, paint might chip off

A little bit heavy

  • Cleveland Golf TFI 2135 1.0 Putter(Best For Responsive And Forgiving)

Most forgiving putter, identifying them, putter

You can be what you want to be with this putter, that level of golf star you have ever dreamt just a club like this and to be frank hard work

Oh yes, hard work plus the right equipments guarantees you stardom

This is the right putter with all the forgiveness you will be needing

The true innovation and perfect alignment will see you through your journey and safe you from too much need less strokes that yields no result

The 2135 technology allows you to correctly align your putt as possibly can

It does come with a headcover which protect your club from dirt and scratch

You will notice a better and accurate distance and control on your swing, it is a win, win Scenario for many who used this putter


Perfect fit and finish

Improved aim and better distance control

Aggressively forgiving and easy to use

Very durable due to quality make

Quick delivery

The technology called 2135 helps for better alignment of putt

Simplistic design with amazing glare


Easy to use when mastered

Limited edition

  • Taylormade Golf 2018 Spider Putter(Best For Feedback And Control)

Most forgiving club, how to find it, putter, 2018 putter

With the new arch Putter stability and alignment your putt is surely on a better pathby beginning with the highest MOI design and adding exceptional feautres for an even more improved alignment and path

The geometry of the new arch use a weighty 304 stainless steel ring paired with an aluminium lightweight for even more forgiveness

With certainty it is very well stable and forgiving and for an increased forward roll and distance the soft surly pure roll is made available

Comes with a standardized grip and it is very stable and more excitingly very durable


Soft surly pure roll insert for increased forward roll and distance

Heavy steel ring for better MOI

Lightweight and insanely forgiving

Favorite for many tour players

Made of quality

Easy to use and well built


A little pricey but it’s dexterity is far worth the price

  • Odyssey 2017 Women’s White Hot RX Putter(Best For Control And Feel)

how to identify, best putter identification, most forgiving, putter, clubs

Great for every woman who aspires greatly to improve their golfing skills and become the most preferred on the green, this putter is well balance and un-imaginable beautiful and glaring

consider gifting it out and be highly appreciated with such generosity, just an opinion though, you will love this putter for it works very much than the average blade putter

with the Odyssey 2017 Women’s White Hot Pro, and a great undying desire for an improvement in your golfing your golfing life will turn out to be a miracle

the legendary white hot insert technology having been combined with a dual layer injected molded insert you get an exceptional speed and unmatched feel

the oval utheran pattern offers you better and improved roll


multiple grip option

tour proven head shape

durable and easy to use

increased friction on face

exceptional forgiveness


takes some time before delivery

limited stock

  • Taylormade Big Red Monte Carlo Putter(Super Stroke)-(Best For Forgiveness And Response)

forgiving most forgiving putter, how to find, best putter forgiving

Nice putter and at a good price, take your putt to the next level, become the most talked about, reach that height you had ever longed for, be all you can be, it’s all up to you and with this putter couple with effort all you dreams become real

it’s effortless alignment and beautiful finish is a classic and one to be reckoned with and for easier alignment there is a raised high contrast sight line

comes with a head-cover to help protect your putter form scratch, looking for a well balanced putter with great lasting capabilities? this in no doubt is what is recommended for you


improved rolls and consistency

high quality material

easy to use

well balanced and forgiving



a little bit tactical to use until fully mastered

  • Wilson Staff 8802 Milled Putter(Best Lightweight And Extremely Responsive)

game improvement putter, putter, most forgiving,

famous club used by many major winners, and design with modern weighing, moderately heavy head with a responsive shaft

they look fantastic at address, made of high quality so durability is ensured, used by a former golfer called Mr Palmer and Mr Crenshaw who came out victorious and remained there for a very long time

super feel, amazing touch and great touch


great feel, touch and weight

glaring and appealing to the eyes

price friendly

improved putt with awesome consistency


finish might wear off when handled roughly

  • Cleveland Golf Huntington Beach 6 Golf Putter(Best For Feedback And Control)

most forgiving putter, how to identify them, 2018 putter, club

Well balanced putter, you will love it’s excellent quality which guarantees durability on the long run, this Cleveland is well easy to hit with great feel and all the forgiving tendency you will be needing

favourite club for quite a good number of tour players because of it’s simplistic nature and consistency accurate wise when used on course

the precision milled face creates room for more consistent roll with the present modern innovation which will for certain help you improve your scoring


king of durability

comes with a head-cover to help protect your putter from scratch

a year guaranty on a purchase

durable and easy to use

price friendly

Increased MOI for greater forgiveness

pleasant feel with astonishing appearance


shipping restriction

for tall golfers


Putting is a crucial aspect of your golf game, if you aren’t doing any putt then i bet you aren’t playing golf,

This are the three main factor you must look out for when in search of the most forgiving putter in the market so you can improve on your game, firstly the MOI, Alignment and Sweet-spot, if you get them right just as this article have revealed then certainly with no iota of doubt you are likely to have the best purchase of putter in the market

the  10 listed putter in this article are the most forgiving putter for game improvement for 2018 get one for yourself and watch your game play get transformed





In the end you should be able to identify the most comfortable and durable golf shoes for wide feet in 2018

Everyone loves comfortable no one love to entangle themselves with uncomfortability, as it is in everything so it is in our foot wears, how about durability? oh, yes! we all want to identify with anything that will serve us for a long time, as it is in everything so it is in our foot wears

Golf shoes has become an important consideration which ensures improved and better accuracy in golf games

Without a proper golf shoe I bet you will not be getting the best out of your swing, your shoes determine how well or bad your game will appear and so it’s of great importance than one considers greatly the shoe specimen they use while golfing

Our top 10 shoes picks are designed with comfort and durability with the aim of helping you perform better on course

These shoe picks are specifically designed for comfortabilty and durability and for wide feet golfers

What Are The Most Comfortable And Durable Golf Shoes For Wide Feet?

