In the end you should be able to list the features which does come with the Bag Boy Qual XL Push Cart so that you can determine whether they are right for you

Are you looking for the Bag Boy Quad XL Push Cart Push Cart? We’ve got you covered, in today’s blog post we are going to be reviewing the Bag Boy Qual XL Push Golf Cart

Today’s golfing do have in great offer the best on sale Golf Push Cart so that you can comfortably and efficiently carry your golf bags

The Bag Boy though may not be a popular brand like the Callaway or the Titleist but when it comes to Golf Cart production and design they offer one with exception

The Bag Boy brand does have a lot of great golf cart series to its name some of this well designed and quality Cart from this brand include the Bag Boy Compact 3 Push Cart to the Bag Boy Golf Express DLX PRO Cart and many more

And now it is the Bag Boy Quad XL Cart Push on reviews,

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The Bag Boy Quad XL Push Cart, Who Are They Not Meant For?

Despite the feat this Golf Cart have achieved and its numerous and outstanding features it is not meant for everyone, however if you are confused and not knowing which Cart is best suited for you, by the end of this review you will be able to better place judgment on what is best suited for you

  • If You In Search Of A Three Wheeled Cart:

There are lots of mazing and classical three wheeled golf cart out there on sale today which we at can recommend, but you see the Qual XL Push Cart it is not for you if you are in search of a three wheeled Cart

As this Cart is a 4 wheeled Cart offering you maximum stability and balance due to its wide base system and well developed tires

The Clicgear model 4.0 cart is a great and exceptional Push Cart for anyone in search of a three wheeled Push Cart,

  • If You Are Looking For A Cart Which Tightens To Hold Umbrella

Despite being so great and exotic comes with an umbrella holder one of its minor challenge is that it doesn’t tighten up to hold Umbrella, other than that it is great golf cart

So if you are looking for a cart that tightens up to hold umbrella, then this might not be right for you, however to be able to make it very tight you can apply a little bit of customization that will cost you just few pennies as it is worth investing on

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Without waste of our time we head to the Overview of this Push Cart the Bag Boy Qual XL


Bag Boy Quad XL Push Cart, Its Overview

Qual XL, Golf Cart, Push Cart, On Review

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As you will expect the Bag Boy are one of the ”go go” brand for your golf cart as they make quality with exception, the Bag Boy Qual XL Push Cart is known to come with exclusive features which are very handy on the golf course

They are built in a way that it does come with an umbrella holder which can be adjusted, this make them great for golfers who play in an environment where there is inclement weather

With this cart comes a full feature console, Top Lock Technology, Four wheel and Compact fold features

  • Full Feature Console

As you will always expect from an exclusive Cart, The Qual XL Push Cart with a device for holding your mobile with storage for your golf balls

There is also the provision of an extra deep score card console with integrated beverages holder which makes this Cart a top for the value golf Cart

  • Top Lock Technology

The Top Lock Technology is a Bag to Cart attachment system which helps to prevent bag from sliding when on transit

  • Aggressive Compact Fold System

This Cart is able to fold in a very neat and highly compact sizing so that they are very portable, require less spacing when kept on the car and very easy to carry on the go

They fold in a compact sizing of 24” x 17” x 16”

  • Four Wheeled System

As said earlier, this is a four wheeled golf cart which offers world class stability and balancing due to its wide base system, they are also lightweight for fast and easy maneuvering


qual xl, push cart, bag boy, qual review
Four Wheeled For Un-matched Stability and Balance


Qual XL, Golf Cart, Push Cart, On Review
Aggressive Compact Folding For Superior Mobility
Top Lock Technology(An exclusive Bag To Cart Attachment)
Deep And Spacious Accessory Storage Unit









Quad XL Push Cart Review, Its Specification?

Weight: 14.2lbs

Wheel Diameter: (Front: ”9.5” and Rear: ”11”)

Folded Dimension: ”24 x 17” x 16”


Bag Boy XL Golf Cart, Its Features

quad xl, push cart, bag boy

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  • Holder for umbrella with storage clip included
  • Fold very compactly to as small as the dimension ”24 x 17” x 16”
  • 4 wheeled for superior balance and stability
  • Top Lock Technology a Bag to Cart lock system
  • 14.2lbs lightweight for un-matched portability
  • Accessory bags which are extra large
  • Parking break(Hand mounted)
  • Full feature very deep scorecard console with beverages holder(Integrated), mobile device holder and storage for golf ball
  • Tracking adjustment


Quad XL Push Cart, Its Pros

  • Exceptionally lightweight for quick and easy portability
  • Easy to roll and maneuver brought about by well developed and highly structured wheels
  • Quality for high efficiency and a well recognized and trusted brand
  • Magnetically sealed lead for added protection
  • Folds very compactly for space storage
  • Varying color options to choose from
  • Solid and well developed break system which ensures the remain stable on any terrain
  • Wide base brought about by four wheel for added support and stability
  • Holes on the both side of the water bottle for tees
  • Umbrella and smart phone holder


Quad XL Push Cart, Its Cons

Does not tighten very strong to hold umbrella


Bag Boy Quad XL Push Cart Video Review


Bag Boy Quad XL Push Cart VS Bag Boy Compact 3 Push Cart, What’s The Difference?

