In the end you should be able to list the best budget golf range finder on sale today

A reliable golf range finder is what a golfer needs to lower their score

Today’s golfing offers the best on sale golf range finder for low budget, to help golfer who are short of money yet wants to accrue more accurate shots

Got low budget and looking for a cheap but quality and highly functional golf range finder? We’ve got you covered

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The Need For A Budget Golf Range Finder, What Is It Used For?

Firstly as a general term, a ”range finder” is a smart device, small and portable designed to measure distance from the observer

Then from this definition, we can depict what a ”golf range finder” could mean

A Golf range finder can be described as a smart, small and portable device used to measure distance from observer to the target all in a process known as ranging

Having said that, Range finder can help in improving your game and bettering your scores

Imagine how frustrating and less accurate it would be if we had to measure distance via the traditional method

Range finder for golfer came to solve that issue, by giving us accurate, stress free, precise and more reliable data as we hit on course

This is simply the importance of a golf range finder, golfing seems to be quite technical and difficult to master but with this devices and more the game seems to get better as the day go by

When trying to make a choice on range finder, there are usually two types to choose from and that being GPS Range Finder and Laser Range Finder


Type Of Golf Range Finder

There are two categories of range finder in the market, these include GPS and Laser, this are two different technologies serving the same purpose which is providing to the target accurate yardage


GPS Range Finder

The GPS Range Finder uses measurement to determine points about the course

You will be able to determine distance to other point of the course or even the golf hole in no time using  GPS Range Finder

The GPS Range Finder usually requires a monthly fee known or called subscription as they require course mapping

It was once only a cart thing but now the GPS technology has advanced to a hand held unit

Being available as an application on your smart phones, watches and many more, it not only record yardage but stat

On the other hand

Laser Range Finder

Laser range finder does take longer time for measuring distance as they do not require the course to be mapped

The Laser range finder is only as accurate as the golfer using it, this simply means the accuracy or error you get from your measurement determines the golfer using it

A golfer who is better with using a Laser Range Finder is going to get better and more accurate result in comparison to another who isn’t that good at using it

Laser range finder works on stabilizing technology which does make it very easy to capture target usually by locking into target

It does have the capability for adjusting for slopes, it does this through addition or subtraction of yardage and all dependent whether target is down hill or up hill



Golf Laser Range Finder VS GPS Range Finder, Which Is Best?

Whether Laser or GPS, it all depends on what you want or want to achieve with it

Laser Range Finder

If you are range focused and have no much interest on other stat then the Laser range finder is a great choice for you

When it comes to precision, the Laser Range finder are more precise as it uses laser beam for measurement generation of distance between points

And for this reason it is a common in military, forestry, 3D Modelling and many more

To see the target clearly, Laser does include a feature known as magnification

With this Laser Range Finder you can decide how heavy the swing you need as it is able to pinpoint the accurate pin distance from player

GPS Range Finder

If you are a golfer who is interested on more complicated statistic aside from range, for better pre-informed decision then the GPS is a great choice

GPS is better than Laser range finder when it comes to speed, however it does requires satellite and pre-programmed accurate target

GPS requires you charge them between rounds, but a Laser Range Finder requires you to switch between batteries

The GPS provides yardage details in the form of pictures and through satellite imagery it is able to provide measured distance between player and target

GPS does have tracking capabilities and this helps you to avoid obstacle and to have general information and data about course

Having said this, you can quite agree that each does have its own strength and weakness, however for beginner and amateurs a laser range finder seems to be a good fit as it is not complicated stat driven

It has been really tough especially for golfer with little budget to obtain range finder, luckily times have changed as there are very well affordable golf range finder available in the market

In this blog post of today we are going to be listing the best pocket friendly Golf Range Finder reviewed on sale for people with low budget

This range finder aren’t just affordable but quality and highly efficient, s a matter of fact, they are tour approved

Our picks are based off intensive research, reviews and feedback all with an effort to bringing you the best reviewed today


Best Budget Golf Range Finder Reviewed For 2020

Callaway Unisex-adult EZ Laser Range Finder

Cheap range, range finder, affordable range finder, budget friendlyThe Callaway boost as one of the very famous, trust worthy and reliable golf equipment’s company producing from clubs to ball to range finder

So firstly, you are buying a trust worthy brand product, it doesn’t stop at that as this Callaway Unisex-adult EZ Laser Range Finder is very quality and highly efficient

Boosting of amazing and mouth watering features such as the Pin Acquisition technology (P.A.T) which makes locking into the pin from up to 275 yard away easy and quick

How about the exterior LCD which via the external display confirm you internal reading

