In the end, you should be able to list the best golf club set for tall women

Height and sizes are one of the very important considerations when choosing a golf club set,  golf clubs are targeted at a particular height or size category.

Golf clubs can either be designed for tall, short, or averagely height individuals, here in this article we will be listing out the best golf clubs for tall women.

For golf clubs set designed for tall men, please refer here: Best golf clubs for tall men

When choosing a golf club, you must consider your height and size to be able to make the perfect fit, all too many golfers make the wrong choice on clubs due to size selection.

They make a choice on clubs that is too short or too long for them, this is because they do not put into serious consideration the factor of height and sizing.

While some golfers are short or averagely height other are tall, this makes it very important to consider your height/body length as a factor when trying to make a selection on clubs.

A short or averagely height golfer needs to look for a club of short or average length, a tall golfer needs a tall/ longer golf club set, anything short of this will mean a wrong fit or size selection.

Looking for a golf set for tall women, we’ve got you covered, we will be listing this tall women’s golf club set that will fit perfectly that tall lady.

Without further ado, we want to say our list is based on intensive research, customer feedback, and reviews, here are the top picks.

Golf club is either available for right or left hand, if you are a tall left-handed woman, here is your best-suited club: Best Golf Club For Tall Women Left Handed

And for right-handed tall female players, here is the most recommend club for tall ladies like you: Best Golf Club For Tall Women Right Hand

Best Golf Clubs For Tall Women 2020/2021

Wilson Golf Profile SGI Women Complete Golf Set(Best Forgiving And Responsive)

Tall women, Golf Club, Women set, Tall clubs, For WomenGreat golf club set for that tall woman looking for a perfect size fit, these clubs are highly forgiving and easy to hit, they are very responsive as well.

Made of lightweight graphite so they are very light and so easy to hit, yet ultimately forgiving with the best of feedback and control.

The high lofted driver does have a large sweet spot this will help improve and increase your ball distance with ultimate accuracy.

It does come with a quality and well built-in stand bag with lots of pockets to store your equipment’s,

Get the best out of your game, improve your golfing skills and become better on the green

Using this well designed quality golf club set with the latest golfing technology for better ball speed and control

Wilson Golf Profile SGI Women Complete Golf Set Video Review By Product Reviews



  • Great for beginners and intermediate
  • Easy to hit yet exceptionally forgiving
  • Good for the money
  • Lightweight and extremely responsive
  • Quality golf clubs with for long-lasting durability
  • Easy to launch sand wedge with very low weighting and wide sole


  • Still waiting to see the cons


Palm Spring Golf Visa Lady All Graphite(Best For Responsiveness And Feel)

Long club, best club, golf set, women set, tall women, women bestMade for ultimate speed delivery and accuracy which you will love, this club makes hitting longer, faster range shots with unmatched accuracy easier and quicker than ever.

Make the best of your game using this well-designed and quality golf club built for ultimate durability.

They are lightweight and easy to hit thus giving you the best of feedback and response in real-time.

If you have a poor swing and want to improve faster and quicker, this is your set, as they are built with the best of alignment features, which will help you line up perfectly and easily for a better ball game improvement.

Clubs do come with a matching headcover and they are very quality with lots of zippered pockets to help you store more equipment.

The perfect weight distribution and balance makes them exceptionally responsive and easy to hit

Palm Spring Golf Visa Lady All Graphite Club Set Video Review By SmartOnlinePlayer



  • Lightweight and attractive golf clubs
  • Quality golf club for long-lasting durability
  • Perfect distributi9on of weight and balance for maximum ball control
  • Easy to hit and highly responsive
  • Comes with a matching headcover
  • Quality golf stand bag with lots of pockets


  • Not a great choice for the short golfer


Wilson Luxe Golf Complete Golf set(Best For Feedback And Forgiveness)

Tall clubs, club set, best club, golf club, tall femalesBetter than expected, this set is great for tall women looking for the best golf club set that is easy to hit and very forgiving

This club will fit your sizes perfectly, and someone described it as a club that works like a ”charm”, they are quality and well weighed for a better feel and feedback on hits.

The putter is one of exception as they are well aligned for the best of classic and accurate putts, make the most out of your game by using these highly responsive golf clubs

They are made of lightweight graphite which makes them easier to hit, it does also come with a quality bag set with lots of pockets

Wilson Luxe Golf Complete Golf set Video Review By Wilson Golf



  • Quality club set
  • Easy to hit golf club yet very forgiving
  • Well structured and designed grip for better comfortability and feel on hit
  • High lofted driver for better and more accurate ball speed and flight
  • Double padded lightweight golf bag with a fleece-lined valuable pocket and a rugged handle top
  • Super game improvement technology for better ball control and feel
  • Matching headcover on major clubs


  • Bags do not include a stand


Wilson Women’s Ultra Complete Package Golf Set(Best for responsiveness And Feel)

Tall women, best set, womens setThis is a super long club set for women, you wouldn’t be happier with this set as they are designed for the best of ball control and hit accuracy

The bags are lightweight, having enough storage for all you will be needing and you will absolutely love it, they are very well made and great for beginners to intermediate.

