In the end, you should be able to list the best golf bags for walking the course

Walking 18 holes on a golf course isn’t sexy, even though we can see more and more people doing it, you will be needing a golf bag that is very comfortable and lightweight

You need highly portable and mobile golf bags so that walking 18 holes becomes easier and more fun than ever even with your bags

Good news, Today’s golfing offers the best on sale golf bag for walking the course, looking for the best golf bags for walkers in 2020? We’ve got you covered

If that is what you seek, you are at the right place, finding the best golf bag for walking the course can be very difficult due to all too many brands out there

Our picks are based on intensive research, reviews, and feedback all with an effort to bringing you the best in the market today

This golf bag is 100% walk-friendly, for golf bag for cart, please refer here: Best golf bag for cart


The Need Of A Golf Bag For Walking

While some golfers prefer the use of a cart, some might prefer carrying their bags on the shoulder

A golf bag best suited for walker was made due to the pressing demand of some golfers who prefer walking down with their bags without having to carry them on the cart

If you are a golfer and spends a long time on the course, then it’s great to have a walking golf bag

These bags are made to be very light for easy carry around the course, for this reason, they aren’t as heavy as cart bags

Even though a walk-friendly golf bag contains enough space for your gears, umbrella, drinks, valuables, and many more, they are usually lightweight for the purpose of carrying

Golfers are often bent between making a choice on carrying bag or car bag, the first which is carry bag offers two shoulder strap and this makes them for walking

The second being a car bag are often used by tour pros and are often used in the car


7 Things To Look Out For When In A Hunt For A Golf Bag For Walkers

Bags are one of the important aspects of your game as your clubs and equipment’s, remember this is the house for your equipment’s

You wouldn’t want this expensive equipment’s and gears to get spoilt, so, therefore, you will be needing a well solid and quality golf bag which will offer maximum protection to your items

If you want to find out the best walking golf bag here are some criteria to follow

  • Appearance

Every golf bag does have its own appearance, Bags that appear sleek with sharp and vibrant color gives the golfer a lift with a conviction that they have got the best

This bag also ought to be stable and balanced as this makes

  • Weight

A golf bag well designed for walking must be very light no matter how many pockets or equipment it can contain, there must be a healthy balance between weight and sizing

Golf bags designed for walking ought to be lightweight, remember you will have to carry this bag on your shoulder and a too-heavy bag can cause fatigue and tiredness

  • Storage

A good golf bag, whether for walking or for the car must have enough storage space which does help you to carry all your essentials without the need to leaving any behind because of space

It must have a space for your cell phone, wallet, jewelry, and so on, if the bag does come with a velour-lined pocket which is waterproof then it is great even though that does not sound to be too important criteria

  • Protection

You have to guide your item and gears jealously, and that is the need for a golf bag

Look for a bag which is very quality and special pockets for your necessary items, there should be a compartment for valuables like phone, wallet from being damaged or injured

Having said this, we bring to you the best carry golf bag for walking down the course in 2020

  • Carry Strap

When making a choice on your walking golf bag, pay close attention to its carry strap system as this will highly determine how comfortable and efficient your bag is going to be

Golf bag for walking are designed so that they can be easily carried on the shoulder, with this reason it ought to come with a well developed and highly structured carry strap

Its strap system should be double strapped for proper weight distribution when carried for optimum comfort and feel, single double strap isn’t always the best

  • Quality

Having made mentioned of things to look out for we cannot neglect quality as it is everything, quality entails durability and efficiency

You should go for bags which are well of quality so that you will not be getting another so soon, we all expect the quality to come with a price but it is worth it as they last longer and are very durable


Best Golf Bag For Walking Reviewed In 2020

Izzo Golf Lite Walking Ultra Lite(Best For Low Budget)

Walking bag, golf bag, besy walking, walking golf bag

The ”Izzo Golf Lite” is perfect for carrying on the course, this is because they’re lightweight and so very easy to carry

This is a heavy-duty nylon construction golf  bag that is long-lasting and very durable

This bag does boost of 6 club dividers for easy access and un-matched categorizing of your gears and other items

It does come with a magnetic pocket which is easy to close and open, hoe about the adjustable dual shoulder strap which does adds to overall comfort and ease when carrying

When it comes to utilities this bag boost one of the very best when it comes to sizing as it does have lots of pockets which include a velour-lined water-resistant pocket, metal towel loop, Velcro glove holder, insulated cooler pocket for your drinks

The Izzo features smart grip technological features which do allow for easy and quick comfortable gripping so that it is easy to get your bag in and out of the cart easily

Stay stylish which this awesome golf bag which does allow golf customization, as you can customize your name on it