Easily calculate the slope of adjusted distance as device measures decline/incline angle

This EZ is like any other you have seen before, It does have an EZ scanner which is known for its accurate scanning and minimal shaking

They are so easy to use and you will be amazed by it simplicity, if you have got  shaky hand, don’t worry, this one is great and would help solve that problem by locking into target then vibrating

It does come with a long lasting battery life and you can easily attach to cart using the magnetic features


Callaway Unisex -Adult EZ Laser Rangefinder Grey Review



Integrated magnet so that you can easily and quickly attach to cart

Very quality and easy to use

Pin Acquisition technology for easy and quick lock in to target

Water resistant and does come with a one year warranty

Long lasting battery life

Sloe technology for angle of incline/decline

Good for the money

Great for golfer with shaky hands brought about by continuous scanning features


No Jolt features

Non rechargeable features


Blue Tees Golf Series 2 Pro Slope Laser Range Finder(Best For Low Budget)

Affordable finder, range finder, golf range, best affordable, cheapGreat range finder and one of the most preferred for low budget brought bout by quality and exceptional features

Even though this is not a popular brand, they are very efficient and amazingly it functionality is twice the price for other brand

You are not just buying an affordable golf range finder, most importantly you re buying quality

Boost of 6X magnification this means it does have a very clear high definition view to easily view distance

Amazingly you will be able to pin point a target as far as 800 yard with un-matched accuracy with flag lock technology

When fully and properly locked in, there is a vibration which confirms you are locked in to target properly

The exterior casing is water resistant which means it can be used in the rain without the fear of it getting soaked or spoilt


Blue Tees Golf Series 2 Pro Slope Laser Finder Video Review



Very quality as it is made of the water-resistant casing which does prevent water or moisture penetration

Two years warranty with a 60-day money-back guarantee

For quick cleaning, it does come with a microfiber cloth

Flag lock technology for quick and easy locking into the target

Well affordable and lightweight

6X magnification for clearer view and measure target of up to 800 yards

Vibration to confirm lock into target


Not a popular brand


Bushnell 201835 Hybrid Golf Laser Ranger(Best Valued)

Low budget, range finder, for golf. golf ramge finder, best cheap, cheap and affordableThe Bushnell is well known for making quality and highly effective golf range finder, even though this might be quite expensive, yet they are one of the best for the price hybrid laser range finder

This range finder boost of 36,000 preloaded courses from 30 distinct countries, with an exterior GPS read out that can read both front, center and back distances

If you are looking for a range finder which does have JOLT technology and pin seeker then this is great

One of the biggest difference between the Bushnell range finder which does makes it a great choice for pros is its un-rivaled precision which is second to none

This is hybrid as it does come with a GPS and Golf Laser Range finder, so if you are in search of a range finder that is both GPS and Laser, then this is a great fit

Comes with a pin seeker and JOLT technology a rare features in many golf range finder on sale today

Bushnell 201835 Hybrid Golf Laser Ranger Video Review




Hybrid golf range finder, having both laser and GPS mode

Very quality and efficient for long-lasting durability

Easy to use and very comfortable

Good for the money

Comes with JOLT technology which ensures your target is properly locked before vibrating

Preloaded with 36,000 courses from 30 countries

Used by many tour pros

Comes with a case


Does not come with mounting features as you will have to buy that separately

Does not show distance adjusted for uphill and downhill


Bush Nell Golf Tour V5 Patriot Pack(Most Wished For)

finder range, golf finder, cheap golf finderThe Bushnell Golf Tour V5 Patriot Pack is undoubtedly the best affordable range finder for golfing due to its excellent and classical features

Coupled with its massive adoption to quality so that they will last you long, several features make the range finder one of the most admired

Starting from its bite magnetic cart mount, this integrated bite technology makes it possible and very easy to attach to your cart

You will know exactly when you have hit the pin as it does come with a pin seeker and JOLT technology which does indicate when you are locked onto the flag by the vibrating signal

This vibrating signal does make this great for shaky hands as well, this is a highly famous and used range finder among tour pros

Amazingly it does come with a Bushnell golf app which does make it way possible to unlocking vital information for an improved game result

This is a 6X magnification finder range so that images are captured clearly and more precisely without mistakes


Blue Tees Golf Seres 2 Pro Slope Laser Range Finder Video Review


  • Very quality and highly durable
  • Easy to use and lightweight
  • Used by many tour pros
  • 6X magnification for better clarification
  • Locks unto flag with an instant reading brought about by JOLT technology
  • Long-lasting battery life


  • Someone complained of a dark spot near the center of the center range


Anyork Golf Range Finder(Best On Reviews)

