In the end, you should be able to list the best golf ball retriever so as to be able to choose which one is the most efficient in helping you retrieve your golf ball

As much as you enjoy your golf game, losing your golf ball every now and then can be very annoying and unpleasant

Using a golf ball retriever helps you catch the ball without moving near some hazards like ponds, bushes, mud, etc.

When you play on the course with a lot of water, every day does not happen to be a lucky day

It becomes even more annoying having spent a whole lot of money obtaining that favorite golf ball and then it goes missing

Got children who love golfing, here are the best golf ball for kids 

There are lots of ball retrievers for water on sale with each having its own merits and demerits

Looking for a golf ball water retriever? we have you covered, in this article through thorough research and intensive feedback we bring to you the best which helps you retrieve your ball like a breeze

What is the best golf ball retriever? How to choose a golf ball retriever? Where can I buy a golf ball retriever? How much does a golf ball retriever cost? Is a golf ball retriever worth it?

If you are asking any of these questions, in this article we will have them fully explained for your full understanding



Best Golf Ball Retriever

  • Asenver Golf Ball Retriever(Best On Review)

Best ball retriever for golf



The Asenver golf ball retriever isn’t just durable and sturdy but is made of high-quality plastic and aluminum alloy which guarantees its durability and efficiency

With the Asenver retriever on review, you aren’t just buying a golf ball, you are buying quality

Amazingly it is able to collect balls between 3.5cm/ 1.3in to 5cm/1.9in. they are able to hold up to 40 golf ball

Note: If you are looking for a retriever that is great for simulator room then you can barely go wrong with the golf ball retriever on review

We love the fact that its handle is extendable and this makes it great for everyone whether tall or short

It is able to pick up balls from all surfaces, whether the soft turf, hard turf, or concrete. they are easy and simple to use as said by a one-time buyer which goes by the name ”DW’‘ on Jan 14, 2021

Note: So easy to retrieve the ball as you do not have to bend

The telescope’s lightweight rod does help to lighten the burden on the waist, easy to move about and lightweight


  • Brand: Asenver
  • Weight: 0.76 kilogram
  • Dimension: 15.47 x 7.17 x 7.05 inches
  • Color Option: 
  • Hold Capacity: 40



  • Durable and sturdy as they are made of quality
  • Holds a whopping number of 40 golf ball
  • Very portable and does not require assembling
  • Made of electroplated metal which makes them resistant to rusting
  • Works on foam practice balls


  • A one-time buyer by the name ”YH’‘ on Jun 3 2022 complained of plastic openings getting broken easily



  • Asenver Golf Ball Collector

Golf ball retriever best



the Asenver seems to be the king when it comes to ball retriever and this one is no different

With retriever you can easily collect your ball by rotating the ball, they are able to store up to 40 balls, which makes them unique and one of a kind

The adjustable length features make it possible to match different heights without the need to bend over when picking up your balls

The features known as the golf ball gatherer is designed so that it can be disassembled into three-piece for easy storage and portability’s sake

Note: Works also great for walnut pick up, that’s crazy!!!

The Asenver golf ball collector picker up is one that beats your imagination and one that you will definitely come to love and appreciate, it is a guarantee


  • Brand: Asnever
  • Weight: 1.2 Kilograms
  • Dimension: 14 x 11 x 7.5 inches
  • Color Option
  • Storage; 40 balls
  • Adjustable length



  • Adjustable handle to suit varying height
  • Great for walnut pickup
  • Very portable and easy to use
  • Made of aluminum alloy which makes it very durable and sturdy
  • Collect large ball capacity, 40 to be precise


  • Cannot be used to pick up ball pit balls



  • How True Golf Ball Retriever

Golf ball retriever best on sale



the How true golf ball retriever is one which is very unique and as it is able to hold a whooping number of balls, imagining a retriever that is able to hold up to 100 balls, that’s crazy

Available in varying color options to choose which suits you best, you do not have to bend over when picking your ball due to its extension mechanism which is able to extend to 75cm

Note: Comes with a convenient pocket to keep your wallet, phones, keys, to store your balls, etc. while you face your practice and collect your balls

TheHow True Golf Ball Retriever is also able to pick up plastic golf balls, they are sturdy to use and easy

When compared to other retrievers which are able to offer the same quality and efficiency, the How True Retriever seems to be cheap making it one of the best for the money


  • Brand: How True 
  • Weight: 0.59 kilograms
  • Dimension: 19 x 7 x 6.25 inches
  • Color Option: 3(Red, Blue & Black)
  • Pocket



  • Comes with a convenient pocket to keep your valuables such as wallet, keys, etc.
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Easy to use and is able to store up t 100 golf balls
  • An adjustable handle which prevents you from bending over when you want to pick the ball
  • Good for the money


