In the end you should be able to list the best left handed blade golf putters on sale for women

So many term confuse golfer, from blade putters to mallet putters, to left and right hand putters, here in this blog post we are going to be considering left handed blade putters best suited for females today

Before giving you the list it’s makes sense to give a brief introduction on golf putters, the club called putter is one of the most essential club you will be needing in your set

It is designed to do a putt which simply means hitting of the golf ball slowly and straight as possible so that it goes into the hole

When making a choice on putter club you will have to decide whether you will be comfortable with a mallet or blade style putter

However we will be focusing on listing the best blade golf putters for female lefties, golf putters are either made for left hand or right hand

For men’s blade style putters for left hand, please refer here: Best blade style left handed putters for men

Making a choice on putter best for lefties has always been a challenge this is because there are more right handed golfers to left hand

And because of this reason manufacturers focused on the production and manufacture of right handed putters than that for left hand

However there are a lot of improvement in today’s golfing as the number of left hand increased this same club manufacturers were forced to pay a deeper close attention on putters that is well suited for left hand orientation

And now the story sounds different as there many great golf club putters utterly designed to meet the demand of female leftie golfers of today

Without further aduo we bring the list to you

Best Left handed Blade Putter For Women

Odyssey Hot Pro 2.0 Ladies Putter(Best For Forgiveness And Feedback)

left handed, putter clubs, best lefties, for females, womens leftiesIf you are a left handed female golfer looking for a great and highly responsive blade putters this will do you good as they are very forgiving and easy to hit brought about by the clearly crafted alignment aid which does ensure better, easy and fast putting accuracy

Amazingly even on a mishit you will get corrected using this club, this is as a result of a perfect blend between weight to balance distribution across surface

Since it does come with a softer feel you will be able to strike the ball more firmly and most importantly with great consistency and accuracy

Looking for a well balanced putters with better feed back and response tendencies, this is a great choice for you, with this club you will be able to control your ball and distance more accurately than ever

It does come with head cover for club protection and you will be love it, the easy to set up features makes them great for golfers of all levels


Very forgiving due to high MOI and low CG

Easy to hit due to well constructed and placed alignment lines for the best of putting accuracy\

Very responsive brought about by proper weight distribution on club face

Better ball control and distance travel

Very quality so that they are long lasting

Highly responsive with the best of fed back tendencies

Straighter and more consistent ball shots even on a mishit

Duo grip option for more comfort flexibility and choice


Still waiting to see the cons




Taylormade Golf 2018 TP Black Copper Collection Putter(Best For Forgiveness And Ball Control)

females putters, blade putters, left handed, best lefties, women leftiesMade of high standard quality for long lasting durability, using this putter on course you will notice an instant difference on he course as you will get better and quick boost on your putting skills

They are very well weighed and balance for the best of accurate shot dispersion, it does also offers great and pleasant feel due to well crafted and soft flexible grip for comfort purpose

Its time to improve your putting skills, more over they deliver on time which is a great advantage to golfers looking for a putter with all urgency

Get the best of optimal forward rolls and spin using this well and stable putter which does come with a pure roll insert

The present of the adjustable sole weight creates ultimate and quick responsiveness and feed back for a more targeted putting

If you are in search of an insanely forgiving blade putter for left hand with the best of ball control and distance, the Taylormade 2018 TP Collection is here




Odyssey Stroke Lab Triple Track Putter(Best For Feedback And Response)

putter lefties, best lefties, blade putter, best womensThe Odyssey Stroke Lab Triple Track Putter is one of such amazing and forgiving unisex putter and is available for left and right hand orientation

Check the testimony and see for yourself, as it does provides optimum stability and firm feel for the best of accuracy on every single hit

With this club consistency and well streamlined accurate target will be your name, its alignment features is second to none as they are very easy to align and setup

To help increase your putting accuracy  and with constancy there is the provision of the three triple track lines

They are easy to hit and offering you the best of forgiveness as a result of a technically and accurately placed high MOI coupled with low CG

There is the presence of an innovative multi-material shaft this saves about 40 grams of weight all results in better responsiveness and feedback on hitting

Get the best of feel and enhanced pleasurable sound and be able to control your ball and distance more smartly all made possible with this lightweight and insanely forgiving and quality golf putters


Great for both men and women

Well grouped technologies for exceptional alignment and performance

Highly forgiving and responsive as a result of strategically placed CG and proper weight distribution and balancing

Easy to hit with un-matched accuracy brought about by simple yet highly effective alignment aid system

Exceptional durable with enhanced sound and feel at impact

Better and classical ball control and distance

Maximum feed back and feel plus better ball roll and spin


Might take sometime gettig used to



Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 Putter(Best For Forgiveness And Feel)

best putters, left hand, leftie putter, female leftiesTake your performance to the next level al made possible with this Odyssey putter best for left hand, this blade putter does feature a re-engineered white face hot insert for then best of responsiveness and feedback

Your putting will improve definitely and very fast as they are well balanced and weighed with exceptional forgiveness  for better putting accuracy

If you are in search of a golf putter that is easy to align and make solid contact then you’ve got this, they are great for beginner to intermediate as you will get top notch control on your ball plus distance

The head cover does help for club protection against dent and debris, the grip are easy and comfortable for the best of feel at impact

Hit straighter and more accurate shots with consistency but most Importantly boost your confidence level all made possible by using this well built and quality golf putters utterly designed to meet the need of the female lefties

The contrasting alignment aid on the top line promotes and helps for accuracy boost with maximum stroke consistency, you couldn’t be a more happier


White face hot insert for the best of feel and sound

Easy to hit due to well structured and place alignment aid for the best of putting accuracy

Highly forgiving due to heel/toe weighing

Very responsive brought about by proper weight to balance distribution

Tight tolerance for performance with consistency as a result of laser milling insert cutting

Better ball control and distance

Very comfortable and soft for the best of feel and well streamlined for the best of feed back

Very quality so that it is long lasting


Shipping restriction

Might take sometime getting used to


S7k Standing Putter(Best For Feel And Response)

leftie putters, best blade, blade putters, for women, best women, women's puttersThe S7k is available for both hand orientation and are very easy to align as they are designed with first class forgiveness and responsiveness

With this club your scores will be reduced, you will hit straighter and more efficient shots and most importantly with consistency

It does come with a one year warranty which suggest to you that they are very durable and quality, the SK7 putter males it easy for you to set the putter behind the ball and back to check your alignment instead of looking over the ball

This is a perfect stand up alone golf putters and not like which claims to stand on their own yet cannot stand on un-even lies

This helps to enhance you ball and speed control, with then best of feed back and feel brought about by proper weight balancing and soft comfortable grip

Better acceleration through impact is made possible through ultra low balance point


Standing by its owns

Better sweet spot placement for the best of putt target

Very well balanced and weighed for the purpose of great and solid stability through impact

Very easy to align brought about by alignment lines

Ultimate responsiveness and feedback brought by low CG placement and high MOI

Consistent solid putt

Legal for tournament plays and very quality

Exceptional forgiveness with maximum response


Someone complained of rusting




There are many blade style putters available for left hand women, golf putters can either be designed for left or right hand orientation

Making a choice on putters will highly depend on your playing position, while some play from the right winged position other play from the left

However in this article we focused on the best of blade putters for women, with this putters every leftie female will have a great day putting and with the best of accuracy






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