In the end you should be able to list the best golf travel bags for airlines with wheels

Not all golf bags are designed for travel especially for airlines, golfers especially beginners make costly mistakes when trying to make a choice on their golf travel bag because they think all bags are great for travel

Most of the golf travel bag does come with wheels which is not always the case with the regular golf bag,

Today’s golfing do have in great offer the best golf travel bags for airlines, With this bag you will find travelling on a flight/airline easier and more convenient than ever

This bag is roll friendly and easy to push as they are made of solid and well structured wheels so that they are very easy to maneuver and move


The Need For A Golf Bag With Wheels (Approved For Airline Travel)

Every golfer needs a proper golf bag to secure the expensive gears and other golfing items

With a well structured wheel golf bag, traveling or moving to the course becomes easier and more fun

It make no sense, to put your high end gears in one of those very cheap quality golf bags as your equipment’s are not well guaranteed of safety

So you will be needing a high end golf bags with tough and easy to roll wheels to guarantee maximum protection on your items and fun while on transit

Especially when travelling on an airplane, when making a choice on your bag is best to have one with soft and foamy material as this will help absorb impact to prevent damage

This golf bag also do have one of the best handle so that they are very well comfortable and soft on hand for the best of feel as you push, this makes them just great for airline travel or if you want to push down the course without the need to carrying your bags on shoulder

In this blog post we are going to be listing the best on sale wheel able golf bags for men and women

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Golf Bag With Wheels VS Golf Bag Without Wheels, Which Is Better?

When trying to make choice on golf bag, you are going to be overwhelmed with all too many choice out there, you are going to have to choose between  bags with wheels and bag without wheels

Golf bag with wheels and golf bag without wheel, which one is better, which is better will determine on who it may concern and what you hope to be achieving with it

While some prefer golf bags with wheel built in, some prefer one without wheel, however, if you hope to travel or a frequent traveler or you prefer pushing down the course instead of carrying then a golf bag with wheel would be great and smart option to help you achieve that

This built in wheel golf bags are usually airline approved

You do not have to carry this heavy bags on shoulder, instead all you do is roll, however if you prefer carrying then a golf bag with wheel is not the best option for you as they tend to be more heavier and bulky

Having said this, our picks are based of intensive research, reviews and feedback all with an effort to bring you the best on sale wheel golf bags for 2020

Looking for the best wheel golf bags for men and women? for easy and quick navigation? We’ve got you covered


Features To Look Out For When Buying A Golf Bag With Wheel Built In

  • Quality

This is one of the most improtnt fetures you are going to be looking out for when trying to make a purchase n your bags with wheels

There goes a well known adage, which say, ”Quality is everything”, you sure need the best of quality material

Remember quality means durability and efficiency, you should make a choice on bags with the best of material

Quality should be utmost and the reason being , when travelling there is usually tense and strain, there is usually a tough handling as bag may come in contact with though and rugged surface

Whether on airline or any means of transportation, so you will be needing a very golf bag made from quality material to withstand this tough handling and situation else your bag might get ripped off

  • Protection And Padding

A quality golf bag must have soft and foamy protection especially inside as this helps to shield your costly equipment’s from damage

As your items move from one side of the bag to another, hitting against the four walls of your bag, they would be more safer if bag does have a well padded, soft and foamy inn for extreme protection

  • Well Padded Storage Compartment

There should be more than enough storage space on your bag for your equipment’s since you are embarking on a far journey, this your bag on the other hand should have a very well padded inn and tough out

The well padded and soft inn is to help protect your gears and other delicate items from breakage or dent as a result of swinging from one side of the bag to another

The outer of travel bag should be tough and solid so that just in case any luggage falls on it due to instability on transit it does not damage your travel bag containing your equipment’s

There must be a healthy balance between spacing and bag texture so that your gears and other related items are well protected

  • Well Developed Wheels

Golf Bag designed for airline travel should come with a well developed and highly structured wheels so that they are very roll able and quick to maneuver

If you have ever been to the airport before, you should know the rush and haste at which people walk, this means you would be needing a bag which is very easy to roll

  • Zippered

When making a choice on your bag for golf and especially for travel bag, you should consider its zippered system, your travelling golf bag should have a well developed and highly solid zippered system as this is an added protection for your gears and related item

I have heard of people who lost one valuable or the other as they travelled due to poor or weak zipper system which got damaged or spoilt due to stress and they had some of their belongings misplaced

So make sure your bag has strong zippers so that it is able to withstand the stress and strain that is associated with travelling

