In the end, you should be able to list the best golf mat (5 x 5 golf mat)

If you are serious about improving your golf game then you need a golf mat for home practice

Golf hitting mats have revolutionized golfing and taking it to a whole new level, prior to this era there were no golf mats so golfers had to practice at the course as it was the only available option then

But now the story is different as golfers can enjoy golfing from the comfort of their home, office, backyard, balcony, or where ever they deem fit to practice

The use of golf mat became even more pronounced as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic as people were restricted from the course

There was no way to practice and this spiked the demand for indoor golf which mat happens to be one of the tools for a perfect indoor golf

With indoor golf made famous during the pandemic, golfers have a new means to practice improving their game without visiting the real golf course

Surprisingly this hitting mat have been so well developed and advanced that the quality ones mimic the real course and actual green, thanks to technology and innovation which has made that possible

In today’s blog post we are going to be listing the best 5 x 5 size golf mat on sale today so as to be able to help you make the right choice on which is best suited for you

And even if you are looking for a guide that ensures you make the best selection on your 5 x 5 golf hitting mat, you are at the right place

Looking for a 5 x 5 size golf mat? we have got you covered, this article is highly lasered to you

Golf mats are available in different sizing such as 4 x 5, 3 x 5, 4 x 5, 5 x 10, but one of the most common sizing for golf mats is the 5 x 5

We ensured that the list of mats which makes up our top 5 is very quality so that you hey are long-lasting and you get the best of experience, these mats are very lovely as they feel like the real course

Golf hitting mat gives us an opportunity to improve on our game by practicing away from the course, it doesn’t matter whether you are practicing long drives, chipping outdoor or iron swing in a simulator

For your simulator please refer best golf simulator to invest in right now!!! without further explanation here is the list


Best Golf Mat (5 x 5)

  • Premium 5 x 5 Luxury Tee Golf Hitting Mat

5 x 5 golf hitting mat best

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The Premium 5 x 5 Luxury Tee Golf hitting Mat is one which you should consider investing in as they are very sturdy, thick, and big enough to hit iron and driver shot conveniently

If you are looking for a mat that offers great feedback then you can barely go wrong with this one

Aside from that, they are highly durable and extremely responsive for the best of experience, with this mat you will have a real feel of the course

I also have a great love for this mat as it can be used both indoors and outdoors depending on your wish

Thick enough so that it does not slide as you hitting using any of your preferred clubs

Note: This mat holds a wooden tee to hit a different height


  • Weight: 24lbs
  • Sizing: 5 x 5
  • Brand: premium
  • Material: 100 Nylon
  • 1.250 thick with urethane backing

Premium 4 x 5 Luxury Tee Golf Hitting Mat Video Review By Gorkem Oday


Note: Sorry we couldn’t find video for the 5 x 5 review so the video above is the 4 x5 size golf mat, we will make changes to this as soon as it becomes available 



  • Great for feedback and feel
  • Quality and highly responsive
  • Sturdy and thick so that it actually mimic the real course
  • Good for the money
  • Free shipping


  • Absence of marking on club bottom


  • Dura-Pro Perfect Reaction Golf Mat(Best On Review)

Best on sale 5x 5 golf mat 2021

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The Dura-Pro Perfect Reaction Golf mat is one which is very quality and highly efficient, this mat has a size of 5 x 5 and is great for both indoor and outdoor use

This is  a great mat for hitting and chipping, it does stand out as it is a commercial golf mat and one that can be used anywhere

They can be used in the golf course, in the range, and in schools

Note: They are great for simulators 

They are greatly admired as it does absorb all club shocking and this makes it easy on the wrist and elbow and this will prevent you from injury

The Dura-Pro Perfect Reaction Golf Mat is bound for durability as it does have a ”5/8” thick base for a perfect stance and natural feel

You will also notice that they are non-slippery, hardly gets stained, and bounded thermally for the best performance

Amazingly, this mat is for all clubs, whether your driver, putter, and wedge as they are designed to absorb all shocks

Note: Thermally bonded not glues, which is the best 


  • 3D Turf fibers
  • 5/8” thick pad base
  • Material: 100 nylon
  • Weight: 3pounds
  • Dimension: 16 x 15 x 14
  • Manufacturer: Gorilla Golf Mat

Dura-Pro Perfect Reaction Golf Mat Video Review By Gorkem Odey



  • All-weather resistant
  • Very quality golf mat
  • Absorbs shocks and all clubs including driver can be used on it
  • Quality golf fiber so that it feels like the real course
  • Save wear and tear on your wrist
  • Comes with 3 rubber golf tee


  • No negative review as at the time of writing


    • 5 x 5 Club Elite Real Feel Golf Mat(Best Valued)

Best 5 x 5 hitting golf mat reviews

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The Country Club Elite Real Feel Golf Mat is one of the best for the value golf mats due to its outstanding quality and actual feel of the real course, it also has a whopping 5 PGA Tour champion victories to its name

