In the end, you should be able to list the best all-terrain golf cart tires on sale today

Today’s golfing do have in great offer the best for all-terrain golf cart tires or are simply called high profile for long-lasting and quality

Prior to this era, there were little to no vast collection of all-terrain tires for the golf cart as we see today

With these Tires you will have no problem with any condition or situation, we know you are tired of having to buy a cart tire and finally, it doesn’t seem to last you as expected or you are looking for that tire best suited for any terrain

The Need For An All Terrain Golf Cart Tires

All-terrain golf cart tires are tires best suited for any condition, whether muddy terrain, sandy terrain, Hilly terrain, Pavement, or snow

These tires are best suited for any condition, you can see where it derives its name from, ”All Terrain”

When making or trying to make a choice on cart tires you are going to be choosing from low profile golf cart tires or All-terrain Tires

Golf Tires is broadly categorized into two and that being the All-Terrain Cart Tires and the Low Profile Tires

As said earlier all Terrain tires derive their name from the ability to adapt to various conditions, all Terrain tires can be used in any situation, be it on-road or off the road

However the Low Profile Cart Tires cannot be used on the road, they are meant to be used off the road

The All-Terrain golf cart tires are way more expensive than the Low Profile Tires due to the fact that they can be used in any situation since they are stronger and of more quality


All-Terrain Cart Tires VS Low Profile Tires Which Is Better?

The question of who is better will largely depend on your budget and what you will be using the tires for

However the ”All Terrain” golf cart tires are stronger and of more quality, in comparison to the Low Profile golf cart tires because they can be used in different situations and conditions and are usually far more superior than low profiles in terms of quality and efficiency


All-Terrain Golf Cart Tires VS Low Profile Cart Tires Which Is More Expensive

Without mizing words, it is logical to say if the ”All Terrain” golf cart tires are of better quality and efficiency and most importantly it can be used In a various situation

It makes sense to say they are more expensive in comparison to that of the low profile

Having said that, which one should you buy? There is absolutely no defined rule of which should be bought

What you should take into consideration before ever buying whether the All-Terrain or Low Profile golf cart Tires is you should be asking your self the sole purpose of the tire

If you goanna use the tires for the rough and hilly terrain then the All-Terrain Tires is best recommended, however, if you are using it for a smooth surface that is not coarse or rough, the Low Profile golf tires will do you just good

Having said this, it is quite important to pinpoint that there are many All Terrain golf cart available right now in the market and this can be a confusing and daunting task in an attempt to make a selection on which is the best fit

However, our job is to help you make the best of recommendation through this article

In this blog post of today, we are going to be listing the best for all Terrain cart tires

Our picks are based on intensive research reviews and feedback all with an effort to bring you the best on sale for 2020

Without further delay or waste of time, we present to you this very own updated list in 2020


Best For All Terrain Golf Cart Tires Reviewed in 2020

12 Vampire Machined Black Golf Cart Wheels And 20*10-12 DOT All Terrain Golf Cart(Best Fit For All Carts)

Best all terrain golf cart tiresThere is something so exotic about the Vampire Golf Cart and that is drawn from the fact that they are very quality and efficient

If you seek one of the easy to use and best-rated golf cart tires on sale this is a great option

With this tire any terrain is easily and quickly surmountable, it does matter the terrain, be it snow, sandy, muddy, your cart will move with all ease

These tires are designed with very strong thread and a complex pattern so that tires well grip able and very balanced on any terrain

You do not need a lift kit in other to be able to fix the tire as it fits with no stress, how about the great-looking wheels well constructed and built to last

You aren’t just buying an all-terrain cart tire, you are buying quality and are perfect for an EZ GO and other carts

Get this very best easy to install all-terrain tires at a go and save your self of the frustration of having to go through stress for installation

12 Vampire Machined Black Golf Cart Wheels And 20*10-12 DOT All Terrain Golf Car By Amazon Product Review



  • Very Quality for long-lasting efficiency
  • Easy to install tires
  • Best Valued and great for the money
  • Balanced and stable brought about by solid tread and pattern
  • Fast delivery and attractive wheels


  • Still waiting to see the cons


10” Bull Dog Black Wheels 20*10-10 DOT All Terrain Golf Cart Tires

All terrain, golf tires, cart tires, best tires, all terrainThe Bull Dog All Terrain Golf Cart Tires is one of exceptional value and quality, with these tires comes un-beatable quality for the best of efficiency and durability

The Bulldog All-Terrain tires are known for its aggressive tread and well structured and strategically woven pattern

They are a great tire for both on and off the road movement, with this tire every terrain seem surmountable in a quick and easy manner

This is a DOT and TURF approved tires, this is exactly what you have been looking for as they have got great customer feedback and fast delivery

If you are looking for a golf tire that does offer unmatched and exceptional traction for the best of stability and balance then this is a ”go-go” tire

One thing that makes them stand out is that being they are easy to install so that you are able to save your energy and tie on something more important and meaningful