When playing golf you need a comfortable and durable shoe whether you have a wide feet or narrow feet

Comfort-ability means better playability, if you aren’t comfortable with a golf shoe then you get hindered from doing the best out of your swing,

This shoes have undergone different test protocol and so with minute accuracy we present to you the top 10 most comfortable and durable golf shoe for wide feet in 2018

How about durability, what does it mean? durability simply means the ability to withstand wear, pressure and tear, this golf shoe in this article are not just comfortable but highly durable as well, if a shoe is comfortable it does make much sense if it is durable as well

Comfortability alone means nothing if an item isn’t durable so enough time have been dedicated to figuring out this durable shoe cloned in comfortability and durability to help you get the best out of your every game

  • Skechers Performance Go Golf Blade Golf Shoe(Best Flexible And Quality)

Wide feet, wide feet shoe, comfortable and durable, golf shoes, wide feet golf shoes

Features a rubberized sole to withstand wet conditions and a removable insole for better maintenance

What an amazing pair of golf shoe for anyone, they a very durable with great breathability

One amazing fact about this shoe is that it is lightweight and very durable with a well grounded gripping system because of the molded spike that is all over the shoe

This is an amazing pair of golf shoe with very soft spikes, it is one of the best choice you can ever make as a person with wide feet

Skechers performance, go golf blade nice and captivating look and a great lacing system your every needs

You will love this shoes, for it ensures your legs is not too loose or tight and you will get all the ventilation that is needed to keep your leg healthy and comfortable

Looking for a durable shoe?look no further both durability and comfortability this shoe offers


Soft spikes

Nice and captivating

Great lacing system

Light weight and highly breathable

Removable insole with a classic gripability system

Cost effective

It is durable due to waterproof

Specially designed for wide feet golfers


Might not be the best for people with high arch


  • Adidas Golf Men Tour 360(Best Quality And Solid)

Comfortable shoe, golf shoe, wide feet, wide feet shoe, durable and comfortable

Rubberized sole gives the Adidas Golf Men’s Tour all the traction and flexibilty it needs to keep you wide feet comfortable and happy

With the rubberized sole you will never be afraid to work on moisture or wet conditions, this rubber sole prevents water from wetting shoes

The Tour 360 boost gives you optimum performance, it also gives you an incredible cushioning to make your feet pleasant and comfortable from it full length midsole foam

For improved stability and grip where most needed, there is a 10 cleat pure motion of dual density and a TPU outsole with cenTraxion and Thintech cleats


As for independent flexibility and control between heel and forefoot the new TORSION TUNNEL makes that possible

This shoe will not disappoint you, it’s a promise, it is a great recommendation for people with Planters flashiatious


Its upper is made of water-proof

Excellent blend of comfort traction and weight

Highly fexible and breathable

Specially designed for wide feet golfers

Great lacing system to lock up your leg firmly onto shoe


Limited stock

Not for narrow feet golfers


  • Adidas Men’s Tour 360 EQT Boa Golf Shoe(Best Comfortable And Fit)

Wide footed, golf shoe, comfortable golf shoe, comfortable shoe, wide footed shoe, durable and comfortable

The Torson Tunnel provides independent flexibility and control and you can beat it

The new TPU top plate raps higher in the saddle and heel thus givibg you an increament in stability and unmatched performance

The full length boost midsole gives you unrivaled cushioning plus energy at the great

You will love the custom fit with the Boa device, leather is soft and very breathable

It world clasd breathability keeps your feet dry and warm all the time

And the 2 year warranty is something worth going crazy for,

Tour 360 EQT fits just fine, looks great and is glaring and did i forget to include comfortability and durability?

Oh yes! They are the best durable and comfortable golf shoe for wide feet one might simply get in the market

I am very sure, this is what you are looking for and


For wide feet

Extremely flexible

Removeable insole for better and improved mainteinance

Breathable and rubberized sole

Comfortable and light

Multi-purpose shoe

Durable and light

Good for the price


For some people, it runs a little long at the toe area


  • Adidas Men’s Tour 360 Knit Golf Shoe(Best Quality And Flexible)

Wide feet shoes, comfortable shoes, durable and comfortable, golf shoes

If you do not want comfortable golf shoe which is highly durable then do not buy this shoe

This shoe depicts comfortability and durability and anything less it is not the Men’d Tour 360 Knit

However if you love comfort, durability, flexibility and extremely sturdy golf shoe with un-rivaled gripability then this is the number one shoe picks for you

The Torson Tunnel takes cares of flexibility and control related issues

It is a “test and see” shoe, use it and for sure you will write to me thanking me for this

This shoe have a water resistance technology with a soft comfortable feel and this means great durability on the long run

A technology known as TPU top plate helps to increase stability and performance

Just one use of this comfortable and durable shoe for wide feet and in a hearth beat you will always want to buy repeatedly


Rubberized sole

Flexible and offers great comfort

Well ventilated

Great laxing system

Increased stability and performance

For wide footed golfers

Durable and light-weight


Not for narrow feet

A little bit expensive but worth more than the price


  • Ecco Women Biom Hybrid Golf Shoe(Best Solid And Quality)

Wide feet shoe, most comfortable shoe, comfortable for wide feet, most comfortable, durable

Do not mess with the Ecco, i repeat do not, Ecco has been one of the few golf shoe known greatly for comfortability and durability

As a matter of fact you will not be telling the truth if the “Ecco’s”(shoes) are missing out in the most comfortable and durability topic relating to shoes

Great lasting shoe with extra ordinary cushioning(comfortability)lacing system and flexibility for wider footed golfers

