At the end of this article, you should be able to list the features which do come with the Belding American Collection Vintage Golf Carry Bag so that you can determine whether they are right for you or not

Do you know that one of the very important things a golfer should consider is his bag, oh yes, the choice of the bag determines the safety of your gears and equipment

In today’s blog post we have reviewed the American Vintage Collection Carry Golf Bag The American Vintage Carry Golf Bag is one of the many series of bag that well resonates with ”American Vintage” as a brand

This company is well known for its highly innovative and well-crafted golf bags, basking and winning so many awards to its name


Why Do I Need A Golf Bag?

Come on, you have spent a whole lot getting those expensive clubs and item, won’t it be wiser you spend even much more for its protection? in this case your bag

A lot of golfers are so caught up with their gears that they do not take into consideration their bag as an important factor

As a matter of fact, you will not be allowed to play golf in some courses as some courses require you to have a golf bag

Your bag plays several roles for your gears and other golf items, these roles include-Source of protection, source of oneness/togetherness

  • Protection

One of the very ned of your bag is that it serves as a protection to all your belongings, it protects your belongings and golf-related item from harsh weather condition

  • Oneness/ Together

Imagine having all your equipment littered from one place to the other, then it is very easy to forget one of your equipment and accessories behind as they aren’t kept together, your golf bag ensures togetherness of all your belonging so as to prevent them from getting missing or misplaced


The American Vintage Collection Carry Bag just as its name suggest is a carry bag manufactured from pure animal skin well recognized with the name Leather Golf Bag

This leather carry bag stands out as it is the toughest material used for bag making, this means you are buying exceptional quality and durability as leather gets better with aging by absorbing oils from your hand

This beautiful leather golf bag is available in a different color from where you can choose from and aside from that it offers one of the most attractive blends of color that will love and come to appreciate

This bag features but 4 length dividers, which means that you will have a limited organization as each club cannot have its own individual slot

However, its number of pocket is quite comforting as they are 5 in numbers and this gives you an opportunity to pick up as many belongings that you will be needing

This bag is best suited for golfers looking for a leather golf bag that can be carried with ease down the course instead of the heavy and bulky bags like Staff and Cart Bags which is carried on the cart

The five pockets which make up this Belding American Vintage leather Carry Bag include a deep velour-lined valuable pocket, garment/clothing pocket, and three accessory pockets

I love this bags as it also is very sturdy and balanced due to its dual stand in built legs, this makes it one of the most stable golf bag across all terrain

This Carry bag does come with a well structured and highly developed carry strap system for easy and proper distribution of weight across the shoulder

If you are looking for a roomy yet extremely portable golf bag then this one is great, its well designed zippered system makes them quite reliable as this adds up to the overall protection of your bags

The Zippered system is also so easy to open and close, you will find out that it is so so easy to carry this bag as it does come with a well developed and strategically placed top and bottom of the bag

This bag is a handcrafted bag made from the USA by a company known as Belding, Oxnard, California

This bag does boost a multi-pocket designed made in harness leather and waxed canvas, this makes it an authentic design for premier golfers


Belding American Collection Vintage Carry Bag, Its Specification

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  • Brand: Belding
  • Type: Carry Bag
  • Strap: Double
  • Year:
  • Material: Leather
  • Weight: 5 Pounds
  • Top Diameter: 36.2 x 12.8 x 10 inch




Belding American Collection Vintage Carry Bag Video Review By Tourbon


Belding American Vintage Collection Carry Bag, Its Pros

  • Very quality and durable as they are made from cowhides
  • Very portable and easy to carry as they are extremely lightweight
  • Well designed carry strap system for comfort  and proper weight distribution across the shoulder
  • Sturdy and well made
  • Good for the price

Belding Vintage Collection Carry Golf Bag, Its Cons

  • Limited spacing and pocketing as they are a carry bag




American Vintage Collection Carry Bag, Its FAQ

  • Q: Will this work on a Golf Cart
  • A: Definitely, the American Vintage Collection Golf Carry Bag is great for the cart but as you will expect, it is a cart bag so do not expect it to be roomy as a large bag, carrying too many clubs in this bag would mean that getting it in and out would be difficult


  • Q: Is there a rigid internal frame that comes with this bag so that it can be able to stand on its own?
  • A: You will have to add a plastic tube for each club as the bag does not have a sturdy frame


  • Q: Is the leather on top used as a divider?
  • A: Yes, it is a slim and simple leather strap which is set from the position 10: 00 to 2:00 position and of course act as a divider

The Belding Vintage American Collection carry bag is great for that golfer who wants to focus on a particular aspect of their game one at a time, maybe driving the range or hitting out of the bunker, or doing some putt

This bag is purely designed for just your essentials and not the entire club as they are very small, with limited pocket for extreme portability


Is Vintage Golf Bag Worth Buying?

