In the end, you should be able to list the best golf cart tires for sand or beach use

Driving on sandy terrain is more oft dangerous than most other off-road surfaces, this is because there is more sand in the desert and we can all agree that it is the most remote place on earth

Today’s golfing does have in great offer best on a sale golf cart for the beach use or the sand, looking for the best golf cart tires which do make going through the sand easier than ever?

We’ve got you covered, in today’s blog post we are going to be listing the best golf cart tires designed for beach use or the sand

Your choice on golf cart tires will largely depend on what you are going to be using it to achieve

You are going to be asking yourself, what will be the main objective of purchasing this tire

The reason being that just as there are many brands of golf cart tires in the market so are these tires designed for different situations, conditions, and terrains

These tires have a different tread pattern, construction, and design mechanism which helps them to adapt to their proposed environment

To make this further clearly and understandable, there are cart tires best suited for the mud, there are also golf cart tires which are best suited for pavement and turf, you also have tires best suited for beach use or the sand

In our post today we will be focusing on the best on review golf cart tires for beach use

For golf cart tires for pavement, please refer here: Best for pavement golf cart tires

These tires are constructed in a way that they can easily go through the sand without delay or obstruction, with this tires you will never get stuck on the sand again

The Need OF A Golf Cart Tire For The Sand

As said earlier, there are various tires with a different purpose, some were meant for smooth terrains, some for rugged terrains, terrains are other whose designed for the sand

You will be needing a golf cart tire best for sand if you always go through or most of your activities involves moving through sand terrains

Driving on sand can be very demanding, you will be needing a tire with a good amount of tread depth as this offers a good amount of traction on sand

Due to large tread blocks, these tires won’t get sunk on the sand and this means you are not going to get stuck

However, if you plan on driving on very deep and loose sand then a set of all-terrain golf cart tire will be best suited for such conditions, they have a more aggressive tread pattern however not as aggressive as that designed for the mud

Without further delay we bring to you this long-awaited list, our picks  are backed by intensive research, reviews, and feedback, we do not want to bring you a golf cart tire best suited for beaches and sand, we to give you the best recommendation


Best Golf Cart Tires For The Sand

10” Golf Cart Wheels And 18*9-10 DOT All Terrain Golf Cart

Best golf cart tire for sandThere is something about this so exotic and that being this is one of the best for the value golf cart well suited for sandy terrains

This they are great for the sand, they are great for the beach, for those looking for the finest golf cart tires for beach use, you’ve got this

These tires are made of quality so that they are long-lasting with unmatched efficiency

You will love them as this is an all-terrain golf cart tires so it doesn’t matter for which situation they are well suited

With this golf cart tire, your cart is well fitted, they come mounted and air compressed so that you can save extra money for something more important

Due to their aggressive tread, these tires are great on snow and ice surface, the delivery period also is very spontaneous


10” Golf Cart Wheels And 18*9-10 DOT All Terrain Golf Cart Video Review By golfcartsTV


  • High-quality golf cart tires built for maximum durability
  • Requires no lift kit to use
  • Great for all-terrain
  • Best for the value golf cart tires for sand
  • Comes mounted and aired up saving you money on something more important


  • Still waiting to see the cons


SunF 25*8-12 25*10 -12 ATV UTV Tires

Golf cart tires best for sandy environment The ATV UTV Tires does not tear the Turf as you turn like more aggressive tires do, with this cart tire, you are surely in for a smooth and fun ride on the sand or beach

Known for their quality, they are built to last with high-efficiency functionality, it does also offers unequaled traction on sand so that they are very stable and properly balanced

You will be able to steer this cart tire easily as the front of the tire is wide enough and about 8 inches

Whether on grass, smooth, or pavement this tire will do just great, get the best of stability for controlled sliding all brought about by its low profile tread design

However, his cart tires are not suited for high way rather they are suited for off the road


  • Great fit for many golf carts
  • Very quality with the best f traction and stability
  • Premium rubber construction for added stability and traction
  • For a 6 ply tire thus is an excellent price tire
  • Leaves no track on the road
  • Very easy to steer this is as a result of it being 8 inch wider on the front
  • Excellent price for 6 ply tires


  • Low profile tire


RHOX RXAL 18*18-8 All Terrain Golf Cart Tires

Best golf cart tire for beach useThe RHOX RXAL is a great and well-designed golf cart tire built for many terrains, rough, smooth, hilly, and soon

Armed with these tires you are ready to go anywhere, and wherever, one thing the RHOX RXAL is known for and that being quality and efficiency second to none

They are built in such a way that it fits all golf carts without the need for a lift kit, these tires promise you the real deal and value greater than your money and you will be happy with it

