In the end, you should be able to list the best electric golf cart in 2021

Electric Pushcart is one of the most valuable pieces of equipment among golfers and especially the ones who do not want to feel the heavy load of carrying their bags

There are many advantages of owning an electric pushcart and it all boils down to the fact that it releases you of the stress of having to carry your heavy bags on your shoulder which usually leads to stress and exhaustion

Pushcart also adds up to the overall fun of the game, all you simply do is push your cart down to the course which holds your bag conveniently and with no stress

There are different types of carts in today market, thanks to technology and innovation some of this cart is fully manual carts while other offers electric and other remote control features

Not only does this cart alleviate the need to carry your club but many of them feature a hand free motion technology that allows them to navigate the course just with a simple push of a button

Today’s golfing do have in great offer the best of an electric push golf cart on sale, prior to this era there were little to no electric push golf cart now the story is different

Looking for the best electric golf push cart on reviews in 2020/2021? We’ve got you covered

These electric carts vary from brand to design to quality and efficiency, here in this blog post we bring to you the best of this electric push golf cart

What Is A Golf Cart

A Golf Cart according to golfing is a small portable vehicle usually open-roofed and without doors

Used to convey few numbers of people over a short distance on a speedometer below the 15 MPH mark

As a golfer you probably would feel reluctant and stressed to carry your bag which contains your club around, you probably might feel weak or lazy and need a vehicle that can covey you all round

Golf electric pushcart has been of a great contribution to golfing as it does help speed up the game, one loveable feature about golf electric cart are that it is usually trendy

It can also be seen as a recreational vehicle that does help to spice up your fun and entertainment

How To Choose A Golf Electric Push Cart

When choosing a golf cart, there are just two well-known types namely

Electric and gas golf cart

From the word, ”Electric”, the electric golf cart is being manned by electricity whereas for gas as the name implies it is being manned by use of gasoline

In today’s blog post we are focusing on giving you the true and updated list of the best electric golf cart

But before presenting this list to you we are going to be considering what features makes for a quality golf cart

What Are The Features Of An Electric Golf Cart

  • Quality tires

Your tires should be quality because everyone loves quality as it does prove to last longer and very efficient

  • Headlight

The headlight is very important due to the fact that you may be so carried away playing golf until it is nightfall

Or you might attend a tournament which was set to take place at night or probably meet nightfall

This headlight is what will give you direction at night as you turn your golf cart heading home or to the course

  • Canopy

A canopy to protect you from the rain is also an important factor that you must well consider as we cannot stop the rain from falling

  • Additional storage option

It should come with an additional storage option, this creates space to come in with other items that might be of need to you

It also should come with a ball cleaner(to clean your balls), a Windshield to protect you, a Cooler bag and a tray to help prevent your beverages from getting hot, it should also be equipped with a GPS.


Why Choose An Electric Golf Push Cart

The golf Push Cart was meant to be an improvement to the golf Pull Cart as it does save energy and prevent fatigue

Push Cart takes advantage of the forward momentum of walking and offers ergonomic handles which are very soft and comfortable

They also roll better and straighter on the fairway this is due to the fact that they are well balanced brought about by the third wheel in front

And now we have gradually moved into the four-wheel type of golf cart so that they are even more portable and easy to fold

Without further delay, here is the list

Best Electric Push Golf Cart 2021

Bat-Caddy Golf X36 Remote Control Electric Golf Caddy Cart(Best On Reviews)

electric cart,golf cart, push cart, cart 2020, best cartIf you are a fan of the Caddy and looking for the best for the value electric pushcart which does offer free accessories kits of which include Net style Cup Holder and Score Card/Umbrella holder combo

Amazingly this electric golf cart can also be operated manually thus giving you a robust option to choose from which best suits you

When it comes to standard and quality and efficiency this stands out as one of the best for the value

It does come up with a whole lot of features that support an easy life and surprisingly again you are guaranteed a one-year warranty return policy

They are easy to use and user friendly and if you are a walking golfer, this is perfect

Bat-Caddy Golf X36 Remote Cart Video Review By BatCaddy



  • Remote works for a long way
  • Quality cart so that you are given a one year warranty
  • Lightweight but very sturdy and well balanced
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Up steep grades and slanted heels it works very well


  • Heavy battery


MGI Zip X5 Electric Golf Caddy

golf cart, pust cart, electric cart, best sale,Best for easy life golf electric cart, for those who love being classy and fashionable this MGI Zip offers all you will be needing

No matter how rough or smooth the terrain the MGI Zip Electric Golf Cart is so made in a way that it can hold firmly brought about by its electronic pack break

You will be able to maintain speed at the down heel due to its down heel speed control so that you do not get hurt

There is also the controlled distance function which does help for setting at the desired distance of which its stops on demand

