In the end, you should be able to list the best golf club for senior players(Men)

One of the core factor every golfer must consider before making a choice on golf clubs whether set or single club is your height

Just as we take quality and proficiency into deep consideration when we want to buy our club, we should also for our height so as to avoid getting the wrong fit

Golf clubs(single or complete set) are built having a particular size or height in mind

What do I mean by that? It simply means there are golf clubs highly targeted at the tall golfers, so also are there clubs well designed for the short golfer

The difference between a tall golfer’s club and a short golfer’s club in length, as a general rule a taller golfer do have a clubs one inch longer than the standard length, and some companies mark it with the symbol +1

Whereas for shorter golfers do have clubs one inch less than the standard club set and is depicted as -1 as some companies tag in to be

Imagine making the wrong selection, either you being a short golfer or you being a tall golfer

How does it end, it does simply mean such a club set wouldn’t be a good fit since it is not targeted for your height/size category

As a short golfer looking or in search of the best golf club it did be of great interest to sort for clubs that are designed for short people which like has been said is usually -1 inch shorter than the tall and averagely height club set

In this blog post of today, we are going to be considering the best golf club(complete set for short men players) so if you are a short player looking for the best-suited club set, then this is for you

Looking for the best golf clubs for shot hitters? We’ve got you covered as this list is bent on revealing the best of them to you

Today’s golfing do have in great collection and quantity golf club set which are highly and specifically targeted at that golfer man who is not tall or for simple ”short height-ed golfer”

Do Shorter Male Golfer Need Shorter Clubs

Oh yes! they do, as explained earlier, the golfer who is not tall dare not use clubs best suited for tall players

Else they will end up adjusting it in a club fitting center, a tall golf club set will definitely be way too tall for a short player and this will definitely end up in a bad user experience

There are club set specially and specifically targeted as the short individual and that’s what will be best for you

For golf club set for tall women please refer here: Best Golf Club For Tall Women

For more specified research, here is the best golf club set for tall women right-handed

Can I Shorten My Golf Club

It still an absolute yes! you can shorten your clubs, but does it make sense? yes it does, as these clubs may not fit your exact height

Going or visiting the club fitting center is a great choice, should in case any of this do not fit you exactly but for the most part, it is a great fit for the short golfer

When you visit the fitting center, you are going to be charged just a little amount of money to get your clubs perfectly fitted to your size

Without further ado we bring the list to you, note, our picks are based on intensive research, reviews, and feedback all with an effort to bring you the best

Best Golf Clubs For Shorter Players(Men)

Wilson Men’s Ultra Complete Package Set(Best For Forgiveness And Feedback)

short men, golf club, best setSuper game improvement design golf club set which tends to focus on the shorter golfer in mind

They are way forgiving due to large sweet-spot on iron and low CG on the club driver

It does come with a well-aligned putter with a soft grip for better putting accuracy and comfort-ability

It is a standard length club which comprises of 9 clubs, 3 headcovers, and a bag, they are incredibly forgiving and highly responsive

Comes with a two-year warranty so they are very durable and a great set for beginners or starters

Does come with a bag strap carry bag style with 7 openings at the top and 4 closed pocket, bag also features self-activating stand for better comfortability

Wilson Men’s Ultra Complete Package Set Video Review By Isaac Robert



  • Great for beginners and short golfers
  • Large titanium driver with low CG for more accurate shots
  • Soft and well padded easy alignment putter for the best of putting accuracy even on a mishit
  • Comfortable and quality clubs and bag which does come with a 2-year warranty on clubs
  • Large sweet-spot weighing on iron for improved performance especially on obstacles
  • Highly forgiving and responsive club set brought about by proper weight to balance distribution


  • Not for left hands


Cobra Golf 2020 Men’s Airspeed Complete Set(Best For Forgiveness And Responsiveness)

short clubs, complete set, best men, best shortTake your golfing prowess to the next height all made possible with the Cobra Golf 2020 Men’s Airspeed Complete Set

If you are a golfer looking for more distance forgiveness and control then this is a perfect game improvement set

It doesn’t matter your playing level or ability, this club was designed to suit all playing style

Does have an offset driver which features an all-new carbon crown that delivers insane forgiveness with a combination of speed

Looking at the putter it does feature a machined face this creates a feel of exception and better ball control on all your putt

They are well balanced and looks great, make longer approach short easier than ever as you use the A4 and 5 hybrid due to heel biased weighing

Awesomely complete set with a premium cart bag, you will be able to swing with little or less effort due to club lightweight ness

