In the end you should be able to know the concept of a pitching wedge and why you will be needing one as a golfer and be able to identify the 10 best pitching wedge in the year 2020

A pitching wedge is one of the maximum fourteen club permitted to be carried by player under the rule of golf

A Pitching Wedge have varied uses, it is a versatile club and falls in between numbered irons and wedges

All pitching wedge are known to follow a sequence of movement from the ground up (progression) of the same set

Today’s golfing world offer great and amazing collections of pitching wedge golf sport club for the golfer, prior to this era there were little to no collection on great and insanely forgiving pitching wedge club but now the story is different as there are vast choice from where the golfer can make a choice

Looking for the best pitching wedge golf sport club of 2020 for better game improvement and accuracy? never to worry this article will meet your needs as it offers the best and up to date list of this wedge club


The Concept Of A Pitching Wedge Golf Club

A pitching wedge can simply be defined as a specific club out of a golf club set which is used to hit a shot with higher and shorter trajectory than a 9 iron

And a lower and longer trajectory than a gap wedge http://Wikipedia

In lay mans term, it can also be seen as a golf club with a low angled face for maximum loft

What does a pitching wedge help you do as a golfer?

Well said, Pitching wedge is used for ball lofting, straight into the air and in a high altitude instead of a line drive shot.

This elevation helps you hit over water, trees and other obstacle without difficulty

Obstacles such as trees, bunkers, water and fairway are usually frustrating, when your ball is trapped in them so with a pitching wedge you can easily cross over them(escape)

Used to create a better and comfortable lie

Pitching wedge loft is on the general between 42deg and 49, they also have a bounce of zero to 10 degrees

Sound simple right?but its too expensive to be ignored, the simple truth is every golfer, i mean all golfer will be needing a pitching wedge seeing that there is always bound to be obstacles as far as golfing is concerned

Best of pitching wedge 2018 had been carefully analysed, tested and retested just for the sake of unleashing without being biased the top  picks of pitching wedge for 2018

Before we begin the list, there is a point that needs to be botress and this being, a whole lot of people have a myopic view about their buying decision, they say thing similar to “if an item have no reviews then i wouldn’t buy” sure!there is great smartness to that but not all the time

Just because an item have no reviews yet, doesn’t mean such an item in this case Wedge is a flop

We often miss out every single day of our lives when we focus our buying decision on reviews alone

There are quite a number of clubs out there_ extremely fabulous and forgiving that has not even gotten any review, but let the hard truth be told such equipment couple of times happen to be the best buy decision any one can ever make

All i am trying to make clear here is great reviews do not guarantee a club will work for you, it simply means it worked for someone else

Broaden your research by not simply clinching on reviews as the only factor to concluding that an item is definitely the best, rather combine it with some other factors such as the feautres and the description tagged to that item you wish to purchase

So you would have no course for regret at all, some of the club in this list might have no review yet but thorough intense research and series of test have singled them out and discovered they are actually even of a better quality and playability than some clubs with all the great reviews they can get

What Are The 10 Best Golf Sport Pitching Wedge Clubs Of 2020

  • Founder Club Nickel 255 Spin Milled 46 Degree Pitching Wedge(Best Easy And Forgiving)


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Give it a try for this pitching wedge is no just a pitching wedge, it is one with a difference and you will love it, i am certain of it

This are some crazy exciting feautres which makes this club as good as the number one stop must own club

Feautres a CNC machine milled flat face with machine cut grooves

When you compare this club with the previous version it does have 40 percent more groove volume than the previous which means ball and club face has more have more friction

This gives you more spin with consistency even on tall grass and wet grass

This wedge gives you a soft pleasant feel due to the presence of a soft carbon steel head

When it come to look and glare this wedge is not to be messed with for no other pitching can be compared to its ever classical and un-matched beauty

It does have a bounce grind of 255’s which produce an average on effective bounce

You will love the heavy feel and milled face


Performs well in most condition

Consistent high spin

Very forgiving with a pleasant feel

Attractive and beautiful

Quick delivery


No guarantee policy


  • Callaway Mack Daddy PM Grind(Best For Feedback And Response)

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This wedge for sure is built to last with all the admirable feautres that makes it playable and admirable

It is best when you are looking to loft your ball accurately into the atmosphere without any hassale or struggle, with this one would easily get pass all obstruction within a nick of time

