In the end, you should be able to list the best non-remote controlled golf cart on sale in 2020

One of the very important thing you will be needing aside from clubs is a golf cart especially if you’ve got a heavy bag like the Staff or Cart Bag, Golf cart takes off the stress by helping you transport your gears and other equipment down to the course

Prior to this era, the golfer would have to carry their heavy bag containing all gears and equipment on shoulder, this in most cases resulted in fatigue and tiredness even before they begin their round

With this, a whole lot of golfers were affected as they couldn’t perform up to desired and this prompted the need and design for  Golf Cart

A golf cart helps you lift up that stress and makes your walking to the course easier, stress-free, and more fun, all you need to do is put your equipment into the cart, and off you move

These machines are real assets to any golfer  but making the right choice on your non-remote controlled Cart can be very tricky and confusing as there are all too many out there in the market today

In this blog post of today, we are going to be helping you lift the burden off your shoulders by helping you list the best on sale non-remote controlled golf cart to buy so that you wouldn’t have to worry about carts again

There are lots of Golf Cart brands that you can make a choice from, this brand include the EZ-GO, Yamaha, etc

Our picks are based on intensive research, reviews, and feedback all with an effort to bring you the best to buy

For Electric remote control golf cart, please refer here: Best electric remote controlled golf cart on sale

Remote Controlled VS Electric Non-Remote Controlled Golf Cart Which Is Better?

The subject of which is better is highly dependent on preference and budget, While some golfers prefer a remote-controlled cart others prefer a non-remote golf cart

Nevertheless, the remote-controlled golf cart gives you extra functionality like the ”remote control button”

Aside from that, there is really no difference, so the subject of whose is better is based on choice and budgeting

Having said this, we now present before you the best None Remote Control Golf Caddy on the market

Best Non-Remote Controlled Golf Cart Reviewed

Bat-Caddy X3 Electric Push Cart(Best Valued)

Electric cart ,non remote, best non remoteWhen you talk about one of the most cherished and well recognized and trusted brand makers of a golf cart, then you are in no doubt referring to the Bat-Caddy

This is a highly innovative non-remote controlled golf cart built with explicit and long-lasting material for durability and efficiency sake Bat-Caddy carts are known for recent and lavished technology as this cart offers everything you will be needing to feel relaxed and comfortable

The rugged tires which are able to withstand any terrain and long-lasting battery life are second to none, and no matter the terrain, even uphill this cart is great

Features lightweight high tech aluminum frame this makes them very portable and easy to move around

Comes with one full year warranty against all defect and you will enjoy the best of support from a knowledgeable staff

Never get stuck on course again as this caddy can be pushed effortlessly even without a battery


Bat-Caddy X3 Electric Push Cart Video By OUTSIDELIST


  • Highly quality so that they are long-lasting and efficient
  • Full-year warranty against defect
  • Well known and trusted brand Rugged and large wheels for stability and balance no matter the terrain
  • Easy to push and maneuver
  • Environmentally long-lasting lithium battery Speed control mechanism with battery indicator
  • Easy on click set up fold design for unmatched portability


  • Someone complained of a lack of downhill brake function


Sun Mountain Golf- Speed Cart GX

non remote, golf cart,best non remoteThe Sun Mountain Golf Cart is no doubt is not a golf cart to be messed with as it offers the first-class quality and features which will make walking to the course more fun and engaging

Features an improved and advanced adjustable bag system which makes it possible to fit any bag no matter the size

This is neither an electric or remote-controlled golf cart, it is strictly a pushcart well designed with quality and efficiency in mind

This Cart is uniquely different in the sense that it does have a seat holder and you can easily adjust your cart sing the well designed and strategically placed tracking system

They are also very easy to fold in seconds for easy and quick mobility and portability

You will love this product for its extra storage space which does give you an additional option to carry more equipment’s

Comes with a water cup holder, added pencil holder, cell phone holder which is improved and advanced


Sun Mountain Golf- Speed Cart GX Video Review By James Miller


  • Very quality and efficient
  • Improved features such as water cup holder, cell phone holder, and many more
  • Extra storage compartment for miscellaneous items
  • Easy fold and unfold for quick and easy mobility
  • Built-in bracket which helps in holding the seat
  • Tracking system for easy adjustment


  • Not a remote-controlled or electric cart


Qwik Fold 360 Swivel 3 Wheel Push Pull Golf Cart(Best For Low Budget)

non remote, golf cart, on sale, best cartIn the Qwik  series, this is one of the best for the value golf cart, offering you mouth-watering features

Of which is not limited to the patented bullet system technology which does help for fast and quick collapsing and easy folding

You also et a 360 swivel wheel which is able to turn 360 degrees, this front wheel can also be locked so that the cart driver straight and easy to maneuver

How about the patented foot brake system which does make it possible to customize speed based on preferences and situation

Whether you are a right-handed or left-handed player, the ergonomic handle will suit you as it is built for both hand orientation

They are great for hilly courses brought about by well designed and rugged wheels coupled with a high battery voltage