This “Ecco” is a go, go shoe for eveyone with wide feet and looking for a comfortable golf shoe

Weather resistance, naturallt soft, breathable and strong yak leather which is treated with hydromax and an anti stain formulae from superb protection

Try out this shoe ans there will be no cause for regret, no, not at all

Made of leather and of a synthetic sole, all the uncomfortability you have ever suffered will be a thing of the past as you get this shoe for yourself or probably for someone


Breathable and very well flexible

Comfortable and moderately light

Multi-purpose shoe

Great lacing technology which ensures a tight feet

For wide footed and moderately narrow footed golfers

Rubberized sole and water resistance

Durable and sturdy


A little expensive

Preferably for wide footed people


  • Ecco Men’s Biom Hybrid 3 Gortex Golf Shoe(Best Solid And Comfortable)

Wide feet shoe, wide feet comfortable, durable, top most comfortable, golf shoe, widd feet golfers

Exceptionally fitted for the player looking for comfortable and sporty golf shoe

This shoe is a classic and is great for wide footed golfers, most importantly aside comfort it is extremely durable, meaning you will not be getting another too soon as a result of quick spoilt

It does have a directely injected PU Stablizer which helps support the heel and foot during swinging

Biom hybrid 3 Gortex is indeed built to last, the Gortex waterproof technology combines optimized breathability and protection against element

The natural motion of the Biom brings player to the ground using an anatomical last

It is hundred percent waterproof and its gripability system is one of the best in present

The innovative outsole of the hybrid 3 Gortex is divided into three_one for durability, one for stability and one for rotation


Light weight and extremely durable

Gortex technology makes it highly breathable and comfortable

Great lacing system which ensures you feet are properly locked in the shoes, they run true to size and you will love them

Made of synthetic sole

Water proof

Boa closure system for effective closure and adjustment

Classic cushioning with UN-matched balance

Quick delivery


Limited stock

Specifically for wide footed golfers and narrowly average footed golfer but certainly not for people with narrow foot


  • Ecco Women’s Biom Hybrid 2 Golf Shoe(Best Fit And Comfortable)

Shoe for wide feet, wide feet shoes, most comfortable, comfortable golf shoe, wide feet

Biom simply meaning Bio-mechanical Optimization this does simply mean that the technology in this shoe enhances the foot ability to move more naturally and freely

The low to the ground kind of construction pattern allows the foot to react naturally to the ground this in turn improves stability ratio, the anatomically shaped in lay sole with light weight cushioning foam gives you incredible level of comfort such that you’ve never known with any shoe

Even on an uneven terrain the Biom hybrid 2 Golf shoe gives you an enhanced feel, the “M” in size simply means medium size

This shoe is of great quality and comfortable to the extreme, right inside the insole there is a silicon circle which prevents foot movement inside shoes

If you have always got sore when you golfed, this shoe technology will bring that to an end because of it’s Biom technology which ensures you foot are safe and properly locked up

Talk stability, flexibility, durability it is all available with the Ecco Women Biom Hybrid 2 Golf Shoe


Highly flexible and durable

Very stable with exceptionally grip technology

Multi-purpose in nature

Top notch lacing system to keep your feet firm

Highly ventilated mesh

Unmatched comfort


Specifically for wide footed golfers

Limited in stock


  • Adidas Men Adipower 4orged S Golf Shoes(Best Fit And Quality)

Wide feet shoe, comfortable golf shoe, durable and comfortable, most comfortable shoe, shoe for wide feet

With this shoe, “Adidas Adipower 4orged”, your days of uncomfortablility and quick spoil “shoes” is over

Enjoy a whole new level of comfortability and durability that you have never experienced all with this shoe

Great for wide footed individuals looking for best quality and comfortable shoe

Highly breathable and is water repellent, they are light weight ti aid better comfort and fit with a boost midsole that offers responsive cushioning on every swing

It is a “go, go” shoe for any who knows quality and highly flexible shoe, if you don’t need them, try presenting it as a gift to someone who knows quality and watch the most amazing thank that you’ve never seen being offered to you

Just a suggestion though, give it a try and let me know how well it feels, it certainly great and it’s a bet you will love it


Rubberizes sole for long last

Forged micro fibre leather and textile upper

Pure motion spikeless outsole

Extremely flexible and durable

Well ventilated

Balanced with UN-matched grip technology

Easy to use

Attractive and glaring


No reviews yet


  • Puma Men’s Tt Ignite Premium Disc Golf Shoe(Best Quality And Balanced)

Golf shoe, comfortable and durable, shoes for wide feet, wide feet shoes

You will love the Puma Men’s Tt Ignite Premium Disc because of it’s revolutionary and proprietary new foam which provides great energy return, responsive comfort, stable cushioning and super step in comfort

The fast, easy and consistent feel brings comfort to a new whole level such that you’ve not known about

This is the best golf shoe you have aver had that will fit perfectly and extremely comfortably

You will be boomed because they look awesome, its waterproof leather is excellent in wet conditions

The disc system in this golf shoe is a system that allows for an exact lace adjustment for comfort and stability

Th Puma Men’s Tt Ignite was built to last, it does have an unmatched cushioning coupled with well constructed breathable mesh to keep your legs warm, happy and dry


Well breathable

Specially for wide footed golfers

Sturdy and stable

Comfortable and stylish

Durable and light

Great lacing technology


Limited edition

Sometimes runs a little small


  • Adidas Men’s Climaproof BOA Golf Shoe(Best Study And Solid)

Wide footed shoe, for wide feet, golf shoes, shoe, most comfortable shoe

Very well built and you can be used to golf in rain, they are extremely comfortable on feet

The mechanism/ button which tightens and looses the laces are extremely strong, durable and stunning