10” BullDog Black Wheel All Terrain Golf Cart Tires


  • Very quality and well balanced due to strategically placed tread pattern
  • Exceptional traction for the best of grip and stability
  • All-terrain tires so great for any situation
  • Easy to install and quick steer
  • Fast delivery and great customer service
  • Well known and trusted brand
  • DOT and Turf approved
  • Great for EZgo


  • Still waiting to see the cons


10” Lancer Golf Cart Wheels And 18*9-10 DOT Stinger All Terrain Golf Cart(Best Reviewed)

Golf cart,best terrain, allterrain, 2020 best This is one of the best-reviewed golf carts which requires no lift kit to install, this will be a classical upgrade for your golf cart

It does come professionally mounted so that you do not need to spend extra cash on doing that

True to the fact this is one of the most rugged terrain golf cart brought about by its strong and solid tread and plating pattern

Get out of the rough, mud, and snow with no delay whatsoever and catch all the fun possible using this awesomely built cart tire

They are DOT approved and does come with a set of lungs and SS center cap so that they are properly tied to the cart for the best balancing and alignment

You will love these tires as they are 18” tall thus making your cart high enough and they fit all cart


  • Easy on and off cart tires
  • Quality and highly efficient
  • Comes with a set of lung nut and SS Cap
  • Well interwoven and strategically designed tread pattern for the best grip-ability
  • Perfect fit and requires no lift kits
  • All-terrain and DOT approved


  • Be the first to review


Performance Cart BullDog 10”Black Golf Cart Wheels With 18” All Terrain Tires

Cart tires, all terrain, best terrain,alcondition This high-Performance Golf Cart is built for ultimate feedback and response with no lift needed for installation

It does come with high-quality aluminum wheels built to last and very attractive such that your friends and colleagues are going to be wheel envy

Comes with a Rim and Lung nuts and fully ready mounted for quick and fast installation

Make a good difference on your cart, giving it all the classical look it deserves all made possible with these All Terrain golf cart tires

Does fit just about any golf cart brand and amazingly requires no lift kit for installation

Treads are thick and rugged so that every terrain whether smooth or rough becomes easy go easy sail terrain with quick and fast timing

You are in for a real deal of quality and classy with this good for traction and stability golf cart tires

In smooth terrain, tread are strategically woven so that I do not slip or skid off the way


  • Very durable with unmatched efficiency
  • Easy to install tires requiring no lift kit
  • Strong and thick tread strategically designed in a pattern that supports traction greatly
  • Well designed and colorful rims ensure colleagues become wheel envy
  • Easy to roll and move about as they are quite lightweight and moderately sized


  • Might make some noise on the pavement


Rally Gun Metal Golf Cart Wheel And 20*10-12 DOT All Terrain Golf Cart Tires(Best Valued)

Give your cart all the treatment and care it deserves with these all-terrain golf cart tires built for maximum durability and strength

This tire does help your cart to be tough through new terrain and still being able to handle the street, tall grasses, gravel driveway, and dirt with grace

This a 4 ply rating cart tire with a slid bolt pattern and 20 inches tire height which lifts your cart higher so that it does not get scratched on any terrain

They are also DOT rated thus making it trustworthy and reliable well suited for tough terrain and even smooth ones

How about the amazing stunning rims with the best of packaging which does arrive on time and well intact

One thing makes the high-quality tires stand tall and that being they do not lose air and even on snow and mud they are great and well suited


  • High-quality tires which do not lose air
  • Stunning and beautiful rims
  • Quick shipping and awesome customer support
  • Great tires for any terrain
  • 4 Ply rating and DOT approved for reliability


  • Someone complained of the center cap rattling on the rear


What Sizes Tire Can I Put On My Golf Cart?

8% tires are best suited for lifted golf cart, lifted golf cart can also fit any high profile tires which are measured at 10″, 12” or 14”

For lifted cart, you should expect as high as 20”, 22”, 23 and rarely 24”

Here is the list of the most purchased golf cart tires

205/50-10                    18” Tall                      8”Wide

205/65-10                     20.5”Tall                  8”Wide

205/30-12                     17”Tall                       8”Wide

215/30-12                      17.1”                          8.5”Wide

215/35-12                      17.9”Tall                   8.5”Wide

215/40-12                      18.5”Tall                   8.5”Wide

215/50-12                      20.5”Tall                   8.5”Wide

205/30-14                     19”Tall                         8”Wide


Are All Golf Cart Tires The Same Sizing?