The Country Club Elite has been a known golf brand for your golf mat many years back so they know what it takes to make a great golf mat built to last and with the best of efficiency

This mat features a free turn and locks adjustable practice tee and base, if you are looking for a mat that is very good for your wrist and elbow then the Club Elite seems to be the real deal

Whether you want to use your mat for home or the backyard it will suit you well, this mat was born and introduced in the PGA Tour which holds a good record to its name

There are many mats that seem to have the bounce problem but the Club Elite does solve that problem which makes them stand out and this is attributed to the fact that it is 2 x denser than the standard mat

Note: This Mat solves the bunce problem and this makes them unique


  • Weight: 45 pounds
  • Brand: Dura-Pro
  • Year
  • Dimension : 60 x 12 x 12
  • Free turn and lock adjustable practice tee
  • 2 x denser than a standard mat

5 x 5 Club Elite Real Feel Golf Mat Video Review By Garage Golf



  • Very quality and highly efficient as they are 2x denser than standard golf  mats
  • Solve the bounce problem
  • Gentle on the wrist and elbow
  • Feels like the real tee/turf


  • Heavy


  • All Turf Mat Super Tee Golf Mat With Tray(Best For The Money)

5 x 5 golf hitting mat best

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The All Turf Suoer Tee Golf mat does come with a tray as its name suggest, this golf mat is greatly admired and made unique as it can hold any size of wooden tray

This one is also very easy on the elbow and shoulder as they aren’t difficult to hit, it6 feel like the real course

This mat is also greatly admired due to its ability to absorb club shocks and can be used whether indoors or outdoors

The All Turf mat would not fade, bunch, weather or leave marks on your golf clubs and this is exceptionally worth taking note

Its ability to withstand shock is drawn from the fact that they are 1.125” thick with a urethane backing that withstands repeated abuse

Note: The best part about this golf mat is that it accepts a wooden tee and this allows you to hit different clubs at a different height

The fiber mat which is dense lets you feel the difference on a fat shot because going too deep would mean that the thick fiber would slow your club down


  • Brand: All Turf Mat
  • Weight: 
  • Package dimension
  • Thickness: 1.125 with urethane backing

All Turf Mat Super Tee Golf Mat Video Review By Cruz Plascencia



  • Free ball tray as a bonus
  • Thick turf so that using it on concrete is no problem
  • easy to hit so that they are not coarse to your elbow and joint
  • Real feel of the course as they are very quality and highly efficient
  • Accepts a wooden golf tee


  • Someone complained of artificial grass falling off easier than thought


  • Stroke Saver Tri-Turf Master Golf Mat(5 x 5)

5 x 5 hitting golf mat 2022

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The Stroke Saver Turf master is truly a stroke saver as it helps in lowering your scores thus improving your game

This mat delivers the precise feedback needed to develop your swing that can effectively lower your scores

The ball is not able to bounce at impact and this is great as a result of its extra shock absorption for the best of experience and feel

It does give you a realistic turf like feel, if you are looking for an easy to store or transport golf mat then the Motivo Golf Mat is a great option for that

This mat functions by prevent9mg weather damage to your golf mat through its thermal coefficient

How about its 5/8” inch shock pad which is engineered with a perfect combination of air and elasticity to increase stability thereby decreasing slide and it prevents your club from bouncing at impact


  • Brand: Motivo Golf 
  • Weight:
  • Package Dimension: 60 x 60 x 4 inches
  • 5/8” inch shock pad

  • Stroke Saver Tri-Turf Master Golf Mat Video Review By MrShortGame Golf



  • Very easy to store and transport
  • Very quality and efficient do that they are very long-lasting and feel like the real tee
  • Thermal coefficient which prevents damage and increases the life span of your mat
  • Perfect combination of air and elasticity for increase stability and balancing and to decrease slide
  • Exact feel and feedback just like the real course
  • Shock absorption prevents clubs from a bounce during impact


  • Still waiting to see the cons


What Are The Thing I Should Put Into Consideration When Making A Choice On My 5 x 5 Golf Mat

Mats are part of the prerequisite to get a complete indoor golf setup, a complete indoor golf setup would often include

When making a choice on your golf mat a lot of things should be put into consideration, as an example, this article is all about the best 5 x 5 golf mat so in this case, we start with mat sizing

  • Mat Sizing

This is especially true because of the best 5 x 5 sizing hitting golf mat, when making a choice on your mat it is very advisable that you put your height onto consideration as taller golfers would require bigger golf mat others which are less would require

One of the very important criteria to determine which mat sizing is right for you is by taking a measurement of your height

Mat recommended based on height

Height                                                                                              Optimal Mat Size

<5’3”                                                                                                  ‘3 x 4’, ‘3 x 5’ or 4 x 4

5’3”- 6”                                                                                             ‘4 x 5” or ‘5 x 5”

>6′ or for use in a simulator                                                          5’6”or 5′ x 10′

The reason why your height is so important is that if your golf mat is too small your game isn’t going to be realistic and your progress indoor would definitely transfer to the golf course

