5 Best golf tips for seniors.

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The objective of this post is to

  • Educate seniors on the best of  golf tips that will help them become a better, proficient and happier golfer at all times.
  • Let them know that age should not serve as a barrier toward them enjoying the fun and excitement that golf sport presents.
  • To let them know that we really care, consider them  and love them more than they could possibly think.

Age acompanies weakess, due to this it becomes difficult for many seniors to hit golf ball long distance due to the fact that it definitely involves strength and energy.

The strength factor is one of the major important factor that aid the ball a  long distance travel. thus it is a treat and a big challange for senior golfers.

These five best golf tips is specifically dedicated to suit the senior’s own limitations and challange.

So they can get a better and more forgivng result as they swing.

This customizable equipments to suit a particular kind of people makes golf sport a beauty.

With all this said, its high time we get into real deal, the main reason for this article.

Here are the best golf tips for seniors to help them improve on their games.

  • Exercise

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Sounds simple right? Yes, but no matter how simply this might prove to you right now.

Its too important to be sidelined as one of the best golf tips for seniors.

Have you ever wondered why people do exercise?

They do exercise because they want to loose weight or probably stay flexible and fit all the time.

In a broader term, you musnt be a sport personnel before you take into consideration the benefit one might gain through exercise.

Exercise provides the body with countless benefit you can imagine, this makes it a crucial factor for all sport people and even non sport people.

As we all know our body expands and contrast every single time through exercise or some form of work.

A body completely free from exercise stiffens and at such you cannot perform well as a sport personnel or probably even a non sport personnel.

If the body stiffens it is then very important for every sport person and non sport individuals that wants to stay healthy and fit to be a regular at exercise.

To become a better and efficient golfer one needs frequent exercise most especially the one involving expansion and contraction of the waste, hip and upper body region.

This exercise helps to free the body from stiffness.

Golfing involves in a great deal twisting and turning which makes it real important for the joint of the body specifically the waste region upward to be flexible at all times.

Senior golfers should be actively involved in one form of exercise or the other, infact every one should be involved in exercise.

The subject of exercise is a general subject both for seniors and non seniors since we all have a contracting and expanding body.

Make out an hour, at least twice a week to go for an exercise, even if you dont have to play golf and if you must play, thats fine, give out yourself an hour or two to exercise before you begin to play golf.

Like i said earlier this article is written for seniors but definitely not restricted for seniors, this article is written for golfers but definitely not for golfers alone.

it is for all, be you a golfer senior or not, sport personnel or not.

It is an article for all, even the doctors recommend exercise to help people stay healthy and mentally balanced.


  • To help strenghen your grip hold aright.

Hold grip aright, Best grip hold, right gripability.

Strenghtening your grip could mean one of your most defining moment in your golfing carrier and also very important to be sidelined another best golf tips for seniors.

I remembered the story of the 74 years old man who was able to hit the ball more solid and gained about 10 to 15 yards on all clubs because he had learned to strenghten his grip by holding the club alright.

Gripability is one key factor that determines a fair and profitable play for senior golfers.

Gripability aid them with the grace that a long distance shot may not permit.

When you hold the club shaft alright, you not only gain the advantage of a long ball distance drive but you also gain boosted accuracy.

This challange of not being able to hold the grip aright is another challange for newbie golfers

This is a common weakness and not the seniors suffer it alone.

A strenghtened and properely held grip helps increase the speed of ball thus aiding you the doorway to making the most positive result out of your swing.

Holding your grip properely is no rocket secience or some kind of complicated mathematical problem, it is as simple as grabbing a piece of twistler.

It is easier than what most people think of but where it is a little difficult is it being some what difficult to get used to.

Your hand must be the only thing that touches the club face.

Take both hands and turn them a little clock wise, your right hand should feel much more under the club for more clarity simply put

Put the back of your right hand against your right leg and your left hand should be at seat two knuckles (right handed).


  • Move the ball aback slightly in your stance

Increase golf shot, move slightly backward, optimum shot.

You have a greater advantage to hit well when the ball is slightly setup aback from your normal positioning making it yet another best of golfing tips for seniors to help you stay on top of your game.

The best time for this is usually a warm and dry condition, at this time around the ball comes out with a shorter ball flight and a little lower when you hit.

Positioning matters a whole lot because it helps you gain optimum and accurate swing result.

To hit farther distance seniors should move a little backward, then squat slightly with legs about 10cm apart.

This works perfectly well since the theory of a slight squat with leg wide apart makes your body gain full swing speed optimization needed to drive the club long long distance.


  • Make shoulder level at impact

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Another mistake senior golfers should avoid making at all cost is raising the shoulder way too high on a hit.

When your shoulder is high, you will loose distance due to low ball flight.

Concentrate on keeping your shoulder on level at impact so you can gain a more accurate launch angle with an increased ball distance travel.

These best golf tips for seniors should be strictly adhered to as omittin any instruction may mean unfavourable result.


  • Proper Body and feet alignment

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When playing golf you must position in a certain way to gain the advantage of a fast ball flight and a near perfect trajectory.

The body and feet alignment is dependent on whether you are a right or left handed golfer.

Lets take into consideration a right handed golfer.

As a right handed senior golfer one of the best golf tips lies in the way your body is positioned to the ball.

When the golf ball is set on the ground and you grip your club alright and then move back a little with an open leg, what should you do next?

Make sure the ball facing you a little aback is not lying at the centre of both you open legs or your chest.

Be sure to see that your legs and body is slightly offslant toward one side of the ball, this helps to increase and fine tune your swing force since your body weight is positioned to a fixed angle and you are also hitting the ball from a one side direction.

When you do this there is no way the ball wouldnt travel for long distance and with even better accuracy.

Our list could have been probably six or seven if i included the best of clubs as one of the best tips for senior golfers.

But its not on this list for a simple reason, whats the reason? Someone is asking.

The reason is clubs are secondary tips what we just dealt with is the primary tips.

Am sure you know if you observe all this five best tips for seniors even with not so forgiving club you can comfortably out smart another who uses the best of forgiving club and do not observe this rules.


The best of tips for senior golfers involves these five things.

  • Exercise
  • Hold your grip aright
  • Move a little backward from golf probably six foot away.
  • Make shoulder level at impact
  • Do not stand at the middle of the ball, try to be a little bit offslant to one side.




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