In the end you should be able to list the best on sale golf Cart tires for 2020

Today’s golfing offers the best on sale golf cart tire which offers the best of stability and traction and are able to withstand any terrain

Looking for the best golf cart tires to buy today? We’ve got you covered, back in the early days of golfing

Golf cart is usually regard as an only course thing, golfers only see it as something that can only be used on the course

As it got advanced it was then seen as a means of transportation also, through residential neighborhood and campuses

And now golf cart is no longer perceived just for the course, as people find more use to having a golf cart rather for golfing purpose

Maintaining this vehicle became something of utmost importance, despite them being a simplistic piece of equipment you will occasionally need to purchase its part of which is not restricted to tires

There are quite a few golf cart tires available in the market today, and this can add up to confusion when trying to make a purchase on your golf cart tires

In this blog post we will be lifting that burden of your shoulder y giving you the list of the best golf cart tires on sale in 2020

Our picks are backed by intensive research, reviews and feedback all with an effort to bringing you the best on sale

What Are The Features To Consider When Purchasing A Golf Cart Tire

It is most certain on a purchase of golf cart it will come with tires, these tires ranges from 18 or 18.5 inch tall to 8 or 8.5 inch wide

The size are the common sizes installed in the factory, but on purchasing of golf cart tires in the market you get to make more choice selections

In the secondary market you can add tires of a different size or which ever best suites you

Golf tire size can be classified into two categories, firstly the automotive and the inch measurement


Automotive Tyre Size And Inch Tire Size What’s The Difference?



Tires which does come with a slash in the name is well recognized as automotive tires, e.g. 210/50-10

It is usually known as an automotive tire due to the reason that many cars use this common style

Low profile golf tire are usually enlisted in that way, on going back to our example, here is what each of those number illustrate

The very first number in this case (210) is known as the width and measured in millimeter and when converted to inches it amounts to 8.4inches

Secondly the number after the slash, in this case (50) is the measurement of the side wall of the tires, this involves measuring the tires from the outer to the inner edges

Common numbers after this measurement include 50 and 40 which amount to 2 inch and 1.6 inch

Last but not the list the number (10) is the wheel size that fits the tire , when you measure the interior diameter that is the wheel size

However the model of your golf cart is a great determinant on which wheel can be mounted on it

Measurement In Inches

In measurement in inches you will also see three numbers similar to the automotive, these numbers are usually 22* 12 * 10(22*12-10) and here is what those number signifies

Firstly the number 22 signifies the height or diameter of the tires in inches

Secondly the number 12 signifies the width of the tires in inches

Thirdly the number 10 signifies the wheel size in inches

Having said this golf tires are usually classified into two categories which does include

Low Profile VS All Terrain Tires

Making a choice on Low Profile and All Terrain golf tires all depends on what you are gong to be using your cart to do, what is the objective of the cart

For instance is this cart going to be a farming cart or a hunting cart or probably used for golf alone purposes or perhaps all of them

Low Profile tires are best for less rugged terrains, this makes them well affordable when compared to the Al Terrain Tires  also known as all weather tires

A low profile tire does have shallow tread, this makes them best for smooth surfaces

For All terrain tires it does have a deeper tread and more enhanced groove that low profile tires

Of course they are usually more expensive as they are long lasting in comparison to the low profile tires

Without further explanation, here is the list of the best on review golf cart tires for the money in 2020


Best Golf Cart Tires Reviewed In 2020(Complete Set)

14” Vampire Gloss Back Aluminum Wheel And 23*10- 14 All Terrain Tire Combo(Set Of 4 Tires)-Best On Reviews

Golf cart, cart tires, best tires, golf tiresGreat golf tires and great for any terrain, this golf cart tires well built with the best of quality and efficiency so that they are long lasting and very durable

Able to withstand any terrain, it does come with  16 black lug nuts and SS center cap for a quick and solid tight for the best of stability and balancing

If you are looking for a tubeless Nylon Rubber Tire then this is great, this is al you will be needing in a high performing all terrain wheel and combo

They stand out due to its lightweight ness for their size and as tough as steel, this cart tires will be best suited for cart with 5”or higher lift kits

Add an amazing look to your golf cart and go wherever you want to without the fear of terrains whether sloppy or hilly, rugged and slippery all made possible with the  14 vampire gloss wheel all terrain tires


14” Vampire Gloss Back Aluminum Wheel And 23*10- 14 All Terrain Tire Combo Video Review By Your Deal World


Very quality and highly efficient for the best of durability and response

Best for all terrain as this is an all terrain golf cart tires

16 lug nuts and 4 (SS) center cap for the best of stability and balance

Made of Tubeless Nylon Rubber tire so that they are affordable to maintain

23” tall from the ground so that they are high enough

Light for their size so that they are quick and easy to maneuver


Not for cart less than 5”lift kit


22* 11.00-8 With 8*7 Matte Black Wheel For Golf Cart(Best For Low Budget)

Golf cart, cart tires, golf tires, best setA great quality for the price golf cart made possible through it’s high quality material used in it’s production and manufacture

You aren’t just buying a golf cart tires, you are in for real quality, they are designed for all driving conditions and weather condition

