In the end you should be able to define a fairway wood golf club and its use, Know the best of fairway wood club needed to make you hit and perform on course like a pro

The sport known as golf has been quite considerate as they offer one of the most advanced and well forgiving golf sport fairway wood club for the mid handicappers to enable them become better at golfing

Looking for the best fairway wood club for mid handicappers? we bring you the true list of the best of them, but before listing, here are some important information we think you should know about fairway woods clubs

What is a wood as a golf club? A wood is a type of club with a longer shaft and larger rounded head than any club type, they are known traditionally as wood because their club head was made from wood, although things have changed now, a typical modern club is a made of steel heads

Woods are numbered in an ascending order beginning with the driver also known as 1 wood, Woods are on a general note classified into two categories, Driver and a Fairway wood

What is a fairway wood? It is a golf club used for shots from the fairway

A fairway wood is one of the clubs in a complete golf club set, it falls under the family of “wood” a subcategory of the family of clubs it is also known as a rescue club

In golf sport there are two types of wood. The driver and the fairway wood, The fairway wood is usually the 3 and 5 wood, a fairway wood offers more accuracy than at the expense of less range

The Need For  A Fairway Wood Club

Well, there are two main reasons why you will be needing a fairway wood golf club

On The Teeing Ground

The fairway wood comes in play in the teeing ground

In the world of wood, a driver is the lowest lofted and longest wood, usually a 1 wood.

In this case a fairway wood, a properely wielded one can clear properely and with ease 220 yards

This makes them better than a driver in some specific situations.

On the shorter par 3 or 4 holes depending on the course situation, a 3 wood( fairway wood) could mean a better option

it is also a better option in a situation where you do not want to over shoot so you don’t end up in a hazard like the bunker or water loo


Deal With A Par In 5 And 2

The combination of a driver and wood is far better of than a driver combined with a long iron if your sole purpose is for an aggresive play in a longer par 5 hole

To get your short iron in two shots you surely need a 3 or 4 wood( fairway wood) and must be used for your second shot

And if you ever find yourself in a more tighter lies you must get one with a lower profile head


Why Consider Fairway Wood Club As a Mid Handicapper

The reason is not far_fetched, once your handicap drops to around the 15 mark, the fairway wood becomes a nice opt in

The reason being at this stage of a drop in handicapism your swing is now more stable, consistent and more precise/accurate

At this point distance is more of a problem and those 20 and 30 yard looks more appealing now than ever

At this stage buying a fairway wood is no option but a must as a mid handicapper

Before listing the best fairway wood for mid handicappers we must understand what a handicap in golf means

What is a handicap as relating to golfing?

A handicap as relating to golf sport can be seen as the measurement of a golfers potential ability using numeral as the standard form of measurement

What Are The Best Golf Sport Fairway Wood Club For Mid Handicappers In 2020


  • Taylor Made 2017 M2 Men’s Fairway Wood(Best For Response And Feedback)

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As a mid handicapper you will be needing this fairway wood as your handicapism reduces and your swing is more consistent and accurate

This fairway wood is way more aunthentic and best suited for hit from the fairway than most fairway club out there

The technology known as inverted cone for the very first time protect and shield ball speed across the entire club face to produce a bigger sweetspot which topples forgiveness

It is quite a beauty because this fairway wood do possess various technology for better optimization

With these fairway wood you will marvel at the distance it produces

Taylor made has always been a pace setter when it comes to golf club production and this is no different

A carbon crown that is light weight coupled with a lighter fluid hosel is enabling a much even lower Centre of gravity for faster ball speed

You will love this clyb for they are awesome and are made from high end quality material which means they are very durable

The loft on the reg 3 wood is 15 while that of the 5HL is 21


Enhanced stability at impact

Longer and more flexible speed pocket

Faster club face and enlarge sweetspot for increased forgiveness

Two tiered sole to increase turf interaction

Favourable sound and feel at impact

Presence of a cover


Very short return time frame


  • Cobra Men King F6 Fairway Wood(Best For Response And Control)

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The front CG positioning helps delivers a more appealing ball flight with even more roll

And the position of the CG at the back a greater ball height with the apex of forgiveness

This is one of the best fairway wood for 2018 and comes with a head cover with cobra logo on it plus an adjustment wrench

This fairway wood does come with a nice looking cover and adjustment.

you will love this club, its a bet, this is better than any 3 wood you have ever had

This club goes like an iron and travel like a driver because of its large sweetspot for increased accuracy

Nice 3 driver that plays more like a pull hook

This is another quality club from cobra and when you buy it you will buy another in a hearth beat


Really solid on strikes and long distances

Easy to hit plus adjustability for ball flight

Pleasant sound when it comes in contact with a ball


Takes a little bit of time to get used to


  • Taylor Made M4 Fairway Wood(Best For Forgiveness And Feedback)

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With the Taylor made M4 fairway wood you are assured of a greater ball speed and control

It is made of a lighter carbon material that creates a lower CG for forgiveness boost

No hassle on order, no time wasting, if you are looking for a club with great fixtures with fast order this is no doubt the club you have been looking for

Buy this for a golfer as a birthday gift or present and watch that person get thrilled

There is no difficult in hitting using this club due to its large low profile shape and a large foot print

A fluited hosel gives it a favourable pleasant sound and feel well adorable to the ear and to the hand, it is an ideal club for all ability level

This club is a xlub with zero cons, if there is any am yet to see that.