  • Branding

Even though we have made mention of quality which should cover branding, it should be of great importance to note that we have decided to include branding as there are some well known, trusted and reputable company which is a great place to pick your golf travel bag from especially if you are confused and not knowing which one is right for you

This brand offers quality and efficiency, there are a whole lot of them out there, however we are going to be giving you just a few list, this will be of great value especially for beginners

Some of this brand well include and is not restricted to Brand-Bag boy, Sun Mountain, Ogio and so on

Best Golf Bags With Built In Wheels Reviewed

Bag Boy Unisex Freestyle Travel Cover(Best Lightweight)

Golf bags, with wheel, wheel bags, built in, golf wheelThe Bag Boy Unisex Freestyle Travel Cover is designed for ultimate travelling due to how well and extremely roll able friendly its wheels are designed to be

It does come with a 6 wheel base system for upright and easy rolling and maneuvering

One thing characterize this bag and that being quality and efficiency, they are also very foam and well padded so that your item remain safe and secure while you travel

If you seek one of the best golf bags with built in wheel on reviews then you are at the right place as this golf bag is great and exactly what you have been looking for

They are highly portable as well seeing that panel folds into base for compact storage

The lift handles are so so soft and foamy for unmatched comfortable and un-forgettable feel, this bag are very sturdy and well balanced s they can easily stand on their own without tilting

It does come with many pocket so that you can store all you will be needing while travelling, features a two oversized garment pockets and an oversized shoe and accessory pockets

Amazingly with all this aforementioned features and lots of spacing, bag still happens to be quite lightweight when compared with similar brands

Bag Boy Unisex Travel Cover Video Review By Dynamic Brands



Very quality for long durability and efficiency

Soft and very foamy inn for expensive gears and other item protection

Highly and easily roll able for un-matched mobility and easy

Sturdy and balanced that bag can stand on its own without tilting

Lots of space and pocket to pack even extra items that you might be needing

Moderately weighed with highly foamy and soft handle for the best of feel and comfort


Someone complained of it being a bit hard to balance


Sun Mountain Club Glider Meridian(Best Valued)

Wheel bags, best bags, golf bags, best wheelThe Sun Mountain have been known for years as one of the most trusted and well known golf bag brand out there

This Sun Mountain Club Glider Meridian is a great bag for anyone looking for one of the best for the quality golf bags with built in wheel, this bag offers all you will be needing right from space to functionality

Boost as one of the best golf bag with an easily retractable and extended legs so that they are easily mobile and portable

Let it be clearly stated that with this Sun mountain bag, you rent must  buying  golf bag with the best of wheel but you are buying quality

This bag offers generosity when it comes to spacious so that all your items can be easily packed on a go and without stress

The heavy duty zippered which does run full length adds to overall protection as it does prevent clubs from entanglement and adds to beauty of bag

As they are also well padded and foamy inside so that your gears and equipment’s are kept well secured


Sun Mountain Club Glider Video Review Merdian Product Review


Very quality and highly efficient

Very spacious with lots of pocket so that you can take all you will be needing

Very roll able and easy to use

Stylish with a perfect blend of color combination for the best of attraction and appearance

Very soft and foamy inn so that your item is fully protected and secured

Great travel golf bag

Best on review


Main zippers is not designed for a lock



Helix Golf Stand Bag With Retraceable, 6 Way Divider With Back Strap Shoulder Carry Golf Bag(Best On Reviews)

Golfing bags, golf sport, best bag, with wheelsThe Helix is like a hybrid as it does boost as a carry bag and a travelling bag, this bag offers enough space for your gears and items

There is also an extra pocket located right at the top for your balls and tees, with this bag you are in for real quality as they are made from premium material which ensures long lasting durability and high efficiency

All you need do is push with all ease and comfort as bag does come with a well structured easy to push and maneuver wheels

The shoulder strap is  back style strap system which is very comfortable and foamy for un-matched feel and expereience

There are a lot of features which come with this bag of which include a waterproof solidly built in zippered pocket for added protection of your gears

Umbrella holder, golf ball grooves, storage space for your towel and gloves, rain cover so that you will have no problem with the weather again

It also comes with a side comfortable and soft handle which is easy to use and  carry friendly


Helix Golf Stand Bag Video Review By May Zhang


Made of quality material so that they are durable and long lasting

Well structured roll able wheels for easy mobility and portability

Comfortable pack strap style system for the best of feel

Sturdy and well balanced so that they are able to firmly on their own

Comes with a Solid and well built in stand

6 way organizational top for proper organization of your items and gears

Retraceable golf bags


Quite bulky even though they are moderately weighed


Ogio Rig 9800 Gear Bag

roller friendly, golf bag, easy roll, bag golf, wheel bagsThe Ogio Rig 9800 Gear Bag is known awesomely for its portability features brought about by the heavy duty oversized and extremely roll friendly wheels