If you are looking for one of the easiest golf push cart then this should be a great choice that will serve you

The umbrella holder makes it possible to move the cart around even on a wet or rainy day since it does act as a protection or covering


Qwik Fold 360 Swivel 3 Wheel Push Pull Golf Cart Video Review By Top Product Review


  • Quality so that they are built to last
  • Comes with lots of accessories which does include a Scorecard holder with a storage room for your tees
  • Adjustable bag strap to accommodate any bag size
  • Easy to use and maneuver
  • Easy to fold and unfold technology for great portability
  • Ball-bearing wheel which is maintenance-free
  • Improved ergonomic shaped handle for the best of feel and comfort


  • Quite expensive


BagBoy Nitron Golf Push Cart(Best For Ease And Portability)

It’s a promise, this cart is a very nice one and you wouldn’t be disappointed, this cat is a unicorn brought about by the toploc technology which is a patented bag to cart attachment system and this helps prevent turning and twisting of your bag

This cart was built beyond your expectation, they are great and stable on hilly courses as a result of well built-in and rugged wheels

With the BagBoy golf cart folding and unfolding your cart just got easier, they are also very lightweight for the best of mobility and portability

They roll easily and comes with an easy to apply breaks, they are easy to set up as well and fits great in the trunk

Comes with an extra-large accessory bag which gives you an opportunity to pick up the extra item you will be needing on course

How about the exciting features which do include a full feature scorecard console with integrated beverage holder, mobile device holder, and many more

Enough of this explanation, golf check the reviews and see how well this cart serves and creates unmatched value


BagBoy Nitron Golf Push Cart Video Review By Remy Mike


  • Very quality for long-lasting durability
  • Extra-large accessory bag
  • Fold in seconds with a two-step method for un-matched mobility
  • Umbrella holder so that you never get stuck in wet conditions
  • Full features Scorecard console with golf ball storage and integrated beverages holder
  • Toploc technology which does prevent twisting or turning of bag
  • Very easy to roll and user friendly


  • Front-wheel does not come off


Clicgear Model 8+(Best On Review)

The Clicgear is a four-wheeled golf cart built with top quality material, there is something about this so exotic and that being it is pretty by far one of the most advanced versions of the very famous and trusted brand of the Clicgear

You aren’t just in for a non-remote golf cart, you are in for quality and efficiency all made possible with The Clicgear Model 8+

If you love the high taste for classy and a keen like for durability then this is just great, comes with a lot of features that will help to ease your stress and create more fun as you walk down the course like a king that you are

Such features include and is not restricted to an improved bag strap system, wide enough to accommodate any bag no matter the size

Break handles which are upgraded, for easy and quick stop where needed, enhanced umbrella strap so that you wouldn’t have to worry about the weather again

Fold your cart down to an incredible 15” *17” *27” size, that’s incredible, very incredible, making this cart one of the most portable and neatly folded cart

Features an accessory compartment which does include a built-in scorecard, golf ball, pencil and tee holder, umbrella mount, and many more

In order to prevent your cart from rolling when not in use with this cart comes a well built and strategically built hand brake lock

The oversized console for your balls, tees, and other item plus an additional storage net for access to other personal item makes them one of the most preferred among many golfers

Apart from this they are rolling friendly, lightweight, and very sturdy for the best of stability and balancing even on rugged terrains


Clicgear Model 8+ Video Review By Out Of Bounds Golf


  • Very quality for the sake of durability and efficiency
  • Oversized console for you tees, balls, and other items
  • Lightweight and highly foldable for un-matched mobility
  • Easy to use and roll
  • Improved bag strap system plus upgraded brake handles for easy stop
  • Very long wheelbase for more stability and balancing
  • Full console with built-in scorecard board
  • Adjustment front wheel so that you can fine-tune your cart for straighter movement


  • Not a remote-controlled cart but a pushcart


Remote Controlled Golf Cart VS Non-Remote Controlled Golf Cart, What The Difference

Whether you choose the remote-controlled or non-remote controlled golf cart would be largely based on preference

  • Remote Controlled Golf Cart

Remote controlled golf cart are designed so that it comes with a remote, this Cart can be controlled using a remote as you do not have to push Cart

The cart can be controlled from distance away as compared to the non-remote controlled cart which involves pushing

A remote-controlled Cart is even more stress-free and beneficial to your golf game than one which does not offer a remote control feature, this is because pushcart place more strain on the muscles of your forearm

There are lots of remote-controlled golf cart brands out there, some of these well-known and trusted brands well include Bat-Caddy, MGI, Stewart, etc.

