In the end you should be able to list the features which does come with the Bag boy compact 3 Push Cart so that you can determine whether they are golf for you or not

Today’s golfing offers great golf push cart on sale, looking for the Bag Boy Compact 3 Push Cart? We’ve got you covered, you will get all the true information concerning this product

The Bag Boy may not be a well known or popular brand when it cones to other golf related items, but you see for Cart, they are great

True to fact, of you are looking for a highly efficient place to invest on for your cart, the Bag Boy is a great brand to stake your bet on

Brand Bag Boy having produced so many Cart bag series to its name and now it is the Bag Boy Compact 3 Push Cart On Reviews

The Bag Boy are well known for the manufacture of Bags for golfing as well, this Bags just like its Carts are well made and thorough

For Bag Boy Golf Bag please refer here: Best Bag Boy Chiller Cart Bag

Having said this we head to the Overview Of the Bag Boy Compact 3 Push Cart On Review


Bag Boy Compact 3 Push Cart Review, Overview


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This s a 3 wheel compact push Cart which features a very wide long lasting frame and very deep scorecard fully featured with the inclusion of ball storage and GPS mobile device holder

This Cart is easily foldable in three simple step for easy and compact storage, it dos come with an upper bag bracket which is stand and cart friendly or which is great for golfers who have the Stand or Cart bag type

This upper bracket does help in preventing twisting of bag from on every round

  • Score Card which is extra deep so that you can store many golf balls, smart phones and beverages holder which is integrated
  • highly portable as they can be folded into compact size
  • New Top-Lock technology
  • Very rollable friendly with a 9.5 inch front and
  • Upper bag bracket which is great for both Stand and Cart bags

Top lock Technology

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The Top lock technology is a rare feature, it is seen as an exclusive bag to cart attachment system

Score Card Console(Full Featured)

It does come with a very deep  Score Card Console with beverages holder(integrated), storage for your ball and a device holder for your mobile phone

Quick And Easy Three Step Fold

they are highly portable brought about its ease of folding through the system well known as three step fold system

Compact Fold System

Designed in such a way that the fold thoroughly, at only 21.5” x 13” x 18” so that there is enough space where it is placed


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  • Weight: 13lbs
  • Diameter Of Wheel: Front -9.5”, Rear-11”
  • Folded Dimension: 21.5” x 13” x 18”


Bag Boy Compact 3 Push Cart Reviews, Its Key Features

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  • Very simple three folds system for un-matched portability
  • Patented Top Lock Technology which is a bag to cart attachment system
  • Very lightweight weighing just
  • Comes with a holder for umbrella with clip for storage
  • Parking break which is mounted on the handle
  • Tool free assembly which is very easy
  • 21.5” x 13 x 18” compact fold size for storage and movement
  • Made of Quality material so that they are long lasting
  • Umbrella storage which is integrated plus loop and storage notch


Bag Boy Compact 3 Push Cart Reviewed, It Pros

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  • When you take this Golf Push Cart into consideration you will come to agree that they are very lightweight
  • Very easy to maneuver
  • Made from quality material so that they are long lasting
  • Highly portable as they fold extremely to compact sizing
  • Roll able friendly wheels for easy movement and mobility
  • Smart phone holder with other valuable features which does also include an umbrella holder for rainy or wet condition
  • Adjustable handle which can be well adjusted to different height
  • Well responsive and built brake that puts you to a stop when needed
  • Ball bearing on the wheels


Bag Boy Compact 3 Push Cart Reviewed, Its Cons

  • Quiet bulky on fold especially with storage on it

Having said this, as a golfer who wants to make a purchase on Cart you should be well aware that there are different types of Golf Carts out there on sale in the market today

From brands to models and to types as a result of this, it becomes quiet daunting and confusing to make a choice on your Cart for golf, this is especially thru for beginners and with this reason we are going to give a thorough explanation on each Cart type so that you can be able to make a better pre-informed smart buying decision

Your Cart for Golf are categorized into 5 types-Push Cart, Pull Cart, Electric Cart, Gas Cart and Luxury Cart

Before listing and explaining each of this Cart types, let us take into consideration what a Golf Cart entails

Bag Boy Golf Express DLX PRO CART video Review

What Is a Golf Cart?

