In the end you should be able to list the features which is unique with the Bag boy Golf Express DLX Pro Cart on Review so that you can be able to determine whether it is right for you

Are you in search of the Bag Boy Golf Express DLX Pro Cart?

If your answer is yes then you are at the right place as we give you the best of quality and reliable information

Today’s golfing do have in great offer golf Carts so that you can be able to carry your bags containing all your equipment’s and with ease

Looking for a great brand to invest on? You cannot go wrong with Brand ”Bag Boy”, Bag boy may not be well recognized as an authority in other golf related items but you see for your bags and especially Cart, they have done exceptionally well and great

The Bag boy boost of so many well built and quality Golf Cart series, from the likes of Bag Boy COMPACT 3 Push Cart and now this one on review is no different

Having said this, its very important to note, that as a golfer, especially one with a Cart Bag, Golf Cart is no negotiation as it is very important

A Golf Cart serves as a vehicle which does help in the transportation of your golf bags and other related items to the golf course

Imagine having to go through all the unbearable stress of having to carry your heavy Cart Bags on shoulder and finally you get exhausted even before you begin your round

Your Cart have come to take away such stress and all you need do now is focus solely on improving your game, having said that we head over to the overview of the Bag Boy Express DLX Golf Cart


Bag Boy Golf Express DLX Pro Cart Review, Its Overview


This is an amazing all round push golf cart as this bag is able to hold your bag even after it has been folded, surprisingly in the USA market currently, this is the best Push Golf Cart, all thanks to the Bag Boy

This bag folds in two step as it does come with two step fold design system, aside that this is a very lightweight and extremely compactful and portable Cart that will wow! your imagination

Its no exaggeration, this bag are extremely lightweight yet very durable, you can check the testimony from those who have already used it

How about its powerful and well structured storage section which does come with pencil and score card holder, beverage holder and more

There is an on and off break system on the tires of the DLX Pro Golf Push Cart, how about the height adjustable handle which are very easy and quick to adjust

With this Cart comes a very rare and important features which makes it very loveable and that feature is the smartphone holder

This smartphone holder features for many is a plus un-matched as it does help to save you holding your phone all the time no hand

If there is certainly a Cart to ignore, not this one, with this Cart right by you, your friend and colleagues will become wheel envy


Bag Boy Golf Express DLX PRO Cart, Its Specifications

DLX Express, Bag Boy, DLX Cart Bag

Simple Two Step Fold

With the two step simple fold, you will have no problem folding in seconds and amazingly in a compact styling

Bag Storage While Folded

Even when cart is folded it does have the ability to store bag a unique and rare characteristics which makes cart a unicorn

Top Lock Technology

Patented top lock technology, a cart to bag attachment

Score Card Console Full Featured

Cart does come with a Score Card Console which is extra deep, beverages holder which is integrated, mobile device holder and a storage for your golf balls


Bag Boy Golf Express DLX Pro Cart Reviewed, Its Key Features

pro cart, dlx pro, bag boy, dlx express

  • Upper bag bracket which are Cart and Stand Bag compatible
  • Mesh storage pocket which is oversized
  • Solid foam maintenance tire
  • Fold beneath front wheel for compact storage
  • Four height adjust option durable hand bar grip with quick release
  • Foot break which is Push on and Off for hand free stopping
  • Exceptionally lightweight and easy to maneuver


Bag Boy Golf Express DLX Pro Cart, Its Pros


  • Super lightweight and easy to maneuver
  • Folds very compactly and easy this makes them highly portable
  • Very quality and responsive
  • Smartphone holder a rare amazing feature
  • Adjustable handle
  • Easy brake on all tires so that its stops when need be
  • Quality so that they are long lasting


Bag Boy DLX Pro Cart, Its Cons

  • Quiet bulky when folded and this makes storing some time a difficult task

Having said this, it is of importance to note that the Bag Boy DLX Pro Cart is a perfect example of a Push Golf Cart and there are many Push Golf Cart available in the market today

When choosing your Cart for golf I hope you are aware that golf Cart are of different types, this is why you should know each of the Cart types so that you can be able to place better judgment for which is best for you

Golf Carts are categorized into 5 different types-Push Cart, Pull Cart, Electric Cart, Gas Cart and Luxury Cart


Types Of Golf Carts

  • Push Cart

The Push Cart derives its name from the word, ”Push”, this kind of Cart is designed to be pushed as it does not have motor to propel its movement

Rather its movement is propelled by humans, this Cart responds to pushing, The Golf Push Cart is the most common type of Car available in today’s market

It is one of the hot selling Carts especially this COVID-19 Pandemic when golfer were advised not to seat on a Cart rather walk so as to curb the spread of this dreadful virus

