In the end you should be able to identify Men’s best blade in 2020

Finding a putter with the right length, balance and feel is difficult especially for non pros

Performance of blade putters have drastically changed during the last few decades, thanks to technology that has finally improved its efficiency to maximum

Such change can be seen in the tremendous change and effect of the inserts, grooves, depth and material used in the production of this putters

All this changes was to make a more softer, smoother and greater forgiving blade putter such that’s never been

This selected putters has undergone several trials on various situation and occasions coupled with feedback from golfers who bought and used this club

So this 2020 Men’s best blade putter picks are no one man opinion or suggestion, it is a collective experimentation made by using hundred’s of Male golfers as a test to these putters

Choosing a putter that is best suited for you is a crucial thing that must not be overlooked since it has a great impact on your strokes

Before delving into the best blade putter for Men in the market as of 2020 let consider a little what a putter is and its role in golf sports

The Concept Of Blade Putters

A putter is a subset of club in golf sport used in short distance range to make relative strokes of low speed with the intent of rolling the ball into the hole

Putter are classified into two categories, they are mallet putter and blade putter and each has its own design to best fit a particular putting stroke

Take for instance a mallet putter has been known for a more elaborate design than blade putter such as having a more larger club head that comes in varieties of shape like the half circle or a square back design which are the most common type of shape design for the mallet

Comparing a blade putter to mallet, a blade putter have a more simplistic design and smaller head

because of its traditional look it is the favourite and “go, go” among golf purist

The name blade putter simply suggest its shape, “razor blade” this putter has a straight blade style shape with a narrow body

If you take a close look at a blade putter you will notice something, “straight blade style shape” and a narrow body, meaning its resemblance is “blade like”

Mallet are not that way, a mallet putter is more of some kind of bulky shape that is not usually straight like a blade, mallet putter does not usually have a narrow body

So when you see a mallet putter and a blade putter with this description you should be able to differentiate them without difficulty

The blade style putter club is the most preferred by the PGA TOUR pro and they come in different style variation just like the mallet

They are often preferred because it is has a better streamlined body structure which favours ball direction and speed at impact and is usually lighter than the mallet

This is not to down grade the efficacy of the mallet putter

Mallet putter also do have an advantage over the “Blade” this advantage is due to its varied weight distribution which provides a completely different feel than what a blade putter provides

Mallet putter are known for better stability, straighter putting strokes and more accurate performance on long putt especially for less advanced golf players

This style variation also have different weighing and face type like some have (insert) others have (no insert)

Blade putters provides better distance control and accuracy on long putt

What Are The List Of Men’s Best Golf Blade Putter 2020 Top Picks?


  • Wilson Staff 8802 Milled Putter(Best Lightweight And Responsive)

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The 8802 is one of the most favourite putter out there, with a flawless milled face and a strong grip you will experience exceptional forgiveness with comfort and in a classical style

The way the ball comes off this club is simply amazing coupled with its great feel and sound all geared towards giving you great and outstanding comfortability

Fantastic putter at address and of a high quality well built to last

It is difficult to find quite an impressive and stunning putter similar to the wilson staff 8802 as this gives you a true roll until the ball gets straight into the hole

8802 is milled from 304 stainless steel for feedback, feel and precision

The low unique CG placement is one to be envied, yielding all the forgiveness needed to correct all mishit


  • Super feel and great weight
  • larger head for optimum accuracy
  • milled from 304 stainless steel
  • super grip
  • low CG for exceptional forgiveness
  • Crispy sound at contact with ball


  • Not the easiest to master
  • Smaller sweet-spots and tiny heads


  • Medicus Overspin CB2 Cast Blade Golf Putter(Best  Responsive And Easy)

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Medicus overspin CB2 holds the title for fringe benefit, a first of its kind, this rare trait found in this club creates a sense of confidence and boldness as you handle this putter for a putt

There is an incorporation between the famous technology known as CT groove and over spin cut angle face design for easy accessibility to putting from high fringe and rough

The function of the CG groove is to prevent the putter face from turning and better accuracy improvement

The overspin custom WINN grip also adds comfort and eliminates speciality club around the green

It is rumoured to be the one and only putter with true roll performance

Buy it, you will love it, through statistics it is observed that more and more people are taking the Medicus as a preferred choice club over other putter for perfection purpose


  • Consistence roll of putt
  • Putt roll through to the hole
  • Well constructed and weighted putter
  • Easy alignment
  • Well worth the price


  • No putter cover


Wilson Harmonized Square Heel /Toe Golf putter(Best Accurate And Lightweight)

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One of the most popular lines of golf putter is the wilson harmonized square heel

Customized for great and unforgettable hit accuracy and feel with a great superb balance for a more relaxed swing

Great putter for the price with nice weighting positioned strategically for an easy ball putt

Some of its exciting feautres is the new large diametre grip size for better performance and a multi density area in the micro injector face insert