The Anyork is a silent brand but a massively successful one at that, it boost as one of the finest but cheap range finder on sale today

Go check the reviews, no need to mice words as you are in for a real deal and healthy combination of quality and functionality

This is a 6X magnification golf range finder which gives you an amazingly clear and proper view of your target

Its customer services is second to none, boosting rare reviews for warranty on durability

Comes with the continuous scan mode feature with a slope switch tech which does allow for easy toggle in and out of slope function

For the price, you can’t beat it as they are very lightweight with exceptional comfortability and feel

Anyork Golf Ranger Finder Video Review

Very lightweight and comfortable

Slope switch tech for easy toggle in and out of slope function

Amazing customer support

Easy to use as it vibrates when it is locked into the flag



Are Golf Rage Finder Legal For Golf ?

The is a simple answer to this, if golf range finder are tournament legal, the simple answer is yes, they are, even though prior to this era they weren’t

Not until 2019 when they were allowed under the rules of golf, with the introduction of the new rules of golf, golfers are not allowed to use a rage finder

However there is still restrictions to it, there are some features which is resent in your range finder that is not allowed for golf tournament

This is why golf range finder does come with turn off features, when this features which are illegal are turned off your range finder is now legal for competition or tournament

One of a perfect example of this features is the slope feature’s, slope features are illegal for tournament and can only be allowed for practice or training

With this reason you are goanna turn off those features so that your range finder becomes tournament legal

Golfers are now allowed to use laser range finder and GPS units- with both often referred to as Distance Measuring Device(DMS)


Are Budget Golf Range Finder Worth It?

The question which begs whether golf range finder is worth it has been a subject of immense debate, despite that we cannot dispute the fact that it is worth it

If you are looking to improve on your game then a rage finder can act as a catalyst, this is because a range finder does help in giving you accurate reading of distance

They are great especially for regular golfers, this is due to the advancement in technology which have been intrinsically interwoven in sport of which is very evidence in golfing

Taking into consideration all level of golfer, you can see that they are using watches, apps, launch monitors and range finder as this helps in making their way to the green in fewer strokes

If golf rage finder helps you to measure distance to the green, hazard, layup position, there is no cause for debate as they are worth it


Things To Look Out For When Choosing A Budget Range Finder

Making the right choice on your range finder can be a difficult task most commonly for beginners or newbies, with this reason it is of great importance to know the features you should be looking out for so that you can determine whether a rage finder is great or not

  • Magnification

When in search of a range finder one of the foremost thing to do is to check for magnification, this is because you are going to be ranging a very long distance away and you are going to be needing a device that can give you a proper and clear view when you zoom in

Magnification varies from golf range finder to golf range finder, your range finder magnification lens are available in 5x, 6x, 7x and so on, some have a magnification of up to 10x

Take for instance the 6x simply entails that the object you are trying to get range on will be 6x larger that it will look with your normal eye

  • Lens Coating

Lens coating varies from range finder to range finder, the essence of a lens coating is that it determines how clear or visible object are when viewed

Imagine when you experience difficult in trying to see the object, this means holding the range finder to get distance becomes very difficult

Thus can affect you greatly as you are going to always get a wrong hit, lens coating are designed or made so that they help in breaking the  glare so that light transmission through the lens can be increased for better and clearer visibility

  • Brand

While there are many brands out there on sale in the market, it becomes even more difficult than ever to make a choice on which is fight for you

Not to get it wrong, there are while, lots of great brand out there to choose from ranging from the likes of the Bushnell to the Nixon to the Garmin to the Callaway this brand are a great choice

  • Aiming Point(Reticle)

Aiming point which can also be refereed to as reticle, there are different reticle where you can select from, we have the Plus Point, Duplex and Duplex with plus point

The object in the middle of your viewfinder which you place on whatsoever you are trying to find so that you can take an accurate and safe shot

You depress a button to activate the laser for majority of rangefinders, when this is done there is a travel to the object by the laser beam which then bounces or repel off it and back to your rangefinder

Which have distance divider or split by two equal parts and then finally range is displayed on your screen

  • Maximum Distance

Last but not the least, a whole lot of range finder within a yardage or two give reading with accuracy all the way to a mile or probably farther

There is only a handful rangefinder in the market which won’t give an accurate ranging out to about 300 to 400 yardage



Golf range finder does help you in calculating your distance, while there a whole lot of range golf finder available for sale today

They can become expensive, this is why we have chosen to list the best for low budget golf range finder

This is to enable golfers whose got little cash to be able to get one of this range finder without breaking the bank

Got low budget and in search for the best affordable range finder for golfers? We have you covered , and now you have the list before you































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