With this reason of the Pandemic, the cost of Push Cart went up significantly high as a result of demand outweighing supply, at this point golfer had to seek out other means from where they can buy Push Cart

Push Cart are usually three wheeled, even though there are some exception to that as some Push Cart are four wheeled

They entered the secondary market, this made second hand Cart to sell for as $300 to $400, as a perfect example the Bag Boy DLX Pro Cart is a Push Cart

  • Pull Cart

Similar to the Pull Cart, its name is gotten from, the word, ”Pull” this Cart type is designed to be pulled, that is drawing towards  you

The Pull Golf car just like the Push Cart are known as traditional golf cart or trolley as it requires human effort for it to function, as said earlier this Cart types are free from motor, that is they aren’t powered or manned by motor rather man power

The Pull golf cart are known o be double wheeled even though they are some exceptions to the rule which might come with three wheel

  • Electric Cart

The electric Golf Car derives its name from electricity, this Cart are manned using electric power, the Electric Golf Cart does come with a motor which helps for movement instead of pushing

The Electric cart is propelled by one or two electric motor, electric golf cart can have voltage of 36 to 48 volt, with the 48 volt having more power than 36 volt

The electric cart took the word by storm when it first came into existence as they make tings s lot easier for golfers and their cadies to transport loads

Todays electric golf cart is able to carry more than one passenger when compared to previous that was only able to carry one passenger

Electric golf cart can be remote controlled or non remote controlled, as it name sound and electric remote controlled golf cart is one which does come with remote control features

For electric remote controlled golf cart, please refer here: Best electric remote controlled golf cart

On the other hand an electric non remote controlled golf cart is one which does not come with remote controlled features

  • Gas Powered Golf Cart

Gas Powered golf cart derives its name from its operating mechanism, ”Gasoline”, this cart type is similar to the electric cart but with a difference that it is run by unleaded gasoline

  • Luxury Golf Cart

The Luxury golf cart is the most expensive of all golf cart and it does have features which are not seen in other types of cart

Some of this features are the shiny chrome grills, premium leather seats, snazzy rims on the wheel and many more, the luxury golf carts offers lots of incentives which makes life much easier

Luxury golf carts are highly customizable, nothing can be so good and interesting as having a Luxury golf cart to take you down the course

What Is A Bag Boy?

Bag Boy is a company into the design, production, manufacture and distribution of a full line of innovative Bags for Golf, Travel Cover, Push Carts and other related golfing accessories

Brand bag Boy was founded as far back as 1946 and is well reputable for un-matched quality and exceptional efficiency especially for its Carts and Bag

They may not be well known as the Callaway or the Titleist, but when it comes to quality you can count on them especially for your Bags and Trolley


Push Cart VS Pull Carts, What’s The Difference?

This has been an object of debate for many, Push Cart VS Pull Cart which one is better, firstly it is important to note that everyone their own preferences

Whether a Pull Cart or a Push Cart it al depends on what you want and hope o be achieving with any of them, however Pushing is way easier than pulling

In Pulling you drift/pull the object towards you as you move and for Pushing you drift the object away from you while moving

One of the greatest difference between a Push VS Pull Cart is the number of tires which it does come with, Pull Cart which is often referred to as trolley in the UK is a two wheeled Cart exception for exceptions which happens to be three wheeled

On the other hand Push Cart is know for having three wheel except for exceptions which are four wheeled, Push Cart can also be referred to as a traditional cart similar to the Pull Cart

As a perfect example the Bag Boy Express DLX Pro Cart is a Push Cart and it is three wheeled


Is My Bag Boy Product Covered Under Warranty?

With the Bag Boy, there is no worry as you are fully guaranteed of a one year warranty on product, this shows how honest, transparent and well trusted the Bag Boy brand can be

All you do is make purchase from an authorized Bag Boy dealer,

This mean if you purchase the Bag Boy Golf DLX Pro Cart on review you are fully guaranteed of a one year return policy against defect which is beyond your control

This makes the Bag Boy very legit and a great brand to place your bet on if you are in search of a great and well functional Push Golf Cart

The Bag Boy Express DLX Pro Cart on reviews is covered with under warranty


Things To Consider When Choosing A Golf Push Cart

There are lots of things that the golfer must put into consideration when trying to make a purchase on your bag, whether it is the Bag Boy Golf Express DLX Pro Cart or any other types of golf bag

Especially for beginners making a choice on Push Cart is often a very confusing  and daunting task and we are going to be giving you information on what you should check out for before ever punching the buy button

Amazingly the Bag Boy Express Pro Cart on review offers all or virtually all this consideration, listed below and this makes them great and a smart place your bet on

  • Storage

One of the very important factor to consider when choosing your golf cart is storage system, of course this is primarily the reason you are buying one