Get this club and you gonna be graleatful to yourself you did


Comes with a head cover

Increased MOI and perimetre weighing

Superior sound and feel

Easy to launch and play

Shaped sole for the best of play


Takes some time to get used to


  • Callaway Big Bertha Alpha 816(Best For Forgiveness And Easy)

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The cup face technology of this club is responsible for high generating shots

This fairway has a tour preffered CG positioning that creates an option for weight to be adjusted

To lower spin, simply push the weight to the front and for an increased forgiveness with higher ball launch simply switch weight backward and it done

Sound simply right? This club isnt as difficult to get used to as other ones, just the right education in a couple of minutes gives you the advantage to handle it and play like a pro

There is a provision for control of lies through variety of options

Ok, look at the matte black finish which gives it an appealing and too attractive to go un-noticed look

You will love it, its a guarantee, this fairway wood has an adjustability option of about 8 ways, this means you are open to fine tunning this club as best as you want

What more can you ask or expect from a fairway whose feautres are so great as this

You can add or substract loft to suit your your swing, it is your choice


Variety of adjustability options to suit your swing

High ball speed from a technology referred to as cup face

Modern shaping and great sole design

Super forgiving

Good for the price


Not all come with a headcover, so you might be getting one separately


  • Callaway Diablo Octane Fairway Wood(Best For Feedback And Easy)

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This fairway club is really a beauty when it comes to forgiveness and accuracy, octave is a game changer and with it your game can never be compromised

Its just a matter of some time, when you get used to diablo octane you would love no other fairway and all you do is to other for octave again and again

It is no wonder why it is the most referred to as the club for mid handicappers by professional golfers

Taste and see and you will know octave hold true for its nature

The sweetspot is wide enough to yield you all forgiveness you will be needing

Take a look at the well built in and high MOI coupled with a deep CG  which helps increase the level of trajectory and playability

Tested and trusted is this club and through its excellent result from experiment it is made the king of fairway wood, more grace to this octave fairway


Stainless steel construction which helps generate superior distance

Long ball distance travel

Light and durable

Gives you all the distance you need

Crisp and good feedback on hit

Fast delivery and price friendly


Takes sometime to get used to


  • Callaway Golf 2017 Men’s Great Big Bertha Epic Fairway Wood(Best For Forgiveness And Control)

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Another innovation of the all famous callaway

A classic club concept that will forever remain a classic and will always stand the test of time

This club has multiple loft selection from where you can choose from

It has a fast head speed from speed step technology

Which is developed from expert of aerospace for the sole purpose of an improvement in aerodynamics

For fast swing speed and to reach distance with less effort

Made of very light triaxle carbon crown , which is repositioned the MOI and decrease CG

The major difference between the Callaway great big bertha 7 wood and the fusion 7 wood is Great big bertha wood comes with a new and advanced speed technology which fusion 7 wood do not have


Faster ball speed technology

Made of ultra light triaxle

Multiple loft option

Lowered CG

Maximum forgiveness


No headcover


  • Cobra 2016 King Ltd Fairway(Best Lightweight And Forgiving)

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Cobra king fairway wood famousity is like a song in the head of every true golfer

Do you hear the sound? If you’ve not then you probably do not know one of the best fairway wood for mid handicappers in 2018

The resounding succces of this club is one un_matched and so will be for a very long time

With this fairway wood included as part of your club, you are fully armed and is in for a real deal

This is a fairway club with difference, a fairway wood with great feautres such as the speed channel, carbon fibre crown and space port

The speed channel is an exclusive innovation by cobra. Around the perimeter of the face is an engineered trench which reduces to the barest thickness and increases the speed of ball for incredible distance gain

How about the extra light TeXtreme so light that it is 20 percent off the weight of the usual carbon fibre

This in some sort of way encourages distance with more foegiving tendencies


Incredible forgiveness and greater ball speed

Multiple variety of loft adjustment

Extreme light weight

High MOI and low CG

Stunning appearance

easy to hit and very straight


Not illegible for international shipping

Un attractive head cover looks



For the mid handicappers, golfing today offers great and insanely forgiving and responsive fairway wood for your better game improvement, this fairway golf wood club are one of the advanced highly targeted at meeting the needs of the mid-handicappers of 2020

Looking for the best fairway wood club as a mid handicapper in 2020, this article is highly targeted toward meeting your needs, the best of fairway wood for mid handicappers 20202 is the 7 listed club in this article and with it you are rest assured of a distance improvement as you play


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