You will love this shoe, especially those who wouldn’t mind golfing in rain

This golf shoe is highly recommended for golfers who love durability and quality, you will be amazed and would want to do a repeated purchase of this shoe, tested and proven

Hip hip hip hurry, your days of fear of golfing in the rain due to the anxiety of your shoes getting spoilt is over for with the Adidas Men’s Climaproof BOA you can confidently and comfortably golf in the rain

Absolute cushioning for comfortability, classical lacing for technology for foot stability and un matched breathable mesh for enough ventilation to help keep your feet dry and warm, this shoe depicts perfection and the smartest choice for wide footed golfers


Extremely durable and sturdy

Comfortable and light

Mulit-purpose golf shoe

For wide footed golfers

Highly breathable mesh for feet comfort

Attractive and stunning


Limited stock

Specifically recommended for wide footed golfers



In the end you should be able to list the best golf clubs for senior beginner

Today’s golfing offers the best on sale golf club complete set for the senior beginner or the senior whose just getting started with golfing

Prior to this era there were not much consideration for the seniors who is just getting started with golfing

Now the story sound different now as there are lots of clubs made readily available for the beginning senior to help hem improve o their game in no distant time

Looking fr the best on sale club set for senior beginners? We’ve got you covered

When selecting club you must make sure such selections best suits your category and class

Logically there are golf pros who are seniors(Older golfer by age) and there are golf beginners who are seniors too(older golfers by age)

The underlying difference between this two categories of golfers is one is elderly and a professional golfer the other is elderly but an amateur golfer

In this article we will show you the exact complete club set for seniors who is just started with golf sport(newbie)

We choose to take into consideration the complete golf club set because as a beginner that is what you will be needing, “complete club set” and not single(incomplete ) set

Everyday the population of golf stats is an all time high, this implies that more people are getting involved in golfing activities and a need for a more precise categories of golf club consideration arises and manufacturers are well aware of this

There are two kind of seniors as regard to the game of golf, one is a senior golfer who is a pro at golfing another is a senior but a beginner/amateur at golfing

These are logically the two kind of senior categories with regards to playing levels

In this post, you will be given a precise solution to the difficulty in making the best complete club selection for beginning senior

Let’s get started, but firstly we will start off by defining the following simple terms

What is a Golf club? Who is a Senior in the game of Golf? What does a beginner mean in Golf?

A golf club is an equipment used to hit a golf ball either short or long distance with the intent of getting the ball closer and finally into the hole

Who is a senior beginner in golf sport, a senior beginner is someone advanced in age who just started playing golf game(learner)

Having said that, we will explain who a senior represents in golf

The game of golf can be quite a fun and adventure, it favours all playing age whether young or old, this simply means everyone can play golf in as much you develop the interest/desire in the game

This club picks must conform to weight, shaft type, club head size and grip which meets the senior standard

What Are The Best Golf Clubs For Senior Beginners Reviewed In 2020?

  • 18 Piece Men’s Complete Golf Club Package set(Best Forgiving And Responsive)

Senior beginner club, complete set for beginner, senior club

This club was manufactured by precise golf and it is an 18 piece men’s complete golf club package set designed for increased performance and great accuracy, with it’s top notch quality make you are rest assured of a very durable club set, it does have the latest and modernized golf technology to give you ultimate distance and performance for every club in the bag

This club for senior golfers remains unrivaled for it is a club built for speed

Without hesitation, this club is amazing due to its added distance accuracy and forgiveness

Looking at this club, the lower CG and increased MOI gives face cup the freedom it needs to flex for more speed

It’s shaft material is made of graphite and do have a better trajectory

The large middle sized double compound grip ensures you extra comfort all the way

The putter in this set is light weight of which ensures easy and better putts


Added distance and accuracy

Forgiving with better trajectory

Quick delivery

Feels nice and looks good

Super functional bag

Durable and easy to use


Limited stock

  • Wilson Women Profile XD(Best For Feed Back And Response)

Senior beginners club set, best senior beginners club

It does possess every quality and convenient that will aid you become a better golfer

This set does have a driver, fairway wood and hybrid for exceptional distance and forgiveness

And when it comes to accuracy and control on the fairway, the six through nine irons are there

Up next is the pitching wedge and sand wedge for your approach shots as you get close in on the green

The blade putter is such an exceptional club when it comes to stability due to its heel toe weighing

With the alignment feautres in this putter you are assured of more putts

Looking at the cart bag which this club comes with, it is so durable and greatly attractive and nit just that

This bag has a lot of well organized pocket, spacious enough to accommodate all you golfing equipments

This club are also very light and easy to play with


High lofted driver for improved ball flight

Light weight club and durable

Custom fit in a box system

Excellent driver CG placement for increased shots with accuracy

Enhanced head design with high launch for better trajectory

Enhanced spin technology of pitching wedge

Heel toe weighted blade putter for better alignment


Someone complained of finish wearing off

  • Wilson Men’s Profile XD Complete Golf Set(Best Lightweight And Forgiving)

Beginners, senior beginners, club set, complete club set,

This is a lightweight club and it’s bag comes with a back pack style carrying strap

Great for beginners, cost effective and feels good, it is the best for beginners due to it’s easy to use nature

Wilson men’s profile is highly recommended for senior beginners because of it’s highly durable nature

And the reason behind it being one of the top pick complete club set for senior beginners is that beginners often unknowingly use their club roughly and in the wrong way, this might spoil an averagely strong club

But this club is able to withstand all the pressure and mal-handle senior beginners golfers subject it to

They are very well built with the finest of material to give it that extremely attractive look that will put smiles on your face

For increased shot and unmatched accuracy the driver CG is well optimized

The putter which comes with this complete set is well optimized and streamlined for better and improved putt