If your carts aren’t able to hold your bags and couple of other item properly then it is no worth buying them, a cart that also folds flat so that it is easy to get into your car is worth an investment

  • Stability

The stability factor happens to be the top of the list considerations, golf Push carts are available in three wheel and for exceptions four wheeled

Whether three wheeled or four wheeled, they ought to be stable although when it comes to stability issues, the four wheeled golf Carts seems to be more stable than the three wheeled

Aside from that another thing that helps for stability is the break system, you make a choice Golf Cart which do offer well structured and solid break system

  • Portability

Every one loves portability and ease, when making a choice on your cart, you should pay attention to portability, this is one key area that you should be considering when looking for  push Cart

Portability will affect greatly how you are able to carry your gears on and off the course, you cart should be ale to collapse completely or compactly so that it takes small amount of storage space instead of some kind of bulky looking cart which does not collapse very well

The Bag Boy Golf Express DLX Pro Cart on review is a perfect example of a Push Cart which depicts portability to the core as they are very easy to collapse and collapse completely

  • Quality of handle

Remember Push Cart involves Pushing, unlike the Gas or Electric Golf Cart which involves driving,  this means always you goanna have your hands on its handle for it to move

With this importance you should pay close attention on its handle, the handle should be designed in ergonomically so that they are easy to hold and comfortable to handle, it can get very comfortable through extra padding so that they become soft and foamy

  • Weighing

Having a too weighty cart becomes a burden as it becomes difficult to push with this reason you should be out sourcing for something lightweight

So that they are easy to push and maneuver, while there are many Push golf cart in the market, some are quote heavy which does make Pushing stressful and power exhausting

One of the very disadvantage of all too many features in your cart is that the more the features add up the more heavier your cart can become

  • Easy Maneuver

As far as the subject of Push Cart is involved, maneuvering is everything, you should look for Carts that are very easy and quick to maneuver, this serves as an added advantage to you as it becomes easy to get past difficult terrains or tight situations

It has been well observed that golf carts which does come with well developed and structured wheel system are usually very easy to maneuver and favors quick roll

  • Additional Features And Accessories

Different Cart with different features, when choosing cart, you should look for features you are comfortable with, some of the most common features in your cart for golf are Umbrella Holder, Can Holder, Shade attachment and kit bag

  1. Umbrella Holder

Having a cart with umbrella holder is very important it does help you to carry you umbrella which acts as shade against the sun and harsh weather

2. Can Holder

This features helps in holding your Water or drinks so that when you become tasty, all you do is simply pick up your can which contain water to quench your taste, you can also store your drinks, if that’s what you prefer

3. Shade Attachment

Shade attachment is such a great feature as it does prevent your from the scorching sun, during the hot days when people from hearth stroke or fatigue


Why Is There Shortage Of Push Cart

The Pandemic ”Corona virus” made Push Golf Cart a hot niche market as a golfers were restricted from driving to the course due to social distance measure

With this, golfers had to turn to the Push Golf Cart as an alternative, this sky rocketed the price of Push Cart to the point that golfer had to go into the secondary market where they can sort for fairly used carts

Fairly used hand golf cart became so costly that it was selling for as high as $300 to $400


Bag Boy Golf Express DLX Pro Cart Reviews

Q: Will this Fit the Sun Mountain c130 Cart Bag?

A: Absolutely, the C13O is designed to fit all Push Cart from brand Bag Boy


Q: This Cart is available in how many colors?

A: This Cart does boost of various colour option, 6 to be precise


Q: Are Handle height adjustable

A: Yes, they are, handles does come with well developed and structured adjustable features


Q: Will this Cart hold the Callaway 14 Org Cart Bag

A: Absolutely yes, it will hold the Callaway Org 14 Cart bag



You do not have to carry your heavy bags on your shoulder as Golf Cart have come to alleviate the pain and stress it cost in carrying your bag which contains all your equipment

Today’s golfing offers great and quality Golf Carts designed to carry your bags, there are many golf cart brands out there on sale and one of such great brand is the Bag Boy

Brand Bag Boy is a great option for golfers seeking for a quality and highly efficient carts, having been into the production and design of Carts and Bags, they know what is right for you

Bag Boy having designed and manufactured many Carts to its name is a well trusted and certified brand and now it is the

Bag Boy Golf Express DLX Pro Cart on review, this Cart boost of amazing features and they are well lightweight and extremely portable brought about by its highly foldable mechanism design which allows it to fold into compact sizing

This Bag Boost of oversized mesh storage pocket, rare and exclusive patented top lock technology which is a Bag to Cart attachment system, well developed and highly responsive foot break, upper bag bracket which are great for both Cart and Stand Bag

















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