With this club you have no problem with exceptional and satisfying feel and response on every shot

A progressive Centre of gravity positioning creates room for added control and functionality

With this club, who knows you might become the next tiger wood, so fantastic is it that has won so many award in recent years


3 grind 3 grooves

Maximum spin and versatility

Large groove areas


Loft adjustment is a little bit complicated and so takes time


  • Pinemeadow Golf PGX Wedge(Best Lightweight And Responsive)

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So said a famous and well know golfer(name withheld) if you have not played pinemeadow then you probably are a baby golfer

Those good at golfing have been found in one time or the other with a club made of pinemeadow

It has all the essential and even additional qualities expected from a professional club

At the bottom of the club head there is a wide sole that is there to provide a highly forgiving hitting surface

A technology known as U groove for easy ball speed and high launch trajectory

Well made and does the job of getting balls out of the sand trap


Very lightweight

The U groove technology Extremely forgiving

Good feel and great weighing

Sturdy and nice shiny finish

For the price it is all good

Consistency on hit


No head cover


  • Delta Golf Ladies Pitching wedge(Best For Feedback And Response)

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A wedge too cheap for its functionality

What a great wedge in an incredible low price with all the forgiveness tendency and easy to launch into the atmosphere capabilities

This wedge is available in different loft degrees_52, 56, 60 and 64  with a soft style grip

Having good weight and balance this is no alternative for any golfer but a must own if you want a better and improved result on your golfing life

Its a guarantee which has been proven and tested using different strategies with even new adopted one, you will love this club

The grip of this wedge is such with a comfortable and gives a pleasant feel when it comes in contact with a ball


Good weight and balance

Grip has a nice feel on hand

It has a low CG for easy ball launch into the atmosphere with less spin

Fast delivery on other

Light weight and highly attractive


Does not come with a headcover


  • Callaway Mack Daddy 3 Chrome Pitching Wedge(Best For Response And Forgiveness)

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Who us that golfer who have not heard of callaway mack daddy 3, probably such golfer is yet to encounter a game changer club that he hasnt all his life

This club is ultra forgiving with its great versatility for loft adjustment

With these wedge the fear of every hazard including bunker and trees becomes boldness

It does possess great and unique feautres such that you have never seen and will make you a happy golfer

Imagine, this wedge has 3 grind for every shots, condition and swing isnt that a great enough?

It does stop there, the new R sole gives you the kind of versatility you will be needing to play variety of shots even from extremely rough grasses such as the one tour pro faces

The CG positioning gives you added control

How?someone is asking, the CG simply moves up as the loft of each wedges increases

It holds the record of being the most complete wedge line callway has ever made

This wedge has a maximum spin which comes from the 16 groove configuration  for more aided stopping power


Sturdy and and balanced

Added control over spin

Extremely forgiving

16 groove configuration

Multiple versatility for every shot you will be needing


Shipping restriction

May not come with a headcover


  • Callaway Golf Mack Daddy 5(Best For Feedback And Forgiveness)


The Callaway wedge feature’s a cutting edge technology, one of those technology is the weight re-distribution

The weight re-distribution has a higher centre of gravity which reduces flyers and create a more predictable and repeatable flight

Its coil spin forged stainless wedge feautres an exclusive precision mild space for superb and better spin control

With this pitching wedge you will experience consistent ball flight and scoring

Looking at it low CG cavity mass it  does make it easier to get the ball up quickly into the atmosphere

It is a club that you must grab when you want to golf like the pros, it looks amazing and the milled face is awesome

It has a tacky grip of which you will love , it is as nice as some of the higher priced wedges

Olimar wedge creates a nice spin and is a good quality product, the precision dual milled face provides exceptional spin how ever this wedge might not last long


Made of quality

Nice grip and appearance

Pleasant feel and well constructed

Can be used for sand shots and pitching

Deep grooves and rough milled surface

Price friendly


May take some time when you order

Moderately strong


  • Premium Doubled forged Prospec Golf Wedge(Best For Forgiveness And Feel)

Pitching wedge, best wedge, 2018 top pitching wedge

Actually some of the “Best” things in this world is hidden in silence. Tested and proven, this pitching wedge though without reviews as at the time of writing this article, but it is one of the smartest choice picke wedge for any golfer who aspires to play like a pro

The Premium doubled forged prospec golf wedge has an 8620 low carbon double forged steel and a black smoke finish