Golf Cart also known as Golf Car, serves one purpose and that being to carry your golf bags and other related items down the course, Carts can be seen as a vehicle which does help you in the transportation of your heavy bags which does contain all your gears and other item to the course

If you are a golfer who have a Cart Bag type then you should have a Golf Cart, as Cart bags are designed to sit on the Cart

This is especially true as Cart bags are usually heavy and bulky and carrying them on shoulder would only create discomfort and tiredness

Remember the game of golf can be very stressful and I bet you wouldn’t want to add up to all that stress by carrying a very heavy bag as it would have a negative impact on your game

You need to preserve that energy and strength so that you can effectively and strategically channel it into your game, instead of burning them on Carrying your bag

With a Cart all you do is simply load your bag into it and off you golf


Types Of Golf Cart

  • Push Cart

The Push derives its name from its mode of operation, ”Push”, this Cart type is meant to be pushed, load up your bags which does and always contain your golfing accessories and Push

Golf Push Cart are known as manual Cart as it does not have a motor, this is also known as the traditional type of Cart and requires man energy

Push Cart are usually 3 wheeled, with one being at the front and two at the back, the golfer stands behind the Cart holding its handle and applying pressure so that it moves forward

We also have some exceptions as there are some Push Carts which are 4 wheeled, however they are rare to come by

To site a perfect example on Push Cart, the Bag Boy Compact 3 on review is a Push Golf Cart

  • Pull Golf Cart

The Pull Golf Cart functions similarly like the Pull Cart, just that it mode of operation is by pulling, Pull golf cart are designed in such a way that you are going to be pulling

Pull golf cart involves exerting force on your cart so as to cause movement toward yourself, whether Push Or Pull, it is a matter of choice and what you hope to be achieving with it, however Pushing is more easier than pulling

The Pull golf cart can also be referred to as a manual cart just like the Push as they do not involve any motor to propel them rather force from humans

  • Electric Golf Cart

From its name, ”electric” you can be able to decipher the manning mechanism of this Cart type, the Electric golf cart uses electricity as a stimulus

The Electric Golf Cart took the world by storm when they came into existence, this golf Cart makes thing a lot easier than it used to with stress

Electric carts feature a motor so you wouldn’t need to push or pull them rather you drive them, as Electric Golf Cart got better and more modernized it was able to pick or carry more than one passenger, they are very environmental friendly as it does not emit pollution into the environment

When making a choice on electric golf cart, you will be met with a decision on whether to buy the remote controlled electric  or non remote controlled electric golf cart

For electric remote controlled golf cart please refer here: Best electric golf cart

  • Gas Golf Cart

This type of Cart are gas powered, they work similar to the electric golf cart with a difference that this is run or manned by unleaded gasoline

Gas golf cart are noisy, causes a lot of pollution to the environment brought about by the release of Carbon monoxide into the atmosphere and  require lot of maintenance

However, they are usually stronger and goes farther distance than the electric golf cart, Gas golf cart are able to travel many miles away not made possible with an electric golf cart

This makes them a great consideration for golfer who are going far away to play golf,

  • Luxury Golf Cart

This Golf Cart, derive its name from the word, ”Luxury”, this kind of Cart does come with extra features and utilities for extreme comfort

The luxury Golf Cart is known to be the most expensive cart type, offering far more and better incentive that the traditional golf cart isn’t able to give

The Luxury golf cart is a highly customizable cart and as you would expect it doesn’t come cheap, if you want to carry your golf bag including yourself in style and grandeur, then the Luxury golf cart is a great option to help you achieve that

Some of the top of the line features well associated with luxury cart well include Fog light, premium leathered bag, Shiny chrome grills and many more


What To Consider Before Buying Your Push Golf Cart

  • Cart Types

As explained earlier, there are different golf cart type made readily available for sale in today’s market, this include Pull Cart, Push Cart, Electric Cart, Gas Cart and Luxury Cart

All this Cart serves the same purpose but through different mean and for different people, the Pull Cart and Push Cart is great for golfer who wants to exercise their muscles as they are manned by man, the Cart type involves you pushing or pulling

Citing a perfect example the Bag Boy Compact 3 is a great one if you are looking for a Push Golf Cart

The electric or Gas Cart are great if you do not want to go through the stress of having to push your cart like the Pull or Push Cart

The Luxury golf cart offers more incentives, features and utilities in any other Cart types, if you are a golfer who loves grandeur and comfortability ten this Cart is the right choice for you

  • Break System

Similar to your car, the break system on your cart is important as it does help you to keep your cart stationary while you golf no matter the terrain

This information is important: to preserve your break system and make them last longer you should endeavor to always park your cart on flat surfaces to prevent over engaging the breaks unnecessary

As an example the Bag Boy Compact 3 on review does come with a break system located at the handle of the cart

  • Brand

Your Push Cart for Golf is available in various brand, due to the all too any branded Cart t becomes difficult and daunting when trying to make a choice on which is best suited especially for beginners

When choosing a Cart you might as well consider branding, even though it isn’t the top on the list consideration, however there are well trusted and known golf cart brand

And it becomes even more safer to make a choice on your cart from such brands, here are some of the well known and trusted rand makers of your cart for golfing

