In the end you should be able to list the features of the Bag Boy Golf Chiller Cart Bag and know if it is right for you

Bags are an integral part of your game, having spent so much on your gears and golfing items, its time to turn to bags as this is the store house of your expensive gears and golfing items

Having spent so much on your gears and other golf related item, it makes no sense that you get a bag which aren’t good enough

This is where the Bag Boy Golf Chiller Car Bag 0n review come in play, If you are in search of one the most trusted and well established golf bag brand then the Bag Boy is one you should be looking at

The Bag Boy even though they might no be that popular in other golf related items, but you see for bags, they are un-imaginably great and fantastic

In today’s blog post, we are going to be reviewing the Bag Boy Golf Chiller Cart Bag, one of the many series of Bags from the brand, ”Bag Boy”

Bag boy, having manufactured so many well excellent and recognized bag and one of such is the Bag Boy Revolver FX Cart Bag and many more

Looking for the Bag Boy Chiller Cart Bag? We’ve got you covered, we bring to you thoroughly information on this excellent and classical bag for golf so that you can be able to make a better pre-informed decision whether it is right for you or not

Having said this and without further waste of time we bring this well written information to you


Bag Boy Golf Chiller Cart Bag Reviews, Overview

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The Chiller Golf Bag is  very cool golf bag, they are great for carrying a 6 pack with an insulated pocket which is removable

This bag does boost of 9 ample storage pocket which does include two large apparel pocket, pocket for ball oversized, there quick access mesh pocket and a fleece lined valuable pocket

Insulated Pocket

Taking into c0nsideration this golf bag it d9es c9me with a chiller pocket with insulated cooler bag which is removable, this insulated cooler bag is so large that it can hold a whooping six 12 ounce cans

  • 15 Way Organizer

When you take the Bag Boy into consideration you see that it is  perfect choice for anyone who looking for greatly organized and highly structured golf bag with  every individual club having their own slot and this helps prevents entanglement which usually leads to dent

  • Rubberized Putter Well

The Putter well which does come with this bag is constructed with rubber which fits oversized grip

  • Top Lock Technology

The Top Lock Technology makes for easy and firm attachment of bag to cart


Bag Boy Chiller Cart Bag, Its Specification

  • 9 total pocket which does include two large side accessory pocket, ball pocket which is oversized, and a valuable pocket(Fleece lined)
  • Outer edge for easy access as they are always open
  • Cooler bag which is removable and is able to hold six 12 ounce cans


Bag Boy Chiller Cart Bag Reviewed, Key Features


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  • Six 12 ounce removable cooler bag
  • Accessory pocket which are two large sized
  • Ball pocket oversized and a fleece lined valuable pocket
  • 15 way top with full length individual dividers for unmatched organization of your gears and other related item
  • Lots of storage pocket, 9 to be precise
  • 420 Denier nylon available


Bag Boy Golf Chiller Cart Bag On Reviews, It Pros


Cart bag. chiller bag, bag boy

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  • Soft and very foamy ergonomic lift assist handles for easy carry
  • 9 Pocket which does provide lots of storage compartment
  • 420 Denier Nylon
  • Insulated pocket which is detachable
  • Big and large insulated cooler bag that can carry up to six 12 ounce cans
  • Lots of storage pocket
  • Very solid and quality bag
  • Lots of side pocket for easy access to your items
  • Umbrella holder with matching rainhood
  • Putter well fits oversized grip


Bag Boy Chiller Cart Bag, It Cons

  • Zipper pocket are averagely quality so use carefully

Bag Boy Golf Chiller Cart Bag video Reviewed

Types Of Golf Bag

When choosing your bag for golf, you should be well aware that there are different type of golf bag made readily available in the market today

Golf bag can be made available as a Staff Bag, Cart Bag, Stand Bag, Carry Bag and Sunday Bag

  • Staff Bag

The Staff Golf Bag are hands down the heaviest and largest type of golf bag, this all purpose and all weather golf bag are made from the finest of quality material so they are exceptionally durable

Staff bag is a norm among professional golfers as they are often used to strike a deal, the Staff bag is great for golfers who come accompanied

If you are a golfer who consider the sport as being more than a hobby then the Staff bag would be of great value for you, Staff bag does come with large logo show casing brand, this helps to create brand awareness

The Staff bag can also be well recognized as the Tour bag, there is plenty of storage space for everything you will be needing including miscellaneous

The Staff bag is about 8 to 12 inches in diameter

  • Cart Bag

Just as it name suggest, this bag type is for the Cart, that is they are designed for the Cart, A Cart bag is pretty very large as well but not as large or spacious as the Staff bag

If you are a golfer who loves or enjoys going to the course with a Cart, then the Cart golf bag would serve you thoroughly well

A Perfect example of a Cart golf bag is the one being reviewed, Bag Boy Golf Chiller, this bag is designed to be placed on the Cart and that is responsible for the top lock technology so that they can be easily attached firmly to the Cart