Izzo Golf Lite Walking Ultra Lite Video Review By Grayson Ryland


  • Very quality and great for the price
  • Lightweight and very easy to carry this makes them very portable
  • Magnetic ball pocket and velour-lined valuable waterproof pockets
  • Rooms for your accessories like a jacket, water bottle and so on
  • Solid and stable for perfect balancing


  • The bag does not have a double zippered pocket


Cobra Golf 2020 Ultra Light Stand Bag

Golf sport, golf bag, walking bagThe Cobra Golf 2020 Ultra Light Stand Bag is so exotic due to its quality and efficiency

For maximum storage this bag does come with 8 total pockets so that you can pick all the belongings that matter

One of the rear features this bag possesses is the breathable features known as the CoolFlow Foam Hip Pad as this allows for the passage of air in and out of the bag so that your items remain cool and prevent heat which might lead to smell

When legs are activated for advanced stability, the Easy flex base allows for greater turf contact

This is a superlite golf bags, weighing only 4,5 pounds yet it does have enough space for your all your equipment’s even extra

With this bag comes many zippered pocket and this adds up to overall beauty and protection of your gears

Walking 18 hole becomes very easy as the bag is very lightweight and carry friendly brought about by comfortable and soft shoulder strap for easy carry

You are not just buying a walking golf bag you are buy9ng quality and efficiency


Cobra Golf 2020 Ultra Light Stand Bag Video Review By Golf Gear


  • Very quality for the best of efficiency
  • Easy to carry due to soft and foamy shoulder strap for the best of comfort
  • Lots of storage space
  • Sturdy and balanced
  • Comes with a rain cover and umbrella holding system to prevent bag from getting soaked on the rain or wet conditions



  • Someone complained of the leg of bag not opening properly


Cleveland Golf Stand Bag(Best Leg Stand And Carry Strap System)

walking bag, best bag, golf bag, for walkThe Cleveland Golf Stand Bag is a 14-way divider golf bag which means each of your gears has an individual slot, this prevents clubs from intermingling so that they do not get dented

You will find loading your bag so so easy as the bag does features 8 grab handles, how about the solid waterproof zipper valuable pockets which ensure maximum protection on all your equipment’s

This is just exactly what you are looking for as this bag offers plenty of storage for every single item you will be needing to play on course

Moreover, this is a lightweight golf bag, that is very easy to carry, when it comes to quality, you can’t beat this as someone compliment’s that the quality beat imagination

You will like the quality of the fabrics as they are well crafted and of standard, they are also colorful and sturdy so that they are able to stay balanced on any terrain using its well structured and quality stand


Cleveland Golf Stand Bag Video Review By Goifio


  • 14-way divider for un-matched organization of your gears and equipment’s
  • Very lightweight for unmatched portability and mobility
  • Very spacious and does come with lots of pockets
  • Made of quality material so that they are long lasting and very efficient
  • Insulate cooler bottle pocket to keep your drinks cool
  • Very easy to load as bag comes with 8 grab handles
  • Sturdy and well balanced
  • Umbrella holder so that bag do not get wet on the rain



  • Someone complained of one of the 13 pocket being weird


Callaway Golf 2020 Hyperlite Zero Lightweight Stand Bag(Best Valued)

The Callaway Golf 2020 Hyperlite Zero Lightweight Stand bag is ascribed as a ”shockingly” lightweight golf bag, this is because they are lighter than your expectation

Yet when it comes to quality this holds as the best, none on the list comes closer to this bag as the best for the value golf bag

Without micing words, this bag holds as the best for the value golf bag as they are very quality and well built for the best of efficiency

The only drawback with this bag is that it does have only a 4-way divider, apart from that there are tons of space for your equipment

There is also the provision of cloth lined pocket on the side of the bag of which you will love, this cloth-lined pocket are perfect for your phone and small items

There is a little and amazing stand wh9ch pops out when you put it to the ground immediately

You will be happy with your purchase, if you are a walker who enjoys golf bags which are very lightweight with un-compared quality, this is the best you can ever invest on


Callaway Golf 2020 Hyperlite Zero Lightweight Stand Bag Video Review By TGW- The Golf WARE House


  • Best lightweight for unmatched portability and mobility
  • Lots of pockets and zippered for more equipment’s storage and protection
  • Gorgeous and very stable and sturdy
  • Small loop for your umbrella to prevent getting wet on rainy days
  • Best for the value and quality
  • Padded Optifit comfort strap design for increased comfort and
  • Standard and well-structured legs so that bags remain stable across any terrain



  • Only few way top Divider


Sun Mountain 2020 2.5 + Golf Stand Bag(Best On Reviews)

The lightweight highly durable plastic top and bottom makes the Sun Mountain 2020 2.s one of the most admired golf bags for walkers

As this plastic bottom is second to none, with its highly durable carbon fiber legs as well this bag is able to stand still and very stable across every terrain whether rough or smooth