Club Car to the EZ-GO to the Yamaha to the CaddyTek

As an example the Bag Boy Push Cart is of the Brand, ”Bag Boy” and a great brand to invest on as they make amazingly terrific and quality golf push carts which will meet your needs

  • Pricing

When choosing your Push Cart, you should consider pricing as there are different types of golf cart with different price, some can come cheap others might be quite expensive

Your choice depends all your budget and as we can all agree, the better the Cart, the more expensive it usually is, however there are good and standard golf cart that you can purchase without breaking the bank

  • Model

Your Push Carts are available in different models, there are some models which are very recent so also are there models which have been for a while

Its best to opt for models which are quite recent as they offer more incentives with more features than outdated or older model

Check for the models and it doesn’t have to be the most recent especially if you do not have money, there are also good golf cart models which are few year older

While some golfer might prefer the latest models others might stick to not so recent models, its all depends on your budget and preferences, however you should consider buying models that aren’t so outdated so that you get real value for your money

  • Options And Accessories

Just as there are different types of Cart for golf, each of them do come with different accessories and incentives, every customer style and needs are different so you should find a golf cart dealer that matches your need

Some of this Cart doe have and offer customization options and accessories such as lift kit, custom paint, rims and many more not for comfort alone but styling also

  • Warranty/ Guarantee

A Golf Push Cart is only as good as the company that stands behind it and guarantees satisfaction of customers, when choosing Golf Cart, having one with money back guarantees is a great option as it dos reveals the authenticity and transparency of product

  • Storage

Every push Cart offers different storage, while some offer less storage options other offer infinite storage option, you should make sure that there is plenty of storage and most especially if you enjoy playing on the rain or wet conditions

  • Sizing And Portability

Golf Push Cart are available in different sizing, while some are very bulky other are less bulky, apart from that how well they fold up is very important, some fold so well into compact size

Some carts are highly foldable that they are folded down so well into to compact sizing, so that they are very portable  for easy and quick plus comfortable mobility


Why Do Golfers Use Push Cart?

Push Cart relives you of the stress of having to carry your bags which contains all your gears and heavy equipment’s on shoulder

Using a Push Cart can help you lower your scores, you do not need to get exhausted even before the game gets started, using a push cart can help you save energy and with this your scores are lowered


3 Wheeled VS 4 Wheeled Golf Push Cart, Which Is Best?

Golf Push Carts are usually 3 wheeled except for rare occasions where you find one which is 4 wheeled, whether you choose to use the 3 Wheeled or four wheeled Push Cart it is up to you

However both have its own advantages or disadvantages, one of the benefits of the 4 wheeled push cart is that they are very stable brought about by the wide base created by the four wheels

Four wheeled golf cart folds into a neat compact very foldable design which is not always the case for the three wheeled golf carts

The 4 wheel carry the day if you are looking for a golf cart which  does save space and offer easy carrying

On the other hand, the three wheeled golf push cart are easy to maneuver when compared to the rigid 4 wheeled golf carts

If you need strap to keep your golf bag then you should consider the 3 wheeled golf cart, The Bag Boy Push Cart on review is a 3 wheeled Push Golf Cart


Golf Push Cart, Why They Are Sold Out

During the course of this pandemic, golfers were required to walk instead of ride on a Cart  all this was so that social distancing could be observed

This makes the demand of a Push Cart to spike, as there were buyers that what was readily available, but  little few manufacturer

This demand hasn’t subsidized and because of the incredible appetite for a push Cart its been almost impossible for most of the manufacturers to keep up

This very few supplies forced golfers to turn o the secondary market and right there some golf carts, used were selling for as high as $300 to$400



This Bag Boy Compact 3 folds in three simple step with a small folded footprint which makes it very sizable and portable to get inside or out the vehicle

With this Cart comes a well built and strategically positioned umbrella storage which is integrated and a mounted break at the handle for un-matched stability and balancing across all terrain

If you are in search of an incredibly comfortable and easy to use Cart, then the Bag Boy is a smart option to invest in, they are also very lightweight

Even though the Bag Boy may not be a well known brand, but you see for Carts and Bags, they have done exceedingly well as they are a great place to turn to

How about the well designed Top Lock technology so well structured that it stand out as one of the very best bag to Cart attachment system


Bag Boy Compact 3 Push Cart, FAQ

Q: How many colors are this bag available in ?

A: This Cart does have a whooping number of 6 colors

Q: Is handle height of Cart adjustable?

A: Yes with this bag does come with an adjustable handle height

Q: Does the Bag Boy Compact 3 have ball bearing on the wheels

A: Yes, it does come with a sealed bearing with a shaft

Q: How many wheels does this cart have

A: This is a 3 wheeled Push Cart
























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