In the end, you should be able to list the best golf balls for beginners so as to determine which would help you improve your game

Starting out as a golfer would often require many things, it would often require getting the right equipment from clubs to ball

As a beginner, you will be looking for a golf ball that offers decent performance and most importantly come at a price that won’t break your account

Just as there are beginners golf balls, so also are their golf balls for kids, you might as well refer here for the best golf ball for kids 

Golf balls for beginners would often have a lower spin rate as it allows for hitting the ball straighter and is able to be controlled more on full swing than a ball with more spin

Shallow dimples balls are best designed for starters as one which offers more drag and spin isn’t recommendable because they happen to slower

When you start playing golf it is most likely that you think you need the most expensive golf ball like the Titleist Pro V1

Note: If you have got a slower swing speed, then the list of golf balls on review is highly suited for you

But no, far from that, you do not really need the top-of-the-line golf ball to become a great player

For your golf ball retriever please refer here best golf ball retriever on sale 



How To Choose A Golf Ball For Beginners?

It can be very overwhelming making a choice on a ball as a beginner in the golfing atmosphere,

Choosing a golf ball for starters isn’t rocket science, it is as simple as grabbing a cake of ice even though most newbies don’t seem to get that

here are things that you should look out for

  • Ultra-Soft Feel
  • Compression Rate
  • Affordable


  • Ultra-Soft Feel

Beginners golfer would often have slower swing speed the fact being they are new to the game with this reason they will often need a golf ball that is able to deliver more distance and speed, the direct opposite is for intermediate to avid golfer

In this case, softball seems to be the solution as they are known to deliver moderate spin while limiting the amount of side spin responsible for hook and slices which is responsible for limiting distance

This helps the newbie to find the fairway more often instead of the tree or waters, very soft golf ball performs very well both on the green and around the green too


  • Compression Rate

A higher level of accuracy is achieved with a low compression softball with this being a very important factor, especially at the learning stage

The golf ball rating describes how hard or soft the ball is, it falls between score 30for the softest to 120 for the hardest

Simple and short: the lower the compression the more soft the ball is or will become, and the higher the compression rating on the other hand the harder the ball

For the novice golfer 70 or less is ideal, and to be precise for most of the very soft balls you will usually have a compression rating of 35

Picking the right compression rating of the ball to match the swing speed of the player, is a very important factor

Note: The slower the swing speed of the player the lower the compression rating of the golf ball 


  • Affordable

And it doesn’t have to be expensive as you are just starting out, look for something that is very affordable and you can practice with until your get better

You can always switch to better and much more expensive balls later on as you progress

You will not notice the difference between a ball that cost $4 and another with a cost of $1, this is a result of non-consistent contact with the center of the club’s face, a beginner’s weakness


Should Beginner Use Soft Or Hard Golf Ball?

When you are just starting out in golf it is advisable that you use soft balls as they tend to improve more speed and distance even with your slow swing speed

Because a beginner does have a slow swing speed a softball will compliment you, softball simply put does offer a higher amount of forgiveness



Do Golf Balls Matter For beginners?

For many, they have no clue that a beginners golf ball matters so great and you wouldn’t have to gamble it

The goal of an amateur golfer is to leverage forgiveness, from clubs to balls, which makes it matter

You will want to have your golf ball upgraded when you are able to shoot in the 80s



Best Beginner Golf Balls Review?

  • Sugar Golf Balls(Best On Review)



If you are looking for the best golf balls for amateurs, the golf ball on review is one you should really test out

The sugar golf ball is one which is very unique and classic as it is made up of not just a single ball but a whooping 27 balls, this means you have got a lot of balls all in one

Thanks to its price point which is cheap and really affordable, you are assured of more distance and control as a result of the S1X resilience core

If you are looking for a really good golf ball at a great price then you can barely go wrong with the Sugar golf ball on reviews

Note: Comes with 27 golf balls!!! What a value.

They aren’t many sugar golf balls on the course, this creates not just scarcity but the uniqueness so that when you find your ball you simply know that it is yours

The sugar ball seems to be softer than the Prov1, ”love Sugar golf balls as they are the best in the world” so says a one-time buyer which goes by the name of Selena Gillespie on August 9, 2021

Its a guarantee, that you will definitely be impressed with this golf ball and the distance you are going to amass even if you have got a slow swing speed, all thanks to the ball’s which aerodynamic profile which reduces drag


  • Brand: Sugar Golf 
  • Weight: 1.36 kilogram
  • Dimension: 5.75 x 5.67 x 5.28 inches
  • Color Option: 1(White)
  • Number Of Balls : 27
  • Aerodynamic profile
  • S1X Resilience core
  • Proprietary Urethane Technology 


Sugar Golf Balls Video Review By Golf Ball Addict



  • Fusion cover help to reduce air resistance with an increased stability
  • Ball aerodynamic profile for more distance with consistency
  • Spin control for approach and green side shot
  • Lots of golf ball
  • Durable and great value for the money