Qual XL, Golf Cart, Push Cart, On Review
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The Bag Boy offers different entire features for all its Golf Cart, there seems to be a huge difference between the Bag Boy Quad XL and the Bag Boy Compact 3 Push Cart

Taking Quad XL into consideration, it is a four wheeled Push Golf Cart not three wheeled like the Compact 3 Push Cart, this means the Quad XL is bound to offer more stability and balance than the Compact 3

  • For balance and stability the Quad XL wins

The Compact 3 Push Cart has a ”9.5” in front and rear ” 11.5” oversized wheels, whereas the Quad XL Push Cart have ”9.5” in front and ”11” and rear oversized wheel

The Bag Boy Weighs 14.2lbs whereas the Compact 3 weighs 13.5lbs

  • For Lightweight Push Cart, the Compact 3 Wins

The Compact 3 the folding dimension is 21.5” x 13” x 18” whereas the Quad XL folding dimension is 24” x 17” x 14.2”

It is well agreed that the Four wheeled Golf Cart folds more compactly than the three wheeled, because of this we can say that the Quad XL folds more compactly than the compact 3 Cart

  • For better Compact fold up the Quad XL Wins

When it comes to easy and quick maneuvering of your cart, the three wheeled golf cart is best favored, in this case the Compact 3 is a better cart for quick and easy  maneuvering

  • For easy and quick maneuvering the Compact 3 Wins

This is simply the difference between this two bag types all of the brand ”Bag Boy”,

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Types Of Golf Bag

Carts are part of your game especially if you are a golfer who prefers to use the Cart or Staff bag type as they are very weight and bulky with this reason you will be needing a Cart to help your transport your bags which does contain your equipment’s and gears from your destination to the course

We at highly recommend the Mavrik Staff Bag if you are in search of a great golf bag for your Cart or the Callaway Org 15 Cart Bag if you are on a hunt for an excellent Cart bag


Your Cart for golf is well categorized under 5 types- Push Cart, Pull Cart, Electric Cart, Gas Cart and Luxury Cart

  • Push Golf Cart

Just as its name depict, the Push golf cart is cart type which does operate by Pushing as it does not come with a motor, Push golf cart are often referred to as traditional Cart due to its operating mechanism, ”Pushing”

The Push Golf Cart are often referred as three wheeled cart even though there are some exceptions which dos come with four wheel

In golf push Cart you Push the Cart in front of you forward while you walk behind or follow behind

If you are a golfer who prefers walking down the course then the Push Golf Cart is a great Cart to invest on, a perfect reference to a push golf Cart is the Bag Boy Qual XL Push Golf Cart on review

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  • Golf Pull Cart

The Golf Pull cart operates by Pulling is like some sort of the opposite of Pushing, Using a golf pull cart you pull the Cart towards you while you walk away so that it follows you behind

Golf Pull Cart just like its counterpart, the Push Cart, is a traditional golf cart and is quite different from the Push Cart as it is usually two wheeled except for exception which can be three wheeled

This cart type has the simplest structure of all the other type of cart and is usually the most least expensive

  • Electric Golf Cart

The electric golf cart just as it name reveals are carts manned by electricity, at the invention of the electric golf cart, it took the world by storm as they made things  lot easier for golfer and their caddies to transport loads without stress

Most of the electric golf cart does come with a battery voltage of 36 or 45, Electric golf cart features a motor so that they are easily driven around

Amazingly todays electric golf cart is able to carry more than one passenger, electric golf cart on like the Gas Golf Cart are environmentally friendly

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  • Gas Golf Cart

The Gas golf cart operates via the use of Gasoline, it does operated similarly to the electric cart but its major difference is that runs on Gasoline

Gas Golf Cart are usually noisy and not environmentally friendly due to gas flaring , however they arête strongest kind of cart as they are able to navigate rough and uneven terrain which s not possible with the Electric Golf Cart

Gas Golf Carts also favors longer distance as they are able to travel 5x faster and 5x distance than an electric cart can do

If  you are a golfer whose travels far to play on the course then the Gas Golf Cart is a great option for you to invest on

  • Luxury Golf Cart

Luxury Golf Cart are designed for luxury, if you love travelling style and grandeur then the Luxury Golf Cart seems a great option for you

Luxury golf cart does come with exceptional and premium features which is not made available in other cart types , one loveable aspect of the Luxury cart is that they are highly customizable

The Luxury golf cart does come with features which include premium leather seat, shiny chrome grills, fog light and many more

However Luxury golf cart does come with a price as they are very expensive in comparison to any other cart type you can ever own


6 Things You Should Consider That Will Help You Make The Right Choice On Your Golf Cart

A Lot of consideration comes into mind when making a choice on your golf cart, this consideration most golfers miss especially beginners

Making the right choice on your golf cart is no easy task and it becomes even more confusing for beginners, however after listing this 6 secrets you will be better placed in the position of making the right choice of your cart for golfing