This attachment prevents them from falling as bag is on transit, Cart bag aren’t able to stand firmly on uneven surface as they aren’t designed to do so

This bag types does also come with lots of pocket that are very spacious so as to accommodate all your gears and items

  • Stand Bag

The stand bag exposes its name, Stand bag are bags which are designed with a stand, stand bags cone with two legs which can be easily retracted or protracted

This leg is protruded when on use and retracted when not on use, this double stand makes this bag well balanced and stable across all terrain brought about by the well balanced and stretched forward legs

The Stand bag also does come with lots o storage pocket and are quite large as well, despite that they aren’t as large or big as the Staff or Cart bag

This bag type is a great option for people who loves walking down the course as well as they are considerably lightweight with very foamy and structured dual strap for shoulder

Since this bag is like an intermediate between the Staff and Cart bag they often look like a Cart bag

  • Carry Bag

This bag is designed for carrying even the name suggest that, little to no wonder did manufacture pays serious attention on its carry strap system

Thus making it very foamy and well strategized for the best of comfort, as in most cases Carry bag does come with a dual strap system, this allows for weight distribution across shoulder when carried creating more comfort and  better feel

Carry bag are very lightweight so that your back does not ache, its material used in its manufacture is very lightweight and the fore walls of bag are simply made of rubber or plastic

  • Sunday/Pencil Golf Bag

The Sunday/ Pencil Golf Bag got its name from its simplicity, this bag are very slim and extremely portable, they are designed to carry few of your club even though some can carry as much as 14 clubs

The Sunday or pencil golf bag is a great choice for golfers who chooses to focus on a particular aspect of their game, for instance a golfer might decide to focus on putting and driving in this case all you need do is pick up your putter and your driver club and put into the bag

Or a golfer might decide to focus on improving hitting out of the bunker or tough lies or probably the fairway, in this case you pick up just wedges that can help you achieve that instead of picking up your entire set

The Sunday golf bag is the lightest golf bag and also the smallest golf bag you can own

Having said this we are going to be listing the important factors that must be considered to help you make the right choice on your bag for golf seeing that all too may golfers especially beginners find it a difficult task in making the right selection on their bag


Are Bag Boy Golf Bag Good?

Bag boy makes the best golf travel bag, even thought they do not seem to get the best attention in the world of golf, they make exceptional golf bag

Bag Boy has its fair share of quality and classic, Bag Boy offers some good options for Cart Bag, to answer the question, Bag Boy is a good golf bag to invest on


How To Choose The Perfect Golf Bag

  • Bag Type

There are five different category of your bag for golf as listed above, before you make a choice on your bag you should be well familiar with this five bag category

This will help you know which is right for you, for golfer who like walking down the course the Carry golf bag or the Stand bag is a great choice and option

For golfers who loves using the Cart, then the Cart golf bag is the right option or choice

If you are a golfer who chooses to focus on a particular aspect of your game, example driving the range or hitting out of the bunker then the Sunday or Pencil golf bag would be the prefect fit

For golfers who loves extremely spacious and large golf bags so that they can have all their gears and equipment packed and still have enough space to carry the less needful then the Cart bag or Staff bag can suit you well

Staff bag even though they are often used by professionals, if you are a golfer who comes accompanied you might as well go with the Cart bag

  • Branding

It becomes very much easier and smarter to make a choice on your bag when you have a particular brand in mind, golf bag are available in many brand

This makes it a very confusing task especially for beginners to make a choice on which is best suited for them, here is the sim0le way to clear this confusion

When in an attempt to make a selection on your bag, make some research and settle for the best two brand that you love or are well trusted, from this two selected brand make your choice

There are a whole lot of fantastic golf bag brand out there from the likes of the Callaway to the Titleist to the Taylor made to the Ping to Wilson to Nike, this are great brand to invest on if you are looking for a guaranteed and quality bag for golfing

  • Golf Club Placement In Bag

Just as there are different types of golf bag so are their design, each of this bag are design in a certain sequence of placement

One thing you should look at is how this golf club fits into the bag, as there are different style of opening in your golf bag and the most common is the stadium opening

The type of opening you choose is based on your choice and preferences, other things that you should consider is the putter well

Putter well in most cases is often located at the outer side of the bag, this helps you to get your putter out if your bag without opening the main inside of the bag

  • Number Of Golf Bag Divider

The number of golf bag divider is a great consideration as golf bag dividers differs from brand to version of bag, some bag does come with few divider, whereas other might come with lots of dividers

But here is the the fact, the more number of divider your bag does have the more organized your bag can be, there are lots f benefits in having a golf bag with lost of divider and one of such key benefit is that it does help for classical organization of your gears and equipment’s for easy sorting and to prevent entanglement which might lead to dent or breakage

As an instance some bag does come with as much as 15 length dividers, this entails that each clubs will have its own individual slot

A perfect example of a golf  bag with 15 way organizer top is the Bag Boy Golf Chiller Cart Bag on review 2020

Some bags does come with less than 10 length divider, this means some gears have to be more than one in a particular slot

