In the end, you should be able to list the best golf cart tires for pavement

Golfing of today do have in the great offer he best on sale golf cart tires for pavement

Looking for the best for pavement golf cart tires to buy in 2020? We’ve got you covered

Our pick is based on intensive research, reviews, and feedback all with an effort to bringing you the best on reviews today

Even the best tires will eventually become worn out despite the fact that pavement is smooth nevertheless it does produce certain resistance

In a bid to make a selection on golf cart tires best suited for the pavement you must put into serious consideration the size of the tire

There are different types of tires and each will have a different effect on your movement, while there are tires highly designed for Pavement, there are also tires best suited for pavement situation

For Best golf tires for muddy situations, please refer here: best golf cart tires for the mud

The terrain you are about to use your golf cart will determine the kind of tire you will be needing

There are different tires of tires and the situation or conditions they are best suited for, some tires are best suited for rugged and muddy terrains, while some are best for pavement or the beach

In today’s blog post we are going to be giving you the true and up to date list of the best for pavement golf cart tires to buy right now

With these tires going through the pavement becomes easier and more fun than ever, you will have no problem going through a very smooth surface like the pavement

Golf tires best suited for pavement do not have high rolling resistance and this makes them ideal for pavement


The Need Of A Golf Tire For Pavement

Golf tires best suited for smooth surface such as the pavement came as a result of tires performing very poorly on a smooth surface

This prompted the manufacture and distribution of tires that can withstand the slippery pavement without being affected

Without further delay, we bring to you the list of the best on sale golf cart tire


Best Golf Cart Tire For Pavement Reviewed-What Type Of Tire Is Right For You

18* 8.50 -8 GTX OEM Golf Cart Wheels And Golf Cart Tire Combo

Cart tires, best pavement, for pavement, best turfThe GTX OEM may not be a very well popular brand but no doubt they make great and exceptional golf cart tires that are great for pavement

With these well-designed tires navigating the pavement is easier and more fun than you can ever imagine

Thread is strategically placed in such a style and way that it does allow for un-matched traction and exceptional grip on very smooth surfaces

You aren’t just buying a golf cart, you are buying quality and efficiency, this tire is great for EZ Go, club car and Yamaha golf cart, and even more without a lift kit

You are assured of long-lasting durability as tires are DOT approved and turf safe, this makes them not only great for pavement but also great for the turf

You will get these tires mounted on the wheel with no extra charges and this means a bonus for you as you wouldn’t have to spend additional money on mounting


18* 8.50 -8 GTX OEM Golf Cart Wheels And Golf Cart Tire Combo Video Review By Review For Product


  • Great and exceptional golf cart tires built to last
  • Perfect fit even without a lift kit
  • Quick and fast delivery
  • Best on review golf cart
  • Good for the money
  • Great quality for high performance and efficiency
  • Can be used in the pavement or the turf


  • Someone complained of tires wearing down completely


RHOX RXAL 18*18- 8 All Terrain Golf Cart Tires

Pavemnt tires, golf tire, cart tires, turf tires, best tiresThe RHOXAL RXAL is one of the best for the value golf cart well designed for the pavement and turf similar to the GTX

But this cart tires is able to stand out and outshine as it is an all-terrain golf cart, which does mean it is designed for any situation, whether the mud, turf, or even the pavement

This is one of the all-weather golf cart tires which offers unmatched efficiency and exceptional quality so that they are long-lasting and very reliable

You are not just buying an all-weather golf cart tire, you are in for a real deal of quality as well, with this cart tire comes un-matched and exceptional traction and grip-ability

Which does help prevent the tire from skidding no matter how smooth or rough the terrain might be, its unmatched traction is drawn from its well structured and aligned treading

Comes mounted and aired up thus taking away the stress of having to do that separately


  • Great treading strategy and arrangement for the best of traction and grip
  • Best valued golf car tire for pavement and turf
  • High quality for long-lasting durability and efficiency
  • All-weather golf cart tires
  • Comes mounted so that you will not have to spend extra cash on mounting
  • Great for the money
  • Great also for the desert
  • Great for hilly steeps as well


  • Someone complained of it being loud on the pavement


ATV Golf Go Cart

Great and classical tires if that is what you seek for, these tires are well made with the bet of stability features and alignment for a smoother and great ride to remember

Never get stuck on the snow again as this is an all winter golf cart tires, you will love these tires as they aren’t just a good for the quality golf tire but one with the best of rimsBest Cart tires for the turf

Unfortunately, this goes against the title and is a record-breaking tire as these tires are also good for the mud and on the road

This is what you have been looking for and you will be very happy with this purchase