Well optimized putter for better and improved putt

Driver CG is well placed for longer and faster ball speed

Relatively cheap

Made of quality

Light weight

Deep cavity for improved accuracy

Easy to use


Bag may not have strap stand

  • Wilson Unisex Profile XD Golf Complete Set(Best Forgiving And Easy)

Best club, club set, complete club set, beginners senior, best senior club

Just one round and you will be impressed on how well the driver will aid you longer and more speed distance ball travel

The lighter flex of the shaft works very well even with your slower swing speed

With this club you will notice an immediate improvement in distance and trajectory

Get ready for not just improved distance but the best shot as well using this club

The forged titanium composite 460cc driver improves distance with power weighing technology and forgiveness

The super game improvement technology that comes with thus club will enhance every new senior golfer experience

The Pitching wedge has enhanced spin technology  for improved performance and playability


Features a soft and larger diameter grip

High lofted driver for better ball flight improvement

Larger sweet-spot for better forgiveness

Enhanced spin technology

Heel toe weighed putter for better alignment

Light weight cart bag with organised storage space and double padded shoulder strap


Not for experienced golfer

  • Wilson Golf Men’s 2017 Ultra Complete Package Set(Best For Control And Forgiveness)

Beginners club set, senior beginners, best begnners club, club for senior beginners, best senior, best beginners club

Wilson Men’s ultra complete package golf set is made up of 13 piece of club

Which includes driver, fairway wood, hybrid, 6-PW, Putter, bag and head-cover

This club was designed primarily having the beginner golfer in mind

this entire set cost less than most entry iron and does not come with a 5-iron

It does come with a light weight bag and comes with a back pack style, the irons, hybrid and fairway are all good for senior beginners

When it comes to quality, this club set is made of more, though some complained of driver head flying off, well when not used properly any club head could possibly fly off

I would recommend beginners to learn to hit by starting out gradually until you become used to it

The oversized 460cc titanium head makes it highly forgiving and the flex graphite shaft makes it light and easier to use


Best for beginners

Easy to use and durable

Light weight

Price friendly

Bag comes with a duo stand



Does not come with a 5 iron

  • Callaway Men’s Strata Ultimate Complex Golf Set(18 pieces)-(Best For Quality And Forgiveness)

golf clubs, complete set, senior beginners, best senior beginners, club for beginners, senior

The Fairway wood_ 3 wood and the 5 wood of the Callaway Men’s Ultimate Complex Golf Set are built for long and high lofted shots, i  a more aerodynamic head shape

The driver being made of full titanium and with a large sweet-spot gives you more forgiveness and wings to bomb of the tee

featuring an 18 Piece club it is made up of a driver, 2 fairway woods, 2 hybrid, 4 iron , 2 wedges and a Putter, Light weight stand bag and 5 head-cover, the hybrid are also a great alternatives to long irons which gives you added confidence as you play different shots

looking at the Putter you get to discover a precise milling design which gives you the added advantage of better distance control coupled with unbelievable accuracy

as a beginner this set is something you can grow with and become better at golfing and two year warranty you will be given when you purchase this club precisely from Amazon


Superb quality

Super finish with great feel

larger sweet-spot for better forgiveness

Super long drives and improved golf scores

Precise face milling for better accuracy plus distance control

Price friendly and attractive


Limited stock

  • Callaway Men’s Strata Tour Complete Golf Set(18 Piece)-(Best For Forgiveness And Easy)

golf club, complete club set, senior beginners, best beginners club, top 10 best

The 460cc forged driver of the Callaway Men’s Strata is lightweight and has a large sweet-spot for better forgiveness for better and improved hitting

There is a visual alignment aid kind of mallet putter for exceptionally significant accuracy and confidence while you hit

You will love the bag that comes with this putter for it is lightweight and does have a whole lot of highly organized pockets to make sure all your golf equipments are kept safe and organized, it does also have a rain hood and a back pack strap system

All club offer an excellent quality both durable wise and glaring and grip seem to be well fitted, with this club, you will have no complain at all

As a beginner be rest assured that this club will change your game and the driver are so forgiving that you can drive 225 to 250 yard


Lightweight 460cc titanium driver with large sweet-spot

A mallet putter with visual alignment for incredible accuracy

Light weight and durable stand bag that comes with convenient pockets

Fairway wood have aerodynamic head shape for long high flying shot

bag comes with a rain hood and back strap

Price friendly

Easy to use and very durable



Limited stock

Shipping restriction

  • Aspire X1 Men’s Complete Golf Set(Best For Forgiveness And Lightweight)

complete club set, senior beginners, beginners, seniors, senior clubs, beginners clubs, best beginners club

Never mind the Name ”X1 Men”, this club can be used by both male and female golfers, as a matter of fact this 10 top picks of the best complete golf club set for senior beginners can be used by both male and female

The X1 is well confirmed great fit for senior golfer starting out in the game of golf, the Aspire includes  Titanium driver, Fairway wood, hybrid, 6-PW irons, Putter and a stand bag

They aren’t harsh in any way for golfers because they are easy to use, light, durable, forgiving and inexpensive, what more best can be offered for senior beginners apart from this listed

Seniors need light weight clubs, easy to use because they are beginners, cheap clubs since they are just starting out and very forgiving clubs to help them perform optimally even on a mishit

460cc Titanium driver for well fine tuned as streamlined shot that just hit the target, the wood does have a 100% graphite and true temper steel on iron all for the best of golfing experience

