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In the end you should be able to list the best centered shafted putters for men

Today’s golf sport offers the best centered shaft putters on sale today for men

One features many golfers have began to embrace is the center shafted putters

Centered shafted putter is similar to the traditional style putters since it does come with all the amazing features made available in the traditional putter club

Nevertheless there are reason why golfers may prefer a centered shaft putter club

Firstly it is pretty clear that a centered shafted putter club is well balanced since the shaft is right in the center of the club head

What Does The Word Center Shafted Putter Mean?

The word Center shaft putter is just as it name depicts, this is a putter club whose center shaft is in the middle of the club head

It is quite different from the traditional putter whose got the hosel connection at the end of the club face

One of the greatest reason why people prefer a centered shaft putter is that they are so so easy to line up for a better accurate putting

There are many centered shafted putter on sale today but here in this article we are going to be listing out the best for men

In this article you will be guided on the best centered shafted putter reviews for men

Looking for the best centered shafted putter reviews? We’ve got you covered

For center shaft putter for men lefties, please refer here:Best Centered Shafted Putter For Left Handed Men

Roughly 10 percent of tour pros now prefer a center shaft putter, this signifies a considerable rise

Who Should Use A Center Shafted Putter

The decision to use a centered shafted putter is dependent on the choice of the golfer and your playing swing

For golfer who having problem with alignment and want a very easy to align putters then this will be a great choice

With this putter you will be able to line up having your eyes directly over the ball

Where To Get A Centered Shafted Putter

A place to buy a centered shafted putter shouldn’t be a problem at all, if you want to buy a center shaft putter you simply head to a local golf store and ask them out

You can also find out by doing some online searches and after ordering you get it delivered to you

Having said this here is the list

Best Of The Centered Shaft Putter Club For Men

Odyssey Stroke Lab Versa Putter(Best For Responsive And Forgiveness)

center shaft, golf putters, best men,

This is a great center shaft putter utterly designed for the man golfer, amazingly this putter is available in both hand orientation

This putter incorporates a new and unique weight distribution method this helps to improve stroke dynamics and better controlled putt

For better control it does have a slightly stiffer and strong stroke lab shaft and lower torque

Right under the sole is an additional weight this helps for smoother and accurate ball spin for a streamlined putt

Certainly you will love this putter club as you will greatly improve on your putting and confident


Over sized and soft grip for the best of feel and ball control

Comes with a head cover for club protection

Made of quality so they are long lasing

Extremely forgiving and responsive

Maximum feedback and control

Best for Men


There was a misappriopriate information on grip, this putter comes with an Odyssey standard not a super stroke


Odyssey Stroke Lab Triple Track Putter(Best For Feedback And Control)

center shaft, centered shafted, putter club, best men, men

Another truly great and highly sort after center shafted putter clubs, also made available for both hand orientation

It does come in different sizes for a more robust select choice, the combination of grouped technology makes them easy to align and most importantly with all consistency

It does have a triple track lines which makes alignment easier, faster and more accurate than ever

Offers an improved tempo which is brought about by the weight re-distribution to head and grip end of putter

You will have an improved feel and sound as a result of the micro hinges star insert present on club

You will love them as hey are made of quality and very responsive offering the best of feedback and feel plus better and streamlined ball control


Great weight and balance on putter club for the best of responsiveness

Nice and soft grip for the best of feel

New triple track alignment this for more accurate and quick alignment

Made of quality for durability

Easy to hit and well forgiving and responsive brought about by proper weight dispersion

Microhinge star insert for smoother roll and ball spin



Taylormade Golf- Truss TM1 Putter(Best For Control And Forgiveness)

center shafted, putter club, best mens

With the taylormade Golf Truss TM1 you putting you will get better putting stroke and consistently

In this putter is a striking hosel design which helps to increase stability for a more classified putt and ball control

Better sound and feel is brought to you by the presence of the pure rol insert which is cobalt blue in colour

Amazingly this putter features an adjustable sole design for the purpose of personalization and customization

Putter comes with a head cover for club protection, it will help your short game with a great feel that it does offer

Looking at the putter you can see that they are perfectly balanced and weighed for the best of responsiveness and feedback


Quality putter club for the best of efficiency

Adjustable sole weight for unmatched response and feedback

Pure roll insert for better sound and feel

Very stable and with maximum feel

Easy to hit and very forgiving brought about by high MOI and low CG

Easy to hit and accurately as they are easy to line up

Insane forgiveness and feedback as ball rolls off face easily with well optimized spin

Better ball control plus distance s a result of weight re-distribution


Almost out of stock


Taylormade Golf Tour Preferred Ardmore(Best For Responsiveness And Feedback)

center shafted, putter, for men

Comes with an adjustable sole weighing which makes alignment easier and stress free than ever

Armed with this club putter you are in for a classic roll and smoother ball spin which is greatly influential to your putting

They are beautifully crafted with milled 304 stainless, this does also have a high contrasting colour for an improved alignment

Fits any stroke and this is made possible via the mid mallet design and a wide array of sightlines, toe hang and hosel

The Admore does come wit a pure roll insert which creates room for for forward spin and smooth strokes


Very easy to hit due to well structured and clear sight lines

Milled face for consistent radius and shape

Sole weight which is adjustable

Wide array of sight lines with mid mallet design to fit different golfer stroke

Quality so that they are long lasting

Insanely forgiving due to low CG

Highly responsive brought about by balance and weight


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Cleveland Golf 2019 Huntington Beach

putter club, center shaft, best, for men

The Huntington beach putter is well known for its speed optimized face technology and wit this technology you will get better ball spin and controlled distance

Even on a mishit this putter tries to correct your swing as this face optimized technology fine tunes your putt

For great feel and softness this putter does offer a Diamond CNC Milling pattern with deep groove this also helps for smoother and more responsiveness

If you are looking fir a very stable putter club which does offer the best of feedback and feel hen no doubt this is a great one for you as it does offer strategic weight re-distribution to hep you achieve that

Someone described ts utter as the best he has ever own as they are insanely forgiving brought about by the thorough low CG and high MOI

You will get smoother roll and a comfortable feel due to soft and flexible grip, club also come with a head cover which helps for protection


Made of quality

Easy alignment putter due to diamond milling pattern

Deep groove milling for more response and well optimized spin

Speed optimized face technology for better roll and streamlined putting even on a mishit

Solid and comfortable feel with un-matched response brought about by strategic weight re-distribution


Not for left hands




As the rise of center shaft putter gains more and more popularity due to how easy they are to align and hit

More golfer seem to preity due to how easy they are to align and hit

More golfer seem to prefer it but making a selection on the best center shaft putter is no easy task as there are all too many of them out there in the market today

However in this post today, we have chosen to give you the best for men, with this putter your game will be easy and quicker and most importantly you will improve on your game







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