Bear trap dunes hot deals_ golf course at Delware


At the end you should know what the bear trap dunes represents

 Bear trap dunes golf course and other amenities(home of golf)

Bear trap dunes is located in 7 Clubhouse Drive, Ocean View, DE, 19970

Why is the bear trap dunes referred as the hearth of golf experience? It is referred  in that manner because it solely for golf related matters

The activities in the bear trap dunes totally depicts golf sport culture if there is every anything like that and Golf sport promotion activities

It all happens here, for unforgettable golf experience then the bear trap dune is your choice. It is reffered to as a place where fun lives

Play an exhilarating round of golf, make friends you’ve never dreamed of, a home of deep dreams for golfers and you can’t beat it

The Bear trap dunes has an exceptional course condition, expert service, warm hospitality and remarkable facilities

The golf club in bear trap dunes offers the most unique and outstanding arena for golf activities and recreation of the highest pedigree

Situated in Ocean view, Delware, 3 miles west of Bethany Beach, bear trap dunes will do you good

The bear trap dunes do have this following feautres thus making it one of the smartest place to buy and repair your faulty club and at a discount, get the best of golfing experience, purchase the best of golf costumes and apparels and finally a place where you can receive golf lectures

Looking for a place to carry out your golfing activities? Are you searching for a place dedicated a hundred percent to golf activities/recreation look no further for the bear trap dunes is the most suitable place for all of that

Here are the four activities and classic feautres which makes the bear trap dunes worth a place to visit

Why the bear trap dunes is referred as the best place for your golfing experience

  • Amazing Course Layout

Feel the warmth, feel the atmosphere, hear the sound. Smell the surrounding and taste it sweetness, for it is all “golf” and nothing else

it represents one of the most classical arena that promotes golf sport

Looking at the course layout the native wetland grasses are lined with winding bentgrass fairway that drift into stunning sand dunes on this natural golf course

The bear trap dunes is known for perfection to the highest pedigree,

A groomed over sized greens and four masterfully placed set of tees attracts golfers of every skills level all year round

With the bear sand dunes you will experience unrivaled fun, there are so many unique feautres tied around the bear sand dunes which makes it the best hangout for golfers, one of such feautres include an ample use of sand dunes which adhere to coastal area natural terrain

The dunes being strategically placed_bunkers, grassy hollows and water hazards, players will have to use their creativity to find a way into each hole

Green have enough speed to make them fun, you will enjoy every single minutes right here, it is a beautiful challenging very playable course


  • Affordable Golf Outfit With Quality Of The Highest Pedigree

Real golfers knows an excellent golf outfit Shop when they see one

Its not hidden, it reveals itself, there has been no obligation other than the quest for the best quality outfit sale by the bear trap dune

Having earned the prestigious award from the Associate of Golf Merchandisers,

It is well known as the top 100 Golf shop on American, where you can find everything you need to improve on your game from equipments to apparel to accessories even for kids and toddlers

Assorted golf outfit/utilities all made readily available at an extreme affordable pricing

The team are always there to give you the best of golf outfit and at an affordable price

There is a catalogue of hassle free event package events from where you can make a choice

They exceed your expectations and that is the reason they have been trusted by hundred’s of co-operation and associations.


  • Exceptional Golf Lectures

The bear trap dunes is an exceptional environment to learn golf,

The bear trap dunes have countless professional golfers who are willing to share the secrets to becoming great at golfing

With the professional golf lecturers in bear trap dunes you have no difficulty in grasping golf sport skills to the highest pedigree

All you need do is get started with one of the cheapest golf training or lecture fee, after payment put your mind to learn and you will

Bear trap dunes are commited to player developmeny and growing the game of golf for intrested members

A whole lot of golf selection programs are readily available to choose from, indicate your choice, meet up the requirement and get started, as simple as that

You will be taught the fundamental of golf

There are four distinctive learning activity in the bear trap dunes and they are

  • Individual lesson

One of the greatest activity is the individual lesson which is more of a private kind of lecture and cost $75 per 45 minute duration


  • private group lesson

Another exceptional learning activity is the private lesson group

In the private group a number from two to ten members are allowed to receive lectures all at the same time


  • 9 Hole Playing Lesson

This activity is more of of playing golf and taking close observation on your golf game weaknesses

The cost of a 9 hole playinf lesson is $175, in this playing lesson your instructor observes your game as you play so as to discover where you need improvement on and then figure out the best way possible to make your your weakness as regards golfing and then convery such weakness to strength

This lesson also include recommending the best club for your person bases on your strength and weakness


  • Coaching Program

The coaching program is a 3 month program which cost $1,200

In this program you will be working with your selected coach for 120 minutes in each month, this means 360 minutes for 3 months

In this program the main focus will be on putting, full swing, mental toughness, on course shots and many more

This 120 minutes in each month can be broken down pending on your own preference and time schedule

You can have your 120 minute all at once or twice by breaking it down to 60 minutes lectures or four times by segregating it into 30 minutes, it all up to you

After this program you will be evaluated using different strategies to ser if you have actually improved

Wether you are an adult or junior the bear trap dunes will serve you beyond your expectation


  • Amazing Restaurant

This Amazing restaurant known as Den Bar and Grill is a must visit by everyone whether you are a golfer or not

Encounter great delicacies like never in your life and get to interact with new people who share common intrest with you


The golf course of the bear trap dunes, DE is the best place to experience the best of golfing activities looking at the bear trap dunes

Its a place where you can repair your faulty clubs or buy new ones, buy golf apparel/costume of any kind, receive golf lectures and an amazing restaurant where you can have a breath fresh air



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