The aggressive tread pattern makes them a ”go-go” tire for rugged and uneven terrains as you will be able to go through smoothly and easily

Very well known for its high quality and efficiency, go check the reviews and be convinced as this tire does what it promises

These tires do have a tread size of 18*8.50-8 and this makes them very aggressively balanced with traction unmatched and un-rivaled


  • Great for the quality golf cart tires for efficiency and long-lasting durability
  • Wide and big tread so that they are very balanced and with un-matched grip-ability
  • All-weather golf cart tires even great for road
  • Best for mud, pavement, and gravel
  • Easy to install and fast delivery
  • Excellent customer support
  • Exceptionally nice wheels and solid tires


  • Might cause some road noise


10 Storm Trooper Machined Black Wheel

Best golf cart tires for turf Great and classic, this seems to be one of the most expensive but not to worry it still holds as one of the best for the quality golf cart tire well designed for the pavement

This is a DOT approved tire and very legal for the street, with these tires, come un-beatable and un-matched quality second to none

If you are looking for a well-approved golf cart tire for asphalt then this is a great one for that, they are user friendly and easy to maintain as well

Amazingly they fit any golf cart with stock suspension, it does not require a lift kit all you do is simply bolt them and go

Even though this is a low profile golf cart tire they are turf and DOT approved so that exceptional durability is guaranteed

It’s a bet, your friends are going to get wheel envy when they see you with this so exotic


10 Storm Trooper Machined Black Wheel Video Review By Amazon Product Review


  • Fits all golf cart, you do not need a lift kit
  • Very quality, as a matter of fact, one of the very best for quality and efficiency
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Highly rugged and great for asphalt and pavement
  • Excellent and glaring tires and wheels


  • Low profile golf cart tires


10” Vampire Machine Black Golf Cart Wheel

The 10” Vampire tire Machine is a great golf cart tire with real improvement, these tires are highly quality o that it last you long and out will not be needing another so soon

Experience a new dimension of amazingly and well responsive cart tires that is easy, quick, and long-lasting on pavement

They are so strategically structured that it is very difficult to go flat on the pavement, aside from that it doe offer one of the most highly complicated and strategically placed treading systems for unmatched response and feedback when on use

You will have no regret, they are also DOT approved and comes mounted and aired up, wheels, on the other hand, are extremely tough and solid

It does come with 4 lungs and 4  center cap (chrome), this ensures proper tightening for the best of stability and balancing


10” Vampire Machine Black Golf Cart Wheel Video Review By Darwin Edwin



  • Comes mounted and already aired up
  • Easy to maintain and install
  • Comes with free 4 lungs and 4 center caps for easy tightening and adjustment for unmatched stability and balancing
  • Quality, quality, quality
  • Highly fitting and DOT approved
  • Great for pavement
  • Shinny and well structured and attractive rims


  • Someone complained of flat out tires


Things To Consider When Buying A Golf Cart Tires

There are several factors that you will be considering so as to help you make the right selection on your golf cart tires such consideration is

Golf Cart Tires are one of the most versatile as they are often used not just on the golf course but for hunting and outdoor enthusiast, they can also be used on the street or on neighbors path

Despite the wide use of a golf cart they aren’t as pronounced or widely owned as cart and trucks and for this reason, it is quite difficult to research and shop for a golf cart tire especially when you need a replacement


New & Used Golf Cart Tires

As it is with everything, it is better to buy your tires new instead of second hand, this is because in most cases you will get value for what you have bought when bought new

Buying second hand or used will surely cost less so that you can save more but it is not always guaranteed and chances are that you might have gotten the wrong tires

However, this doesn’t rule out the fact that there are some used tires that perform better than the new, such tires are very few and you might stumble on one as a result of chance

Golf cart tires are available in different types and one of the challenges is determining which is right for you

There are three types of golf cart tires tread when it comes to a golf cart, these include Turf/Street, Off-road/Knobby and All-Terrain

All-Terrain and Knobby tires are more of ”directional tires”, meaning these tires to be installed facing a particular direction as a result of the tread design

There are lots of golf cart tire brand such as the EZ-GO, Nanco Tires, and many more

  • Turf & Street Golf Cart Tires

This is the most commonly used type of tires, it is usually the default tires for most golf cart especially when you haven’t made changes to it

They are designed in such a way that it doesn’t tear up the fairway and sensitive turf as you drive your way through from one hole to the other on the golf course

Turf and Street Golf Cart Tires are the tires best for the neighborhood or to get through 18 holes

There are lots of Turf Golf Cart tires in today’s market, this makes them quite difficult and a daunting task to make the best decision, this is why we recommend this Best Turf Golf Cart Tires On Sale


