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In the end you should be able to implement the Affiliate Marketing Traffic Generation Strategies And Tactics For all Affiliate Marketers in 2018

Not everyone is familiar with the term Affiliate marketing, neither is everyone familiar with the simple term ”Traffic” as regarding the online way

before we delve into Affiliate marketing traffic generation strategies and tactics for Amazon Affiliate  Marketers in 2018 and every other affiliate marketers, it makes sense to explain each of this term one after the other for those who might not be familiar with this terms

What is Affiliate Marketing? Affiliate marketing is simply the process of earning a commission by promoting other peoples product or a company product

find a product you like, promote it to other people and earn a cut when they buy the product. Affiliate marketing is a multi billion dollar industry and by far is a great way to monetize your site

People make money on line everyday and this is not a deception, it is one of the most popular ways people make money online and you should not be missing out from this big opportunity

What is a web Traffic? Web Traffic refers to web users who visit a website, it is measured in visit called ”session”, it is a very well known way of measuring the growth of an online business and the number of visits sent to the site, Web traffic shows the number of visitors sent to a site in a particular time

There are numerous Tactics and strategies one might use to generate traffic to a site but in this article we are focusing on the most important aspect of traffic generation strategies and tactics

to generate traffic(more number of visit to a site) a lot of factors is considered, every online personnel needs traffic, oh yes! because it is a contributing factor in making your business or whatsoever you are doing get noticed by the larger audience

Just imagine creating a website/ blog and no one is reading it, how does it feel, no one gets to know what you do, it sound’s frustrating right? oh yea it does, so every online businesses aspiring to get noticed and probably grow needs traffic

Think about some of the big companies, website, Organisation you know, how did you get to know about most of them, simple, traffic

The term affiliate marketing traffic is simply using your own website/blog as a marketing tool to generate traffic or sales for an online retailer who pays you commission for each sale you bring based on percentage agreement

As an Affiliate marketer generating targeted website traffic is the main goal, the more targeted traffic you generate the more chances for making a sale, however Affiliate marketing is more of conversion than mere site visitors,

Conversion should be the target point of every affiliate marketer, conversion is the most important factor to the success of your online marketing strategy, I here someone whispering, what is conversion? It is the ration of visitors to a site that then go to take a desired action(purchasing a product, or signing up for a news letter, etc)

As an affiliate marketer your main target is to make sales, because making sales means more money in your bank account, that doesn’t mean you should lie or indulge in some kind of self centered activities online just to make money

Be sincere about the product you promote, tell them what they stand to benefit or loose when they purchase a product, on the other hand make sure the product you recommend to them is a good one

The merchant have done all the heavy lifting such as creating the product and setting up a back office of marketing supporting tools

What are the affiliate marketing traffic generation strategies and tactics for beginning affiliate marketers 2018

Actually this traffic generation strategies and tactics say’s Amazon but, it is not in any way restricted to Amazon, it is a traffic generation strategy and tactics for all beginners, I mean all beginners affiliate marketers, so whether you are an amazon affiliate marketer or Walmart or Jumia or Rankuten affiliate this post will serve you to the optimum

To generate traffic in affiliate marketing this are the strategies and tactics you must follow

  • Research and Define your Audience

The World Wide Web(W.W.W) is magnificently large with quadrillions of pages on it and the mistake many beginning affiliate marketers do is trying to target everyone

You cannot target everyone no matter how hard you try, instead of trying to target/serve everyone, target a specific kind of people, if you try to target everyone you will end up targeting no one. ”FOCUS” on a particular/specific audience and feed them with quality and informative information so that they become returning visitors

Be focused we hear this word and how powerful it can be on an everyday bases but often time we think it is restricted to what we do online, being specific encompasses all facet of life

Most beginners want to start up a website/blog without knowing what they should be doing with the site, As a beginner into affiliate marketing many things will entice you(you will have the urge to promote whatsoever product that may come your way online) but here is it, never make such mistake

