In the end you should be able to list the best Golf GPS watches from brand buddy in 2020 and list the distinguishing characteristics of each of this watches for a better and smart buying decision

Today’s golf GPS Watches offers terrific benefit which is exceptionally beneficial to golfers, As a golfer you will certainly need a GPS watch so that you can easily track and analyze your game, today golfing offer great tech wrist wearable’s that can make a great different on your golfing carrier

With a GPS Watch you can track your game, analyze and calculate your shots and easily navigate the course, this tech watches comes with it an app well known as GPS with this GPS app comes preloaded with thousand of courses from many countries of the world, the GPS gives you a clear map on how to navigate the course

Isn’t that amazing that this tech wearable’s can even inform you of the nearest obstacles hazard so you can easily and quickly adjust your shots to escape such difficulty? oh yes it’s worth having it

This golf tech watches have the golf watch mode and the watch mode, this means you have an option to switch to either watch mode or Golf GPS mode for golfing

A whole lot of golfers find it quiet difficult in an attempt to make the best selection of GPS watches, this challenge is drawn to the fact that there are all too many golf GPS watches in the market and from different brand

Nevertheless there is one of the most trusted brand makers of golf GPS watch, this brand is known as the Golf buddy Golf GPS, the Golf buddy makes one of the best and amazing GPS watch for golfers with lots of exciting features to help the golfers as they enjoy what they love doing

In this article we will be listing this best golf GPS watches from brand buddy, from which you can comfortable make a choice, this GPS watches are well at an affordable price yet without sacrificing quality and function

This now begs for the longing question, what is the best GPS golf watch of 2020, through intensive research and analysis we herein bring you the list of this best watches of 2020

What is the best Golf GPS watches(Golf Buddy Watches Of 2020)

GOLF Buddy GB9 WTX+ Smart Watch Golf GPS(Best Battery Life And Quality)

brand, golf buddy, GPS watch, best, 2020 best, watches, tech wearables, best watch, golf watchLooking for the best Golf GPS watches that is well affordable to start with, the Golf Buddy GB9 WTX+ will do just that, this is by far one of the most affordable watch you can get at an affordable price

It does have a simple and fast touch sensitive user interface which isn’t preloaded with an amazing 38,000 courses and with it comes free update for life

The lightweight watch with slim design makes it quite loveable and attractive, you can synchronize this watch with your smart phone from where you can get calls, text or smart notification which is very important to you

Its Bluetooth range is one of the strongest and they have the ability to recognize holes and course automatically, easily read distance to the back, front and center including distance of hazard on the green, it does have a long lasting battery life and is quite obvious that you will certainly love them


Long lasting battery life

Price friendly

Simple user interface

Sun readable

Preloaded with 38,000 courses

Great over head view

Free update for life


Someone complained of GPS watch being stylish but failed to function

Limited stock

Might take until 2 or 3 holes before GPS comes up

Golf Buddy WTX Smart Golf GPS(Best User Friendly And Comfortable)

watch, golf watch, GPS watch, tech wearables, golf wearables, best, If you are looking for a solid golf club to start out your round of golf than this is the best picks for you, they are highly solid and durable  and you wont be getting another in along while due to spoilage or short life span

The present of a pedometer make it well easy to track your game, start off your exciting round of golf with all the exciting features brought to you by the Golf Buddy WTX Golf GPS Watch

The slim and attractive watch has both the smart watch mode for off course and the golf GPS mode when on course and you can easily switch to which ever mode is best suited for you

They are preloaded with 38,000 courses and you can receive smart notifications, messages and calls simply by turning on the Bluetooth and synchronizing it will your smart phone

They recognize the hole and courses automatically, this gives you a pre-informed information of the hazard ahead of you before ever coming in contact with it

Armed with this GPS smart watch you will be able to receive life time updates for free, experience a long battery life which can last for as long as 10 hours before charging


