In the end you should be able to list the best face balanced golf putters utterly designed for the female golfers

but before giving you the list lets take a delve into what a face balanced putters depicts and the need to own one today

Face balanced Putters Explained

A face balanced putter is a putter club whose head is weighed  for proper balance between the toe and the heel all this is done relative to the point where the shaft enters the head

Since the era of golfing nothing has changed more than the club known as putters, here in this blog post you will get to understand what the term face balanced putters depicts and it’s benefit to the golfer

The Need For A Face Balanced Putter

Today’s golfing offers on sale the best face balanced golf putters designed for women, with hundreds of face balanced putters flooding the market today making a choice on the best is no easy task

This is why we have decided to help you make the best selection on face balanced golf putters for better ball control and keeping straight

It is not easy to swing the putter head not to talk of keeping is straight which is even more difficult, this is where a face balanced putter comes into play

With a face balanced putter you will get more control this is as a result of evenly distributed weight on club head, this helps you to hold the putter steadily

Note: Face balanced putter is great for golfer trying  produce a straight back straight through stroke and for toe balanced putter golfers trying to achieve an inside out stroke

Having said all this article is geared towards he female golfer looking for the best face balanced golf putters that will help you improve on their game, for men’s face balanced putter please refer here: Best face balanced golf putter for men

Without further explanation we now bring to your the list

List Of The Best Face Balanced Putters That Is Specifically Designed For Women

Taylormade White Hot Smoke MC-72 Putter(Best For Forgiveness And Response)

golf putter, balanced face, for women, women's bestGreat and awesome face balanced golf putter from Taylormade to the woman, built with top notch alignment features which allows the female golfer remain in control of her game

You will find it very easy to aim which is brought about by the white crown colour, there is a three black alignment lines on the crown this also allows for quick and perfect alignment

And for more forward spin and smooth roll it does come with a suryln pure roll insert which will definitely increase your putting skills and accuracy in no distant time

It is certain you will love this putter a it will help save your stroke , the perfect weight to balance ratio makes them very responsive with maximum feed back and feel at impact

It does also feel great due to well comfortable and soft grip and if you have low budget and looking for the best quality golf putter for low budget then this is for you

Pros Made of quality for long lasting durability

Easy to hit yet very forgiving Presence of three black alignment lines creates room for easy line up for a more accurate putting

Highly responsive due to well distributed weight and balance

Maximum feed back and feel brought about by the low CG

Comfortable and soft grip for the best of feel Suryln pure roll insert for a smooth and more precise accurate roll

Cons Not available for left hand


Odyssey Red Ball Putter(Best For Forgiveness And Feel)

women putters, face balanced, best balanced, balanced faceThis perfect putter is great for women looking for a face balanced golf putter, he present of the red ball helps for easy, quick and accurate alignment

This is a mallet shaped putter as it forces you to line up easily for a more consistent straight through putting, they are easy to hit as the face transmit good feeling and sound

Get the best out of your distance and control using this perfectly balanced and weighed golf putter, armed with this club your game is bound to improve

Its time to take your golfing skills to the next level, Lining up  your putt has never been this easier, they are highly forgiving and very responsive with the best of maximum feed back and feel


Alignment technology known as the red ball for the best of lining up and putting accuracy

Easy to hit and very forgiving as a result of high MOI and low CG placement in perfect positioning

Better ball control and feel brought about by perfect weight to balancing

Highly responsive and ball rolls off face easily and quickly

Quality so that it last long with the best of efficiency

Un-matched comfortable feel brought about by well comfortable and soft grip

Better ball rolls and spin and it does come with a head cover for club protection


Someone complained of no head cover



Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0(Best For Feedback And Response)

Amazingly and insanely forgiving face balanced golf putters that will suit your playing style, hit longer and straighter range shots which guarantees and accurate putting from now on all made possible by using this very structured putters

The forgiveness and responsiveness is brought about by the heel/toe weighing placement and it does come with a contrasting alignment aid for easy and quick lining up for better putting accuracy

For loveable and improved sound and feel it does come with a white hot insert and for performance with consistency the presence of a laser milling insert

You will love them as it does come wit an oversized comfortable grip for better feel on contact, they are very quality and your putting will definitely improve

They are well balanced giving you more advantage on ball distance and control, go read the reviews and be rest assured that this club is utterly designed for what it is said


Better feed back and control brought about by proper weight distribution

Alignment lines for the best of putting tendencies

Easy to read and hit due to well strategically and Clearly placed lines for adjustment

Longer straighter shots and with more consistency

Great ball control and ball distance travel

Highly forgiving and durable

Ultimately responsive with the best of feel due to jumbo grip

Made of quality and very attractive


Still waiting to see the cons



Odyssey 2018 Black And Chrome O-Works Putters(Best For Forgiveness And Ball Control)

face balance, golf putters, women puttersThe Odyssey chrome O-Works delivers un-matched rolls and feed back that will greatly improve your game, This un-matched roll is made possible through the micro hinge face insert

The easy alignment helps for easy and quick line up for the best of accuracy and prompt, the roll that comes off putter face is one un-matched and very loveable

The presence of perimeter weighing does make straight putting stroke very easy to achieve and off center strikes keep their speed

For those loving center shaft and who wants the best putter when it comes to control then this is a great choice for you

Comes with a soft feel and are exceptionally forgiving and durable for the best of efficiency, hit straighter shots with maximum ball control on your game, all made possible with this O-Works putter

Good quality also for the best of life span, comfortable and soft grip for the best of feel on contact with golf ball


Soft surface for the best of shot dispersion

Ultimately responsive due to well placed CG

High MOI for the best of forgiveness and accuracy

Quality and comfortable club with soft grips for maximum comfort

Easy to hit as a result of clear alignment aid

Insanely forgiving with maximum feed back and feel due to well distributed weight on club surface

Micro hinge insert for great spin and rolls


Limited stock



Wilson Staff Infinite Putter(Best For Feedback And Ball Control)

best valued, most valued, golf putters, face balanced, for womenOne of the very consistent at impact putter club highly designed for the female golfer is the Wilson Staff Infinite putter

This can be traced to it’s double face milling which does also offer distance control, the present of the technology known as counter balance technology gives you better advantage for more putting control as balance point is moved closer to the hand

It’s time to have a smoother roll for a consistent swing accuracy, the feel and feed back are very amazing, as they are highly built with the best of alignment features and response this results in greater accuracy even on a mishit

The quality is one un-matched and you wouldn’t be buying another for a very long as this are efficient and long lasting

It does come with a head cover and this helps in club protection from debris or dents, the grip also are very comfortable and soft for the best of feel on impact

Did i forget to mention, forgiveness, oh yea, they are massively and aggressively forgiving and ball rolls off face nicely and easily


Presence of double face milling makes it very responsive and easy to hit

Smoother roll and spin for more consistent putting with accuracy

Comfortable and soft grip for the best of feel

Easy to hit and line up due to well built and clear alignment lines

Weight and balanced are perfectly distributed for the best of fee back and ball control

Highly responsive brought about by its low CG and High MOI

Better ball control and smoother rolls


Might take some times getting used to




Face balanced putter helps you in getting more control on your ball and most importantly keep straight this helps you to hold the putter steadily

It is a great choice for golfers who is trying to achieve a straight back straight through stroke as they are very easy to keep straight and hold steadily, this is because of the evenly distributed weight on club head

There are literally hundreds of face balanced golf putters on sale in the market today, this makes it ever a daunting task to make the best selection of face balanced putters

We have carefully and thoroughly listed out the best of them for women, and with this putter you will notice a massive improvement on your putting



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