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The most suitable best golf club for older women from 50+


In the end you should know the best golf club for senior Women

The game of Golf was originally built as what is like to be called the ”male only sport”, not until lately women began to develop a keen intrest, and now it is no longer a man’s own game but a game for all.

And now thanks to technology, whether you are a toddler, a youth or the elderly you have have the freedom to enjoy golfing the way you want as there are special equipments that are highly geared towards meeting your needs.

One of the things which makes this sport an environmentally friendly sports for the woman is the ability of having a custom fit club.

Elderly women are known to have weak swing due to aging and the good news is that there are special clubs which offers exceptional feedback and forgiveness.

Sound surprised? that there are golf clubs for elderly female who have lived beyond age fifty? oh yes! there are golf club set for the senior women of that age group

There are different types of senior club set based on age grouping, there are clubs for senior women who have lived between age forty and fifty, there are also clubs for seniors who fall under the age group of fifty year of age and above, there are also clubs best suited for golfers who have lived life above sixty

Are you a senior lady golfer turned fifty years plus and is looking for the best female golf club for seniors who are older than fifty years? then this article is for you

Senior ladies who have lived above age fifty, find it difficult to make the best selections of golf club set due to many senior clubs and little to no proper recommendation or education on what club is best suited to help them improve on their game, here in this article we will be listing the best golf club set for the senior lady golfers crossed age fifty

But before listing this senior women’s golf clubs awesome clubs, we would like to give a brief explanation on clubs

What is a golf club

A Golf club simply put is a club used to hit a golf ball into the golf hole in the game called golf, each clubs comprises of a grip with a shaft and a club head, this club heads are divided into three main category, this category are Woods, irons and putter

The woods and irons have a number they are identified with, such as the 2-iron, 3-iron, 4-iron all through 9-iron, the higher the golf club number, the higher the loft and the lower the distance of ball travel

Also the Higher the golf club number, the shorter the length of the shaft club, this gives the golf ball a shorter and higher trajectory and this trait makes it the best for women over 50.

What are the things to consider before ever making a buying decision on clubs?

Shaft consideration before buying a club

In a broader scope generally, senior women especially the more elderly ones of plus fifty and above hits the golf ball shorter distance range when compared to the young females counterpart, this is due to the fact that the elderly female golfer is not usually as strong as they used to be in their primes

We cannot deny the fact that Women do have slower swing speed than men, it is even more so for the older female golfer who is passed fifty of age

A senior lady golfer crossed the golden age of fifty, it will be wise to and I advise you find the perfect shaft type that suits you best before you buy your next sets of golf clubs.

As an older female golfer you need a club set which is very very forgiving and exceptionally flexible, this is why ladies flex shaft variation is the best recommended older females

To know the best golf club for the senior ladies golfer you must put the subject of shaft flexes into consideration and must be conversant with the different kind of shaft flexes so as to know the best suited flex for a the elderly woman

Flex shaft do have a strong influence in determing the kind of club best suited for older female golfers and that is why we cannot but talk about it firstly before listing out the best golf club recommendation for female senior golfers

Here are the 5 flexes of golf club shaft

In GENERAL, There are five available flexes of golf club shaft. But they are usually made of steel or graphite.

What are the five available flexes of golf shaft.

  • Extra Stiff

Recommended for golfers who usually drive the ball as long as 260 yard and maybe more with a swing speed of 93 or probably higher.

These extra stiff golf club is best suited for golfers with great swinging strength and force power and is usually for young and vibrant male golfers


  • great forgiving virtue
  • for professional golfers
  • Full impact on ball
  • Fast ball speed and longer distance ball travel than any other club shaft type if used effectively


  • It requires someone with a strong arm.
  • Its flex is too strong and so therefore requires a great swing speed.
  • Requires energy and strength
  • mostly used by men


  •  Stiff

To identify a Stiff, it has a symbol of an “S” and is best suitable for younger golfers who hit the ball less than 260 yard. Stiff has a swing speed range of about 83 to 93mph. It also requires great swing speed and power force for effective and efficient result


  •  Requires less swing strength when compared to “Extra Stiff”.
  • Its trajectory accuracy is accurate.  It hits the ball a long distance.


  • Requires someone with a strong arm.
  • Requires great swing strength to use.
  •   Regular

Also known as the most frequently used flex, at least its name ‘’Regular” suggest that. It has a symbol ‘’R’’ on the flex chart, this kind is a good fit for golfers whose driving ball force is between 210 to 240 yards with considerably a swing speed of 75 and lower than 85mph and is a great flex option for the young female

Best suited kind of club shaft for an average swinger


  • Most frequently used
  • good for golfers with average ball driving force
  • best suitable for golfers with average swing speed.