There is also a feature known as a resettable odometer which can help calculate distance walked and longest drives

Rightly in this club is a lockable front wheel that is swiveling as well

MGI Zip X5 Electric Golf Caddy Video Review By MGI



  • Zip fold design for easy storage
  • Front-wheel which is swiveling lockable
  • Added stability brought about by the rear 4th wheel design
  • Down Speed Control to help fine-tune the speed
  • Strong and rugged pack break which does help to hold cart on any terrain
  • Advanced digital electronic which does indicate batter level and distance


  • Someone complained of front-wheel rear up


MGI Zip Navigator Remote Control Electric Golf Caddy(Best Valued)

electric cart, golf cat, best cart, electric golf cartSimilar to the MGI Zip X5 golf cart but this time with an upgrade due to the full directional remote control

This is the one of best for the value golf cart in the MGI series, listen, you aren’t just buying a golf cart, you are simply buying quality and efficiency

It does allow for a full directional remote control which does make it possible to move from left to right, reverse and speed control

Across any terrain, this golf cart is in track brought about by the patented gyroscope straight tracker technology

There is also the presence of a down heel sped control which does help you to fine-tune your distance and speed

It does also contain a resettable odometer for tracking distance and a powerful twin 230-watt motor which makes your batter one of the best for long-lasting life

MGI Zip Navigator Remote Control Cart Video Review By TALKING GOLF



  • Full directional remote control
  • Advanced digital electronic with battery indicator and speed control
  • Downhill speed control for safety precautions
  • Can hold ruggedly on any terrain due to the electronic park brake
  • Gyroscope straight tracker technology to help keep the cart on track across all terrains
  • Very quality and well balanced for the best of efficiency and long-lasting life
  • Twin calibrated motor for more power and agility


  • Quite expensive


Bat-Caddy X4 Sport Electric Push Golf Cart(Best For Low Budget)

golf cart, electric cart, best 2020Great golf electric cart with a rheostat speed control which does help to fine-tune your speed for safety purpose

It does come with a  battery charge indicator and distance timer labeled(10, 20 30)

How about the battery which is 1* 2000 watt with a 12 V DC Electric so that it last long

When it comes to a golf electric cart best suited for low budget yet very quality and efficient, this one is highly recommended

Features a lightweight stylish high tech aluminum design for long-lasting durability and efficiency

Like its remote controlled brother, this Cart can be controlled manually as well and they are easy to use and maintain

Bat-Caddy X4 Sport Cart Video Review By BatCaddy



  • Can be controlled manually and electrically
  • High tech aluminum frame which is lightweight
  • Long-lasting lithium battery which takes up to 72 holes per charge
  • Full one year warranty in case of defect
  • Easy two-step two clicks setup design
  • Can be easily pushed without a battery


  • Someone complained of it being too expensive


CaddyTrek S Series Remote Control Caddy

golf cart, electric cart, best cartYou will be delighted with your new purchase as this CaddyTrek S-Series remote control Caddy does have a lightweight and compact folding aluminum frame for long-lasting durability

They are also very stable and efficient brought about by the power 250 dual motor

You will have the option to choose between low to high speed and the reverse when operated in remote mode

One feature makes this cart stand out and that is the real-time battery charge indicator on the battery and handset

Wheels are built in such a way that they are very solid and easy to roll for convenience and fun purpose

The presence of the expendable bag strap helps to secure your bag and keep them safe and handy

CaddyTrek S Series Golf Cart Video Review By caddytrekgolf



  • Quality so that they are long-lasting
  • Well structured wheel for easy movement
  • Low to high-speed control when operated in remote mode
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • 1 year warranty on purchase
  • Compact and lightweight folding aluminum frame


  • Someone complained of it not responding to command


What Is The Best Brand Of Electric Golf Cart

There are many great brands of electric golf carts out there in the market today

With so many out there it becomes confusing and daunting to make a choice on a golf cart

Before taking a look at golf cart it is best to have a preview of what you want, knowing full well that some are electric, some are gas and some are something in between

Here are the top brand manufacturers of golf carts whether electric or gas golf carts in the market

Club Car, E-Z-Go, Yamaha, Polaris, Garis, this are the most recommended brand out there

However it doesn’t stop there, you can do your own research or maybe visit a golf cart sale point and ask them for more brand names

Who Makes The Fastest Electric Golf Cart

The Folks according to KFVS is the fastest electric golf cart in the world and boost as the cart that broke the 4th annual electric vehicle conversion in Sikeston


What Should I Consider When Making A Choice On My Electric Push Cart?

