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In the end you should know the best deals on putter(discount)in 2018 and be able to mention this 2018 top deals on putters when called upon.


First of all before delving into the subject matter of the best deals regarding to putters 2018 you need to know what a deal implies

A deal simply put is an agreement between two or more parties so both can benefit and leave happily

Deals is usually a common acronymn well known to the business than any other field but its beauty is the fact that it cannot be restricted

We’ve all had deals in one point of our lives or the other, conciously or unconciously

For further clarification if you borrowed someone your Putter and the both of you reach an agreement that he is going to bring it tommorow, you just had a deal

Ones there is an agreement between two or more parties, it doesnt have to be money related matter then it is a deal

The best deal on putters is like saying the best agreement on putters between dual or multiple parties wether it is related to money or not

What are the best deals on putter 2018

What are putters best deal ever?

All this questions are going to be made plane in this article.

In relation to deal, we once said its an agreement between two or more parties for the purpose of mutualistic benefit

What is Putter? A putter is one of the club in golf sport specially designed to hit the ball through short range into the hole in the green(Golf field)

Armed with the understanding of what a deal is and what a Putter implies, we can give the best of description of deals on putter as the agreement of two or more individuals as regarding to Putter matters

Here is the list of the best of Putter deal for the year 2018


  • Golf Club Scotty Cameron Select Newport Mallet 1 Putter

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It is expensive no doubt but ultimately one of the greatest deal on putter ever recorded in 2018

This putter has an exhaustible characteristics that will be difficult to unlist and its best discovered by owning one

Its manufacturers killed it, they made a deal with i dont know who to make the best of golf club with unmatched abilities

If you look at the price you might not buy it, but if you buy it you goona be happy on how well and loyal this club will be for you and you own the best deals on putter ever on record

Its not a must either to own one, if you cannot afford one then go for the more cheaper and good ones

Available in 33″, 34″ and 35″ . This is a continuation putter from Scotty Cameron, the legendary Putter designer

It does have a multi dimension technology which feautres 6061 aircraft grade aluminium inlays plus 303 stainless steel to help provide great and accurate response coupled with a pleasant feel

Designed for all Golf Players carnibals who deseperately seek rare forgiveness and higher unheard of kind of improvement in the green

Very legitimate and they all have a serial number on the shaft that can be verified using Titliest


Very legitimate putter

For all cabal golfers

Rare and exceptional forgiveness, such thats never seen

Great and accurate response

Legendary made

Durability guarantee



Shipping restriction


  • Odessey Hot Pro 2.0 Putter

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Another great Putter with the best of deal in 2018, it comes with a headcover and a standard grip

It has a softer insert and a better feel on down hill putts and with this  you can easily and more firmly strike the ball

This putter does have a longer shaft that enables you to stand straighter

A very balanced putter with all the soft touch and accuracy you need to make golf ball enjoyable

I promise you will absolutely love this putter due to its ability to hide your flaws as it is highly forgiving thus making you play like a pro

It is no suprise it made the top list of Putter best deals 2018


Very light

Extremely responsive face insert

Well balanced plus a putter with great accuracy

Comes with a cover


A little bit on the short side

Way too light

Grip is not installed on centre


  • Odyssey 2017 O_Works  Putters

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Known as the #1 Putter across major tour

It is anong thw best deal on putter ever 2018 due to the fact that its manufacturere are constantly working with world best golfers for shape development and tweaking to gain optimum performance on course

Odyssey makes sure all their putters com with a headcover

This putter is superb in balance and has a great positive alignment qualities

With this odyssey three putt is definitely a thing of the past, it is a true game changer and is worth every dime you spend on it


Balls comes up face easily

Speed and feel are effortless

Quickly delivery on demand

Change weight option on the super stroke putter grip

Reduce the number of putts and more control

Easibility to align and gives you the advantage of a more distance control


Arrive with less sticker

A bit smaller heads


  • Odyssey Men’s White Hot RX Putter

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The ultimate in speed and feel, this putter is a legend

A texture clear coat together with the oval helps increase frictional force

Give odyssey a try and get impressed in return about the balance and feel this putter does possess

With this putter you will see a very noticeable improvement on your golf game

With this putter your number of  putt will be reduced to half



Hits soft and roll through

Easy to align

So comfortable and easy to control

Improves your putt dramatically

Comes with a headcover

Multiple grip options to find the perfect setup for your stroke

Tour proven head shape


Shipped alone within the US


  • New Ray Cook Golf Silver Ray SR500 Limited Edition Red Putter

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Ray Putter has won many tour events and owning such is the best deal on golf club you can ever bargain for

They have great and stunning appearance and are incredibly sold for a low price

It is a get more than you paid for kind of putter and is made up of a whole lot of innovative new model

This is a right handed kind of putter


Low CG for higher ball launch

Comes with a head cover

Very forgiving

Incredibly stunning with great appearance

Has won many award making it a putter with trust


It is heavy

Grips are a little bit thin


  • Taylor Made Golf Prior Generation (2017) Spider Putter

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It has a head design made of modern mallet design with a head weight of 360 grams

This putter is similar to the ones used by modern famous golfers like Dustun Johnson and Jason Day just to mention a few

Best fitted for golfers with a straight back and through putting strokes

With this putter, first time of the bix your putting will definitely improve

You will love the feel of this putter and the way it rolls the ball on a hit

It is very easy to line up and impact at immediate thats the reason many pro golfers loves it

It is worth every cent you spend in purchasing

Great forgiveness and very solid and will be a great purchase for tourism

With this putter stabilility every golfer is reassured of a more greater sense of control and you be rest assured of total satisfaction


A little bit difficult to get used to

No fluidity according to a customer


Good feel abd easy to align

Too nice for the price

Comes with a super stroke grip

Ball comes of face nicely and in a soft manner

Beautiful and attractive


  • Wilson Harmonized Heel/Toe Golf Putter

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Grip is designed to give you a pleasant feel and a memoriable one at that

This club face have a multiple micro injections and alignment to get the best of result out of your putts

Works perfectly fine and a great putter for the price and this has made it among the top notch seeked putter by golfer who know what they are looking for

It has a good balance and you can bit the feel, it is a very good fit for those who arent too serious into golfing

If you are buyinf this club immediatekt buy a headcover together with it, the reason being the sharp end of this putter might scratch all your clubs


Balanced with an average weight

It is very price friendly

Padded face

Good grip and nice feel


Difficult to feel ball contact due to

No headcover


This are the best putter deals for 2018, this best price deals is called that way because this golf clubs certainly delivers more than their price worth.

With this best deals of golf putters in within your reach you will experience great relevancy and fun playing golf sports.






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