The iron that comes with this set are the 6,7,8,9 and Pitching


Flexible and light weight

Pricey friendly

Quick delivery

Larger sweet-spot for improved forgiveness and consistency

Very easy to use and durable

Bag comes with a strap stand

Unisex club

for senior beginners


Usually for tall golfers

  • Callaway Men’s Strata Plus Complete Golf Set(16 Piece)-(Best For Feedback And Highly Responsive)

senior beginners, best complete set, beginner best club, seniors, beginners,

This is a great starter set you wont regret, there are plenty of pockets in the bag of your tee’s, balls, towels, club and other golf items, looking for a great starter set for senior beginners? this is it

Hit nice and straight, see drastic improvement on your game, make more putts and earn more point and enjoy a long lasting club, all this are made available with the Callaway Men’s Strata Plus

Lightweight 460cc driver head with a large sweet-spot for better and easier play of the tee, the hybrid on shot delivers exceptional forgiveness on shots

and as for the iron wedge it does have a perimeter weighing and progressive sole width technology for improved control and feel

The T-style alignment mallet putter present’s you great flexibility and forgiveness unmatched and a light weight durable stand bag which comes with a five convenient pocket, a rain hood and a backpack strap system


Light weight durable stand bag

Perimeter weighing and sole width technology for improved control

Very flexible and light

Woods have a forgiving sweet-spot

Bag comes with a rain hood and back pack strap system

best for senior beginners


Bags are not too strong

  • Callaway Women Strata Ultimate Complete Golf Set(Best For Quality And Feedback)

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If you have a woman who loves golfing, buy this golf club complete set for her and she will love and appreciate you more, just a suggestion though, this is a great club for every female senior golfer who is just get started with ”Golphosphere” (Golf sport world)

This callaway is well packed with the latest modernized golf technologies, and it will help every senior beginner improve immensely on their game

if as a newbie senior golfer you want ultimate distance and exceptional forgiveness on most hit, then in no doubt then this is best specified for you

do not hesitate, do not have a rethink for it has been tested and found worthy, expect longer shots with ease, win more putt, diver longer ranges make more accuracy when you use this club

with these club every women can become a super golfer, these clubs are very attractive and easy to carry around


Equipped with the latest modernized golf technologies

Larger sweet-spot for better forgiveness

Precise face milling of putter is designed for better distance control and accuracy

Light weight stand bag with well organised pockets

Flexible and easy to use

Durable and stylish


Limited stock


These complete golf club set are the best for senior beginners in 2018, they are very forgiving, durable, easy to use and price friendly

these clubs top picks are the best recommended for any senior golfer starting out on the game of golf, use any of this club and watch your golfing skills grow to perfection.

10 best women putter reviews 2018-easy to use and durable


In the end you should be able to define a Putter and list the best women Putter on reviews for 2018,What is a Putter? Just in case someone is asking, A Putter can simply be defined as a club used in the sport called Golf to make relatively short and low speed strokes with the intent of getting the ball into the hole, Period.

Better and more effective consideration and measures have led to better ways to improve the putter of female golfers so as to increase their relevancy as regard to the game of golf

In comparison to decades gone by, women were not really considered in the game of golf and so no one cared about their own club specification

Decades later everything changed, infact Clubs manufacturers are now out with an ever increasing number to produce for women who are intrested in golfing the best of club which is also very easy to use to help them become exceedingly great at golfing like the men’s world

Thanks to this initiative and bless them high_ the pioneers of such outstanding concept

Women have showed immeasurably times great tendency in mastering golf sport plays like their counterpart, this means more consideration on the manufacture and production of more simplistic but sophisticated putter by manufacturers

Meeting par on the putting hole largely depends on Putter, that is the reason you can never ignore Putter in the game of golf, no matter how great you are you are are an incomplete golfer without a great putter

It doesn’t matter how good you are at driving, be the fastest person using your iron to hit out of the bunker and fairway, escape from traps as quick as possible but in the absence of a good putter all your effort did probably be a time waste because in the end you must putt

Putting is critical in golf sport and if you aren’t putting you ain’t playing golf, remember a putter is always the last club to hit into the hole after many hustle and struggles to get the ball closer to the hole using every other kind of club possible

Now imagine how frustrating it will be that in the end the final club which ensures more hole wins is not capable

You need the best of putter to give you perfect shot line up that ensures a better and improved ball roll straight into hole

Putter shaft type is also an important factor that must be considered but what’s more important is the club head in which you are using

if your club head aren’t good then it’s no magic putting becomes difficult

When it comes to Putter, every golfer have their own preference, in recent years there have been many more putters in the market and so in this post I will show you the best Putter in the market for Women in 2018

The reason is quite simple, because every woman out there deserves to become better at golfing(putting) sound simple right? Putter have different head shapes giving room for multiple choices selection and preference

The top 10 picks are largely tied to this following factor-Forgiveness, longevity(Putter life span) and easibility to use

What are the best Putters for Women in 2018?

  • Callaway White Hot Pro(Best Forgiving And Lightweight)

Women's best putter, putter, best putter

The Callaway white hot pro is a top recommendation club every woman who aspires to play like a pro, increase your putt percentage accuracy and become the favourite female golfer on course when you use this club, with this putter you are assured of a better improved putting and in a grand style

This club can be used by people who suffer from arthritis and Dupitins due to its easibility, lightness as simplistic style

It is way more easier to get used to than many putter out there, this putter has great aim and direction when used properly

You will love this putter due to its tendency to cut your putting strokes by half, it does have a nice and attractive grip with nice weighing

The insert and improved insert in the white hot pro is highly engineered for most consistent sound, feel and performance

This club has won some major winnings in recent times, it does have an appealing look due to its attractive brushed steel finish


Enhance feel and control

High MOI

Aggressively forgiving

Durable and easy to use

Fast delivery


Heavy head

Typically for women, not a general club

  • Odyssey 2017 Women’s White Hot RX(Best Forgiving And Responsive)