  • Maintenance Cost

When choosing your cart you should really put the cost of maintenance into consideration as your cart definitely will require maintenance whether the traditional cart of the motorized cart

However motorized golf cart will require more maintenance than one which is not motorized, Gas Cart does have higher maintenance cost an any cart type

You should consider the cost of maintenance as a lot of Carts have been parked up due to its inability to be maintained by its owner

When buying a cart it is of utmost important that you should be asking yourself if you will be able to keep to maintenance cost

  • Part Availability

This is one of the greatest causes of Cart abandonment, the inability to readily find replacement parts as soon as needed can lead to one parking up Cart

You should really be asking the seller or manufacturer on how readily available part of Cart are so that when you cart is want of replacement it can easily be done

One dreadful aspect of Unavailability of Cart part is the fact that even with your money it still becomes difficult to readily sort for parts

So be careful when making a choice on your cart and make sure its part are readily available on dale in the market

  • Distance To The Course

You should really be considering distance to the course before ever making a judgment on which cart is best suited for you because some carts aren’t able to travel long distance whereas there are some cart built for long distance

As a perfect example travelling to the course long distance away will require you opting out for a Gas Golf Cart

  • Cost Of Cart

Your budget for cart greatly determines how effective and efficient your cart will be and as you will expect quality and efficient carts cost more than the less quality and effective ones

Riding Cart are more expensive than push Carts, so its well advisable you buy a reasonable ad quality golf cart than the one made of less quality which is often cheap

Carts that cost $200 and above are great as they are usually of quality and long lasting, so be sure to invest reasonably for your cart so that you get the value for your money

  • Branding

I think you should really consider branding especially if you are confused and not able to figure out which cart is best suited for you

There are many golf cart brand out there in today’s market, this makes it a very difficult and confusing task to make a choice on which cart is best suited for you especially beginners

To be at the safer side, you should be really considering two well recognized and trusted brand, then having made a selection on two make peace by settling for one

There are many golf cart brands, the likes of the CaddyTek, Bag Boy, Yamaha and many more

  • Golf Cart Type

You should really be acquainted with the different type of cart for golf as this will help you in placing better judgment on which is best suited for you

This is very important because different type of cart are built for differ kind of people, we would not be going over this again as the different type of cart have been listed and thoroughly explained previously, you can check above for reference

And read through so that you will be able to know what cart are suited for different people, as a summary If you are a golfer who prefer walking rather than riding to the course, the Push or Pull cart is best suited for you

And on the other hand If you are a golfer whose got great taste for riding then the Gas Golf Cart or the Electric Golf Cart is best suited

If you have thick appetite for classical styling or you prefer a highly customizable golf cart then the luxury golf cart should be what you are seeking out for but you should know that it is very expensive and out of reach for low budget golfers

For very long distance and rugged terrains you should be considering the Gas Golf Cart


What Is A Bag Boy Quad XL?

The Bag Boy Quad XL is a golf push cart which is a remarkable Clicgear Push Golf Cart, they are among the best push cart with up to date or latest addition which is sold under the category, ”manual cart” for the basis of transportation of your golf bags and other equipment’s


Push VS Pull Golf Cart Which Is Better?

Firstly I would like to say whether you choose to use the Push Cart or the Pull Cart, it is a matter of preference and decisiveness

While some might choose the Push Golf Cart over the Pull Cart other on the other way round might prefer the Pull Golf Cart to the Push Golf Cart

The biggest difference between this two cart type is the number of wheels, Pull Cart are often two wheeled except for exceptions when they are three, whereas Push Cart are often three wheeled except for exception when they are four

The two wheeled, ”Push Cart” have been long available for decades  until the idea for the three wheeled cart was created from an idea made famous by Rick Reimers, the owner of Sun Mountain Sport

Here is the verdict, both cart type are great and a great one to invest on however it is well observed and agreeable that Pushing is way easier than pulling

With this reason, the Push Golf Cart seems to have an edge over the Pull Cart type


Bag Boy Quad XL Push Golf Cart, Its FAQ

Q: Height of handle is it adjustable?

A: Simply yes, it does have a height adjustable handle possessing 100 teeth so that you can adjust to what level suits you


Q: Do all four wheel detach on this unit?

A: Yes, all four wheel is detachable


Q: Between the two wheels in front, what are the measurement?

A: Between the two front wheel is a 12 to 16 inches measurement difference


Q: Bottom of bag how is it able to stay in place?

A: Bags are able to stay in place as it reset on the bottom metal loop of the Cart


Q: Strap on Cart is it a Velcro strap?

A: The strap are not Velcro strap rather it is a buckle arrangement strap which is very easy to use this ensures it doesn’t wear out or get caked in the grass


Q: Does it holds a stand golf bag well

A: Yes the Quad XL Push Cart holds your stand golf bag properly in place and well



With an exclusive features is the Bag Boy Bran well  recognized, with this Cart comes an a well adjustable front wheel for quick and easy maneuvering

The Bag Boy Quad XL is a four wheeled golf cart offering you the best of stability and balancing, there are lots of features which makes this cart something to be admired

If you are a versatile golfer then you should be considering the Bag Boy XL Quad

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