In the end, you should be able to list the best golf driver for men with a 90MPH swing speed

Al driver swing is different and as far s this sport is concerned, swing speed is the game, if you aren’t swinging then you aren’t playing golf and with so many options in the current market, one needs to be careful as you make a choice on your golf club driver

When we talk golf sport, we talk swing speed, there are different swing speed and this varies from individual to individual

While some golfers might be referred to as fast swinger, there is the average swinger and the slow swinger

In this article today we are going to be listing the best on sale golf driver for 90MPH swing speed

Are you a male golfer and looking for the best on-sale driver club for 90MPH swing speed? We’ve got you covered

Before giving you the list is best to explain the concept of swing speed as it is related to golfing

Not everyone would have the same swing speed, this is as a result of different strength level, one of the very important factors that one must consider when making a choice on your club whether it be a driver or any other club is the aspect of swing speed

If you are looking for a golf driver for 100Mph swing speed, please refer here: Best Golf Driver For 100Mph



What Is A Swing Speed?

In golfing a swing is the force at which the golfer exerts on a golf ball by using the golf club to hit with full force ball and then calculates the distance covered

To be able to know your swing speed, you will have to hit a golf ball using a club severally and then calculating the average distance on all hit, that becomes your swing speed

Thanks to technology as there are many equipment’s that can be used to calculate the swing speed of a golfer

Men are the stronger species to women so they have stronger swing force than females, this means an average male swinger will surely hit the golf ball further than his female counterpart

What Are The Factor That Affect Your Swing Speed

While there are many factors that will influence golfers to swing speed, we are going to be listing the most common of them

One of such well-known factors is

  • Age

As we grow older and well into the senior category, our swing speed dwindles drastically, this is as a result of age setting in

And with the well-known adage which says age comes with weakness, the before vibrant and energetic golfer becomes weak and with little energy

This ends up affecting their swing speed since they can no longer hit as fast and with force as the ones used to

However there is a good side to the story, there are exceptionally designed golf driver that will help aid the senior get more distance and speed on their game yet without sacrificing forgiveness and massive responsiveness


  • Expertise

You can become better at swinging through deliberate practice, most golfer who is termed as fast swinger didn’t get there overnight

It took a whole lot of practice and effort to become a great swinger, this is the reason tour pros are usually the fastest swinger than the leisure golfer

The difference is for leisure or recreational golfer they may practice one in a while whereas professionals do that all the time


Today’s golfing offers the best men’s driver for 90 to 95MPH swing speed, prior to this era there was little to no option of golf driver for men with a swing speed of 90 to 95MPH

Now the story sounds different as there are vast collection from where you can comfortably make a choice from

Our picks are based on intensive, research and reviews all with an effort to bringing you the best on sale driver for 90 to 95MPH swing speed

Without any further delay here is the list

Best 90 to 95MPH swing speed Driver For Men

Srixon Z585 Driver(Best For Response And Feedback)

swing speed, golf driver, 90 to 95MPH, best men, men's bestThough not as popular as other brands the Srixon has done well in terms of the manufacture and production of highly forgiving and responsive driver that well meets the needs of golfers whose swing speed is 90 to 95MPH

No doubt it is one of the most sort after club driver for men whose swing speed falls between 90 to 95 speed

You will hit better and straighter armed with this all-forgiving club with the best of feedback on every single hit

Its exceptional ball speed and distance is brought about by the Ti51AF cup face which is stronger lighter and faster than the previous version

Mass is moved to the perimeter through than lightweight carbon crown and this does add up to more forgiveness and accurate drives

Srixon Z585 Driver Video Reviews By GolfWRX




  • Lightweight carbon for more control and feedback
  • Made of quality so that they are long-lasting
  • Easy to hit with insane forgiveness brought about by large sweet-spot and high MOI
  • Very responsive with an un-matched feel at impact
  • Glue in hosel does help to produce a draw bias head shape and this helps to reduce slice of the tee


  • Be the first to review


Cleveland Golf (Senior)Men’s Launcher HB(Best For Forgiveness And Ball Control)

men's driver, Average swing, swing speed, 90MPH speedSuperclub driver for the senior men who hit 90MPH and above, be rest assured you aren’t just buying club you are simply buying quality

With this driver aimed at senior men, you will notice and added distance and speed to your game

Mind you, with this well-balanced driver you are not just hitting shots, but straighter ones at that with the best of forgiveness tendencies even on a mishit

The new launcher cup face is responsible for a well-streamlined shot and higher ball flight and trajectory

It does come with a headcover for club protection and unisex flex fin which makes them great for all gender

