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In the end you should be able to list the best driver for 90 MPH swing speed

Today’s golfing offer the best on sale golf driver for golfer whose swing speed is 90MPH

Many golfer have come up with the question, which driver is best for my swing speed, in this article

We are going to be focusing on then best for 90MPH swing speed golf driver, swing speed varies from golfer to golfer

While some are fast swingers, other are average, and we have also got slow swing speed golfers

Your choice on driver club is highly dependent on your swing speed, are you a male or female golfer and looking for the best driver for 90MPH swing speed? We’ve got you covered

In this blog post of today we are going to be listing the best for 90MPH swing speed golf driver on sale

The best manufacturers makes drivers that are extremely easy to hit and at around 90MPH your swing fits most of the driver around

True to fact 90MPH is around the global swing average, so there are a wide array of drivers well suited for 90MPH swingers

Things to consider when making a choice on drivers best suited for 90MPH swing speed also known as average swingers


What Is The Right Shaft For 90MPH Swing?

As said earlier you are around the world’s overall average if you’ve got a swing speed of 90MPH , this makes your driver very easy to come by.

For such individuals, you are best suited for a driver shaft marked regular, however there is always a room for club fitting if you find out it doesn’t work for you.


As silent as the subject of loft can be, it can have a great impact on your game, whether positively or negatively.

Higher loft makes it very easy to hit high flying shots and gives you a better ball distance and speed

With the right loft you will maximize your distance and speed at the same time, for 90MPH swinger a driver with loft of 11 to 13 degree is a great choice

Adjustable Features

A good place to start from when choosing a driver is to make a choice on one which does have adjustable loft

As a driver which is adjustable can help your fine tune your shots and trajectory

An adjustable driver makes it very easy to fine tune your swing pattern and playing style to one that suits you best

Our picks are based on intensive research, reviews and feedback, all with an effort to bring you the best golf driver for 90MPH swing speed

Best For 90MPH swing Speed Driver Reviewed

Taylormade M6 Driver(Best For Forgiveness And Responsiveness)

golf driver, 90MPH Swinger, 90MPH swing speedOne of the exceptionally built driver that is great for the average swinger is the Taylormade M6

This driver offers the best of forgiveness and responsiveness, through its speed injected technology you will achieve great distance and speed on your shots

They are massively and insanely forgiving that even on a mishit, you get corrected, it is one of the most selling and sought after driver in the Taylormade family

How about the presence of a twist face technology which does help to lower ball spin and optimize roll for better game performance

Without forgetting to mention feedback and feel, this driver will give you un-matched feedback and feel such that you will be wowed

The aero dynamic carbon sole design also does help to easily get you ball airborne with the best of launch angle and trajectory


Quality driver so that they are long lasting

Highly responsive brought about by proper weight to balance alignment

Lightweight so that they are easy to hit and offers the best of feel

Speed injected technology for more speed and ball distance travel


Someone complained of  no head cover on purchase



Taylormade SIM Max Driver(Best For Feedback And Forgiveness)

Golf driver, 90MPH Driver, on sale The Taylormade have been a leading brand In golfing equipment especially club and this one is no different.

You are not just buying a driver you are buying quality, for golfers whose got a high taste for quality and efficiency, this driver is a great choice even thought they are expensive , you get what you pay for .

The twist face technology helps for to lower spin and optimize ball roll for better and more accurate forgiveness even on a mishit

You will hit straighter shots with the best of feel and response as they are lightweight with the best of adjustable features

Get the best of distance and most importantly with consistency brought about by proper weight balancing and speed injected technology


Speed injected technology for more distance and control

Twist face technology to maximize ball spin and trajectory

Best for quality

Highly responsive with maximum responsiveness brought about by proper weighing and balancing

Adjustable features for personalization

Straighter shots and most importantly with consistency


Expensive but you get what you pay for


Cleveland Golf Launcher Turbo Driver(Best For Response And Forgiveness)

golf driver, average swingers, best 90mph speedThis is one for the best for the value offset golf driver for average golfers, as they are easy to hit and offers massive forgiveness and response

Through the turbo cup charged face, you are assured of maximum distance and speed on every single shots made

It does also features a deep weighing which save mass and this help increase MOI for more forgiveness even on a mishit

Make the most out of you shots and higher launch through the ultra light hosel brought about by external and internal weight reduction

Armed with this driver you will be able to hit high flying shots as ball easily goes airborne as a result of aerodynamic composition

Wen it comes to quality, this is no less of a quality driver, as they are made from remarkable tough and quality material so that they are long lasting and efficient

The overall look and design is also quite impressive and loveable, there is a loud pleasant sound of the face when you strike


Pleasant sound and feel

Oversized sweet-spot and lo CG for ultimate forgiveness

Straighter shot and distance

Turbo cup face engineered for more distance and speed

Weight redistribution for added responsiveness and feedback


Might take sometime getting used to


Callaway X Hot Driver(Best For Forgiveness And Control)

90mph swingers, average swinger, golf driver, best driverWith the Callaway X Hot driver distance is your name, you are in for more distance and speed and more importantly with consistency

This driver does what it says it is meant for as you achieve high flying  shots and ball control with all ease

One thing makes the Callaway X Hot to stand out, and it is it’s VFT face for exceptional ball distance travel and speed plus it’s simplistic and lightweight nature

Its lightweight design was drawn out of the need to offer more response and feedback to make improvement on course easier than ever

Amazingly you can also optimize your driver setting using its adjustable features


Quality so that they are long lasting

VFT face for faster ball speed and distance

Loft lie adjustable features to help fine tune shots and spin

Exceptionally responsive with h best of feedback tendencies

Highly forgiving and massively responsive brought about by high MOI and low CG


Someone complained of it being a little stiff


Callaway Golf 2018

golf driver, 90MPH speed, Driver features a jail breaking technology for more speed and distance, this is a 460cc large headed driver which offers the biggest sweet-spot allowed in golfing for extreme forgiveness and responsiveness

There is also an added forgiveness and this is brought about by the incredible light and strong trixial carbon crown which allows for weight distribution into head perimeter

Get the best of high flying shots and ball flight trajectory with un-matched accuracy as this driver features a Boeing aero package to help you achieve that

It does come with an adjustment features which is easily adjustable to  customize settings which will suit your swing

This driver does also come with a head cover for club covering and protection, surely with this driver you will get great feel and distance


Comes with a head cover for protection

Boeing technology and leading package for easy airborne and flight trajectory

Jail breaking technology for more speed and distance

Lightweight driver for added control and responsiveness

Very durable and of good quality

Adjustable features for driver setting customization


High demand so might be out of stock soon



For the average golfer, there are so many driver to choose from and with this comes a lot of confusion

This is why we have decided to help you list the best golf driver for average swingers(90MPH)

90mph Swing speed is just the overall average swinger world wide, It is a popular swing speed among golfers and this is where many golfer fall into

90MPH is the mid range swing speed which carries ball distance to about 200 to 240 yardage














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