THE 5 BEST UNISEX JUNIOR GOLF CLUBS OF 2020-(Essential Golf Clubs Set )


In the end of this article you should be able to list the 10 best Junior Golf Club for 2020(Complete set) best for age 12 to 14, before we delve into our list we might as well have a brief discussion on what a golf club is and it’s uses

In the game of golf, a club set is the total number of clubs made available in a set to help you efficiently and effectively play golf, A golf club is a club used to hit a golf ball in the game of golf

Each clubs is composed of a shaft with a grip and a club head

Right here in this article we will be listing the 5 best complete set of Junior golf clubs and not individual(single) clubs. this club sets are exceptionally durable and forgiving and you will notice a dramatical improvement on your game ones you start to use them

It’s proper your child get’s into the proper equipment at a young age, this ensures quick and faster learning before well into age, as a matter of fact, the motto, ”catch them young” is one of the most effective way to prepare them for the best in no time

One of the greatest challenge of golfers is the ability to make the right choice of golf club set that will help improve on their game, as a matter of fact there are tones misleading article on the best complete set of golf club for juniors

But in this article we give you the true list of the top 10 complete set of club for junior golfers for this year, highly targeted for ages 12 to 14

What are the best unisex junior golf clubs of 2020?

Wilson Profile Complete Junior Golf Set

Wilson Profile Complete Junior Golf Set w/Golf Bag

Give it up for the Wilson Profile Complete Junior Golf Set for when it comes to forgiveness and accuracy you cannot go wrong with them, as a matter of fact anything ”the Wilson” when it comes to golfing are one of the best

This club ensures that every junior dramatically and magically improve on their game due to its high profile construction, the Driver is designed specifically for a junior length, weight and flex

This is an 8 piece club set with all the major clubs you will be needing to stay relevant and on top of your game, the long and short cavity iron do have a large and exceptional sweet-spot for the best of forgiveness and feel

The Wilson Profile Complete Junior Golf Set include a Driver, Hybrid, short iron, Wedge, Putter, Bag and 2 head cover, the head-covers are designed to help protect your clubs from dent and scratch

The bag is lightweight and very durable with an adjustable double shoulder strap for better comfort ability and ease to carry around

The Wedge is awesome and beautiful offering great feel and impact with optimum forgiveness which ensures you get out of the bunker in no time and with all ease


Lightweight club

extremely durable

easy to use and eye-catchy

Great feel at impact

Highly responsive

Driver offers large sweet-spot for extra forgiveness


Someone complained of sizing

Wilson Unisex Profile XD Junior Complete Golf Set


 unisex, club set, complete set, golf clubThe Wilson Men’s 2015 Profile Junior Complete Golf Set is the perfect balance between price and quality, they will help kids improve on their game, they are well made and very forgiving and durable

It’s a perfect fit for golfers between 12 to 14 years old, even though children’s growth are varied, this sets include a Driver, Hybrid, 2 Cavity back iron, Blade style wedge and Putter

Looking for a club with perfect fit, feel and looks great? then this is it, this clubs are very responsive offering you the best feedback which will spice up your game

Driver longer and better range with even better distance control, escape from the bunker easily, feel as if you have been playing golf for long, enjoy durability along side, this Wilson offer even more

The wedge is so designed that the outsole is well structured that it makes it very easy to hit into the air thus you have escaped from the bunker

Easy to use with a highly comfortable soft grip with exceptional feel, the Bag that comes with this club are very durable with lots of pocket to make carrying your golf accessories around without stress


Ultra Durable

Very comfortable

Exceptional feedback and response

Easy to use

Well constructed with the best of balance

High MOI which makes them resistant to twisting


Someone complained of no customer service when there is a simple problem

Someone complained of too much flex

Confidence Junior Golf Club Set With Stand Bag

Confidence Junior Golf Club Set with Stand Bag

Spice up your confidence and play golf better with the Confidence Junior Golf Club Set, this club are well designed with premium forgiveness so you are more confidence in your game

This Confidence set is great for Juniors whether male or female, they are available for different age level so everyone can have a perfect fit for their height

It feautres a highly forgiving Driver/Fairway wood with extra loft for easy hitting, looking at the Deluxe Junior Stand bag with shoulder strap it does have a four way divider, 4 extra pockets , Umbrella holder, Velcro glove tab and rain hood

You will be pleased with this product due to it’s high end quality make which ensures durability, great feel and exceptional responsiveness

You can never go wrong with them due to it’s easy to use nature and they are comfortable and lightweight, getting one of this eye-catchy and beautifully crafted set for your child is a great way to getting him started into golfing and watching him become like the likes of  Tiger Wood and Justin Dustin in few years from now


Comfortable grip

Easy to use

Well balanced and sturdy

Very Forgiving


Bag has enough space to keep your accessories


Age ranged might be too varied

quite short for a very tall junior

Tour Edge HT Max-J Junior Golf Club Set

Tour Edge HT Max-J Junior Golf Set

The Tour Edge HT-Max J Junior Golf Club Set offers you all the best you can be on course, with this set you will do more putts, drive more distances and range, escape from the obstacle with all ease and in a grand style

This set offers unmatched qualities and unlimited possibilities which makes you the most favourite on course, this Junior club feautres a very powerful 360cc Driver, an easy to hit Iron, a mallet style Putter that makes putting a blast

Stainless steel fairway woods, hybrids, and irons offer great feel and performance making this set unique compared to the competition

For easy airborne this special club offer a low kick point graphite shaft, get all the responsiveness and feel plus feedback to help improve on your game all with this set

The grips are comfortable and can be easily replaced, when it comes to the case study of durability, this are the best one can bargain for


Very comfortable and well built grip

Durable and lightweight

Ultra forgiving driver

Quick delivery and well packaged

Exceptional responsiveness, feel and feedback

Price friendly


They cab run big or small depending on child’s growth

Intech Lancer Junior Golf Set

Intech Lancer Junior Golf Set (Age 8-12, Orange)

The Intech Lancer Junior Golf Set contains all the essential clubs you need to stay on top of your game, this set ensures better playability and more fun as you play

This set includes a Driver, 4/5 Hybrid Iron, Wide Sole 7 & 9 Iron, Putter and 2 Head cover, the Deluxe Stand bag offers rich and spacious pockets to help keep your accessories safe and arranged

The clubs are high lofted with a very flexible shaft to help develop young bodies to easily get the ball into the atmosphere in no stress and more relaxed style

The shaft are soft thus offering the best of comfort, they are designed with the beginner junior golfer in mind, this club claims to have the latest in junior technology with a 17.5 degree 4-point weight system driver

They are easy to use with great feeling and exceptional impact and maximum responsiveness so accuracy and unmatched forgiveness is achievable


Maximum response and impact

Very comfortable

Exceptional forgiveness

Price friendly

Easy to use



Someone complained of annoying adjustment on strap


Every golfer needs a complete golf club set to enable them effectively and efficiently play golf, this club sets can be used by both male and female junior golfer, they are the best and highly recommended club set for junior’s who want to improve immensely on their game, choose from any of them and watch how well your golf game turn’s out to be a miracle








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