  • Very common.
  • Less swing distance.
  • Senior

Is well know with the symbol ‘’A’’ and best suited for golfers whose driving ball force is within the range of 180 to 210 yards with a swing speed of 60 but lower than 76.

This flex shaft is the best recommendation for older golfers since they have weaker strength and will be needing a highly flexible shaft, for senior golfers in general, this is the to the awesome the flex type needed for the elderly


  • Constructed to fit the seniors specification.
  • Commonly used by seniors.
  •  Has an average swing speed.
  • Cons
  • Limited specifically to the seniors demand
  • Its has a less swing distance.
  • Ladies 

This kind is usually for those golfers whose swings are very low, it has a symbol ‘’L’’ on the flex chart, less than 180 yards drive force golfers with a swing speed of mph or so uses this flex. Ladies shaft is the most bendable of the five grades of shafts so it’s perfectly the suitable type for the lady golfer well stricken with age


  •  Its is lighter.
  • Built for women’s specification.
  • Requires less swing energy.
  • Less Stiff


  •   Has a shorter swing speed.
  •  Built to suit a woman’s only body.
  • Requires less swing effort

This kind is the best for older female golfers especially those fifty and above.

When it comes to different in price index, the shaft is less expensive but graphite is more preferable and suitable for women over 50, the fact being they are lighter than steel.

If you have an arm, shoulder or hand problem or maybe a slow swinging power graphite shaft becomes the best prescription.


Club head is another consideration, gone are the days when club heads were made of woods and iron from steel or a composite of them both. The world of today has really changed, Club heads now are made using the heads of steel or a combination of titanium and steel.

Steel is usually heavy and those made from steel are heavier and so is not the best recommendation for women over 50.

However those made of titanium are much lighter and even last longer than its steel counterpart aside from that the heads made of titanium is easier for manufacturers to make larger and it is easier to hit.

The only challenge with the head made of titanium is that it is quite expensive than the steel club heads. Not to worry, that extra cash on top is worth it and with it you are rest assured for a longer and easier hit.

In the past manufacturers rarely have exclusive heads for women due to the fact that they were very few of them actively involved in sporting activities specifically the game of golf.

But those stories are by gone as more and more women but young and old are getting involved with the game.

Those days when women were just getting started to liking the game of golf, they used men’s own specification of clubs.

Like I said all those are gone. Women’s shaft length are usually shorter because they are equally shorter than men but the joy of it all is women can use that of men if they are able and so wish to.

What Are The Best Golf Club For Senior Ladies?

  • Callaway Strata Womens Club(Best For Quality And Lightweight)

Best women club, top rated women golf club, golf club for women over 50

This is no shocking news that women have been highly favoured in golf sport that they have their own best recommendation of the best of golf club well suited for their own body kind

This women golf club_The callaway strata made up of 14 piece club is a must own by every senior lady golfer, this is an excellent club for every women seniors of any age or skill level who wants to get to the climax of the golfing potentiality

In this set you have the mighty large head driver (460cc) which assures you of great advantge over your competitors as you play, an 18 deg 5_wood, a hybrid club, 6 through 9_iron, a putter of T_shape and double wedges with light in weight stand bag including strap and a cooler

All made with a flexible, forgiving graphite and composite shaft to give you all the comfort and fun you deserve


  • Highly forgiving and responsive
  • Made of quality material for long lasting durability
  • Light weight bag
  • Bag has strap and cooler


  • Shipping restriction

Aspire XD1 Ladies Club Set(Best For Responsiveness And Feedback)

Best golf club for women, women best golf club, women over 50

Very excellent club at the number one spot for every senior golfer woman also designed for that player who seeks for optimum performance and extremely captivating and beautifully made club which is built to last

When you talk clubs with extreme forgiveness and you talk aspire XD1

100 percent built with the female golfer in mind and nothing more

Tons of research accompained the process of manufacturing and so you are absolutely guaranteed total satisfaction

This set comes with a 5-iron and a 6-PW

Highly comfortable and you will love it


Highly forgiving

Bag comes with a headcover and stand strap

Made of quality material

Quick delivery

Quality polish finish to prevent rusting


A little bit difficult to get used to

  • Precise Deluxe Women’s Petite Set(Best For Quality And Responsiveness)

A hundred percent suited for the golfer that is perfectionism tasty, it does have all the most recent club technologies incorporated into its design all to help you improve your game

And way better than you will expect for the price, very solid iron with a heavy base weight for better assistance as regards to ball flight

This club feels just right, check out the hybrid, another solid make with a putter of great solidity and nice straight alignment for the best of forgiveness one can ever think of

Its shaft are graphite which makes it highly flexible friendly


6 way divided sand bag and light

Graphite shaft

Solid iron with heavily based weight

Bag has all the little compartment

Rain cover and back style strap pack

Well packed plus fast shipping


Poor strap quality

Shipping restriction

  • Wilson Profile Unisex XD(Best Quality And Easy)