American vintage belding carry golf bag

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If you are looking for a bag that offers generous spacing and pocketing, then the Vintage is likely the wrong place to search for

However, if you are in search of a simple and portable golf bags which are built with the strongest lasting material, then the Vintage is a ”go-go” spot

One of the key features to a Vintage Golf bag is that it offers quality and efficiency in excess as this brand is solely focused on producing leather golf bag

They are best described as ”Leather Bag oriented brand” with the vintage golf bag you would have to worry about your bag as it gets better with time, how about the ”soft feel and smooth touch


Types Of Golf Bag

There are five categories for your golf bag, the lack of this information has been one of the problems contributing to golfers especially newbies making the wrong choice on their bag

There are five types of bag for golf and this include-Staff Bag, Cart Bag, Stand Bag, Carry Bag, and Travel Bag

  • Staff Bag

The Staff bag is the most luxurious, spacious, and heavy golf bag of all type, they are also referred to as Tour bags as they are often common among tour pros

Whenever you are looking for the ”Ross Rois” golf bag then you can be very sure that the Staff Golf Bag holds that record

This bag holds the best for everything-Weight, Space, Quality, and expense, you should expect a typical Staff bag to weigh 10 pounds and above

The Staff bag is extremely generous in spacing that there is space for all your tees, balls, shoes, etc,

If you are also a golfer who come accompanied then the Staff bag can also mean a great choice option for you

There are lots of Staff Golf Bag and making a choice on your bag can be quite challenging and tough this is we recommend this Best Staff Bag On Sale

  • Cart Bag

The Cart bag is simply designed to be used on a golf cart, this bag is being tied to the cart using its strap system which prevents the bag from slippage when in motion

Cart bags are also very spacious and come with lots of pockets that weigh just like the Staff Bag but noticeably smaller

You can expect a typical Cart bag to weigh 6 pounds to 9 and a great choice for anyone who owns a Cart

You can also refer to the Cart bag as a trolley bag as they are usually manned using a trolley

For your cart bags please refer here Best Cart Bag To Buy Right Now 

  • Stand Bag

the Stand Bag is so designed that it comes with an inbuilt stand which makes them very solid and stable no matter the terrain

Stand bag does feel the gap between the Cart bag and Staff bag, this bag can also be very spacious and comes with a lot of pockets but noticeably on a smaller scale than the Cart bag

The Stand bag is a great option for that golfer who is looking for the perfect balance between spacing and portability

The Staff bag is made so that it comes with one of the most advanced and strategically placed carry strap system so that there is proper weight distribution across the shoulder for comfort and ease

There are lots of golf stand bag in today’s market, this is what we recommend Best Golf Stand Bag to buy right now

  • Carry Bag

American vintage carry golf bag

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Just as its name goes, ”Carry Bag” for this bag was designed for carrying, the carry golf bag also known as ”Sunday Golf bag or Pencil Golf Bag” is designed to carry only but your essentials

The Carry golf bag is the lightest and smallest golf bag thus making them the most portable and simple

If you are a golfer who wants to focus on a particular aspect of your game one at a time, for example Driving the range or hitting out of the bunker or doing some putt”

All you need do is pick up the clubs that well resonates with your activity in the course. For example, if I choose to drive the range all I simply do is pick up my driver club and one or two more

On the other hand, if choose to hit out of the bunker, all I simply do is pick up my wedges, the carry golf bag does come with the most advanced and solid dual carry strap system for the best of convenience and a great feel

The Carry bag is known to come with few pockets and spacing, this makes them a ”go-go” option bag for Senior Golfers due to its lightweight-ness

A perfect example of a Carry Golf bag would be the Belding American Collection Vintage Golf Bag on review

For your Waterproof carry golf bag please refer here Best Waterproof Carry Golf Bag

  • Travel Bag

The Travel Golf Bag enables the golfer to travel with his or her club well secured inside the bag without fear of any defect on gears/equipment throughout the journey as a result of gliding and sliding due to uneven terrain

The Travel Golf Bag does come with a rigid outer casing and a soft, foamy, and well-padded inn so that your equipment is well secured

The Travel Bag is also known to come with inbuilt wheels for easy and quick maneuvering, especially around the airport

Want to embark on a journey by flight and looking for one of the most reputable golf travel bags for airlines please refer here Best golf travel bag for airlines


What Should I Consider When Making A Choice On Vintage Golf Bag?