  • Might not be a great option for junior golfer



  • Trust Golf Ball Bison

Golf ball best beginners


The Trust Golf Ball Bison on review is urethane covered and great for the golfer who has got 95mph or slower thus making them a great option for golfers who are just starting out

Highly responsive on the green and with an excellent spin into the green, with this ball you are assured of an improved feeling and better accuracy on hit as they are highly forgiving

These golf balls are available in varying quantities to choose from, as you get to choose from either 1 dozen or 4 dozen

They are very soft and you are assured of an extra distance and advanced greenside control

We love the fact that it is an easy-to-control golf ball with the driver, how about its nice flight and pleasant sound on hit

Note Great ball for the elderly or anyone with a slower swing speed!!!


  • Brand: True Golf Ball
  • Weight: 2.4 kilogram
  • Dimension: 
  • Color Option: 2 (White & Yellow)
  • Dozen Option: 2( 1DZ or 4 DZ)


Trust Golf Ball Bison Video Review By Gavyn page



  • Great for golfers who have a swing speed of 95mph or slower
  • A great option for beginners and seniors
  • Easy to hit and very responsive
  • Offers a very soft feeling and is easy to control
  • Quality and comes in two dozen options to choose from



  • A one-time buyer by the name of Dozey on September 13, 2020, complained of losing distance with this ball, sorry about that Dozey, we do hope you have gotten a better solution.



  • Bird Dog Alpha Premium Golf Ball

Best beginners golf ball on sale



If you are looking for one of the budget-friendly golf balls which can help you amass more distance and greater control, you can have a nice bet with the Bird Dog

They are of high quality which means they are very long-lasting and highly efficient, if you are struggling with your tee shots

Note: Comes with great customer service, this makes the highly recommendable!!!

And when it comes to feeling nice in the club and spinning well, the Bird Dog is one which is highly recommended

Not only did this ball hold up to the big names but it outperformed consistently in overall performance

Its a guarantee you will love the feel, bounce, and roll of this ball, they are a game-changer and you will  not get disappointed

Note: The ball does come with a nice and durable cover!!!

If you are struggling with your tee shot then this ball, is a nice golf ball with no drop in performance, you will be able to achieve long-distance with ease


  • Brand: Bird Dog Golf Co.
  • Weight: 0.65 kilogram
  • Dimension: 7.52 x 5.43 x 1.85 inches
  • Color Option: 1(White)



  • More distance and better control with consistency
  • Durable and consistent flight
  • More spin and feel off the club face
  • Great and fantastic customer service
  • Longer distance off the tee with greater accuracy on the green


  • ‘Hulk Smash 20” a one-time buyer complained of loss of distance using this ball



  • Wilson Staff Triad Golf Ball

Best for beginners ball for golf



The Wilson Staff Triad Model Golf Ball is one that is available in 3 styling- Staff Model R, Staff Model, and Triad

The Urethane cover has been left unpainted and this helps for true balance and straighter ball flight

For greater distance performance this ball does utilize a unique core composition  which is known as the V-COR Advanced performance

Note: Comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty

If you are looking for a golf ball that does not only offer good distance but good spin as well then the Wilson Staff Triad Golf Ball is one that is highly recommendable

They are soft and rubbery to touch and with amazing durability and control for the best experience


  • Brand: Wilson
  • Weight: 1.22 Pounds
  • Dimension: 6.75 x 1.58 x 4.73 inches
  • Color Option: 1(White)
  • V-COR Advanced performance


Wilson Staff Triad Golf Ball Video Review By TXG Tour Experience Golf



  • Good distance and spin
  • One-year warranty
  • Quality and easy to control
  • More distance and speed
  • Varying style option to choose from


  • Un-painted urethane cover



  • Lego Golf LTX 3085 Ball

Best golf ball beginner



Looking to gain more distance and control over your ball then the Lego Golf LTX helps you in fulfilling that demand

Though the Lego may not seat like one of the most famous brands for your golf ball you see this one in review happens to be great

Get ready for exceptional ball control and premium penetrating distance all made possible through premium 3-piece construction

Note: Great ball for pitching and putting 

How about the cast urethane which is extra soft and helps to add a great feel for added feedback and better control

They are very easy to align, so effortlessly, this is due to its one-of-a-kind technology known as bold track

The nice feel and the ability of the ball to come off the club face clean and true is something that will overwhelm you


  • Brand: Legato
  • Weight: 0.64Kilogram
  • Dimension: 7.48 x 5.43 x 1.89 inches
  • Color Option:1(White) 
  • Premium 3 Piece Construction
  • Compression Core: 85
  • Bold Track Technology


Sorry we could not find video reviews for this product



  • Ultra-soft feel for more distance and better control
  •  Bold track technology does help for effortless alignment
  • Great ball for pitching and putting
  • Maximum feedback and feel


  • Not a popular brand



Do I Want A Soft Ball Or Hard Golf Ball?