This is  a great left-handed club set for women, they are made of quality for long-lasting durability and they are easy to hit

The techo9nolgy that comes with this club is superb for the best of responsiveness and forgiveness, take your putting and drive to the next level using this well-designed club.

It does come with a matching headcover for club protection, you will also love the well-designed bag which does come with lots of pockets to store your additional equipment.

Wilson Women’s Ultra Complete Package Golf Set Video Review By Golf Topic Review


Note: This might not be the exact video but however this golf bag video reviews shares common characteristics with Wilson Women’s Ultra Complete Package Golf Set



  • Easy to hit yet exceptionally forgiving clubs
  • Quality club set
  • Matching headcover for club protection
  • Very responsive with maximum feedback and feel
  • Well designed and a soft grip for the best of comfort and feel
  • Good for the money


  • Not for right-hand orientation

Someone complained of color


Callaway Women’s Strata Ultimate Complete Golf Set(Best for Forgiveness And Control)

women's club, tall set, women's tall, for women, Great starter golf club set and a great pick for tall ladies, take your game to the next level using this very forgiving and easy-to-hit golf club complete set.

They are easy to hit and very responsive with this set you will sink more putts and drive longer range and accurate range shots.

They are designed for ultimate distance plus performance with modernized golf technology, iron is designed with the best golf flight technology for accurate ball flight.

The precise face milling on putter club makes them very great and accurate for the best of putts, if you are looking for the perfect set for ball control and more distance ball travel, then this is your set.

Callaway Women’s Strata Ultimate Complete Golf Set Video Review By Golf Gear



  • Clubs are made of quality
  • Very forgiving and highly and highly responsive
  • Flight technology on iron for the best of accurate ball flight
  • Improved rolls with better accuracy
  • Easy to hit and with maximum feedback
  • Well designed and flexible grip for the best of comfort


  • Not for left hand


How Tall Should My Golf Set Be?

The length of your golf club is well dependent on your height and the length of your arms

Here is what we mean, while some tall golfers have short arms, others who are tall also have long arms

The tall golfer with long arms are at an advantage as they can use any length of the club whether the tall or standard length

This is because their long arms complement their height and so any club set will do just good

On the contrary tall golfer with short arms are usually restricted to lengthy club sets since their arms do not compliment their height.

However if a club does not fit you, it’s always smart to visit a club fitting center where you can get clubs customized to your taste with little cash


Should Tall Golfer Use Longer Club?

While your height plays a significant role in the choice of club you make, however, they are shockingly less important as most people think it is

Surprisingly, your height is less of a consideration when you take into account which club set is best suited for you as there are more to your club choice than height

By far, the greatest determinant on which club set is best suited for you as a tall golfer would be is your golf stance and how far that puts your wrist from the floor

This is the key consideration which most golf fitters take into consideration when they try making a fit on your club

For all serious golfer, they incorporate the same routine for every shot since golf is  game of repetition and if you take it very seriously you will have the same swing pattern consistently on the course

While we cannot deny the fact that your swing will definitely be altered in different stances but you should be aware that for the most part of it your wrist would end up at the same distance from the ground as they are when a normal swing is taken

Your height is of little to no significance if you have a deeper crouch on your swing because your wrist will then be closer to the ground

This means you will be needing a slightly shorter club even though you might be a tall person

On the other hand, if you have got a small stature and in your golf stance you tend to stand more straight-up than someone who is got more height than you, you are more likely to need a longer club as the distance from your club to your wrist would be greater

How long your club will be is truly determined and measured by your arm length and your wrist to floor-length

One of the very first thing that a club-fitter should do when determining whether or not a golf club is best suited for you is by taking into account your arm length including the distance between your wrist to the floor when properly positioned on your stance


What Height Should Lady Golf Club Be?

As you all know the standard golf club length for women will vary from that of the male, this is because Women are usually shorter in general than men

The standard height of a golf club for women would be between 65 inches(6’5”) to 69 inches(6’9”) tall

For women who are shorter than this, the petite size golf club is the best suited for them, specifically women shorter than 5’5”,

For petite woman, golf manufacturers produce clubs which are shorter, lighter than the standard length golf club


What Are The Best Golf Club Brand For Tall Ladies 2021?

Golf clubs can be single or in a complete set, the choice you make will depend on your need for one

While some may opt-in for a single piece of club others might however get a complete set.