Having said this, golf bag with lots of dividers tends to be heavier and bulky when compared to one with few length divider, this is a disadvantage as this bag are often difficult to carry due to weighing

  • Length Of Golf Bag Dividers

Golf bag divider are generally categorized into two-Full length divider and half length divider

  1. Full length divider

The full length divider just as it name suggest is a divider which does run full length from top to bottom of bag, this is the most preferred type of divider as it gives each club complete or total control of on slot so that they don’t get entangled by any means

2. Half Length Divider

The half length divider as the name suggest is a golf divider which does run half way, half length divider can run from to bottom half way or from bottom to top half way

This dividers can prevent entanglement on a certain degree but not as thoroughly as the full length divider as clubs or gears any get entangled from top or bottom depending on how it runs( Whether from top half way down or from bottom half way up)

  • Strap And Handles

For some strap and handles is an important consideration when making a choice on bag and yes it is very important as some bags is not worth it as they do come with poor and weak strap plus handles

Remember no matter how perfect your bag is, you definitely have to carry or lift it, if it isn’t lifted to your back then definitely to the cart

This makes strap and handles an important and relevant consideration, choose a bag with comfortable and solid carry strap

Carry strap are made of single or dual, for golfers who prefer walking down the course you should be looking for a carry bag or stand bag with double strap

Generally Carry bag does come with double strap this is because double strap or handles helps in even weight distribution across shoulder so that your are comfortable and feel nice as you carry your bag

Golf bags with single strap are usually not meant to be carried on shoulder, an example of such is the Cart bag which is meant to seat on the cart

  • Pockets And Sizing

Golf bag pocket varies from brand and model to model, while some bags does come with few to moderate pockets, some do have lots of pockets

When making a choice on your bag for golf, you should be able to take into consideration pocketing and sizing, as an instance the Bag Boy Golf Chiller on review does come with 9 pockets which is a lot for an average golf bag

The more pocket and sizing your bag does have the more items you can pick into it, you goanna be asking yourself how many pocket sounds comfortable for you

There are different kind of pocket in your golf bag, this pockets ranges from standard to insulated to velour lined to apparel to specialty

  1. Standard Pocket

The Standard Pocket also known as the general pocket is a pocket where everything goes, the standard pocket is the exact opposite of the specialty pocket which is designed for a specific item

Standard pocket is the average pocket you will find in your bag for golf, as portrayed earlier you can store just about anything in the bag

If your bag doesn’t provide a specific pocket for an item, you can well use the Standard pocket as an alternative

2. Insulated Pocket

The insulated pocket is one of the specialty pocket which does come with your bag for golf, the insulated pocket is designed to keep your drink and beverages cool, the insulated pocket is also well known as a cooler pocket

Bags with built in cooler have provisions for cooler pocket which can also be refereed to as insulated pocket, if you are golfer who loves to pick up your drink and you do not want them to get hot then bags with cooler pocket is  great choice for you

The Bag Boy Chiller Cart Bag on sale is a great bag which does not just come with an insulated pocket but a removable one at that

For golf bag with cooler pocket, please refer here: Best golf bag with built in cooler

3. Velour Lined/Wool Lined Pocket

The velour lined also known as wool lined pocket just as it name suggest is lined with wool or velour, this helps prevent material or item from scratch or dent

Velour line pocket is another specialty pocket which is designed to store valuables such as Jewelry or what ever item might deem so precious to you

4. Apparel Pocket

Its of great interest as this pocket reveals shat it was meant for, the Apparel pocket got its name from the meaning of ”Apparel”

This pocket is designed to store your materials such as golf clothing and any other material relating to clothing, this is usually the biggest and widest type of pockets, some are even big enough to hold your shoes as well

5. Specialty Pocket

The specialty pocket is intended to keep your special item such as tees, ball, score card and other peripherals, this pocket do come with a small sleeve and this sleeve is what is well referred to as specialty pocket

  • Additional Accessories

Some bags are blessed or will I say opportune o come with additional accessories which aren’t available in other bags, with this reason if you are in love with additional accessory then you must do your proper research so that you can be able to pick one with this features

Some of tis bag does have additional technological features which does help for weight distributions evenly across entire body while you are carrying bag

Some even come with security features which well include the likes of well structured Zippers with lock which does help to keep your item secured

This additional features such as the Zipper can be of great benefit to golfers who have expensive items such as range finder as this lock features might help prevent theft

The Bag Boy Chiller Cart Bag on sale is a great exam0le of bag which does come with additional feature like the top lock technology for extreme and extra protection


The Chiller bag does boost of 12 total ample storage pocket which does include a two large sized apparel pocket for your clothing’s

An oversized ball pocket, there quick access mesh pocket, valuable pocket(Fleece lined), this bag does come with built in cooler so that you can be able to carry six pack of your drinks

If you are in search f a highly organized golf bag which does provides lots of storage space for your equipment’s utilities look no further

We have reviewed this bag and they are a great bag to invest on for your expensive gears and items

























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