It has a beautiful and captivating padded face of which you will love and wouldn’t hesistate to buy another even in a heart beat,

in recent years willson harmonized square heel putter has won several awards in the PGA tournament

Looking at


Price friendly and nice weighting

Soft and padded face

Good and comfortable large grip

Consistent shots and at great accuracy


Behind the head is an area painted silver

Does not come with a headcover


  • TaylorMade Big Red OSCB Daytona Putter(Best Balanced And Responsive)

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Daytona putter is the best club for alignment vandetta, its raised high contrast sightline makes alignment very easy

This putter is toe heavy, its great fit and finish with a fantastic headcover makes it lovable

It has a larger super stroke grip coupled with a great alignment visibility for easy adjustment

Counter balance mechanism helps in stabilizing the swing


It has an alignment marker

Well balanced for nice performance

Smooth stroke

Nice super stroke grip

Alignment marker with good visibility




  • New H3 Mallet Heavy Putter Mid-Weight(Best Responsive And Flexible)

Similar to the classic 8802 putter style but designed with patented counter balance weighting technolgy

This blade is toe droop with a half shaft of offset

Designed in the light weight category and so therefore is also known as the M4_LITE WEIGHT putter

M4_LITE WEIGHT utilizes a prioprietary shaft with a 65 gram weight inserted  in the grip end of the shaft this gives you more control over your stroke


Higher balance point than conventional putter

Light weight putter

Designed with patented counter weighting technology

Eliminates wrist action on stroke

Forgiveness and flexibility


No reviews


  • Odyssey 2017 O-Works Putter(Best Responsive and Forgiving)

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Odyssey works have an outstanding alignment aid which are very positive for your game

You will experience a smoother amd longer roll on your putt, the feel help you to judge distance with ease and the feedback from this putter are top notch

With the odyssey the ball comes off the face clean, no bouncing coupled with an effortless speed

It is no choice but a compulsory putter for every serious minded golfer

It is very easy to line up and ball comes off it face consistently, you can easily change weight on the super stroke grip

The micro hinge technology provides incredible gain in rolls and top spin


weight change option

Ball comes of the face clean

Nice super stroke putter grip

Counter balance for more consistency


Appears to have removable weight


  • Odyssey 2018 Black O Work Putter(Best Forgiving And Ball Control)

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With its new and advanced micro hinge face insert you get unmatched roll and consistent improvement

The new  tour head proven shape is the best for a wide range of player profile

It has two grip unique option for better playing experience and feel

One grip for superstroke slim 2.0 and the second for Winn AVS Mid-size pistol

This odyssey was designed to help average golfers creates more forward with your strokes

The inner layer of A thermoplastic Elastomer provides all the soft feel odyssey putter have been known for

The versa alignment technology helps for better and proper alignment, you will love it

The ball comes of the face with much more true roll even on off hits


Better and improved consistency

Comes with a headcover

Thermoplastic elastomer provides all the soft feel with best of playing experience

Well packaged with quick delivery

More speed and better ball control

Good balance and weight


Thin grip and so you must learn to adjust your swing


  • Odyssey Women’s White Hot Pro 1 Putter(Best Easy And Accurate)

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One like never before, the odyssey women white hot pro insert is ridiculously engineered for more sound consistency and pleasant feel

This is an iconic putter, through various testing programs top designers of the hot white pro were able to produce one of the best leading edge putter, that has remain the foot print of all other putter design

Great simplistic design. the design, construction and performance still remains unmatched


Nice feel and forgiveness

Good quality and affordable

Highly engineered for consistence sound, feel and performance

More appealing look at address

Heavy putter head for better control and feel


Specifically designed for women only


  • Taylormade Golf White Smoke Putter IN_12(Best Forgiving And Lightweight)

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Even on mishit it promotes exceptional stability and great feel, off the face putter have a good roll with outstanding consistency

Looking at the alignment lines it does help to make aiming easy while maintaing a clean and captivating appearance

One exceptional feautre about this putter is the surlyn PureRoll insert which promotes forward spin with a soft feel

This putter is so designed that it renders the an unmatched forgiveness

It probably is the best pick of putter that can be presented as a gift to a golf player

Use this club and notice a mind blowing increase on your putt


Extremely forgiving

Improve spin with better role

Comes with a headcover

Great feel and exceptional stability

Very forgiving

Good weight and smooth stroke

Highy durable


A little difficult to get used to


There are two different types of putter club in golf sport, this putter club are the blade putter or the mallet putter, today’s golfing offers great and amazing golf putter whether mallet or blade, prior to this era there were little to no provision of great and assorted putter club as we can find today

One of the main difference between a blade and mallet putter club is its head shape and weighting, a blade putter does have a head design which looks similar to a blade and they are lightweight when compared to a mallet putter

Looking for the best blade putter club of 2020? this are the best, they are extremely forgiving due to its CG positioning, with great feel, exceptional stability and improved rolls, with any of this you will be ready to take your putting to the next level







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