In the end you should be able to list the best golf clubs for women(Complete set)

Even though golf is not that concerned of an individual height, there are specially designed golf club set to fit a particular height

You still have to make use of clubs best suited for your height if you want to get the most out of your game

Golfers who are short height-ed would find it difficult to play using a standard length golf club

Because of this reason you need a clear and precise understanding of the length of club which is suited best to compliment your height

In this blog post of today we are going to be considering the best golf club set for shorter women

For short golf club set for men, please refer here: Best golf clubs for short men

Here is a common misconception that must be addressed about clubs, many short height golfer think the best option is to use a junior golf club

The right thing and approach is to visit a golf shop for a static fitting, there you will get a customized fit for your club which will compliment your height greatly

Thus custom fit will be measured in such a way that it will fit your height and your arm length

There are many advantages of using a golf club of proper length one of such benefit is that you will play a better and more accurate game

Whether you are short or tall, a proper golf club are very important, for short golfer the -1 inch less than standard length is best suited and for tall golfer + inch higher than standard length is best suited

However you can still make adjustments if it doesn’t suit you perfectly, with a correct golf club length players can be in an address position that can be maintained easily through swing

Today’s golfing offers the best on sale golf club complete set for short ladies, looking for the best golf club set best fitted for shorter females? We’ve got you covered

Do Shorter Golfer Need Shorter Clubs

Absolutely yes! As said earlier there are golf club well targeted at the tall individuals so are there for short golfers

Usually a tall golf club is +1 inch longer than the standard length club and for short golfers -1 inch shorter than the standard length

Even though there are clubs best suited for short golfer this does not mean tall golfer cannot use a short golf club

As some tall golfer do have long arms as well, thus making it possible to use short club since their arm compliments their height

However not all tall golfer have an elongated arms, this is why your arm length is also a great influence on what club length is best suited for you

A golfer with long arm is most likely to use whether the short or tall golf clubs and for tall golfer with short arm you are most likely to be restricted to a tall club set

Without further aduo we bring you the list, our pick are based off intensive research reviews and feedback all with an effort to bring you the best golf club set for shorter lady golfers

Best Golf Clubs For Short Ladies(Complete set)

Ladies Petite Complete Women’s Golf Club(-1inch)

short ladies, best club, short heightGreat golf club set for that short woman looking for the best club to fit and compliment her height

Sets include driver, 3-Wood, 24 Hybrid wood, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, PW, Putter and matching head cover and bag

Perfect for ladies of all golfing levels, features all the latest technology golfing which does create room for better accuracy and forgiveness

You will be very pleased with this cub as it features a 460cc oversized driver club for the best of forgiveness and ball control

Comes with a quality putter which is very easy to align for the best of putting accuracy

Irons are solid with the high MOI and ow CG for the best of responsiveness and feedback on hit

The quality standing golf bag does comes with a lot of pockets, they are spacious to accommodate more equipment’s and they are awesomely beautifully crafted and attractive

Get the best of feel and ball control all made possible by using all the ladies petite club set as it does offer the best of comfort due to well structured and soft grip


3 Matching head covers for club protection High MOI and low CG driver and iron for better ball distance travel and forgiveness

Well easy to align and solid golf putters for the best of target Easy to hit and very durable as clubs are made from high end materials

Quality and stylish deluxe stand bag which does come with a lot of pocket for more storage space and durability

Best for shorter ladies

Awesome feel and  better ball control and distance brought about by proper weight to balance distribution on all clubsCons Still waiting to see the cons    


Palm Spring Golf Visa -1 All Graphite Club

This golf set is great and quality for so the fear of durability is eliminated, great choice for golfer 5’6′ and below as they are one inch shorter than the standard length

These clubs are easy to hit due to the 460cc titanium large head driver, which does also have a sweet-spot for quick and easy hitting and accuracy

All clubs are graphite shaft, unfortunate theses are not available in left hands All clubs are very light and thus easy to swing, it does have a putter which is made of quality and very easy to align

Golf club set include 2 hybrid and this helps in replacing the long iron in your bag

They will be your go to club whether you are looking to getting ut of the rough or fairway

Get the best of feel and responsiveness using the well designed golf iron and driver, irons and putter

You will hit longer, straighter and more accurately, as even on a mishit they are aggressively forgiving