  • Still waiting to see the cons



  • Vbestlife Golf Ball Retriever

Best retriever golf ball



The Vbestlife Golf Ball Retriever is one that is known to come with lots of mouth-watering features and functionalities

This is not just a golf ball retriever, but one which comes with a storage pocket, an upper nylon bag with a zip on it, a handle at the top for easy carrying, etc

The bag is able to hold up to 60 golf balls conveniently, the pole can be taken apart or assembled, depending on how you want it

Lightweight and quality so that it is easy and convenient to carry or move around whenever and wherever


  • Brand: Vbestlife
  • Weight: 1.23 Pounds
  • Dimension: 11.42 x 3.94 x 3.94 inches
  • Color Option: 



  • Quality and sturdy
  • Comes with a large pocket for storage purposes
  • Handle at the top for easy carrying
  • Detachable pole for quick and easy customization
  • Ability to store a large number of balls



  • Expensive



  • Callaway 15th Club Ball Retriever (Best For The Value)

Retriever golf ball best



If you are looking for a trusted retriever brand that gives you 1 full year warranty on product, then this is absolutely the best choice

The Callaway 15th Club Ball Retriever is one which is described as outstanding as said by a one-time bye which goes by the name C.Woodard on Jan 10, 2022

With this retriever, you will be able to retrieve balls from all conditions-Mud, Water, Wedge within rock, Underbrush, etc.

For nudging ball out of the mud it does come with a special mechanism known as the thick metal ring which is located at the end

Many retrievers are not able to hold the ball when you wash it off by moving the retriever back and forth through the river in an attempt to remove dirt but this one is a game-changer

Note: Designed for both left-hand and right-handed golfers!!!

This tool is  a great option for fast players who play at a course where bad players play very nice golf balls

Nice and sturdy, with a very simple yet effective mechanism for picking and grabbing balls out of tough lies

With its ergonomic handle, you can easily handle the retriever even when extended to as much as 6ft


  • Brand: Callaway 
  • Weight: 0.4kg
  • Dimension:24 x 3 x 2 inches 
  • Color Option: 1(Black)
  • Dual zip headcover
  • Thick metal ring



  • Thick metal ring on the end so that ball is easily nudged out of the mud
  • Sturdy and quality
  • Easy twist and lock mechanism
  • Dual zip head cover for maximum protection of your balls
  • Ergonomic sure-grip handle for easy and convenient grabbing of the retriever
  • 1-year warranty


  • Quite Expensive



What Is A Good Length For A Golf Ball Retriever?

Golf retrievers are designed so that it varies by length, while there are lots of retrievers, each is suited for a particular audience

Retrievers can be very long, they can also be average height to short. whatever be your choice you have to take into consideration your height

You do not want a too-long ball retriever that makes you stand very upright so also you do want a golf ball retriever that makes you bend too low.

For the most part, the retriever golf ball does come with adjustable features which allow you to adjust for height

Golf ball retriever will be about 5 feet long for short distances to as much as 18 feet for long-distance

You need one very short enough to fit into your golf bag comfortably and one long enough to pick up balls from long distances without you bending

To bridge the gap between short and long, most retrievers are designed to come with adjustable features



Should You Carry A Golf Ball Retriever?

Golf balls go missing every now and then, these items cost money, imagine having to let go of every golf ball which can be easily retrieved, that is lots and lots of money being wasted

Carrying a golf ball retriever isn’t against the rules as it is very well allowed, they are allowed under the rules of golf

Thye can only be against the rule if a condition is implemented and it is banned in a particular tournament



Ball Retriever, Are They Counted As Golf Club

Retriever for your golf ball is in no way categorized or seen as a golf club, for golf balls they are required to have a head and a shaft which a retriever lacks


Golf Ball Retriever, How Much Do They Make

You can earn a good amount of money being a person who retrieves golf balls, these people are well known as golf ball divers

As a golf ball diver, you can earn up to $200 per day, which is quite a substantial amount of money


What Does A Golf Ball Retriever Do?

Just as its name suggests a golf ball retriever is faced with the sole purpose of getting/finding lost/misplaced ball s

These balls are retrieved from the hazard, mud, water, grass, deep rough, or occasional sand trap

These tools are used by golfers to get balls from places they would not be able to reach using their bare hands.



How To Choose A Golf Ball Retriever?

