In the end you should be able to list the best golf driver for seniors with slow swing speed

One of the very wrong concept is as a person ages their game get’s worst, however true this might seem there are specially designed golf driver which will aid the senior get more distance with little hassle

It’s very unfortunate that age can slow you down, changing the way you golf by reducing you swing speed until you are regarded as a slow swinger

This is one constant complain from senior golfer, when they hit a particular age, their distance just disappear

Driver best designed for seniors increases club head speed at point of contact

Today’s golfing do have in great collection best driver designed for senior with slow swing speed

Looking for the best senior golf driver for slow swinger? We’ve got you covered

For driver best for slower swinger, please refer here: Best driver for slower swingers

What Senior Should Look Out For In A Driver

Are you a senior and looking for slow swing speed golf driver, which will give you more yardage on course? this are what to look out for

Launch Angle

You must put into serious consideration your launch angle as this is a great determiner of what club driver will be best suited for seniors

In this blog post since we are focusing on slow swing speed, you will be needing a higher launch angle

The slower you swing speed the more lunch angle you will be needing


If you’ve got a slow swing speed, you will be needing a shaft which is very flexible, this flexibility compliments your weak swing and converts it into higher flight shots and ball speed which eventually lead to n ore ball distance travel

Adjustability Features

As a slow swinger you’ve got to scout for club driver with adjustable features as this will help fine tune your shots and flight trajectory

This helps in customization of ball distance to balance which will have great impact on your overall performance

Length Of Shaft

Longer shaft delivers greater ball speed and it is well observed that greater ball speed leads to more ball distance travel

As a slow swinger you’ve got to look for long shaft, but mind you, it should be too long for your height

As this will affect your balance and reduce your control, its good you study your swing pattern so as to be able to identify what shaft is best suited for you

What Loft Should A Slow Swing Speed Senior Use

A s a senior whose got slow swing speed you should be using a driver with loft angle between 14 and 20 degree

And for average swinger you can use a driver whose loft is between 7 to 9 degree

Having said this, we bring to you the best for slow swing speed senior golf drivers on sale

Best For Slow Swing Speed Driver For Senior In 2020


Cobra Golf 2019 F-Max Superlite Offset Driver(Best For Ball Control And Distance)

slow swing, slow speed, golf driver, best seniorsThe Cobra 2019 F-Max Superlite is a great place to start with when in search for the best golf driver for seniors with slow swing speed

This driver is designed for ultimate distance and speed all this made possible through the forged E9 face technology

This E9 face technology enhances ball speed and distance across surface, you will hit straighter shots and most importantly with consistency

The back/heel weighing helps for higher ball launch and straighter shots in every single hit

You will be able to set up the ball with a square due to the subtle crown alignment and this creates room for visually appeal


Lighter for the best of feedback and feel

Forged E9 face technology for more speed and distance

Back/Heel weighing for straighter ball shots and higher ball launch

Highly forgiving and responsive brought about by Low CG and high MOI


Not available for left hand orientation


Taylormade M6 Driver(Best For Forgiveness And Distance)

golf driver, best senior, slow swing, slow swingers, swing speedYou aren’t just buying driver that will aid you more distance, you are buying quality, when it comes to quality you can’t beat it

There is a speed injected process which help to maximized ball head speed and distance so that even on your weak swing ball still travel far

Features a twist face revolutionary technology which does help to reduce ball spin with increased optimized roll for better forgiveness and responsiveness

This driver boost of the largest headed driver allowed in golf, this makes them forgiving and with a high MOI and low CG for the best of feedback and forgiveness


Aerodynamic carbon sole design for better optimized ball flight and trajectory

Twist face technology for reduced spin and increase ball roll

Highly forgiving and responsive brought about by high MOI and proper weight balancing

Quality for long lasting durability

Speed injected technology for more ball speed and distance travel


Quite expensive but you get what you pay for


Callaway Golf 2019 Epic Flash Driver(Best For Forgiveness And Distance)

enior driver, slower swingers, best drive, for seniorsThe Callaway Epic have won award as being the fastest and longest range golf driver, when it comes to distance you do not joke with the Callaway Golf 2019 Epic Flash Driver

Designed and well crafted for aggressive forgiveness and distance, it doesn’t matter how weak your swing have become

This driver will give you maximum distance and speed all made possible via then technology known as flash face

The jail breaking technology also adds to more speed and more optimized ball flight trajectory

The adjustable perimeter weighing gives golfer the ability to promote draws and straighter ball shots

This is also another quality driver built to last, they are very lightweight and this helps to create more response and feedback on every single hit


Comes with a head cover for club protection

Made of quality so that they are long lasting

Jail breaking technology for faster ball sped and distance

Well weighed and balanced for more responsiveness and feel

Highly forgiving golf driver with well optimized ball trajectory

Flash face technology for more speed and ball control


Might take sometime getting used to


Cobra 2018 King F8 Driver(Best For Distance And Responsiveness)

Though no option for senior flex, however it is great and highly recommended for seniors who are slow swingers

Great golf driver with an F8 adjustment tool for more fine tuning of ball spin and feel, it d9oes come with an 8 adjustable loft setting this helps to manage trajectory and fine tune control

They are highly deigned for ultimate distance, feedback and feel and you will love them due to how light they are

This lightweight features makes them very forgiving and provide maximum response as well when struck

For maximum club head speed and distance speed plus control, driver does come with an aero innovative polymer

If you’ve got problem hitting straighter shots, you wouldn’t have to worry again using this driver


CNC milled face for more streamlined ball shots and target

Adjustable features for shots fine tuning and distance control

Highly forgiving and responsive as they are well balanced and weighed

Ultra lightweight which helps to create maximum feedback and feel as you hit

Attractive and colorful driver

Straighter shots and well optimized ball trajectory brought about by 360 aero innovative polymer


Someone complained of being sent the wrong shaft


 GX-7 Driver(Best For Feedback And Response)

senior driver, slow swing, swing speedWhether man or woman, this is a great driver designed with maximum distance and ball speed in mind

There are available various all flex option and this gives room for a robust choice selection

They offer more control and accuracy than traditional style driver, choose your shaft flex based on your swing due to the robust five flex option

With this driver you are in for straighter and more precise ball shots with the best of trajectory on every hit

They are made of quality and comes with a one year guarantee for any defect but not out of your own carelessness

If you are mid to high handicapper golfer this is a great option for you to explore as they are bent on improvement your swing speed and it doesn’t just stop at that but accuracy included


One year manufacturer warranty against defect

Highly forgiving brought about by low CG and well streamlined head

Exceptionally responsive with maximum feedback and feel due to proper weight redistribution

Made of quality and easy to hit

Easy to align and very responsive made possible through its soft and flexible grip


Someone complained of club being bad



As a senior, whose got slow swing, there are specially made driver club for you, this driver helps you to achieve long distance ball driver and speed to help compliment for your slow swing

It’s normal, as we get older and well into the senior category, we tend to loose strength and agility, our swing force and pressure weakens

Due to this reason, manufacturers began considering golf driver the older golfer whose got weak swing and here you have the list

With this driver on our list, you are not only guaranteed of distance and speed but accuracy along side and finally you will notice a tremendous improvement on your game



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