Golf Clubs for women, top rated women club , best golf club

The Wilson profile unisex XD is ruthlessly forgiving, one rare trait yet too important to be ignored

A great club for distance improvement due to its forged titanium composite 460cc driver and large sweetspot

The irons do have graphite shaft and thus making it the best suited light weight club and owning this club means a big boost to your game

Do you have a slow swing speed? Worry no further for the Unisex XD club is great at swing compensation, it has been tested by many slow swingers who after using it gave it an A+ when it comes to swinging aid, they said they got better distance than any other club they have ever used

When you move over to this club your distance and trajectory immediately increases with a better result even on a mishit

Higher lofted driver improves ball flight for greater distance and the enhanced design on its hybrid club feautres high launch technology for better trajectory than longer iron


Light weight bag with ample storage space

Powerful stainless steel iron

Large sweetspot

Extremely forgiving with a power weighing technology

Putter heel toe weighing creates a balanced head for an excellebt putting stroke


A little bit difficult to get used to

  • Majek Senior Lady All Hybrid Set(Best For Feedback And Forgiveness)

Best senior lady club, 2018 senior lady club, older women clubs,

Made from one of the finest hands of golf club makers

When it comes to design and quality you cant beat the Majek, there are one of the best maker of golf clubs for senior ladies right now

An an attempt to ignore this club is an attempt to ignore the best, this club was made out of an intensive research to know the greatest challenge this female senior golfers face as regards to golf club

One thousand of this female senior golfers was asked what their greatest challenge was with their golf set and an ovewhelming number of them replied their iron set

And with this common challange the ULCA Engineers and designers sat down to make one of the most easy to hit iron all tailored to meet the senior lady golfers own demand

now shots with the majek hybrid is now effortless, you will be getting more distance out of every shot with an improved control granting you the fun you have been starved for while playing golf

This is nothing but a pure golf engineering, this club was co-engineered by the ULCA department of enginnering

This club offers less effort overwhelming result


Made of the finest engineering hands

More distance shots and improved control

Less effort great result

Graphite shaft provides faster swing speed

Deep cavity back for a tighter shot dispersion

More weight positioned behind the sweetspot


A little bit difficult to get used to

  • Believe Ladies Complete Golf Set(Best For Quality And Responsiveness)

Best women club, club for seniors, senior best club

Eyes have not seen neither has ear heard of this not too famous but extremely forgiving and durable golf club,

Believe ladies complete golf set feautres the largest driver head(4500cc)driver for maximum forgiveness and extra distance

The founder of this club offers everything you need to get started and play with full confidence and agility to move unto victory

It is easy to hit and offer the latest game improvement technology to help you improve on your plays

With the believe ladies every woman is assured of more distance and improved accuracy

All your golf equipment is stored and safe in the light weight designer bag which does have an easy grip handle

Not only do they have a good look and nice feel but they will help you do longer drive, give it a try and you will understand how loveable this club is

This club is made of quality material that is built to last

It is a great club for a birthday present, just a suggestion, you can get this club for your friend or relative or probably anyone dearest to you and they will thank you and always keep a memory of you


Good value for the price

Good look with great feel

Solid with great forgiveness brought about by the large head driver

Two hybrid iron to replace difficult to hit iron

4 matching designer head cover for wood and hybrid protection

Price friendly, light-weight with quick delivery


The bag is backward and has no stand

  • Wilson Women’s Ultra Complete package golf set(Best Lightweight And Forgiving)

Women and

The delivery system of this prestigious club is instantaneous as you order and you will be suprised

Wilson’s Women ultra complete package is built to last with a light weight bag which comes with more than enough storing space which help you fit in all your golf accessories and in great style

It is a pretty forgivibg club and with your first 18 hole you will become convinced that it is the best club for you

They are a great club for handling the course well and am not mizing words, this left handed golf set is sold at a very reasonable price

This club comes completely assembled from the factory ready to be played and come with a headcover for club protection

Its accuracy percentage ratio is near 95, this means you will hit more greens and win more trophies with less effort


Come with a headcover for club preservation

Price friendly and fast delivery. You will be shocked

Highly durable

Easy to hit and light weight

Moderately forgiving and well balanced


Difficulty in getting used to

Shipping restriction

  • Precise M5 Ladies Women Complete Golf Club Set(Most Forgiving And Easy)

Women best golf club, golf club for women

The Precise M5 Ladies feautres a Titanium Driver, Fairway Wood, Hybrid, 5-PW iron, Putter, Stand bag, 3H/C’s

It is the perfect choice whether as a beginner or an avid golfer, looking at the club head you will notice it is over sized_460cc Titanium driver, stainless steel woods and iron

The oversized club head are user friendly and will dramatically help you to improve on your game