All Golf Cart tires aren’t the same but thankfully enough Golf Cart tires are standardized, this is because the majority of the vehicles are almost of the same sizing requiring tires that are similar in width and height measurement

18”tall tire with 8”width Golf Cart tire is well known as a standardized golf cart tire


Type Of Golf Cart Tires

When making a choice on your Golf Cart Tires you should be aware that there are three different types

This includes Turf and Street Golf Cart Tires, Off-Road Golf Cart Tires, and All Terrain Golf Cart Tires

  • Turf & Street Golf Cart

As you will expect the most common use of a golf cart is on the golf course, this type of golf cart tires are designed to be used on the pavement and soft

When you talk about the standard factory tires then you are well referring to the Turf and Street Golf Cart Tires

These tires are great for smooth and pavement, yard, and turf golf course and as well if you are doing light driving without carrying anything heavy

The  Black Steel Golf Cart Wheels and 18×8.50-8″ Turf/Street Golf Cart Tires is a perfect example of a Turf & Street Golf Cart


Off-Road Golf Cart Tires

The Off-Road Golf Cart Tires are designed to suit its name, ”Off-Road” these tires simply aren’t meant for the road rather they are designed for large properties or wooden areas

One of such Cart tires is the MaxAuto Sport ATV Tires Lawn Mower Tires ATV UTV Off-Road Tires

They are great for adventure exploitation using a Cart, Off-Road Tires are also known as Knobby Tires

Its designed mechanism is that it is made to have a thicker and deeper thread pattern and this helps for the provision of extra traction and grip which gives you the power to push through Mud, Sand, and Rocky trails

There are many golf cart tires well designed for the mud, however, this is the one we recommend Best golf cart tires for mud

The reason why they aren’t used on the regular road is that they can be a little bumpy, if you are in search of well-suited golf cart tires for utility application an example is lawn work and gardening, then you cannot go wrong with this

  • All-Terrain Golf Cart

The All-Terrain Golf Cart is the most versatile type of cart, these stores are best suited for all conditions and situation, rugged and smooth, and also the turf

They are designed in such a way that it does have a smoother, shallow tread so that you can drive on soft turf and also the road including the off the road like the beach or lose dirty trail

When it comes to weighing the All-Terrain Golf Cart Tire do not weigh as much as the off-road tires and as a result of this they are lightweight or trail driving


Will Bigger Tires Make My Golf Cart Faster?

The Faster your Cart will go is greatly dependent on the shape and larger diameter of your Golf Cart

The question of bigger tires do help your golf Cart to move faster is simply true, this is especially helpful for improving gas or electric golf cart

On the other hand, Cart which is tick and does have large tires does have more traction and thus they are safer also


How Many Pound Of Air Should Be On Your Golf Cart Tires?

There is a certain level of air pressure that is required for your tires to function effectively, lower pressure or too high air pressure might result in tire not functioning to the optimum

Golf Cart tire uses anywhere from 15 pounds to 25 pounds per square inch(PSI), But you should expect this range for an average 20 to 22 Pounds per square inch(PSI)

However underinflated tires do have an advantage over well-inflated tires as they offer more traction


Golf Cart Tires, Golf Cart Rims, Golf Cart Wheels, What’s The Difference?

As expected a golf cart tire is the big rounded black rubber called tire, whereas a Golf Cart Wheel is the circular part that is metal and is inserted into the tire, Wheels serves as a skeleton to the tires and the Rims is another word for a Golf Cart Wheel

The most popular and well-known Wheel or Rim finishes is the chrome, machine, or polished finish


Do Golf Cart Tire Need Balancing?

Some of the challenges you will be asking yourself as an owner of a golf cart is whether the wheels need balancing

It is a healthy practice that you maintain the overall function of your golf cartwheels and tires as it allows for longer use and a smoother ride, this does not mean that the wheel on your Cart needs balancing

You can balance the wheel on your golf cart however it is often viewed as an unnecessary expense

At the speed at which golfcart is capable considering balance is unnecessary, if it is balanced it can make the

There are other issues that seem to be more important than balancing such as wobbling, shaking, etc. in this case you might have to consider other factors

In the case of wobbling, shaking, etc, you should consider factors such as tire size, out-of-round tire, damaged axle, over inflation, or probably the type of terrain you are riding on


All-Terrain Golf Cart Tires, Its FAQ

  • Q: How Long does an all-terrain golf cart tire built to last
  • A: The longevity of your tires will depend on so many factors such as quality, maintenance and frequency of use
  • You should expect your tires to wear off a little faster if it is used very frequently when compared to one which is used once in a while, Quality will also affect this, the more quality your tire is the more lasting it becomes, however, you should expect a quality all-terrain golf cart tire to last at least two years


  • Q: Where is the best place to use an all-terrain golf cart tire
  • A: There isn’t any rule to that as an all-terrain golf cart tire can be used on any surface, this is why they are referred to as all-terrain, this kind of tires are can also be described as a multi-purpose tire and great for people who navigate different terrain whether smooth or rugged terrain




An all-terrain golf cart is considered the best of both worlds, designed in such a way that it does have a tread that is smooth and shallow even though they are much more aggressive

Than low profile golf cart tires, the all-terrain golf tires are best suited for people that travel off the road and on the street as well

Today’s golfing does have in a great offer and on sale the best golf cart tires for all-terrain, looking for a cart tire suited for any terrain or condition?

You have the list and with this tire no matter the terrain you are good to go



































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