In the end you should be able to list the best face balanced putters

Today’s golfing offers the best face balanced putters on sale, nothing has changed more than the club well known as putter

Golf putters have only transitioned from blade to mallet, from toe balanced to face balanced, in this blog post you will learn what a face balanced putters means and why golfers prefer this

What Is A Face Balanced Putter And It’s Need

Looking for the best face balanced putter club? We’ve got you covered, face balanced it means that the putter head is weight so that it is perfectly balanced between toe and heel

Here is a simple test to check whether if your putter is face balanced or not, across your palm lay the shaft of your putter if you notice that face lies in  a horizontal manner

Pointing upward to the sky then it is undoubtedly face balanced, putters are face balanced with the intention of reducing the amount which the club closes or open

Face balanced putters have a weight evenly distributed through out club face this makes the putter very easy to control and keep straight

It is much easier to use and hit great and accurate putt with a face balanced putter on course as earlier said this is because weight is evenly distributed

In most cases face balanced putters are Mallet styled putter and on few occasions blade styled putters, Taylormade and Odyssey seems to be the best brand makers of face balanced putters

Without further aduo, here is the list of the best face balanced golf putters utterly designed for men

Best Face Balanced Golf Putters-Best For Men

Odyssey 2018 Black And Chrome O Works Putter(Best For Feedback And Response)

for men, face balanced, putter club, best face balanced, golf putersOne of the most valued face balanced putter club for men is undoubtedly the Odyssey O Works, since the weight is centered evenly throughout the club face this makes the putter much more easier to control and keep straight

With the new micro hinge face insert you are assured of un-matched roll which will give you better accuracy on your putting

The easy alignment features makes lining up easier, quicker and more accurate than ever as a result of this you will hit straighter more precise shots with the vest of forgiveness

The present of the perimeter weighing creates room for insane responsiveness and feed back that will impact very positively on your scores

Grip present an amazing and soft feel for the best of comfort when in contact with ball, someone described this putter as the best for distance control

Hit more deliberately putt so that your putting will improve quickly and significantly using this very easy and accurate putter due to its well structured alignment lines, you will surely be happy with this in how well it delivers


Clearly and strategically placed three dot alignment lines for the best of lining up and with ease

Soft feel off surface for a consistent and accurate target

Highly responsive due to perimeter weighing

High MOI and low CG for the best of forgiveness

Ball rolls off surface easily and quickly

High quality so that it last long

Better and more streamlined ball control and distance


Someone complained of putter making a ping noise


Taylormade Golf Spider X Putter(Bes For Forgiveness And Response)

golf putters, face balanced, balanced face, best, for men This is the best valued face balanced putter, of you have enough money buy this, as they are the most valuable face balanced golf putter today

Mass properties of the head is re-engineered and with the introduction of new optically true path you are assured of more stability and proper alignment

This is an awesome putter with clear and precise lines of alignment for better putting accuracy and speed, the comfortable and nice feel that thus club offer is one unmatched or un-rivaled

They are well balanced and weighed this helps to give true rolls and exceptional response and feedback at the same time

Your putting will increase greatly and you will have better rolls and spin as this will help improve your ball accuracy even on a mishit


High MOI and low CG for the best of putting accuracy

Easy to hit due to true line alignment path which helps to visualize intended target

Very durable due to premium quality

Highly responsive with maximum feedback due to proper weight to balance

Soft and comfortable feel on grip

Comes with a head cover for club protection


Quite expensive


Taylormade Spider Diamond Silver Double Bend(Best For Feedback And Forgiveness)

baolanced face, putters, face balanced, best balancedNo doubt the Taylormade sits in the fore frontier of face balanced golf putters, with this club you will discover an unprecented improvement on your putting skills

Made from lightweight aluminum core which is well paired with steel frames for better quality and durability, hit straighter and more precise target due to clear alignment lines

Between putter body and frame is a dampening PU foam this helps to enhance sound and pleasant feel, you will get increased accuracy in forward roll and ball control as a result of pure roll insert

Squaring up the ball is now easier than ever due to due to single and clear alignment lines, you will be thrilled on how this will serve you


Better roll and stability

Highly resistant to twisting as a result of heavy stainless steel

Improve ball distance and control

Lightweight and framed from aluminum core which is paired with stainless steel frame for maximum durability

High MOI which keeps putter face square for a more precise target

Highly forgiving as a result of alignment lines and low CG

Increased forward roll to prevent skidding

Enhanced sound and feel brought about by the vibration PU dampening foam


Not available in left hand orientation



Odyssey Stroke Lab Versa Putters(Best For Forgiveness And Ball Control)

balanced, face balanced, best balanced, golf putters, for menIncorporates a unique way of weight distribution this helps to improve physical dynamics of the stroke for better improvement

Surely you will greatly and quickly improve on your putt using this insanely forgiving and easy to hit golf putter, you will get better distance and feel and more importantly beetr ball control and distance off centre shots

Definitely the feel and feedback of this putter will get you surprised as ball comes off face easily, quickly and more spontaneously for a more streamlined targeting

When it comes to quality you are in for a great one as they are satisfied durable and long lasting, you will be able to eliminate strokes fro  your shot game

They are well balanced and weight giving you better responsiveness and maximum feed back on every single hit

For top spin which lead to accurate and smooth roll there is twelve micro hinge embedded across face all this adds to the overall forgiveness on club


The presence of micro hinge insert does help improve top spin and creates smoother roll

Extra weighing on he sole for better and more optimized response

Better ball control and speed brought about by perfect weight distribution across surface

Easy to align and hit for the best of putting

Well comfortable grip for the best of feel on impact

Improved rolls and ball spin

Highly durable since they are made from quality material

Exceptional responsiveness and feedback

Comes with a head cover this help for additional protection on club


An odyssey grip not a super stroke


Cleveland Golf Frontline Elevado Putter(Bes For Feedback And Feel)

balanced face, face balanced, golf putters, best balancedPremium club this means hey are long lasting and highly functional, you will really enjoy this putters as they are very forgiving and easy to hit

More still is the technology well known as the 2135 technology that helps you t set up the ball easily and correctly for amore classic and accurate putting

Frontline gives you un-matched stability brought about by the tungsten forward weighing all coupled with the center of gravity which is very well placed closer to the face of club for a more straighter and accurate putt

The speed optimized technology here again helps in the process of ball speed normalization across surface this results in consistent distance and better ball control on all hits


2135 technology for perfect and accurate alignment

Highly forgiving and responsive clubs which is made possible through speed face optimized technology

Straight and accurate putting brought about by tungsten forward weighing

The presence of Speed optimization technology creates consistent distance and ball control

Very durable and comes with a head cover for additional protection on club

Stable and well balanced

Comfortable and soft grip for the best of feel on impact





Face balanced putters are great due to its weight being centered evenly  through out the face of club this makes them very easy to control and keep straight when doing a putt

Today’s golfing offers the best on face balanced putters for better game improvement, here in this article we have carefully identified and listed the best for men

With this face balanced putter you will see a drastic improvement on your ball control, speed and accuracy, looking for the best face balanced golf putters for men? this list will satisfy you






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