This features five large pockets with a 4 way top divider for easy and quick classical organization of your equipment’s and gears

If you are in search of  highly attractive bag with great mix of color and large front pocket that will make your colleagues become bag envy, then this bag will do just that

They are perfect for walking as it does have an X strap carry system for un-matched comfortability and feel when carried

This X- strap system is quite applaudible as they are thick and foamy, it does also come with a beverage pouch, umbrella holder in case of rain and a zip off ball pocket face for personalization


Sun Mountain 2020 2.5 + Golf Stand Bag Video Review By TGW-The Golf Warehouse


  • Matching rain hood to prevent your bag from getting soaked on ra8n
  • One year manufacture warranty
  • Very quality so that they are highly durable
  • Soft and foamy X-strap system for the best of comfort and feel when carried
  • Spacious pockets for so that you can pick up more equipment’s
  • Very sturdy and well balanced
  • Comes with a front zippered pocket
  • Colorful and attractive


  • Still waiting to see the cons


Who Is This Bag Not For?

As said earlier, of you are looking for the best golf bag for walking then this bag s for you, however if you are not the walking type and your prefer going with the art this bag might not be a great option for you

This bag are designed with double carry strap for weight distribution across your shoulder when carried for the best of comfortability and feel


Types Of Golf Bag

When choosing your bag for golf a whole lot happening in the buying process especially for a beginner, beginners often than not gets confused as to which they should buy

Because of this we deem it fit that we give you a full report and thorough explanation on the different type of golf bags

Your bag for golf are categorized into five different types-Staff bag, Cart bag, Stand bag, Carry bag, Sunday bag

  • Staff Bag

Staff bag also know as tour bags, it is the biggest, most spacious and luxurious type of bag and as you will expect they are often more expensive than any bag type

Staff bags are often seen among professional golfers and also great for golfer who come accompanied. the staff golf bag is very generous with space, this can make you carry items that you might not be needing

They are often used or seen as an advertisement bag due to its big and elaborate side spacing where brands are displayed to create awareness

Most often than not where ever you see a Staff bag negotiating is involved or will be involved, as you will expect with this bag and due to its weight they aren’t great for walking instead they are best suited for caddies

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  • Cart Bag

The Cart bag is often known as the second largest bag type as it does come with lots of space for all your gears and other items, Cart bag as it name suggest is a golf bag designed for the Cart

This bag are very heavy as they are very roomy and cone with lots of pockets, this bag are quite unique as they entail a non slip base system which stops your bag from sliding down the carton transit

This gag weighs around 6 to 7 pounds, pockets are usually positioned in front so that you can easily access your valuables in no time

If you are a golfer who loves to walk down the course, this bag simply isn’t for you due to overweight

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  • Stand Bag

The stand golf bag just as its name suggest are bags designed with an in built stand, they are much lighter than the two mentioned above and this makes them great for walking

If you are in search of a great bag for walking then the stand bag is a great option to invest in, Stand bag does come with a well developed and highly structured dual legs

This legs are easily retracted or protracted when needed, Stand bag are the best stable and balanced golf bag across all terrain due to dual stand, a typical stand bag weighs 5 pounds or less

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  • Carry Bag

The Carry bag are designed to be carried, you can see its name suggest that, The Carry golf bag is absolutely the best golf bag for walking

It does come with a well developed dual carry strap so that weight is properly distributed across shoulder for comfort and great feel

The Carry golf bag are quite spacious although not as much as the Staff or Cart bag


  • Sunday/Pencil Golf Bag

The Sunday/Pencil golf bag is the smallest and most lightweight type of bag , this bag type is also an excellent bag type for carrier and walkers

They are great for walkers due to its exceptional and highly portable nature, Sunday bags are designed to carry few clubs even though there are some exceptions that are able to carry up to 14 clubs

The Sunday golf bag  is great for golfer who wants to focus in a particular aspect of their game, maybe driving the range, or hitting out of the bunker or doing putt

Pencil golf bag weighs 2 pounds or less, they are built to carry only but your essentials, this makes them great for beginners and older golfers as they are weight friendly

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From the above types of bag mentioned and listed above golf bags for walking resonates within this three bag types-Stand Bag, Carry Bag and Sunday/Pencil bag

If you are in search of a great golf bag for walking any of this three bag type is a great option to invest in, Cart bags and Staff bag are great for caddies and trolley and not good in any way for walker due to how weight they are



Golf bags give you the option to choose from a carry golf bag which is best for walkers or golf cart bag which is best suited for the cart

When selecting a golf bag you are going to be making  choice between the carry golf bag which does offer two shoulder strap and is perfect for walking

Or the car golf bag which is best suited for the car, the car golf bag is not designed to be carried rather it is designed for the car

Looking for the best for walkers golf carry bag on sale? We’ve got you covered and you have the list, any of this bag will do you good





















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