Putter for ladies, best putter, best ladys putter

This Odyssey by Callaway is the perfect putter specification for every woman, and is known as a radical mild mallet putter, the name ”Radical” was thus coined from its ability to help you do more wins than loose

it has a connecting wings that forms lines in the shape of triangle for better and improved swing control and accuracy

This putter does have a dual bend shaft completely offset, with a balanced head weight for women typically shorter shaft lengths

there is a design insert, which is multi-layer in nature that falls between the Callaway White ice and White Hot XG in terms of softness which was preferred by many women as the product was undergoing testing and market research

The club also helps to divide into portion the head weight through the outer limit of the area(Perimeter) of the club and this gives opportunity for a more stable, powerful and straighter putt

the graphics is highly love-able by every woman since it is made of pink and silver graphics


Great support for breast cancer research

Tour Proven alignment system

Multi grip option

Textured clear coat for better and increased friction

Easy to align

comes with a standard grip and a head-cover


A little delay after order

  • Cleveland Golf Women Classic(Best For Responsiveness And Feedback)

Best golf putter, golf putter, putter club

Made in Cleveland Huntington beach, USA, the Cleveland Golf Collection HB 10 Putter has four different proven tour design and delivers great level of performance that is unmatched

the Cleveland Women’s Classic have a deepened CNC milling pattern on the face of the club and this gives it a softer feel at impact so as to allow better control with each stroke

it does have a Winn grip that is upgraded, this Winn grip are soft and just the right combination of squishy and firm for accurate responsive feedback

the high MOI is a classic one and helps improve off-center ball speed and consistency,


  • CNC Milled surface for better contact control
  • High MOI for improved ball speed accuracy and consistency
  • Versatility in mallet style design
  • Durable and easy to use


A little pricey

  • Tour Edge Women’s Back-draft GT Plus Putter(Best Forgiving And Easy)

putter for women, women putter, top putter for women, putter clubs

Get ready for an improved putt, the jumbo grip of this club reduces to the barest minimum wrist breakdown for a pure fluid stroke and an unprecedented high level of accuracy to every golfers game is what this club is well known for

The Tour Edge Women’s Back-draft GT has a high contrast head and jumbo size grip that are a unique technology such that has never been

A technology known as the optic technology is used by the Back draft to increase contrast between greens and putter head

with the high MOI heel and toe design the Tour edge Women’s putter is said to be kept square all through stroke so more putt can find the hole

on purchase of this club you will be given a 30 days money back guarantee, isn’t that amazing so this should tell you how true to its functionality this club will serve you

the Jumbo grip helps reduce pressure and and to the barest level reduce rotation of club heads for a softer touch and more pure putting, you will like the weight and feel  of the grip

A suggestion though, you can purchase this club for someone and be highly appreciated for your kind gestures


Enhanced visual contrast for accurate alignment

Easy to use and durable

High MOI and deep centre of gravity

30 days play guarantee

comes with a head cover


  • Ray Cook Golf Ladies RC PT 02(Best Responsive And Easy)

women putter, top putters for women, women putter 2018, best putter for women

It does have a lie of 70 deg and a loft of 3 degrees, this putter was highly engineered to meet a woman own demand, beautiful and attractive was it built to be and at an amazingly affordable price giving every female golfer the opportunity to own one

Numerous award has been clinched to the Ray Cook, it is a might deliverer in time of need and does have one of the most fine-tuned straight shot accuracy due to its low CG placement

it is premium cast and heel toe weighted, in addition it has a vibrant colour scheme that turns head so that you will play better and look better


Comes with a fitted head-cover

Vibrant colour scheme for improved appearance

Not pricey at all

Very easy to use and durable

Heel?toe weighted for better stability


Shipping restriction

Limited stock

  • Odyssey White Hot Pro V-Line(Best For Forgiveness And Feedback)

Ladiea specified putter, putter for ladies, best putter

The White Pro has won several award in the PGA tour and has always been feautred among the first top 10

However it is expensive, through frequent test by big golf names around the world the White hot pro continues to uncover areas of improvement and that is the main engine that has driven them to where they are today

The engineers has developed a very consistent and best feeling insert that you have ever known

You will love this club and a bet is placed on that, this putter is specifically dedicated to female golfers with softer aesthetic and ideal head weight that gives them everything needes to drain more putt, so women, you all need it

Its roll is spectacular and legendary as it ensures a straighter and more accurate ball roll, it is made of very high quality material which makes it durable and easy to use


Durable and easy

Feautres a brushed steel finish for a more appealing look

Extremely forgiving

Well informative manual on how to use

New and improved insert for more consistent feel and sound


It takes some times getting used to

It is heavy

  • Wilson Staff Women’s the Bean Infinite Golf Putter(Best For Forgiveness And Response)

Women's putter, putter for women, best putter, best putter clubs

The Wilson staff Women infinte putter is a club with classic versatile head shape, six classic head to be precise

And they all have well instructed details on how best use, this heads feautres a technology known as counter balance technology for better an more controlled putting stroke

The company head quarter is some where in Chicago and each putter name is coined from a local landmark

It has high MOI and deep centre of gravity which ensures better improved rolls

The doubled milled face gives room for improved distance control

Its large head surface ensures better and improved forgiveness even on a mishit


Dark anti-glare finish that looks appealing

Perforated pattern new grip for improved feel

Over size design construction to reduce rotation on a stroke

Heavy grip construction for counter balance feel

Extremely forgiving even on a mishit

Very easy to use and durable


Limited stock

  • New Ladies Tommy Armour Pravada Putter(Best Forgiving And Lightweight)

Best putter for female, golf putter for women, 2018 most wanted putter, putter club

The New Ladies Tommy, having undergone different test, it was found out that this club is great and does an excellently straight forward and precise putt however it is fragile