The Prosec feautres a dynamic sole design for versatility of your green side shots and with a rounded bevel cut mark you can easily open the face for different degrees

Extra bounce and 90 reverse mill on the face gives you a better and more swing with accuracy


Dynamic sole design for better playability

Low level cut back

370 hosel diametre

Versatility in loft option

Mills on the face gives you better swing





  •  Tour Striker Pitching Wedge(Best Easy And Responsive)

Wedge, pitching wedge, golf wedge, best pitching wedge

Designed specifically to help you master quality impact and better control of your scoring game shot

It is a great tool for improving your swing and is made with superb quality material

Many golfers aren’t satisfied with their ball flight, are you part of them?

If that is your challenge then this pitching wedge will bid such problem bye forever

This Tour striker PW will teach golfers how to deliver the “sweetspot” of the golf club to the ball

This club will work for you, it is great for up hill lies around the green, with this Pitching wedge you will loft the ball into the air easily and with great elevation

The elevator of this club makes it very easy to escape traps and obstacles

The Tour Striker is a great tool for proper swing improvement, Tour striker Club are cast of 433 Stainless steel and comes with true temper, Uniflex stiff shaft which you will love


Light and easy to use

Quality guide information on how to use

Nice grip and appearance

Extremely forgiving

Pleasant feel and maximum control over ball

Very durable




  • Titleist Vokey SM7 Pitching Wedge(Best For Control And Forgiveness)

golf club, pitching wedge, wedge club, best 2020Titleist Vokey SM7 Pitching Wedge golf feel great and have a lot of spin, don’t listen to anyone who said they are not great because they either have not used it or probably do not know how to use it

You will love this wedge, get ready for a life changing golf game experience such that you have never seen before

Play golf like a pro, hit like a star, get out of obstacles like a king, all this is achievable using this club

Forget the price, yes, it’s a little expensive but it’s all about your victory, your success and relevancy,

when used effectively you will forever become greatful for making such great decision

The RxF are the most completely and perfectly matched set  of wedge available in the market

It does have a 5 step precision  club head(forged) from very soft 1025c carbon  for an unmatched feel

This wedge is a true forging with versatility of loft to help you improve on your game

The technology which backs this club_5 distinct bounce surface helps for extarordinary playability and insanely unbelievable level of forgiveness in any short game situation

There are cheaper Wedge out there but just a little more sacrifice cash wise and you will see great positive result such that is nothing compares to that little extra cash used in purchasing


Loft veratility to help suit your play

Different bounce surface for extra ordinary playability

Forged club head from very soft 1025c carbon steel

Comes with a headcover

More spin and contro abilty

Straighter and longer shot

No reviews


Quite expensive but nothing compared to its rescue-ability


  • Wilson Staff FG Tour TC Wedge(Best For Lightweight And Forgiveness)

Best pitching wedge, golf pitching wedge, golf wedge, top rated wedge

The lowly Wilson staff FG is a light and durable pitching wedge, very pleasant to the hand of which you will love and easy to use

This wedge will change your bunker result to rapidly, no more fear or anxiety of the bunker

As a matter of fact with this wedge your days of fear of the bunker is nothing but a thing of the past, improve your game and hit like a star using the Wilson

Sure if it wasn’t that fantastic it wouldn’t be featured on Amazon, one of the World’s trusted E-commerce site according to Forbes list

Versatility loft to suit your playing style, added control comes from progressive CG in which the CG gradually moves upward as the loft of each wedge  increases

Wilsin staff do have a maximum spin from its unique groove configuration this promotes an easier to control ball flight

This wedge was designed by it’s Engineers to work on variety of course conditions, for different type shot and for players with different swing style and strength

The CG is placed uniquely and strategically so as to give all level of golfer maximum forgiveness even on a mishit


Strategically placed CG for forgiveness to the optimum

Easy to play with a nice feel

Very durable

Appealing and captivating look

For all level of golfer

Easier and straighter ball flight

Fast delivery on other

Loft versatility to help suit your playing style


No reviews


As a true golfer you have the best of pitching wedge to help you easily and quickly get out of obstacle and hazard in the nick of time, this wedges do possess a low CG that encourages easibility of ball launch, high into the atmosphere coupled with few rolls thus obstacles have no hold on you

These are the 10 best pitching wedge review for 2018, with it you your golfing experience all turns out to be a miracle




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