Cleveland Golf (Senior)Men’s Launcher HB By Ricks Shiels Golf



  • One of the best driver for seniors
  • Good for the money
  • More distance and control on your game brought about by proper weight zoning
  • Solid sound and a pleasant feel
  • Straighter driver with more ball speed brought about by lightweight features and new launcher cup face
  • Highly forgiving with unmatched feedback as a result of a large head and a sweet spot with a well strategically placed low CG


  • Someone complained of having being sent with one without a headcover


Wilson Staff C300 Driver(Best For Forgiveness And Feedback)

swing speed, golf driver, 90 to 95MPH, men's driver, golf clubWhether Wilson C300 or D300 they are great for average swing speed, the Wilson 300’s has done a great job as they have been so successful in making one of the most reputable driver clubs for men

This is just no driver, as they are made of quality and exceptional response, feedback and feel

Amazingly this driver is the first to feature an award-winning power hole technology that is responsible for forgiveness boost and ball speed control

This is a highly adjustable club driver which does make it possible to optimize your driver setting so that it matches your swing pattern and playing style

The is a large and extremely comfortable Lamkin cross line 2 grip of which adds to more comfort and flexibility and feel on every single hit

Wilson Staff C300 Driver Video Review By Rick Shiels Golf




  • Great look and feel
  • Farther and straighter drives with all ease
  • Great for quality and design
  • Three interchangeable head weight for Adjustability to help optimize your driver setting
  • Larger and softer grip for unmatched feel and comfortability
  • Highly forgiving and responsive as they are well and weighted and balanced


  • Someone complained of a broken head


Ping G400(Best For Forgiveness And Responsiveness)

This is the best for the value golf driver highly designed for the average swinger.

If you are looking for one of the most trusted brand makers of golf driver you can well turn to the Ping and be rest assured that you get exactly what you pay for

Through its Vortec technology, you are assured of stronger ball speed which will definitely lead to more distance

There is also the feature known as bolder crown turbulator and this does also help to boost ball speed and very importantly controls well

Get a rich full sound at impact and improve feel via the internal rib strategically built structure as this adds to your overall performance

There is a big advancement in aerodynamics and stability technology which can be seen through this driver streamlined shape for higher ball flight and exceptional trajectory

Ping G400 Driver Video Reviews By Rick Shiels Golf




  • Adjustable loft for customization purpose
  • Nice pleasant sound and feel at impact
  • Straighter drives with consistency and this help to reduce a slice
  • Advanced aerodynamic and stability for easier ball flight and accurate trajectory
  • T9S+ forged face for faster ball speed and distance travel
  • Vortec technology for distance and stability
  • Best for quality
  • Highly forgiving with the best of feedback and responsive features brought about by proper weight to alignment zoning


  • Quite expensive but you get exactly what you pay for


Taylormade Golf M2 Driver(Best For Forgiveness And Feel)

swing speed, golf driver, best men. for men 90 to 95 MPHThe Taylormade has been a famous and popular brand well into the production of driver club

This makes them highly specific when it comes to club production, features an all-new multi-material construction which doe save weight for easy ball dispersion and added speed

How about the deep speed pocket which gives you straighter ad farther distance even on a weak swing

There is this technology well known as Geocoustic technology and this adds forgiveness and control

You can be able to fine-tune your performance easily and quickly using the adjustable features and this will help in improving your game greatly

Go check the review and get satisfied, this is a quality golf driver with the best of efficiency and responsiveness which does make golf more fun and increase accuracy

Taylormade Golf M2 Driver Video Reviews By Rick Shiels Golf




  • More forgiveness and better dispersion
  • Geocoustic technology for added distance
  • Well optimized and pleasant sound and feel brought about by external sound rib
  • Deep more active speed pocket for more forgiveness and higher ball launch and trajectory
  • Very durable and lightweight for the best of efficiency and feel
  • 4A adjustability to fine-tune performance
  • Straighter and longer driver with great consistency


  • Someone complained of the shaft being stiff


What Is A Good Driver Swing Speed?

Swing speed from 110- 125MPH is common among tour pros, to launch the ball 300 yardage and further you will be needing this amount of speed

If you have got a fast swing speed this driver is highly recommended for fast swinger Best Golf Driver for fast swing speed 

Everyone wants to hit the golf ball farther, the goal of the driver is to hit it as farther as possible, this is why one of the important aims of the golfer is to hit further than anyone else

There is a popular adage by Markie Broadie’s which says, ”Distance can be King” by hitting the ball farther a golfer can lower their score

It is a general fact that as the handicap goes down the better your swing speed as it increases

The average swing speed for a driver is about 93.4MPH, having analyzed many golfers as huge as 40% of them have a swing speed of between 91 and 100mph

Most golfers have got a driving range of 230 and below and it was proven that there was a correlation between longer drive and lower handicap

You should feel pretty proud of yourself if you hover around the 93.4Mph but there is and will always be room for improvement