Durable battery life

Slim lightweight and attractive design

Simple and highly responsive user interface

Application for MAC users too


Icon on the hazard screen is too small to view

Some features are a little bit difficult to use

Golf Buddy Voicex Easy to use Smart Talking Golf GPS(Best Tracking Distance And Battery Life)

audio, gps watch, gps, golf buddy, brand, 2020 bestThis golf watch is a great watch for those who loves talking watch, the built in audio features measures distance by speaking out, every time you approach the green you hear the voice which says, ‘you are on the green side”

It does have a new sharp ergonomic design which is very attractive and beautiful and you will love them, comes with a long lasting battery life that stays for long hours before needing to charge and they are water resistant as well, its large head display makes it one of the easily readable golf watch from golf buddy

Great choice for the tournament and capable of reading short and long distances, this awesome watch is multi-lingual, that is it is available in various language, 11 language to be precise so you can easily make a choice for language preference

Its got an amazing 38,000 courses preloaded to it and a free life update and now you wouldn’t have to worry about text, calls or notification, connect your smart phone to this device and get all the notifications, calls and text that matters to you


Easy to use with accurate yardage

Great battery life that last for up to 14 hours

Automatic voice watch

Ability to track distance

Price friendly

Great for distance and hazard


Poor customer support

Someone complained of GPS issues

GolfBuddy Voice GPS Range Finder(Best for Responsiveness And Distance Record)

gps watch, audio watch, tech wearables, best, golf buddy, best brandGreat feat from golf buddy, surely one of the best GolfBuddy Voice GPS Watch you can ever own, if for nothing, check the reviews for it says it all, they are truly one of its kind and with them information’s on distance covered is now at your finger tips

Though expensive but don’t let the price scare you because it’s not abut the price but how well it serves and function, the built in audio feature read the distance to you in an audible form

Comes with 8 different language preloaded into it from where you can choose which best suits you and with a whooping 35,000 courses worldwide preloaded into it

They are really a Buddy to golfers who in  their mind really desire to have the best, they are very easy to use and not complicated like some others of its kind

Long lasting battery life, they are water resistant and extremely durable, colorful and fit nicely, quickly and easily get notification of hazard and obstacles through pre-information with this smart tech wearable,


Very easy to use and loud enough

Record distance between any two points

Comes with a micro USB cord for charging

Comes with a plastic cover which protect it from rain

Very responsive

Mulit-lingual and preloaded with 35,000 courses

Quick yardage to center



Poor customer service

GolfBuddy aim W10 Golf GPS Watch(Renewed)(Best User Friendly And Free Update)

gps, watch, golf, golf buddy, brand, 2020, most recommendedRenewed for better and more smarter function, the GolfBuddy aim W10 Golf GPS Watch has become better and more efficient than it has always been, more function, easy to use and better response

It all comes in a new classical style offering you with the latest features needed to be on top of your game, with this watch you have got a 90 days back guarantee( 3 months)

This version have a zoomed in version, having received different complains from customers who used previous version, they have come up with a better user friendly and awesomely smart watch prototype

Read distance to the front back and center easily and quickly due to its simple user friendly interface, they are easy to use and durable, be the first to review this watch


90 days money back guarantee

User friendly and easy to use

Durable and reliable

Zoom in and out function

Comes preloaded with over 30,000 courses from different countries

Long battery life plus free life updates


No review yet


The need for a golf Buddy Watch

Brand golf Buddy have been long into the manufacture and production of great and amazing golf watches for golfing, o yes, they know just the right watch and all the features you will be needing to perform at your optimum best on course



Here is a quick recap, Every golfer need have a GPS watch for game analysis, tracking and to be able to read the course and easily navigate them using a handy map

Golf buddy are one of the favorite golf GPS watch makers and a great choice for golfers enthusiast who love quality, good looking and smart GPS watch with all the features needed to stay on top of their game
















  1. I bought WTX for a year, it never can connect to my smartphone. after e-mail to the company got no reply. Real rubbish. It does not even work after 10 months. Shame on this product. Turn to buy a garmin s60. perfect!

    • Sorry about that Denise A Perez, Its probably one out of many WTX watch out there, even though you have encountered that, I can say WTX are a great watch too as the garmin S60, all the same you can give another a try to see which is perfect for you


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