American Belding collection golf bag leather

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Here are some of the factors that will help you make the right selection on your bag anytime any day, golfers especially newbies make this mistake too often

  • Stitching

Look for a bag that offers double stitching around the top and bottom cuff of the bag, stitching is all about the structural soundness of your bag

The loop and lock are the most common stitching type used by certain companies, they use a loop and lock stitching so that if one side comes apart, it will lock and this prevents the other from popping out

Look out for the strength and density of the lines used to stitch the bag they should look durable and solid

  • Zippered System

Check for zips, are they metallic or rubber? this is your choice to make(personal preference)

This zip does also come in different style, shapes, and sizes, make sure zips are solid and easy to open and close, they should also be well developed for easy grabbing

Note: Good zippers add up to the overall protection and safety of your bags

Self-healing zippers are always the best

  • Pocket

One of the most important things you should consider is pocketing, if you care about spacing and in love with many pockets then you should stick to getting a bag which has lots of pocket and spacing, in this case, the Staff and the Cart bag is what you should be looking at

If you care about portability more than anything else then you should be looking for a bag that does have limited pocket and spacing in this case the Stand bag and the Carry bag

Many companies added versatility to pocket so that it allows for zipping on and off, you should also be smart enough to check out for garment pocket, one which has a travel/rain hood inside would be preferable

  • Quick Clip

Check for quick clips, how adjustable are they? look for one which offers generous adjustability so that you can easily take on and off the bag strap which is an important selling point

  • Strap

Look or strap which offers proper padding and cushioning, this is due to walking motion as it is one that goes up and down thus causing strain and stress as you carry your bag

This factor is even more important to anyone having injuries or bag ailment

  • Graphite Shaft Protection

When  making a choice on your golf bag check for its graphite shaft as the most common style is the fur, however, its disadvantage is the fact that sand can stock to the fur which would harm the shaft coating

Thanks to innovation and technology as there are a newer and advanced form of graphite shaft protection, these advanced form is such as the Felt, Fabric, and Treated rubber lining


Why Buy A Leather Golf Bag?

  • Aggressive Durability

One of the very first reasons which make a leather golf bag worth buying is the fact that it does offer the best for durability as they are often made from cowhide/skin which is very tough

Materials made from leather tend to last for years, as a matter of fact, real leather last for decades

This is one of the topmost consideration as it guarantees the best of quality, amazingly leather bags that come with animal skin are smooth and soft on the hand, they get older with time by absorbing oil from your body

The Belding American Vintage Collection golf bag is one which is made from pure leather material(real skin)

  • Style

Leather bags are usually cherishable by all due to their aggressive durability, this makes them one of a kind and very special, this makes you stand out among many golfers

  • Feel and Touch

Leather bags do have a smooth feel and touch, this feel and touch is pleasant to the hand

They are comfortable and attractive as they shine bright especially when cleaned up or washed

If you consider the Belding American Vintage carry bag you will agree with me that this bag is very colorful and attractive with a smooth and soft feel when touched due to its fur


What Golf Bag Material is Best?

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The kind of bag you choose spans from sizing to type to the material used for its making, Golf Bags are usually made with three materials

Most modern golf bags are made of nylon, canvas, and or leather, then with a plastic and metallic reinforcement and framing

  • Nylon

Bags made of nylon are usually waterproof even though they aren’t that strong, nylon bags are well familiar with places with constant rainfall

For your waterproof golf bag please refer here best Waterproof Golf Bag to buy

  • Leather

Bags made of leather material especially from skin hides last for a decade if used properly, this is one of the selling points for leather material, an example of a bag made from leather material would be the Belding Vintage Golf Carry bag on review

There are lots of leather golf bag in today’s market and amazing the Belding American Vintage Carry Golf bag in this blog post happens to be among one of them

For your leather golf bag, here is my recommendation Best Leather Golf Bag To Buy Right Now


Canvas is usually made from linen or cotton, for quality, linen is considered the best for quality off the surface and durability

Cotton is a more affordable option as they are usually cheaper than linen, bags made from canvas are also durable and efficient



One of the very bag golf bags which guarantees aggressive durability and efficiency is the leather golf bag

These bags are made from pure leather skin, today’s golfing do have in great offers leather golf bag all for sale

This bag is able to hold some golf club, golf tees, and few golf balls, this makes them great for the golfer who wants to focus on a particular aspect of their game

In today’s blog post we have on review the Belding Vintage American Collection Golf bag, this bag features a multi-pocket designed made in harness leather and waxed canvas, and ykk zippers

Note: You might need a real sheepskin strap sleeve/cover if you want it to be more comfortable to carry




























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