They are very sturdy and spacious giving you the opportunity to pack all your belongings and related golfing items with ease and safety

For better handling and increased durability even on an unfavorable condition bag does come with a Structural Load Equalizing Deck

They are very spacious as it does have a large main compartment of which comes with a divider that is adjustable and for added protection a helmet chamber which is well padded and foamy

there is also the several small pocket spaces where you can store or keep apparel and other small gears

The zippers in this bag does have a tiny rings where you can attach lock, they also stand up right which is also great

They are an excellent golf  bag built to last even though they can be quite heavy when packed full


Ogio Rig 9800 Gear Video Review By Robbie Kirk


Very quality for durability

Great for travelling as they are roller friendly

Well padded inn and rugged zippers for extra protection

Lots of pockets and spacious so that you can pack up even what you might not be needing

Little rings at the top for attaching locks

For easy access of your item bag does come with a wide mouth LID

Adjustable dividers for a more classical organization of your gears


Quite heavy


Founder Club Golf Travel Cover Luggage(Best For Low Budget)

Great golf bag with wheels, if you are looking for the best for low budget golf bag then this is a smart choice

The Founder Club golf travel is well known for quality and efficiency, this makes them very durable

Get the best of smooth roll as this bag des come with an inline skating wheels, bag does come with three set of well padded and foamy handled for the best of feel and comfortability

They are lightweight and amazingly bag does come with a one year warranty, this means you re in for real quality

This founder golf bag is very portable as a result of the body of the bag being able to fold into the top for easy

The present of the internal compression strap does keeps your bags and gears secured, how about the external large pocket which does enable you to pick all you will be needing



Founder Club Golf Travel Cover Luggage Video Review By Exclusive Cart


Lots of pockets including large one so that you can easily pick up all you will be needing

Quality and lightweight for durability and portability

One year warranty

Well designed wheels for easy and quick maneuvering

Thick and durable zippered for added security and nice up


Golf Bag VS Golf Travel Bag, What’s The Difference?

Especially for beginner, there seem to be a lot of confusion on the difference between Golf Bag and Golf Travel Bag, surprisingly, there is a whole lot of difference between this two types of bag even though they have a common goal and that being to carry your golf gears and equipment’s

Your regular Golf Bags are designed to carry your equipment’s, this bags are not meant for travelling because they aren’t designed for that


  • Tough And Foamy

They aren’t meant for that because they are not usually as tough to withstand the stress and strain that comes with travelling, there are whole lot of stress associated with travelling, this is not just humans alone but your bags suffer or belonging suffer that as well

Your regular bag for golf is often softer and lighter when compared to a Travel bag which is usually very tough at the outside to withstand stress and very soft and foamy on the inside so that your equipment’s are well secured even as they hit the four wall of the bag inside

This foamy and well padded inn prevents them from coming in contact directly with the hard surface of bag, rather they come in contact with soft foams and with this your equipment’s are secured and preserved


  • Wheels

Your regular golf bag does not come with wheels, contrary to the travel bag which does always come with wheel, the travel bag which are often very heavy cannot be carried on shoulder and even if you do for how long? with this reason would be needing a support system in this case wheel so that you can put it on the ground and roll

This creates more comfort and ease of the heavy and sometimes unbearable stress you would have undergone it was wheel free


  • Zippers

Travel golf bag often come with very tough and solid zippered system as this adds up to overall protection and security of your bag, imagine travelling with a bag with weak zipper system and on arrival you discover zipper is damaged and unfortunately as a result you have your valuable misplaced, it doesn’t sound right am sure you agree to that

So as you choose your travel bag look for one with tough and well built zippered system so that you are assured of maximum protection

Having said this, I hope you agree with me that there is a huge difference between a golf bag and a golf travel bag



Every golfer needs a proper and secure bag to keep your expensive gears and equipment’s secure whether for travelers or you like wheeling down the course

When choosing a golf bag, you will be met with different options and choice, some with built in wheel other without wheels

However if you to travel, or you are a frequent traveler or may be you just want bag which you can comfortably wheel to the course without the need of carrying them on shoulder

This bags are just exactly what you will be needing as they do come with solidly built in and exceptionally roll friendly wheels for easy mobility and maneuvering















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