Types Of Swing Speed

As far as the game of golf is concerned, swing speed is the game, especially when it comes to the club called driver

Golf driver just as its name implies is the first hitting club off the tee, it is used to hit the longest distance than any other club

The Driver is one of the most used golf clubs as it is used to start off the tee in every round of golf, this is why it is very important that you put a lot of consideration when making a choice on your driver and one of these considerations is your swing speed

As a golfer, do not be caught u with the frenzy and excitement when you opt for a new driver that you forget to put this your swig sped into consideration as one of your topmost priority as

Lots of golfers especially beginner have made the wrong choice on their club because they forget to put their swing speed into consideration

If you do not match your club to your abilities to swing them, it can have an adverse effect on your game

By taking the time to find the right club for your game you can best leverage your golf equipment for better game improvement

There Are 3 Swing Speed In Golf-Fast, Moderate and Slow Swing speed


Types Of Swing Speed

  • Fast Swing Speed

Just as its name implies, Fast swingers hit the ball the farthest, a fast swinger will normally hit the golf ball

An upward of 110mph is regarded as a fast swing speed and is often common among professionals

  • Moderate Swing Speed

Swing speed of 95mph to 105 is usually regarded as a moderate swing speed, and most common among young recreational golfers

Mid swingers encompass the greatest number of golfer, this means there are more mid swingers than any other swing type

  • Slow Swing Speed

Slow swingers hit the ball the shortest distance, this is very common among senior golfer due to age and also among amateur as they are new to the game

If you hit the ball within the range of 70 to 90 then you are regarded as a slow swinger


Things To Consider When Choosing A Golf Driver For 90 To 95Mph (Slow Swing Speed)

A lot of factors come into play when making a choice on your driver of you have got a slow swing speed

  • Shaft

The shaft is one of the very important consideration when making a choice on your driver, for slow swingers, look for shaft which is very lightweight so that you can garner faster speed and better feel and feedback

A heavy shaft for slow swinger would have a negative effect on their game as it tends to slow down even further the speed of slow swinger and gives them less control over the ball

It’s best to get fit into a driver shaft s finding the right driver can be like navigating the minefield

You can better get fit under a professional fitter, all you need do is visit a club fitting center or golf shop where it will be determined what drover is best for you

One of the all too many mistakes that some golfer do is that they want to play the most popular shaft on tour instead of looking for a shaft which fits their playing ability

Driver with too stiff flex would cause shot to launch too low and this arent what a slow swinger should be getting into on the other hand shaft which is too weak would cause shots to spin too much, fly too high and widen the pattern of dispersion

So as a slow swinger you would often require a softer flex shaft which has proven to be the best for you

  • Weight

There is a similar correlation to performance as flex when it comes to weighing, your golf ball will fly low and with less spin if your shaft is heavy

You need a lighter shaft so that your ball can be able to fly higher and spin more, even though some golfer has a different approach on the weight of your driver we can however not deny the fact that with a lightweight shaft you can increase the odds of closure

You should start looking for a heavier shaft option especially if your ball is starting left or hooking

  • Adjustability

When making a choice on your driver, it’s great to go for drivers which offer adjustable features even though they are more expensive, they are worth invest on

A Driver which offers adjustable features would give you a more robust option to fine-tune your driver to your desired playability which is one of the greatest benefits of having a driver which offers this

Adjustable drivers also give you the option for fine-tuning and this means you wouldn’t be getting a new driver so soon as you get better at our game, all you simply do is as you get better you fine-tune again

  • Length

Making a choice on your club length would be highly influenced by your arm length and not necessarily how tall you are as most people misunderstand it to be

Here is the illustration: There are short golfers who have got long arms, there are tall golfers who have got short arms

So instead of taking height into consideration to determine which club length is best suited for you, you should be considering the length of your arm

Making use of a driver club which are too short or too long would have a negative impact on your stance and this would definitely and surely affect your swing

Lengthy club driver is best suited for golfers who’s got a short arm even though they are tall heightened, one the other hand shorter length golf club is best suited for golfers with longer arms even though they are short heighted


How Fast Should My Swing Speed Be?

Different golfer would usually have different swing speed, this difference is triggered as a result of many factors which include age, expertise, and strength

For the PGA Tour Pros, they have a swing speed of 110mph and above, 106 for scratch golfer and




Making a choice on your driver club is dependent on too many factors from swing speed to expertise to aging

Thanks to technology and innovation as there are drivers which are targeted to meet the need of wider variety range of golfers by offering adjustable features which prevents you from a repeat buy as all you need to do is adjust to new playing level

It can get confusing with so many golf driver designed for the average swinger out there in the market today

Nevertheless, today’s golfing offers the best on sale golf driver for 90 to 95MPH swing speed

This golf driver is really great for average swingers, and perfect for men whose swing speed is between 90 to 95MPh









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