Having a mat that is big gives you more surface area that can take the wear and tear of your shots

  • Quality and feel

One thing which has always proven to make a difference in the quality of experience as no two golf hitting mats are exactly the same

How realistic is the mat when it comes to mimicking the course, does it actually feel like the real course, or its some kind of different

Look for mats that offer real course experience, over the years manufacturers have done an excellent job by dialing in the grass on their mat as this gives it the feel of the real course

On the other hand, you do not want a mat which is too similar to the real course so that it doesn’t hurt your elbow and joints

It is always advisable that you look for a golf mat which is able to mimic the real course and still very forgiving as well

  • Functionality

Actually detecting a quality golf mat is easier than you think, to detect quality golf hitting mat you should take a deep look into its hitting surface, if they are of high quality then in no doubt you have got the right type of mat

Though golf mats do not have much do not include many features, however, you will find some models which bring more value and functionality to the table

You may have strip of turf that emulates the fairway, one that emulates the rough, and a strip for teeing up and hitting

  • Budgeting

Regardless of all that has been said, the type of golf mat you choose depends on your budget, if you want high-quality golf hitting mat with great efficiency, then you must be willing to spend a little more

Mat is available at different prices, the better the quality and the more refined the experience the more expensive your golf hitting mat can become

Not everyone can afford mats which fall into the four-figure range, there are some option which falls below this range

  • Storage spacing

Your golf mat would require some amount of spacing for it to be installed, while there are bigger golf mats, there are golf mats that is smaller in size

Before buying your mat you should take into consideration your spacing, do you have enough spacing where your mat can be installed? this is true because if you lack spacing then there is no need for buying

So before making that bold step to determine which golf hitting mat would be best suited for you I hope you have done some measurements on the spacing required to install your mat


What Size Golf Mat Is Right For Me?

As said earlier the standard size golf mat is the 5x 5 as most driving range use mats that are 5 x 5

Golf mat should be purchased having considered your height as an important metric as this helps in a better-preinformed buying decision

If you plan on having a golf simulator then the 5 x 6 mat sizing can be a great option

  • For the short heighted golfer the ‘3 x 4’, ‘4 x 4’ and ‘4 x 5” is a great option as they are best suited for your height
  • Whereas for the average/tall individuals, the 5 x 5 golf hitting mat is what you should be looking at
  • For very tall golfers consider using the ‘5 x 6’ or ‘5 x 10”


Is A 3 X 5 Golf Mat Big Enough?

One of the very important consideration when buying a mat for golf is sizing, if your golf maty is too small you practice section may not feel realistic and this would definitely have a negative impact on yur performance

Technically your golf mat just have to be big enough, the question which begs for te answer if a ‘3 x 5” golf mat is big enough would depend on the end user

If you are a very tall golfer or looking for the best golf mat for simulator then the ‘5 x 6’ or ‘5 x 10’ is thne best recommended

‘3 x 5’ Golf mats is best suited for the short or average height golfer

Note: The standard golf mat sizing is the ‘5 x 5”


Can You Use Real Golf Ball On A Golf Mat?

Golf mat offers you the chance to use a real golf ball or practice golf ball on your golf mat, however, this solely depends on how quality your golf mat is

If you want a golf hitting mat that is able to mimic the real course like being able to take on the real golf ball and practice ball then you should consider getting a quality and highly efficient golf mat

Amazingly the 5 x 5 golf hitting mat on review is one that mimick the real course as they are quality and highly efficient so that you can use a real golf ball or practice ball

Note: Low-quality golf mats are usually best suitable for practice golf ball so as to prevent tearing or wearing down on your mat


Real Golf Ball VS Practice Golf Ball, What’s The Difference?

Firstly we can see the difference is all clear, just as its name suggests the real golf ball are the ones used in the course whereas the practice golf ball is designed for practice so they aren’t as solid or hard as the real balls

To make this explanation a little clearer, practice golf mats are known to have a lower speed and flying shot distances, they also cost less

A real golf ball on the other hand will provide better ball speed, more accurate spin, precision and consistent ball flight



Golf hitting mat gives you the option to practice indoor golf right from the comfort of your home without visiting the course hereby improving on your game by lowering your scores

Come on, you don’t have to leave your comfort every day and head to the course as the golf mat does all the heavy lifting for you by giving you an option to practice from home

Mats are available in different brands, sizes. model, quality, and functionality, one of the very factors that you must put into consideration as you are in a hunt for a golf mat is sizing

One of the most common types of golf mat sizing is the 5 x 5, this means that you will not have a problem finding one

As an example we have on review the best golf  5 x 5 sizing golf mat, this mat is great for golfers the average/tall golfers as it presents enough spacing to perform any swing type

During the Covid-19 Pandemic, the spike on indoor golf, in general, was in very high demand, golfers wanted to simply practice from the comfort of their homes/office/balcony or where ever is deem fit for them without having to vist the golf course





















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