Making the right choice on your retriever would involve you putting some rules into consideration

There are lots of golf ball retrievers from holes on sale today and making a choice can be a daunting and sometimes difficult task

We do not want you to make the same mistakes so here are the things that you must put into consideration as you go on to choose your golf ball retriever

  • Length/Size
  • Quality and Strength
  • Weight
  • Warranty
  • Features
  • Number of Balls
  • Color
  • Brand


  • Length/Size

Retrievers for golf balls are designed to come in varying lengths and sizes, these sizes and lengths are designed to suit golfers of different heights and body sizes

They can be very long, as long as 18 feet, and can be as short as 6 feet. they are also available in varying sizes, with some being very thick and big and others a little thin and smaller

To get a proper balance between sizing and length, retrievers for your ball are designed to come with length adjustable features which can be extended or retracted at will


  • Quality/Sturdy

Available in varying quality and strength with some being stronger and solid than others as a result used in production

The more quality the more pricey, look for one which is built with great quality and is sturdy as they tend to be more efficient and long-lasting


  • Weight

Available in varying weights with some being lighter than others, this is a result of the raw material used in its production, the more weighty the material the heavier it can be

However, these tools are significantly lightweight so it is easy and convenient for everyone to carry around

For the typical ball retriever for water, it does have a weight of o.3 for the least weighty to 2 kilograms for the very weighty


  • Warranty

Even though a warranty is a great indication of the authenticity of a product, not all companies offer a warranty on their product and this does not mean they aren’t trusted either

As you choose your Retriever you should look out if the brand you are buying from is offering a warranty

Warranty will last from 1 to 2 years and in the rare case, it can last up to 3 whooping years.


  • Features

Retriever of golf ball is built to come with varying features, these features are designed to meet a particular need

The type of features can either make or break a retriever with some offering far better features than others

So it is very important that you check out for features so as to determine which is right suited for your situation or need

Some of the features which do come with a golf ball retriever will include spring release, extendable features, lock mechanism, pocket, etc.


  • Number Of Balls

How many golf balls do you want your retriever to be able to pick at once? do you want one which is able to pick multiple? or one which is able to pick single?

With some being able to pick more than one golf ball at a time others on the other hand can pick only one.


  • Color

Though color might not seem to be something of great importance for some it is everything

It all boils down to making a choice on what color you resonate with or are comfortable with


  • Brand

A great brand would always make a great product, there are lots of brands in the manufacture of ball retrievers for golf

Some of the well-known and trusted brand includes the likes of Gotcha, Callaway, Brand Fusion, Asnever, How True, etc. 




Does Retriever Really Save You Money On Golf Balls?

Oh yes, it does, retrievers are designed to save you tons of money, take a step back and imagine a world of gold without retrievers

You sure agree with me that lots and lots of balls would have gone missing and untraceable, these balls cost a lot of money and for every tournament, there would have been thousands of lost balls which adds up to losing a huge amount of money

For this reason, retrieving tool is designed with some people going as far as taking a position as a retriever

So in simple words, with retriever tools, money is being saved on a large scale.



Why Is the Grip Of A Golf Retriever So Important?

The Grip of a Retriever is very important and we cannot deny it, this is because it is the point of contact between you and the ball

One thing that has to be designed with care and precaution is your grip, you need a grip that is easy to grip not just comfortably but firmly as well

With the grip, you will be able to hold on to the retriever which is then used to pick the golf ball



What Makes A Good Golf Ball Retriever?

Using rigorous protocol golf retrievers are tested head to head, when choosing a golf retriever the important metrics which is considered are Extension, Ball security, Sturdiness, handle, and storage.

The combination of these factors is what makes up for a great retriever for your golfing ball


Do You Need A Golf Ball Retriever?

It all boils down to personal choice or need, It is really up to you to decide if you need a retriever for your golf ball

If you find your golf ball missing every now and then without any means to get them back then you probably need a retriever tool

And again if you play a golf course with a lot of water then a ball retriever is  a necessity rather than a want


How Much Does A Golf Ball Retriever Cost?

These tools are heaven-sent for  your golf ball as you don’t have to always lose them to hazards and tough lies

These ball retrievers for golf would vary by price, a retriever for your ball will often cost from  2 digit number to 3 digits for the most expensive ones


Where Can I Buy A Retriever For Golf Ball?

When searching for a retriever golf ball you will see a lot of options from where you can get one for yourself

You can visit a local golf store around you or simply perform a local search query to locate any within your locality

Another option is to visit the online space simply by searching online, there are lots of e-commerce stores with the likes of Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, etc. 




Having to spend extra money each and every now and then as a result of a lot of golf balls can mean leaving tons of money wasted

Imagine having to replace your balls each and every now and then because it gets beyond reach, maybe it fell into the pond, water or hazard

A golf ball retriever just is designed to help you catch the ball without moving near some hazard like ponds, bushes, water, etc.

They are used to retrieve lost or misplaced balls, these tools come with a long pole with a scoop or a claw on the end used to hold the ball

There are lots of retriever tools for your balls on sale, these tools are available in varying shapes, sizes, lengths, colors, quality, and features


And there you have it, If there is any other retriever that you think should be on the list, do not hesitate to let us known

Thank you for engaging if you find this piece helpful do endeavor to share, have a wonderful day from Team Golfer-Costume!!!











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