In the early days of golf, there wasn’t an option for the female club, females who wanted to play golf had to use the clubs designed for men which are often too heavy and bulky

Not until the USGA, including other golf sports bodies, put into consideration the female golfer and the need to begin manufacture of golf gears and other items that are targeted at them

And now there are not just golfing equipment for women but there are a variety of them and from different brands

More amazingly is in the fact, that this bag also is targeted at a very streamlined set of people, like the best golf club for tall ladies left-handed to the best golf club for tall ladies right hand and not to forget, the Best Golf Club Set For Tall Ladies, the one our article is all about”

This is an amazingly highly narrowed down search term which search engine described as ”Longtail(Keyword)”

All thanks to technology and innovation that has contributed in one way or the other for this to happen and at a rapid and more organized rate

There are a whole lot of great golf brand which does have Golf club (complete, or single set) that is specifically targeted at the tall ladies

Before listing these, brands, it is also well worthy of note that women can now enjoy golfing and have more fun like the male

Callaway, Titleist, Sun Mountain, Cobra, Adams, and some others, this is about the best, famous, well trusted, and established golf club brand you can find in the market that produces Clubs targeted at the tall golfing women

With these brands, your clubs are guaranteed the best of result and performance on the course


What Golf Club Should Tall Women Carry In 2021?

Women’s golfer and especially beginners should get fitted properly for their club especially beginners

With technology and innovation, one can easily get a club that is designed to get the ball up into the air in accuracy and long-distance travel

Clubs in your bag should be a mixture of Hybrid, Wood, and Iron, Women who are tall would generally use the club of height


Should Tall Women Use Men’s Club In 2021?

Women’s Golf club are usually 1 inch shorter than that of men because, for this reason, they can be great for tall ladies, (especially the very tall ones)

In as much as this ladies can handle and utilize properly the golf club flex type for men and the added weight that comes with it

Amazingly, tall ladies can also customize men’s club to suit their need by tweaking it, all you do is simply visit a club fitting center and with a little fee, your club will get fitted to your spec


How Long Should My Golf Club height Be?

There should be a change in 1 length, i.e plus one or minus 1 (+1) or (-1) using the ratio of every 6” of height and between the 5-iron club a one and a half(1/2)

A perfect example is this, for the ladies 36.5” and for the men 38” or at the most (36.7”/38”)


Do They Make Golf Club For Tall Guys?

Even though most golf clubs would fit a wide variety of golfer from 5.5” to 6.5” because taller golfer would usually have taller arms

Oh yes, there are clubs for tall people, Golf clubs are available in various range and spec, golf sport has been so revolutionized that no matter your stature, tall or short, big or small there is always a set that fits you

Clubs generally categorized for tall people do come with a symbol as used by most companies_ the plus one sign(+1) which indicates they are highly targeted at the tall individual or better put golfers with short arms


Do Being Tall Help In Golf

It is well said that no matter your height, ”if you are good, you are good”, while this statement holds so true, this might quite slip for golfing activities

Being tall will only help in golf if you know how to play the game and in the same way, being short will only help in golf if you know how to play the game as well

However, according to research shorter player on the PGA Tour may hold some slight advantage over tall players as a result of durability which makes them prone to injury


Is It Better To Be A Tall Golfer Or Short Golfer?

Depending on your viewpoint, longer drives well favors the tall golfer due to long arms, one of the greatest disadvantages to being short is you naturally have a short arm which might mean retard distance

On the other hand, when it comes to endurance on course, short golfers seem to possess those characteristics


How Tall Are Pro Golfers?

Here is the most productive height on the PGA Tour in the last five years, in other to ascertain the most productive height in the last five years for  Pro’s, a total of 235 PGA tour event since the start of the 2014 season was properly analyed


Types Of Golf Club

Golf clubs are broadly categorized into under the three Umbrella -Wood, Iron, and Hybrid

With the wood being clubs made from wood, the iron clubs made from iron and the hybrid, clubs made from the combination of both worlds( Wood and Iron)

  • Woods

Woods are usually used for long long-distance fairway or tee shot, they are used to drive the ball the farthest distance

They are designed so that they are large-headed  and long shaft for maximum clubhead speed

Most woods are made from different material, however, they are still often categorized as wood to denote their general shape and their intentions on course

For instance, the biggest type of wood is the driver, which does come with the symbol 1 wood

  • Iron

Iron clubs are called iron as they are manufactured using iron materials, iron clubs are clubs with a solid metallic head with a face that is flat angled

Most of the irons are labeled 1-9, this means most part of your clubs, iron are grouped accordingly to their intended distance

(2-4) iron are further  categorized as long iron, (5-7) medium, and short iron (8-9)

  • Hybrid

Hybrid is one of the most advanced and demanding golf club specs, with the reason that they are stronger, more responsive, and efficient when compared to just the wood or iron

The hybrid is great as it posses the combination of characteristics that make up fir the wood or iron respectively



Today’s golfing offers great golf set for tall ladies, when choosing a golf club you must put into consideration your height so as not to make a wrong choice

As a tall female golfer, it makes sense that you will be needing a lengthy golf club, this is because a short or averagely height club might probably be the wrong fit

A golf club is either short, average, or tall, each of this length is targeted at different height category for a better fit selection

If you are looking for the best club for the tall golfer you have the list, and with this set, you will be happy as they fit perfectly and are very proficient and responsive











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