  • Non-Remote Controlled Cart

The Non-Remote Cart is just the opposite of the Remote Controlled cart, this Cart type does not offer the remote features so they cannot be manned using a remote control feature

The remote-controlled cart is more stressful as it usually involves pushing and this can be very strenuous to the muscles of the forearm, however, they are great for the golfer who wants to develop their forearms or indulge in some forearm building exercise

As an instance, the golf cart on review are all non-remote controlled Golf Cart and great for golfers who want to exercise their forearm instead of walking down the course

Non-remote Controlled Golf Cart is the way to go for the golfer who wants to spend less as the remote-controlled are usually very expensive


What Should I Look Out For When Buying A Non-Remote Golf Cart

When making a choice on your non-remote Cart, there are things that one just put into consideration so as to be able to make the best of selection

Buying a used Golf Cart can be very exciting as they are often cheaper than getting a new one

But it can be hard to tell how sound they are, you do not want to spend a bunch of money on Carts that would be of problem for you

  • Refurbished or New

When making a choice on your Cart, you will have to choose between the new Cart or a refurbished one

New is always the best but they are often more expensive than the used, however, that does not rule the fact that there are great for the value Golf Cart which is refurbished

If you do not have enough money to buy the new one which is highly recommended make sure you are extremely careful and calculative so as to make a choice on one which is still very functional and offer value

  • Is It A Gas or Electric Golf Cart

There are two main types of Cart, Gas Golf Cart or Electric Golf Cart, just as its name implies, the Gas Golf Cart is being manned using Gasoline, this type of Golf Cart is usually great over long distances and rugged terrain

The Electric Golf Cart is manned using electricity, each of these Cart types comes with its own strength and weakness so you should do some research to determine which is best for you

As said earlier one of the very advantage of the Gas Golf Cart is its ability to drive over long distance and to easily get past rugged and uneven terrain but they are usually more expensive when it comes to maintenance and non-environmental friendly as they contribute to air pollution, they are also very noisy as well

On the other hand, if you seek a Cart that will cost less for maintenance and which is environmentally friendly, and cost less noise then you should be considering opting for an Electric Cart but you must have access to a battery which might be a challenge some of the time

  • Features

While there are varieties of Golf Cart, each does have its own unique features which makes them different from the other, the features that will resonate with you will depend on what you will be using your Cart for

Some of these features which are common to a Golf Cart includes a bracelet or barrier at the side especially if you have children as this prevents them from falling off the Cart when on motion, we also have the Golf Cart top cover which is best suited for father and son

  • Brand

It is a well-known fact that a ”good brand” speakers for itself, there are lots of golf cart brand out there on sale in today’s golf market equipment

For some, they prefer to stick to a particular brand while others just want something which offers them the best of quality and offers guaranteed durability and effectiveness

When making a choice on your Golf Cart, you will come across well-known and trusted brands like the EZ-go, BatCaddy, etc.

  • Battery Life

This is useful when you choose an electric Cart since they are manned with battery, you should check out for battery conditions, are they very good or they aren’t

To check for battery efficiency you might have to drive the Cart for some time so as to verify its battery authenticity and livelihood

  • Speed

If you are looking for a golf bag which offers more speed and is able to travel very long distance than you should consider opting for a Gas Golf Cart as it travels faster and over a long distance than an Electric Cart



Who Are Golf Cart Best Suited For?

Frankly speaking, everyone can use a Golf Cart, it is all a matter of preference as there is no restriction

To make it further clearer, if you have got the Staff and Cart bag which are the heaviest and bulky type of Golf bag then absolutely, you need a Cart

These bag types are so heavy and could possibly lead to fatigue when you carry them n shoulder down to the course, but with a Cart, such burden is lifted as all you simply do is either push, pull or drive

For Golfers who prefer walking down the course then the Cart would be an important factor as you can do without them

You can do without the Cart if you have got a very lightweight and carry friendly golf bag like the Stand Bag and Carry bag being a very good example of a bag for walkers

There are lots of carry golf bag that you can make a choice from, however, this becomes increasingly confusing and a daunting task for golfers especially beginners

For a robust variety of carry bag please refer here Best Carry Golf Bag to buy right now


Is Golf Cart Price Negotiable

Oh Yes, absolutely and it should, just like every other item, you can have a negotiation on the price of a Cart, the effectiveness of the price hanging will depend on the dealer whom you choose to visit

Some would have the price lowered especially if they perceive it is going to be a good deal for the both of you, however as you would expect, its price difference wouldn’t be that noticeable


How Long Do Golf Cart Motor Last

Golf Cart motor does not have a standard for lasting, as it is well dependent on how well you use and maintain them, however, a very well maintained Golf Cart motor should last about 20 to 30 years



Golf Cart gives you a variety of option to choose from, while there are remote manned golf Cart there are also the non-remote controlled Cart

Golf cart is as important as owning a club set as they do help you do the heavy lifting of having to carry your gears on your shoulder which can be very tiresome and can cause fatigue

A cart is a real asset to a golfer who wants to concentrate more on their game for better result improvement

While there is a vast option of a golf cart from where a golfer can make a choice, you will be presented before the remote-controlled and non-remote controlled carts

However, some gofer might prefer a remote-controlled cart whereas others might prefer a non-remote golf cart

Whatever be your choice, in this article we have given you the true and updated list of the best non-remote golf cart to buy in 2020















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