  • Knobby Off-Road Golf Cart Tires

Just as its name suggests, Knobby Tires are designed for off-road travel, these tires are great when you drive through heavily wooden areas, they are also great if you drive through the sand and mud

The ATV or Quad are known to come with a similar type of tire, the Knobby tires are designed exclusively for our doormen and if this type of tires are used in the street they would be uncomfortable and bumpy and you are not going to have a smooth ride

These tires are great when used on the farm, slum, property areas as that is what is rubber tread is designed for

  • All-Terrain Golf Cart Tires

The All-Terrain tires just as its name suggest is designed for any weather or terrain, whether rough or smooth, the all-terrain golf cart tires would perform just well

All-Terrain Golf CART Tires is just like the ”Roll Royce of golf cart tires” as they are the most valued, quality, strong and expensive cart ties out there

The All-terrain Golf Cart Tires are considered the best of both world, as it does have the combination of the Knobby tires plus the Turf and Street

They can perform exclusively the function of both worlds as they are designed with a much smoother, shallow tread that you would find off-road tires

If you are a golfer who travels off-road as well as on the street then you should consider opting for the All Terrain Golf Cart Tires as that would be the best option for you

The All-Terrain Golf Cart tires only have the disadvantage of not being allowed to be used on the golf course as a result of its much more aggressiveness on the turf

So if you should get an all-terrain golf cart, consider it prohibited on the golf course due to its aggressiveness


What Is The Tire Size Of Most Golf Cart

Cart Tires vary by sizes, width, and circumference, however, for the most part, Cart tires are ”18 x 18.5-8”

Although many cart owners prefer to go with upgraded aftermarket tires and wheel with a dimension of ”10, 12, and 14” size


How Long Should A Golf Cart Tire For Pavement Last

How long your tires would last is dependent on many factors, this factor include the frequency of use, quality, and maintenance

  • Frequency

It is a well-agreed factor that what you use every day would wear faster than what is used once in a while

The more you use your tires the more chances it gets to getting spoilt or washed off

  • Quality

When making a choice on your Cart tires for pavement and the Turf you should go for quality, this is because quality, though being expensive would last longer and you will get the value for what you paid

A less quality Cart Tire as you would expect would have a shorter life span in comparison to one that is made of superior quality

  • Maintenance

Just as every other thing you maintain, your tires should also be maintained, the more maintenance and care you give to your tires the more longer it’s gonna last you

On the other hand, if you do not care about maintaining your tires then its gonna get worn out as soon as you would ever expect

A Good for quality golf cart, that is well maintained and used frequently should last at least 2 to 3 years and I think that is fair enough


How To Care For Your Golf Cart Tires For Pavement & Turf

Having spent a whole lot on tires especially after replacement you should be able to care for these tires so that they will be able to last you for long

There are many ways that you can acre for your golf cart tires of which gives you a guarantee that they will last you for a very long

One of the most common ways to care for your tires is to

  • Right Proportion Of Air Pressure

maintain proper air pressure, you will get a better and smoother ride if the tires have the proper air pressure

You should ensure you check your tire air pressure at least once a week to ensure it has not deflated or gone down below its capacity

You should find what inflation is right for your tires by looking into the manual, these tires would typically use air pressure of 15 to 25 pounds per square inch (PSI)

The acronym ”PSI” is the standard unit of measurement for air tire pressure

  • Get Your Tire Aligned

Your tires should be properly aligned to prevent them from skidding off the road, you should always check out for your alignment on an annual basis

The issue of alignment is very important as a golfer are known to collide with rocks and pebbles especially in the attempt to take a short cut to a destination this would normally tell on your tires

  • Keep To Designated Terrain

You should stick to the terrain which your tr=ires is best suited for, moving onto a terrain that is not recommended for your tires would make you tire to wear up faster than expected

You should only tread on any terrain if you have upgraded cart tires like the all-terrain golf cart tires which are meant to run on any terrain, whether smooth or rough

There are lots of all-terrain golf cart tires that you can choose from, however, this is the one we recommend Best All Terrain Golf Cart Tires On Sale



While there are many brands of golf cart tires out there in the market, each of them are designed to fit in a particular way

There are golf cart tires that are best suited for the mud, there are golf cart tires that are best suited for the pavement, there are also golf cart tires that are best suited for asphalt

However, before making a choice on any, you are going to be considering what you are going to be using your cart for

With this all too many golf cart tires from a different brand and with different function which they are best suited for

Making a choice on cart tires can be a frustrating and daunting task because of the all too many brands out there

And we have done the heavy lifting by helping you list the best-suited golf cart tires for pavement and

Looking for a golf tire for the pavement? You can make a choice from any of this and you will be happy and thank your self later









































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