Being all happy and excited to make a choice on your electric pushcart, you shouldn’t let your joy overwhelm your sense of reasoning

There are various factors that a smart golfer should put into consideration before ever coming to the conclusion that an electric pushcart is right for them

All too many golfers make the mistakes of making the wrong choice on their cart because they fail to put these important factors into consideration and we do not want the same to happen to you

Having said that, to be able to make the best choice on your electric pushcart here are what you should be looking out for

  • Battery Life

One of the very important factors that one must put into consideration as you make a choice on your electric pushcart is the battery life

Remember one of the reasons you bought this cart is that it is an ”electric cart” and so battery life becomes a very important factor as battery life for an electric pushcart will vary from cart to cart

Look for cart which offers long-lasting battery life, one of the ways you can determine if the battery life of the cart you wish to buy is ling lasting is to check for battery voltage

How often would you be replacing your battery, you should put this into consideration this determines whether you should invest in it or not

Look for corrosion on the battery and any other issues on the terminal, if you notice that there is a lot of corrosion or leaking then it’s best you look for another

Higher voltage batteries will give you more speed than batteries with low voltage,

  • Tires

Another important thing you should be looking at when in a hunt for your electric pushcart are the tires

There are lots of golf tires in the market with some being of better quality and efficiency than others

Based on where you will be using your cart, is the tires built for off-road use or one made for riding around the town and neighborhood

You should also consider the tread of the tire as they are available in different tread designs and strength

Your tires should be able to last you between 2 to 5 years depends on how often you use them

  • Branding

While branding is important is the fact that ”A good brand speaks for itself” look for reputable, trusted, and well-established brands as they guarantee the best of quality and efficiency

Some of this tires brands include the likes of the EZ-GO, Club Car, Yamaha, etc

  • Storage

Storage spacing is especially important if you are going to be carrying a lot of things to the course

Golf cart offers different storage spacing and looking for one which you are very comfortable with based on its spacing should be an important facto

You do not want to buy a cart that is not able to afford you all the storage spacing that you need

Some of the storage spacing which is well familiar with your electric pushcart is a basket for your ball, tees, search console, holder for umbrella, water bottle holder, etc

  • Features

Golf  cart varies by features, there are some cart which offers far and exciting features than others when making a choice on your electric pushcart look for one which offers features that you are comfortable with

Some of the features that are well familiar with an electric pushcart include the likes of umbrella holder in case of a sudden downpour, hook for stuff, beverage holder, remote control features, and many more

For your best golf cart with remote control features please refer here best golf cart with remote control features 

The better and more satisfying the features the more expensive you should expect the cart to be

Other features that are common with your electric pushcart are

  • LED lighting
  • Bluetooth capable for speaker
  • Phone holder
  • Cupholder
  • Seat/attachment for seat


  • Budget

How much you are willing to chun out for your cart will determine the type and kind of cart that is within your reach

While there are lots of golf electric pushcarts in the market, the ones that hold for superiority and best for quality and efficiency are usually more expensive

You do not have to worry yourself however if you do not have lots of money to spend on your pushcart as they are affordable ones out there

But however, if you have got a lot of money, its best to spend on high-quality carts as you get the best value and efficiency

Got a low budget? no problem, here are the golf cart we recommend, this cart isn’t just budget-friendly but they offer quality at its best

For your low budget golf cart please refer here best affordable golf cart to buy right now 

  • Warranty

This is especially important for companies seeking to grow in the future, people want a warranty on a product bought

A warranty shows you that a company is ready to stand by its product, even though not all companies offer a warranty on their product most trusted companies do

You need to be guaranteed the average life span of your electric pushcart. also, check out for the availability of electric push carts

  • Part Availability

You might want to consider how readily available is your the spare parts of your electric push golf cart

This is especially important as your pushcart just like with any other automobile would have issues and would need repair or replacement from time to time

Make sure spare parts of electric pushcart are readily available and you can easily find someone who specializes in fix-up of broken, destroyed or nonfunctional part of your cart


Is A Remote Control Golf Cart Worth It?

As said earlier during the early days of golf there were only fully manual pushcarts (Without remote control features)

Through technology and innovation, there came an even smarter and greater design called the Remote control cart

This pushcart had an amazing feature that the ordinary pushcart lacked and that being you could operate them with just a push of a button using its remote instead of having to push it manually all the time

Remote control push golf cart is very worth it if you are looking for a more classical and more engaging cart that can be controlled without stress with just a push of a button



A golf electric Push Cart is an automobile used to transport all your golfing equipment’s to the course where you play golf

There are generally three categories of a push golf cart, we have the electric push golf cart and the gas golf cart

Whether you choose an electric or gas push cart, it is a matter of choice and preference

While some might choose to use an electric push golf cart other might prefer to use a golf cart for various reasons

Here in this article, we have given you the true and updated list of the best electric push golf cart on sale today


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