They are well balanced and stable brought about by the proper amount of air pressure and gauge

If you love to ride on beaches and desire one of the best, smooth ride ever and such that you will live to remember, you have got this one

Its aggressive tread and design makes them great on any surface and terrain, although they are kind of loud on the pavement


  • Very quality and long-lasting
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Very solid ad stable brought about by proper level of air pressure and alignment
  • Aggressive and strategically designed tread for more traction
  • Fits all golf cart sand without a lift kit
  • Comes mounted professionally for free so that you save your money on something else


  • Quite loud on the pavement


ATV Golf Go Cart Lawn Mower Tractor P322 Turf Tire Rim Assembly

Sandy terrains, beach use, golf cart, best tires, best tires, for sand, sandy situationsThe ATV brand having won so many awards to its name boost as one of the best golf cart tire brand on sale in the market

With these tires you are in for a real deal, this deal means faster, smoother, and excellent ride

You do not have to be afraid of the sand again, as you approach the sand all you do is smile as it becomes all fun going through that difficult and scary and that makes you get stuck

This is an all-terrain golf cart tire and will suit your every need, amazingly even on snow you won’t get stuck

They aren’t just about quality, it does offer the best of rims which are long-lasting and well attractive

How about the easy to install process which does get your cart ready on a go without a waste of time and energy


  • Great for any condition amazingly even on snow
  • Easy to install thus saving you time and energy
  • All-terrain golf cart tires with the best tread design pattern
  • Well stable and balanced tires with the best traction
  • Quality for the sake of durability
  • Attractive and well-structured rims


  • Someone complained of tires making some noise on pavement


  Golf Cart

sandy terrain, cart tires, golf cartWhen it comes to most valuable, then choose this one, with this cart you are in for real business, experience a whole new level of a smooth stress-less ride going through the sand or any rugged terrains

You’ve got the best for the value cart tire designed for ultimate response, see how easy it is to steer your cart with this less heavy yet very effective and efficient tire

And now all fear for the sand is now a thing of the past, this tire is great for quality but unfortunately, you will be needing a lift kit for Club Car Golf Carts, EZGO, AND Yamaha

This is an all DOT terrain thread golf cart tires made for the road and off-road as well,

Boost rare reviews, these tires are just at the exact what you are looking for and they are great for the money, it is almost certain they will serve you and you will love them


10”Black Steel Golf Cart Wheels And 20*10-10 DOT All Terrain Golf Cart Video Review By Amazon Product Review


  • Very quality and great for the money
  • Excellent traction brought about by strategically tread pattern design
  • Stable and very balanced
  • Easy to install also that your time and energy is saved
  • Fits and look great and most importantly they are easy to roll


  • Center cap and lungs sold separately


Can A Golf Cart Drive On Sand?

Even though not all Golf Cart can be driven on Sand but for the most part, yes they can, Golf Cart can be driven through the sand all you do is get the right tire and deflate slightly so that it floats on sand instead of getting sunk

Lowering the pressure of your tires helps increase traction which is good as it increases the amount of surface area of ties in contact with sand

The challenge is that not all Golf tires are designed for the sand, so the question of whether Golf Cart can be driven on sand is relative to the tire you use

There are two things that do help to propel your Golf Tires through sand-the first being having the right motor and secondly a good set of tires

Sand does not allow the Golf Cart tires to take advantage of momentum due to this reason you will be needing a strong motor that can help you propel through the sand

48V golf cart seems to be the real deal if you are looking for one which is able to drive through the sand smoothly and stress-free

But the best Golf Cart that will always go through sand is the Gas Golf Cart,


How Do You Get A Golf Cart Out Of Sand Trap?

We all know the frustration that comes with having your golf cart stuck up on sandy terrain and the pain that comes with it as we try to let it free from the sand

If you have ever experienced your golf cart being stuck on the sand this is what you should do

To get your cart out of the sand here are some of the things that you should do

  • Check for the Rear Wheel If It Is On The Ground

If the rear wheel is not on the ground then your cart can get stuck on the sand, this is because all Cart is rear wheel and Cart have very little chassis ground clearance, this makes them get stuck easily on uneven terrain

If the Cart is partially out of a trap or if the trap is on a slope you should ensure that the rear wheel is well seated on the ground

  • Try Pushing Cart Onto The Ground To Obtain More Traction

As earlier said, lack of traction could be the number one cause of a Cart getting stuck on the sand so in this case, you should try to see if you can push the cart onto the ground so that you can obtain more traction

Golf Cart is very heavy and an average Golf Cart should weigh up to 800 pounds, in other to be able to push this cart unto the ground you will be needing a lot of players