Get total control on your distance and ball speed with top notch feedback all made possible with this set


Deluxe stand bag which does include a 7 way top for proper club organization and adjustment

Easy to hit as they are very forgiving and responsive

High MOI and low CG driver and

putters for the best of putting accuracy

Larger club driver head with large sweet spot this helps correct ball even on a mishit

Easy to align golf putter for the best of putting accuracy

Well built and durable club which is also very lightweight

Best for short golfer whether men or women


Not available in left hand orientation




Premium Ladies Petite Complete Women’s Golf Club Set

If you have enough bang for the bucks, buy this as they are one of the most proficient and quality golf club set for short ladies

No one does it better than the premium ladies, they are very forgiving and highly responsive

Set includes, Large 13 driver which are insanely for giving due to high MOI and large sweet-spot

Putter on its own is one un-matches as it is one amazingly easy to hit due to well built in alignment features for top notch putting accuracy

Hybrid wood includes: 6, 7, 8, 9, PW, SW, Putter and matching head cover built is a stylish manner

24 hybrid replaces the difficult to hit long iron, the 6 thru sand wedge iron which is constructed with a wide sole creates room for even more massive and even forgiveness


Massively forgiving driver head with a large sweet-spot even on a mishit

Sand wedge iron with wide sole for easy response and feedback

Very easy and well aligned putter club

Quality golf set for the best of proficiency

Awesome and attractive stylish stand bag which does come with a lot of pocket for storage purpose

Comes wit a matching and extremely attractive and fanciful matching head cover for club protection

Cons Be the first to review 


Ram Golf EZ3 Ladies Golf Club Set

If you are serious about improving your game very spontaneously then the Ram Golf EZ3 seems to be the right choice for you

Well targeted at the short lady for an excellent fit and playability, this set includes

Oversized driver 460cc with head cover and a 3 wood with head cover as well for club protection all fitted with regular flex graphite shaft

Hybrid 21 recovery club which replaces long iron and are easy to use with aggressive forgiveness

5 iron(6, 7, 8, 9-PW) all featuring a cavity back design this creates room for more optimized and streamlined forgiveness

Mallet putter with great alignment technologies and high MOI for well targeted and streamlined putting accuracy

The bags also quality and spacious and with a massive pop out automatic leg


Highly responsive and forgiving club brought about by proper weight distribution

Easy to hit and control driver due to large head and sweet-spot

Quality putter club with the best of alignment features for the best of putting accuracy

Low CG and high MI driver for the best of feedback and feel

Highly solid and flexible grip for the best of comfort

Quality clubs and well spacious golf bag with automatic pop out legs


Might take sometime getting used to


15 Piece Ladies Women Complete Golf Set

Great quality and at great pricing, this set will last you for long as you are assured of durability

One unique features about this club set is that it is extremely lightweight, from drivers to putter, to irons, all very light for the best of response and maximum feedback on every singe hit

Does have an excellent flex and a well constructed soft grip an this offers the best of feel

If you care about your ball distance and control and want to get the most out of it then this seems to be a great choice

This set features 15 clubs which includes :Driver, Fairway Wood, Hybrid, 6-PW-Irons, Sand Wedge, Putter with a deluxe stand bag with lots of pockets for more equipment pack up

Considering the driver they are over sized with large sweet-spot this makes them very forgiving even on a mishit

How about the well crafted putter which is very easy to align for the best of putting accuracy

The Iron are well balanced and weighed for the best of responsiveness and feedback

It does come with a head cover which helps for club protection against dent and debris

You will hit longer, straighter and more consistent shots all this is made possible with this complete set


100% graphite shaft on all clubs for the best of lightweight

Easy to hit putters as they are easy to line up and ball rolls off face easily and quickly

Best for short ladies

Quality clubs and bags for durability sake

Highly responsive brought about by proper weight re-distribution for the best of result

Comes with a head cover

Over-sized club heads which makes them user friendly


Someone complained of driver being tinny



If you are looking for that club set best suited for the short female golfer, you are at the right place

When choosing a club set height must also be put into consideration so as to be able to make the best fit selections

For short golfer, clubs lower than the standard length is best suited, however if after finding a clubs set that is best suited for shorter players

And it does not fit you well, you can visit a club fitting center where they can reduce club shaft to fit you size all this are done with very little money



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