About Us

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Permit me to introduce myself just for a moment.

I am Gaius but certainly not of Merlin and an avid golfer lover.

This wonderful sport intrigued me the days of Julius Borod and the likes of Arnold  Palmer. Great golfers i most note.

Meet the Team

Trust us and watch us deliver as we pledge to give the best of our abilities.

We love you and do have a great and lovely experience

Team: Golfers_Costume.


Our Core Values

Our core values resonates within two axis.

  • Firstly, we bring you in-depth education and eye opening information on how you can become a better and efficient golfer capable of winning awards and admiration.


  • Secondly we recommend by all means through intensive research, analysis, testing, speculation and customer feedback the best of golfing utilities, ranging from equipment’s to costumes and  stretching to all other golf sport accessories for a better golfing experience


This latter service was incorporated lately, having seen that information alone does not guarantee becoming a great golfer, the perfect guarantee is education coupled with the best of equipment, this is what we stand for.

In summary we give you the most handy information on the best of golf tips and then recommend the best of equipment to help you stay relevant and on top of your game. You can count on us because we care honestly, anytime, anyday.

Team: Golfers_Costume.