Cobra Golf 2020 Men’s Airspeed Complete Set Video Review By Golf Topic Review



  • Very quality for long-lasting durability
  • Comes with a matching headcover for virtually all clubs
  • Solid and well-constructed zipper system for extra protection
  • Premium blade putter
  • Large insulated beverage cooler pocket
  • Lightweight clubs for easy and accurate swing performance


  • Quite expensive


Palm Spring Golf Visa V2 Men’s All Graphite Club Set And Standbag(Best For Ball Control And Feel)

short golfer, best club, complete setOne of the most trusted and recommended golf club complete set for short men is no other than the Palm Spring Golf Visa V2 Men All Graphite Club Set

They are well made for durability with an over-sized driver which does come with a larger sweet-spot for un-matched forgiveness and accuracy

This means you will be getting straighter and massively consistent shots brought about by this amazing big sweet-spotted driver

This club is available in both short and standard length size, amazing value, and fantastic clubs with great amazing quality

You will love the driver as they are very lightweight and someone described it as lighter than a feather

Comes with quality and very spacious bag built to last you for very long, this bag does have a 7-way top divider which will help keep your equipment’s organized

Clubs also do have a fantastic grip which is soft and flexible for great feel and comfort

Does come with irons of high MOI and lower CG for more streamlined shots and unmatched responsiveness and accuracy on every hit

This will be your go-to golf club if you are looking for golfers looking for a long approach from the fairway or probably getting out of the rough or obstacle

Putters are very responsible and easy to hit as they are very well aligned for the best of accuracy on putting even on a mishit

Palm Spring Golf Visa V2 Men’s All Graphite Club Set And Standbag Video Review By Golf Topic Review



  • Standard golf bag well spacious and features a 7-way divider for great club organization
  • Easy to hit straight and very forgiving brought about by proper weight to balance distribution
  • Highly responsive and with exceptional feel
  • Matching headcover for club protection
  • Driver does come with a larger sweet-spot for more distance and ball control
  • Lightweight with un-matched feel and ball roll


  • Still waiting to see the cons


Ram Golf Accuba Golf Club Set(Best For Forgiveness And Ball Control)

The Accuba Club Set is unrivaled as it is well designed with a high taste for quality, this makes them very durable and long-lasting

For that short golfer who is in search of one of the best-fitted golf club set, this is a great choice for you

Hit harder, straighter, and more accurate shots with unmatched consistency

Available in regular and stiff flex for more buying choice option, does come with a 460cc driver which is over-sized for better ball shots and distance control

The presence of the matching headcover helps protect them against dent or damage

Comes with a mallet-style putter club which is very easy to align or line up for un-matched putting accuracy

This is a 16 piece set which does include a driver, hybrid, Irons (6, 7, 8, and 9, PW and sand Wedge, 6 stainless steel iron)

There is the Deluxe stand bag which does come with lots of pockets, this bag is a dual shoulder strap with a leg that pops out automatically

Ram Golf Accuba Golf Club Set Video Reviews By Jeep Wham



  • High quality lasting golf club set
  • 460cc oversized driver head with large sweet-spot for the best of forgiveness and distance
  • Quality dual strap shoulder bag which comes with plenty of pockets
  • Easy alignment mallet putters
  • Cavity back iron well weighed and balanced for the best of responsiveness and feedback
  • A great choice for the short golfer
  • Awesome feel with better ball control


  • Not available in left hand


Wilson Men’s Profile Golf Complete Set Men’s Left Hand(Best For Feedback And Forgiveness)

short clubs, best short, short set, shorter lengthIn most cases there are fewer golf clubs targeted at the lefties, you see this one is an excellent option for short golfers

Since they are crafted from high-end material they are very durable and highly efficient

Does include iron 6, 7, 8, 9, sand wedge, and pitching, this complete set includes in total 10 clubs with 3 headcovers for protection and  bag

It does have an oversized driver head which has a larger sweet spot for the best ball distance travel with accuracy

Hit longer range shots and do a more targeted excellent putting with this low CG and well-streamlined putter club

The iron is well made and balanced for the best of responsiveness and feedback plus feel on every single hit

Wilson Men’s Profile Golf Complete Set Men’s Video Review By Wilson Golf



  • Made of high-quality material so that it lasts very long
  • Well balanced and weighed golf iron for optimum response and feedback
  • Better ball distance control and forgiveness on driver club due to large sweet-spot
  • Quality golf bags which comes with tons of pocket
  • Exceptional feel with better ball control on hit
  • Well-aligned and quality putter club for the best accuracy


  • Not available for right hand


Should Short Golfers Use Shorter Clubs?

