3 awesome best golf drills for beginners

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Hot drills for beginner golfers.

Golf drills are not done in tension, it is done in a perfectly calm and relaxed manner for optimum result and performance on a hit.

Being a golfer, there is some set down rules one must follow to get the best out of you drilling carrier.

In order to drill a ball longer distance with maximum accuracy possible one needs to position right coupled with making the right hit.

To drill a golf ball longer distance with great accuracy one needs to position right, hold the driver rightly then hit the ball rightly. these are a good rule to a great drill.

Beginners are easily spotted out when they make an attempt to drill simply because of the way the position.

there is no way a hit ball will move as expected, your drill accuracy determines the fate of the ball. becoming great at golf drills is no overnight task just like becoming a football star isn’t just a one night thing rather it takes conscious effort and dedication to get to that position.

To become a pro in golf drills constant practice and a great focus is the key, its all about, practice, practice and practice until you are all good.

As a beginner dont get angry about your drills no matter how many times you try with time you will learn.

The likes of Tiger wood and Rick Fowler became thus great through constant practice until they became excellent drillers.

Playing golf game involves real energy, it is both a physical, mental and psychological kind of sport.

For beginners, have a regular daily routine practice, with this repetition you become more relaxed and confidence as you hit. at this junction we list the three best drills for every beginner use it as much as you can until you become a pro.


  • Free contact full swing practice

golf drill practice, drill practice.
practicing drill severally before hitting the ball.

To perform a drill you must have a club then move to the driving range, you can do it on the green but lets say, start with the driving range or some other place that sound comfortable for you but certainly in a spacious environment.

In this favorable environs, do a full swing repeatedly for a significant number of time, best recommended a hundred times then stop.

You dont need to over stress yourself, a hundred like I said is enough, with this hundred swing I guarantee you will no longer remain the same as relation to your swing accuracy. there will definitely be tremendous improvement that not only you will notice but others too.

In this your first hundred attempt on the very first day  do not focus on hitting the ball, only get your body to position well with the club in a proper manner.

just visualize a ball in front of you and then swing as though you hit the ball. this drill practice without a visual ball will give you the right mindset to then begin hitting the ball with strength and precision. Now what next


  • Visualize drilling from a course

Where visualization helps is that some golfers would likely prefer to do it on course and they may not be open to one at that point in time so just visualize.

Now from the driving range visualize a similar course and make choices of clubs that you would use to make that drive.

just visualize one popular golf course may be the course at shinnecock hills then begin playing at once from the tee as if it was a drive on this course.

Make sure you are focused and hit the ball with all enthusiasm and seriousness as though it is real and everyone is staring at you in the final with the cup is laid in front of you and your opponent, this will make you hit with all the best power and accuracy mustered inside you.


  • Contact Drills

Beginners usually have constant challenge making contact with the ball after practicing a drill for a long time without hitting the ball.

Now it is time to hit the ball. Hitting the ball at first attempt is some what a difficult task for beginners. some times the crisis they experience as they try to hit the ball is a mishit and if they ever manage not to miss a hit its usually comes with hitting the ground and this reduces the speed of ball and the maximum accuracy the ball needs to travel through.

Learning to make appropriate contact with the ball requires.

setting the ball on the ground and raising it up a little bit with the help of a tee then hit the ball without making contact with any other thing except the hit ball. As you hit the ball remain in that direction of the hit ball until it finally lands, it helps to give the ball a better trajectory than turning away from the position of the swinged ball before it lands.

In conclusion, one do not just become perfect or so good at anything, perfectionism is as a result of continuous and constant effort with all possible concentration and determination until you become great in that.

Your desired perfectionism might be in doing an awesome golf drill, it might be in doing a very great smash as regarding table tennis, what soever it might mean for you with constant practice and focus energy you will scale through.

I have seen newbies, beginners, amateurs in so many things who grew finally to become the god of such thing they were ones a child at. take a look at Tiger Wood, Michael Jordan, Serena Williams just to mention a few, all of them one time was well in the position of a beginner just like you, until they became well grounded,  greatly admired and compensated for their marksmanship.

Yours can in no way be different from theirs, all you have to do is follow weakly and finish strongly. see you in the galore of success as you press on to achieve your dream.


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