An average or intermediate golfer would most likely prefer a ball that is softer over one which is firm

A lower compression rating is associated with a softer ball, this means it will take less club speed for the ball to be properly compressed

This in turn will result in a ball short that is straighter with great feedback and feel that you will come to love and appreciate



If You Play Too Soft Balls What Will Happen?

For many golfers, it is all about having control of their shot around the green, a ball that feels too soft can be a hindrance as it can lead to loss of control on both your putt and chip shots


Do It Really Matter The Type Of Golf Ball I Use?

Definitely, very definitely, Though indirectly but the type of golf ball you use will  have an indirect impact on your game, this is why you have to choose wisely

Golf balls are targeted to meet the demand of a particular audience, make a choice on the wrong one and watch as your game underperforms

Golf balls with Urethane covers are of a higher quality and are often more expensive, this quality golf ball offers a great feel and spin control

Quality golf ball often favors lower scores as it usually performs and holds green more consistently



Do Harder Golf Balls Go Further?

When it comes to harder golf balls they tend to go further but offer lesser spin, softer ball tends to be more expensive than Harder golf ball

Since harder golf balls tend to be cheaper it is great for people who tend to lose ball consistently or regularly

With softball sticking to the grooves of iron and wedges, they tend to generate a more realistic spin than the hard balls


Do Expensive Golf Balls Matter?

An expensive golf ball is known to generate more spin around the green with a nice soft feel at impact, this stand to make the difference between an expensive golf ball and one which is cheap

As an average golfer, you wouldn’t get enough benefits that will warranty you to pay for a higher-priced golf ball



How Often Should You Use A New Golf Ball?

Simple and short, they are no set of rules, however, if you feel a ball isn’t giving you all the distance, speed, and control you need when its time to have them changed

For some tour players, they are known to change their ball after a certain number of holes but mind you these are professional golfers and not beginners



How Long Can You Play With The Same Golf Ball

As a rule of thumb, there are really no set rules, you change the golf ball when there is a visible damage

The average golf ball should be able to last at least seven full 18 holes rounds without diminishing return on performance



 How To Clean A Golf Ball At Home?

As a beginner, you probably do not know how to clean or have your ball maintained, Maintaining your golf ball carries a lot of benefits and advantages

Golf ball will get dirty with use just like any other outdoor sports equipment, when your golf ball is clean it can  be easily spotted on the green, fairway, and sand

  • Remove any caked mud
  • Add about a half cup of water 
  • Remove golf ball from water
  • Wipe with a clean dry dish towel



Should A Beginner Golfer Use Pro V1?

Beginner golfers are advised not to use Pro V1 on an average, the Pro V1 golf ball does have a higher rating and is much more expensive, this makes them suited for better players

Lower compression and lower spinning balls will offer better performance for beginners aside from that they are usually cheaper which makes them a starting point for a beginner


How Many Golf Balls Does A Beginner Need?

There is no direct answer to this, you need as much golf ball as you get misplaced, this answer will depend on so many factors like

The level of beginners that you are, the golf course you are playing on. as a beginner if you are willing to go with 1 or 2 golf balls you should  have a golf ball retriever handy as well so you can easily recover anyone misplaced



Where Can I Buy A Golf Ball?

There are lots of outlets from where you can opt for a golf ball, one of the oldest and most common ways of sorting for balls for golf is by visiting a golf store near you,

You can also use the online approach by visiting an e-commerce website like Amazon, eBay, etc.


 Soft Golf Ball VS Hard Golf Ball, What Is The Difference?

When you take a deeper look at your ball for golf you will have come to notice that they are of two types

Over the years, it has been quite tough to spot a remarkable difference between Soft and Hard Golf Ball

  • Soft Golf Ball
  • Hard Golf Ball


  • Soft Golf Ball

The Soft Golf Ball isn’t as hard as the hard golf ball, just as its name suggests. A soft golf ball feels much better when struck

The Softer golf ball travels further through the air when struck with a club such as a driver or iron but stops faster(Lower spin) once it hit the ground


  • Hard Golf Ball

Just as its name suggests, this ball is harder due to its compression rating, the hard golf ball has a much higher compression rating

A Hard Golf ball unlike a soft golf ball travels a shorter distance through the air when struck with the club but rolls further as it hits the ground(Higher Spin)



As a person starting out with golf, you will be needing a golf ball that offers decent performance and is able to offer more distance and control

Newbies are known to have slower swing speed and you will be needing a ball that is able to compensate for your swing

Beginners golfer are better off with a soft golf ball in opposition to the hard one as a softer golf ball will offer more distance due to its ability to travel further through thin air than hard golf balls


And Thank you For engaging, is there any Ball that you think should be included on the list, tell us, if relevant and true we have them listed

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