If you are a short golfer, that doesn’t mean that you will be short off the tee, there is this famous golfer known as Ian Woosnam who stands all of 5’4” and could still pound the ball, even more surprising, he is the 1991 Master winner

Height isn’t that important in golf, what is important is leverage and that is where being shot turns to a weakness

You get a better balance if you have a lower center of gravity, with the ease of making compact also known as ”connected swing” with the elbow very to the side with well-developed muscles working together than for someone with a long limb


What Should Shorter Golfer Do That Will Help Them Perform Better A Golfing

For the Short weighted individuals out there, there is nothing to worry about, as there are lots of golf club which are built to your custom

You can also do custom fit on your club if it doesn’t suit your height properly, to get the most out of your game as a short golfer you should

  • Get Club That Fits Properly(-1 length Clubs are highly recommended)

It doesn’t have to feel complicated, standard golf club is made off the rack for the average height golfers

Golfers who are as short as 5’8″ or 5’9” would require a shorter club, which is marked by most companies with the symbol -1

If your club is too long and or/upright you would be forced to adjust away from the right alignment and positioning this would have a very negative effect on your game

So in as much as you can always tweak your clubs, you should look for one which isn’t too long for you

  • Set Up With A Wide Stance

To properly align and get the best out of your game, you need to position backward and bend slightly with your two legs separated 2ft to 3ft apart

And note this important information: The Stance gets narrower with slightly each shorter club

Doing this would ensure that you are properly positioned for the best of result as it will not only enhance your balance but create a wider swing arc for mote distance and accuracy

  • Practice Hitting A Draw Until You Learn

Practice practice, until you learn, remember the popular adage, ”Practice makes perfect”? Am sure you do right?

Flatter more (Horizontal Swing) is common among short golfers and this promotes the right to left ball flight-direction for golfers who are right-handed, this is an advantage because it does add extra balance since a draw roll farther than the right to left


Should Shorter Golfer Choke Up?

Choking up on the grip is a secret arsenal that is easily neglected by most golfers,

Choking down on the grip the less the golf ball will carry, we cannot deny the fact that choking up gives you the advantage of hitting farther distance

You will definitely lose some distance choking up but it’s worth it as its benefits far outweigh its drawback

If you are hitting the ball poorly, choking up can be a great opportunity to hit your ball farther than you have always hit

Choking up can also be a great option especially on windy days when you need to reduce spin on your stroke

In summary, here is the benefit you get from choking up

  • More consistent hit
  • More control even on off days
  • Hit the ball lower and this can keep it underneath the wind
  • Addition of more shots to your game


What Is The Effect Of Too Short Golf Club

When your clubs are too short it will result in you bending too much and this can have an adverse effect on your game

On the other hand, if the club is too long then it would make you swing out to in and this means that you will be out of stance

You need to look for the club which would be a perfect match, this is why it is always recommended that you visit a club fitting center to get your club customized to your own specification


How Can I Tell If My Golf Club Is Too Short?

To tell if your golf club is too short, please watch this video

Club Fitting Video Review By The Golf Paradigm


How Long Will My Golf Club Last

How long will your golf club last is well dependent on so many factors, these factor span from quality, useability, and maintenance

With all things being equal you should expect your club to last between 3 to 10 years


Can A Short Man Use Women’s Golf Club?

Golf game is no gender-biased, back in the early days, Women used men’s golf club as that was the only option available then

Not until later, it became necessary for the Women to have a specially designed club that will suit their playability

One of the major difference between the Women’s and Men’s club is flexibility, weight, and height

Men are usually stronger than women so they are able to carry heavy equipment that women aren’t able to, the average man height is taller than that of the female

With all this being said, it is absolutely perfect for a man to use a Woman’s club, that is if it fits you perfectly and you are able to derive the best out of your game with it

The question if a man can use a woman club always pop up when your swing is low and there is absolutely no problem with that

Men with a slow swing speed of 80mph would benefit the most from using a club designed for women

So if you are a man and your swing speed is less than 80mph, you are likely to lose heigh and distance on your hit

You can also benefit from using the Female golf club if your height falls under 5 foot 7 inches or less, this is because men’s golf club is designed for the average height of 5 foot 9 inches



There are many factors that come into consideration when trying to make a choice on your club set

All factors such as quality, forgiveness, responsiveness, and feel are well-considered but unfortunately, there is one important factor that many golfers take for laxity

And this important factor is length, golf clubs are either standard length, one inch longer than the standard length, or one inch shorter

Making a choice on clubs will also depend on your height, as a golfer who is tall the longer than standard length club is the best fit and for golfers who are short the less than the standard length of a golf club is best suited

Today’s golfing have in a great collection the best of golf club complete set highly targeted at the shorter male for the best of fit

Are you short and looking for the best club set to compliment your height, then you have come to the right place?

Any of this club will do you just good and with them, you will have not just a great fitting club but you will notice a better improvement in your game




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