Salt pond golf club course_Bethany Beach, De, USA.


At the end you will know the four awesome and amazing fact about the salt pond golf club, what it represents and why it is regarded as the best choice for your golf destination

What the salt pond golf club stands for

The salt pond golf club, is a place located in 400 Bethany Loop, Bethany Beach, DE 19930, USA

It is a first choice place to be when in search for the best of golfing experience, better playability and the best of golf utilities

The Salt Pond golf club Bethany Beach, DE 19930, USA.

typically depict a world class standard location for quality golf sport related item plus all other services you can think of all of golf kind

Looking at the salt pond golf club overview it Feautures an inviting  beautiful 18 hole golf course, welcoming front the forward tees

One thing about its course is that it is less than half the cost of other leading course and in no way less in quality and standard

The salt pond club will do you good, the salt pond golf club renders services and sell product this product are strictly quality golf sport related utilities and accessories of any kind

Here are some exceptional and exciting services and item brought to your doorstep by the Bethany Beach salt pond club

  • Pro Shop

The salt pond pro shop is a place where you can find a full line of both male and female golf utilities and leisure apparel at amazing discount and at the highest quality pedegree for long lasting durability

The items found in the pro shop is crested with the beautiful and captivating salt pond logo while some others are free from logo all with the motive of creating a platform for variety and making you look the smartest you can possibly be on and off course

Looking for the best of golf clubs, Original apparel, balls, clothes, shoes, wrist band, shorts or other accessories potraying the noble game of golf

Check them out for they offer the best of its kind, from hats to shoes to pants to shots to skirt to blowse  to balls, clubs, tees and on and on

They offer them all and at an insanely affordable and unbelivable price and at the best of quality

Whenever you think of any item that comes from the salt pond club, you think quality for that is what they represent

The salt pond club are known to promote and sell golf utilities/equipments for the famous brands like the Footjoy, Nike, Cutter and Buck, Montery, Heritage Cross, Adams, Crixon, Callaway, Cleveland and more

All items found there is made from the finest quality, built to last,

Looking at the golf club equipments it sells, they are the most forgiving golf club with the best of flexibilty now than ever with versatility of extremely amazing high end golf sport technology for better performance

The pro shop feautres the nice selection to the highest pedegree of junior size apparel, like shoes, cloths, hat, clubs, bags and many more as well


  • Repair and discount

Want a repair of your broken clubs, shoe spikes or you simply want to change your club grip?

The pro shop is the most preferred place to do that and at the best affordable price

Here you will find the most experienced and smartest of golf utilities menders whose area of specialty is on repairs

In terms of discount there is a frequent change in merchandise so be sure you check on the pro shop as best possibly can, to get updated on the latest trend

One lovable thing about the pro shop is that members get a 10 percent discount on items bought from the pro shop,

10 percent discount? Imagine, just like that even despite it very price friendly atmosphere, this means your item is almost for free when compared to other shop of the same purpose

All season long a discount rack is made available on items like clothing, short, skirt, blowse, clubs and other golfing accessories

You can make special order for virtually everything made available in the pro shop merchandise

For quick contact of the pro shop  simply call (302) 539-7525


  • Gift Certificate

Want to suprise someone by giving them a golf related item?

Sure, such golf suprises in gift certificate form is best done in the salt pond golf club pro shop

There is and always will be a pro shop staff ever willing and happy to assist as best possible with gift certificates all year round

What you simply do is stop by the pro shop and give them an email or call (302) 539-7525 for quicker and faster certificate preparation

The pro shop staff are at your service, all gift certificate have a one year validity peeiod after which it expires until renewed again


  • Book Tee Time

The salt pond golf club is so organized that you can on your own convienent book your tee time without and hassle

With the salt pond club, you can easily schedule your play to your own specific timing, this makes it no doubt one of the best location for golf sport activities all over the world

The salt pond golf club use Chelsea Reservation for booking online tee times


  • Unique Playing Ground

The soft pond golf club has an exraordinary unique playing ground such as the natural woodlands surrounding the course and the 18 hole captivating public mid challenging mid length course

Suituated around 538 home and town home community in Bethany Beache DE

This is a friendly course for women, juniors, seniors and beginners even though it is a professional manicured 18 hole public mid length course that is sometimes difficult for even the finest of golfers

This golf club is well situated around beautiful beaches, thus making you enjoy a breathe of fresh air while golfing all day long

Mark Allison, Golf club Supreintendent with over 10 years working experience in this field is responsible for the standard maintance of course

From West CO, Newyork and studied Turf grass management at the University of California


There are 5 awesome and amazing facts about the soft pond golf club located in 400 Bethany Loop. Bethany Beach DE, 19930, USA. Which makes it the best hang out choice for golfers

These fact include

A pro shop where you find the best of all golf utilities from clubs to accessories

Repair and discount on items bought or repaired from the pro shop

Gift certificate, that the pro shop staff is willing to help you do

Comfortable schedule your playing to your own particular time

Unique playing ground for the best of golf experience





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