These players should be able to push it forward or backward so that the rear wheel will grab

  • Create Traction If You Cannot Get It Unto The Ground

If after trying to get it unto the ground seems impossible you should look for an alternative that involves creating traction

In this case, you should try pilling the sand or small stones around the wheel to increase traction

You can also increase traction by simply placing clothing or a jacket beneath the rear wheel

  • Flag Down A Passing Cart And Ask For A Tow

There is also the option of flagging down a Cart that is passing and asks for a tow, all you do is simply look for a long, thick, and strong rope, you can also use a chain if the case permits and connect to the chassis in the rear of the Cart stuck and the other end to the other Cart which serves as the tow

To tow, the cart is advisable to use so and steady acceleration to avoid or prevent Cart from dislodging


Can You Drive A Golf Cart On Te Beach?

Not all Golf Cart is capable to drive on the Sand, however, Most Golf Cart that can be driven on the sand can also be used on the beach


What Does It Take To Drive A Golf Cart On The Sand?

Two things are required to drive a golf cart on the sand, this two thing involves a strong motor and a good set of tires

  • Strong Motor

A Strong motor will allow the golf cart to easily go through the sand this is as a result of enough momentum

The Golf Cart engine must be able to work so as to push the Cart out of the sand, 48 volt enables you to drive through normal sand

Gas Golf Cart is highly recommended as it does have a stronger motor this makes them great through the sand

  • Good Tires

The type of tires you choose would determine how easy or difficult it is going to be going through the sand

If it is a small area of sand then the regular tires can do just that however large dunes of sand will require specially designed tires

To easily go through the sand a nice all-terrain golf cart tires will do just that, this is because all-terrain golf cart tires are built for all conditions

However, the all-terrain tires are quite expensive than other types which aren’t suited for every condition


Can You Drive A Golf Cart At Night In Myrtle Bridge?

Golf Cart is only allowed to be driven in broad daylight and not in the night, before driving this Cart you should ensure the cart is licensed and safe for street travel


How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Golf Cart In Myrtle Beach?

Getting a golf Cart to rent in Myrtle Beach can be quite fun even though it is not that cheap

The amount that it will cost you to rent a Cart in Myrtle beach will depend on the rental period and the time duration

Here is the break down of what it takes to have a rentage Golf Cart in Myrtle Beach

Rental Period                                                 Best Value 7 Days                       4 Day

Fall( AUG 27 -SEP 16)                                     $210                                           $174.61

Summer( Jun 11- Aug 26)                               $265                                           $220.34

Spring(Mar 26- June 10)                                $219                                            $182.09  

Off Season(Sept 17- Mar 25)                          $170                                            $141.35


How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Golf Cart On Ann Mary Land Island

In Mary Land Island you can find a Cart with the price list

Electric Transportation                                   Hour                                                      3 Days

4 Passenger Golf Cart                                       $30                                                          $275

6 Passenger Golf Cart                                       $45                                                           $400

8 Passenger Golf Cart                                        $50                                                           $415


Types Of Golf Cart Tires

When making a choice on your tires for your golf cart you should be well aware that there are different types of golf cart tires and each does have the best-suited environment for its optimum function

Your Golf Cart Tire type include Low Profile Golf Cart Tires, High profile Golf Cart Tires, and All Terrain Golf Cart Tires

Low Profile Golf Cart Tires

Low Profile Golf Cart tires are generally thinner and are usually made so that it fits any non lifted golf cart

You do not need to install a lift kit for tires to be off the ground, there are different sizes of a low profile Golf Cart Tire in the market, these sizes are 8”, 10” and 24”

High Profile Golf Cart Tires

The High profile Golf Cart Tires can also be well-referred to as the all-terrain Golf Cart Tire

The All-Terrain Golf Cart tires are tires that can be used on any terrain, they are tougher and stronger than the low profile golf cart tires, for this reason, they are more expensive

The All-terrain Golf Cart Tires are designed so that they can be used in any condition, whether smooth or rough

These tires are generally more durable and last longer than the low profile tires, they are made thicker and so that it fits every Golf Cart that is lifted

Today’s Golfing offers lots of golf cart tires for lifted cart however this is what we recommend Best Golf Tires For Lifted Cart



Many a time people complain of their golf cart tires sinking in the sand, this is why we have decided to recommend to you the best golf cart tires well suited for sand and beach use

If you have a problem with your golf cart tires sinking in the sand, here is a quick solution

Deflate the tires to about 4 to 5 psi, this helps to spread the amount of surface area in contact with tires and this does lead to better floating in the sand

However is there is no improvement, you are sure that the last option is to other a new set of tires that will suit the sand and can be used on the beach























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