Made of great quality built to last and a stunning appearance that you will love, get ready for tons of compliments from your colleagues as you add the petite to your archive


Comes with a headcover

Stunning and amazing appearance

Good for the money

One year guarantee

Sturdy and balanced

High quality that is built to last

Light weight with great feel


Someone complained of bag being totally different colour from the club

  • Callaway Golf 2019 Women’s Strata Plus (Best Quality And With Maximum Feedback And Feel)

Women's golf driver, best golf driver, older women driver

Designed with insane forgiveness, longer distance ball travel and speed, with this club your distance is greatly improved and your swing has better accuracy

This complete set includes Driver, 5 Wood, 5 hybrid, 6_9 iron, Pitching Wedge, Sand Wedge and 3 headcover

You have full course coverage from tee to green, the stainless steel 5 wood clubhead and graphite composite shaft promotes faster swing speed and long shots

Yes, quite expensive but forget it, in this list it is one of the top most priority, leave the reviews and lets face reality, it is one of the greatest quality long lasting club built for longer distance travel for women and at great accuracy

The 5 hybrid designed with versatility on shots where you would usually hit a diffucult iron


Light weight durable golf stand bag

Enough pockets and an easy to carry strap bag

Mallet for incredible accuracy

Perimeter weighing and improved sole width technology for better control

Large driver head for better accuracy on hit

Great quality and spontaneous delivery


Quite expensive

  • Callaway 2018 Solaire Complete Golf set(Best Lightweight And Highly Responsive)

Best golf club for women, top club for women

Do not spend your money on this club if you are not an avid golfer, the reason is quite simple and that being, “it is expensive”

This club core values focuses on quality, forgiveness and easibilty to use, for females who wants to master the marshal golf status of a genius then this club should be your top priority

Massively forgiving with better accuracy than any other club listed but like i said it is expensive and so its more adviseable for avid golfers not Vacational golfers

Every club in this bag is of a premium design and is built to last 2 to 3 times stronger than any other golf club for women in 2018

Are you in search for the best of quality and forgiveness, yes! It was made for you

With this complete set you will hit more greens and escape more bunkers and probably win more titles but not to be misinterpreted more wins entail being better

Its shaft material is made of graphite and the titanium driver improves distance at great level

The well enhanced hybrid feautres high launch technology for better trajectory and super game improvement technology to enhance the golfers experience

Agressive design focuses on distance and control which is well enginnered for faster swing speed


2 to 3 times quality than any club mentioned

Best club for forgiveness

Easy to use and comes with a well detailed instruction

More distance and faster ball roll

Well design sturdy bag with stand

Bag comes with a headcover

Enhanced spin technology

Sturning appearance and and fell


Quite expensive

What Is The Best Brand Of Golf Clubs For Ladies?

Actually, figuring out the best golf clubs for ladies can prove to be a difficult task, however to make it much easier and far easy to digest

In order to be able to determine the best golf clubs for females, one should first consider brand and quality, the reason is because branding is closely linked and attached to quality

A famous brand is usually considered more quality than a less famous brand even though in the real sense it might not always be the case

You also put into consideration weight. Clubs for female should be less weighty when compared to their male counterpart and this being because women are usually fragile and weaker than men in physical energy

However, here are the most famous brand and quality club makers for ladies :Callaway, Precise, Wilson, Ladies, Believe Ladies, Cobra and few more

Making a choice on any of this is a great option as they are very well known and trusted, they aren’t just novice manufacturers, they have been long into the game and they know what’s best for you

At What Are You Considered A Senior Golfer

In general term and accepted by golfing, if your aren’t a senior golfer, you are the  a junior golfer, senior golfers are those who aren’t youth or babies anymore

They are usually referred to as golfers above 44, in men professional golf, senior tournament are for layers who are 50 and above

The Senior Golfer’s Average Swing Speed

Firstly before looming into that, it is very Important to note that swing varies, as two senior of the same age will hit different levels, however we are going to consider the average senior swinger speed

Senior golfer are usually slower and shorter hitters, the reason being age goes with strength, we al remember when as a youth we were very vibrant

What happened as we crossed the youthful stage, which is usually the apex of strength for most individuals, ”we grew weaker”, not being as vibrant and agile as we used to be, and why? here exactly is the answer: ”we were cut up with age”

So it would be very unfair to compare the junior golfer to the senior in term of strength and power, or the male to the female in power or swing strength having said that

For senior male that can usually hit between 93 to 97MPH whereas females between 72 to 76MPH, even though this data might not be 100% accurate they are an average


Golf clubs are an integral aspect of your golf game, as a matter of fact it is like your passport to the green, making the right decision of the best club set as an elderly female golfer is very crucial for your game

There are golf club highly targeted to meet the demand of the older female senior golfer for better game improvement, select from this club and watch your game turn out to be magic

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