Before ever starting a site sit down for a little while and settle it in your mind what product promotion you want to do with the site(define what you want) I remembered a young lady who was a newbie to affiliate marketing, she wanted to talk electronic, sport equipments, golf equipments, makeups and fashion, you know what? she ended up with no decent traffic

Here is the point, do not jump into creating a site/blog, without knowing what specific thing you should be using it for, yes! if you talk about every product as an affiliate marketer on one site then it simply means you are on the category of people who do not know what they should be doing with their site

(Be specific, define your audience , focus on a niche) do not gallivant. here is an illustration, for an instance if i want to do affiliate marketing, sitting in a quiet environment I will ask myself what will i be promoting in the site I want to create, OK, and I conclude ”Sport Equipment”

Fantastic, but sport is too wide a niche, there are football, basketball, volleyball, Basketball, Table Tennis, Golf, handball and so many more.

How about focusing on let’s say ”Golf equipment”, Great idea, OK, I will talk about Golf equipment as an affiliate marketer, perfect, you just defined your audience, Instead of just promoting sport equipments that involves all kind of sport

By sticking to a particular niche you stand a chance of getting better and quality targeted traffic to your site and more even better ”more sale”

Search engine on the other hand most preferably favours sites/blog that are focused on a specific niche than sites that are like a kind of general site where everything is being discussed

Defining your audience is of great benefit and is #1 step to affiliate marketing traffic generation tactics and strategies, it’s importance cannot be over emphasized as the beginning of you success online for traffic generation as an affiliate

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization is simply the process of affecting the online visibility of a website/web page in search engine unpaid result sometimes referred to organic or earned result

people are constantly searching for one query or the other online on an everyday bases and so you must write about what they are searching for, if you write about what know one is searching for then your article will remain unread by everyone

Search engine Optimization helps you to easily identify the exact search terms people are asking for in your niche thus giving you the opportunity to capitalize on them by writing great and quality content relating to the search term

The more visible you pages are on Search engine representation page(SERp) the better visible your website/blog in the World Wide Web (W.W.W) the more visible your site is to the World the better chances of driving in a sale as an affiliate marketer

Sound complicated right? it always is for newbies, but not to worry as you fuel your passion with a white heat desire of making money online you will find this tips easier to assimilate

  • Post regularly

Search engine are smart software capable of sniffing out active site from inactive ones, this simply means they recognize constantly updated site from sites that are dormant(not frequently updated)

Search engine like site/blogs that are regularly updated, As an affiliate marketer who wants to generate more traffic, this is one of the strategy and tactics(update your site on a regular bases) and with quality and helpful content

  • Use Keyword Tools

With Keyword research tools you can discover low competitive search term that is moderately or highly searched for relating to your niche, this keyword research tools helps you pinpoint search terms that are not highly competitive but are searched for, jot down this key word topic and write about them

there are tons of keyword research tool out there and this are the most popular ones recommended Longtail pro, Ubersuggest or Keyword.IO

all this are great keyword tools to do your research with, there are other out there good as well,  use any of this tools and you will notice a significant improvement in your traffic

  • Patience

Hell no, I know you weren’t expecting to see this right? yes, it’s one very important key factor not just to  generate traffic or making sale, it is a virtue everyone who ever wants to succeed in any calling must apply

After doing everything possibly, then it time to turn to patient, You see that thing called Search Engine, it begins to recognize sites after 6 months of creation, so do not start a site/blog and expect to rank tomorrow, it takes some time as you constantly put on the hard work

As a matter of fact, new sites discover a tremendous increment in traffic after six months of creation, site/blog below six months  are regarded as new sites/blog so they have no reputation

They need time for search engine web crawler to get used/acquainted to them, most site do not survive because it’s CEO’s lack patient. they had great content probably well optimized but they want to rank just after the next day of setting up a site


Affiliate marketing is the process of promoting a product for a merchant and getting a cut when someone buy into the product from your website, the secret to traffic generation is to observe the 5 principles above and watch your traffic increase with time, this secret  guide to affiliate marketing strategy has worked for many and it will still work for you



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