Its fragile nature deserves carefulness as you use them, if you are not the extra careful kind then never buy this club

But have you ever asked yourself this simple question, how careful can i be? Well, the truth is you cannot be too careful enough

It’s is preferably a putter for ones in a while kind of female golfers, its shaft material is made of steel so it is a little bit heavy with it shaft flex that of lady’s type

This putter is forgiving and helps correct your swing when you hit

Very easy to use with improved rolls


Very cheap

Attractive and good looking

Moderately forgiving

Improved rolls with consistency


Does not come with a headcover

It is fragile

  • Wilson Staff Harmonized M2 Golf Putter(Best For Feedback And response)

Putter for women, best club putter for women, women's club

The Wilson Staff Harmonized M2 will forever remain a classic, it has a handful of award clinched to it’s name

It does have a multi density are in the micro injector face insert which you will admire greatly

One of the amazing thing about this putter is the fact that it is a “Wilson make”, they are great at club designs are pretty among the top best club makers, you can bet that anywhere

This putter is well famous for dependability and true roll, with this putter you will make more putt, it’s sure

It has a soft grip that is pleasant to the hand and will definitely improve your putt due to its wider and bigger head size,


Improvr roll

Very famous

Cheap for the price

Micro injector face insert

Durable and easy to use

Good length and can be used by men too

Soft grip



Terrible MOI

  • Wilson Men Augusta Golf Putter(Best Lightweight And Forgiving)

Female putter, putter for female, best female club

Great club for any golfer whether right handed or left, begginer or advanced, it is a multi gender putter, i.e can be used by both parties perfectly

One of It’s greatness feautres lies in the fact that it is an all weather grip

The Augusta has a brass blade style thus giving it a better improved roll and attractive look

If you seek for a durable, long lasting putter then you may confidently pick the augusta anytime anyday

This putter is extremely cheap and is a well know putter which meets the tour standard

The Augusta is a well designed putter, thanks to it’s manufacturer’s

The sweetspot is just in front of the shaft and way easy to align

Talk about simplistic putter, peak the Augusta, simple but classy is what it is known for

Well balanced and constructed and sure will transform your putting game


Solid construction with great design

Well balanced with a simplistic design

Very easy to align and durable

Multi gender purpose putter

Improved consistent rolls

Cheap and affordable

Solid response and great touch


Heavy heads

easy to use but a little bit difficult compared to others in this list


A Putter is like the finishing club, from the word ”Putt”, it is used to push the golf ball into the hole designed for golf, the putter is not a club for long range shot, it is rather a club for very short range golf ball drive

The Putter List above is undoubtedly the best for senior golfers who deliberately wants to become more better and efficient at golfing, try any of this club and watch your game step up, relax sit back and watch people term it a miracle



Golf course Nigeria-IBB International course Abuja, Geographical reviews 2018


in the end you should be able to tell what a Golf Course means with quality information on the IBB Golf Course located in Nigeria with its exact location

What is a Golf Course?A Golf Course can simply be seen as the playing ground of golf

The IBB international golf course is located at 41 Udi Hill Street, Off Aso Drive, Abuja.

This is the state of the art golfing and recreational facilities with world class services and honourable members

It is World standard 18 hole golf course with all the flora and fauna to make you not want to go

Golf Course Abuja is one of the few courses in the country with beautiful terrains, very lovable and a pleasant place for your perusal

In the lovely restaurant and bar, Get to feel the taste of a typical rural but classic food and drinks in an urban environment and get to meet and connect with new friend/people who have the same dream with you and will make you feel at home and entertained in

Your local food, the one you enjoy eating you will find there, enjoy continental meals and get to experience a new taste of great undiscovered(by you) but amazing meal

The golf course at Udi hill, off Aso drive, is  crafted with beauty and presents a great view where you can watch and see all the beautiful and mind blowing captivating serene of the city of Abuja

Taking consideration of it’s ever green golf course it’s  far into the international standard

You will love this place due to its breathe of fresh air and naturally explicit habitat

Love golfing, then you are pretty much missing out if you have not visited this amazing golf course

Get to interact with down to earth people in a nice environment, not rowdy at all

When night falls, you just can’t imagine how the IBB International golf course turns out to be, its like a haven

Come show your expertise and get to be known as a great golfer at the challenging but wonderful, superb course

Get there relax and enjoy your golf game which is popularly known as the game of the “Made”

This course is well maintained and is one of the best the country has ever own, open to all, why not you pay a visit

I mean just a single visit to the IBB Golf course and you will have lots of stories to share, it doesn’t end there, you will always want to be there in a hearth beat

The IBB Club house is a golf club all rapped in anything golfing_food, restaurant, resort, amazing course, pro shop and many more

There is a hole 19 pro shop where you can comfortably get all your golfing gear

Everything there is classic and the green fees charges are very well price friendly, it cost about 10,000 NG to play on the green

You can buy anything you want at reasonable price, visit this club and get thrilled, for there is no course for regret here

Nicon Hilton cater for food here and you did be assured of a nice meal, it does have a double tennis court as well and well maintained which gives you the advantage of playing variety of games and not just golf alone

Looking at the terrain and topography its perfectly suited for golfing activities

To play golf or even tennis membership is required, but one cons about the IBB International golf club is there arent enough packing space for vehicles so probably that is where the need more improvement

Their motor says “everything under one roof” get to know if really everything is under one roof by simply visiting and engaging

A prestigious and tourist attraction and typically opens by 9am and closes by 8pm

How about learning to play? Someone might ask, oh yes wether kids or seniors, you can learn and become a pro in the IBB golf club, all what is needed is time, dedication and willingness to learn


The IBB  international golf club is a place for all, wether you want to play, learn how to play, relax, eat, go on vacation, meet people, buy you club/gears It can always be done there