This uniquely golf cart tire delivers low noise due to its uniquely woven tread pattern with square shoulder design

It does have a section width of 11 inches and rim diameter of 8inches, with this cart you are ready or al terrain, uphill, down hill, rugged r smooth terrain

This tires comes with wheel assembly, if you’ve got an ez-go golf cart this is great, this tires fits perfectly and amazingly they come mounted which is a plus


22* 11.00-8 With 8*7 Matte Black Wheel For Golf Cart 3 -Mnt Reviews


Come mounted which is a plus so that you will no longer have to spend money on mounting of tires on wheels

Highly quality tires which fits nicely

Great for ez go golf carts

Very stable and balanced brought about by the solid 4 bolt holes which hold cart steadily and strongly

Designed for all terrain, whether rough or smooth terrain

Low noise and exceptional ride brought about by uniquely woven tread pattern and square shoulder


Someone complained of wheel spacers to set the tires out on cart


12” Terminator Machined Black Golf Cart Wheels And 215/40-12 Dot Golf Cart Tires

compete set, golf tires, tires setThere is something about this so exotic, it was built for durability and capacity

This terminator combo with the attractive and beautiful wheel and tire combo is all you have been looking for

This is one of the best of low profile street legal tire and DOT approved, Get the smoothest of ride on the path or street or n the fairway all made possible with this amazing cart tires

They are one of the easiest and easily maintained golf cart tires brought about by the way they are strategically designed

4 set of chrome lug nut , 4 set of chrome center cap all this is for the best of stability and balancing which cart is in motion

This cart tires amazingly is also turf approved, this golf cart is very loveable due to its ability to fit all golf cart apart from the club car precedent model which might require a lift kit

On purchase you get free professional mounting, is that not awesome as you will be saving your extra money for mounting as compared to other tires out there

This is a great wheel at great price golf cart tires, check the reviews and see for yourself, this list ultimately the best for the value low profile golf cart tires on sale


12” Terminator Machined Black Golf Cart Wheels And 215/40-12 Dot Golf Cart Tires Video Review  By Golf Cart King


Beautiful tires and wheels

DOT and TURF approved

Free professional mounting

Very quality so that they are long lasting

Best for the value low profile cart tires

Well balanced and solid for the best of stability

Fits any golf cart

4 set of chrome lug snug for first class alignment

Great for asphalt, pavement and turf


Someone complained that tire wobble at slow speed


14 MODZ Assault Black Mall Mill Golf Cart Wheel And All Terrain Tire Combo Set(Best Valued  All Terrain Tires)

tire set, golf cart tires, Best on sale, Tire cartThe 14”MODz Assault is one of the best for he value golf cart tires which promises durability and ease

It does come with 16 black lug nut so that they are properly tied to cart without the fear of them pulling over

If you have enough money and looking for one of the best for the value golf cart tires then this in no doubt could mean a smart option for you

They are beautifully crafted and well designed so tat they are eye catchy, sadly this wheels and tires is best suited for a 6” lifted golf cart

This tires are very loveable as they are made for all terrains, it is a great for club cart president 2015

Rims are made in a way that they are easy to tight and tight thoroughly so that fit nicely and strongly


4 MODZ Assault Black Mall Mill Golf Cart Wheel And All Terrain Tire Combo Set Video Review By Amazon Product Review


Great for the quality golf cart tires

Best valued

Solid ad strong rims so that they tight thoroughly and well for secure purpose

Fits a club cart president 2015 awesomely

Comes with wheel assembly

Awesomely great for all terrain


Requires a 6 lifted golf cart


10” Bull Dog Black Wheels And 22* 11-10 All Terrain Golf Cart Tires(Best For Traction And Stability)

Best tires, golf tires, best cart, cart tiresThis is a golf cart tires which does include four set and it does come with it a BullDog black aluminum wheel which is very solid and well built

How about the strategically placed black (4) black center cap (4) set of black lug nuts

When compared to other tires, this tires are 22 inch taller and this will require lift kit for the Club Car, EZGO and Yamaha Cart

If you are looking for a great for off the road golf cart you’ve got this one as thy are rugged enough to withstand any terrain whether rough or smooth

When it comes to quality this cart tire is second to none  and they are considered the best on review cart so you are in for a real deal

This fits any golf cart from UTV, Trailer as they come mounted and aired up to the proper pressure

They come with fast and quick deliver so that you will you get them in an awesome and immediate time

10” Bull Dog Black Wheels And 22* 11-10 All Terrain Golf Cart Tires Video Review by Amazon Product Review


  • Very good traction and grip
  • You can also drive them on flat tires
  • Fits most golf cart


  • Someone complained of wrong offset for cart



You may be desiring to buy a golf cart tire but due to the all too many in the market today, you get confused and frustrated

This reviews will take you through the best to buy golf cart tiers for 2020 so you wouldn’t have to worry about a bad tire again

Golf tires differs brand and sizes and so do they differ in quality, when buying a product you must put into consideration a whole lot of consideration so you can arrive at the right choice

However in this article we have done all the heavy lifting by giving you the true are updated list f the best golf cart tires to buy right now














































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