In the end you should be able to list the best golf club complete set for beginners

One of the key thing that comes to mind when people first start to golf is clubs, Golf clubs are very crucial to the game of golf, as a matter of fact without clubs there probably be no sport as golf

The game of golf can be one of the most enjoyable and rewarding game, however it is always and often difficult for those starting out as they are usually faced with the club that is right for them

Golf is an expensive game, especially for beginners, if you just started playing golf there is a great high chance that  borrowed clubs on your first game

Doing that is going to take you no where, of course how long are you going to live lending? the answer, is for not so long

So as a beginner you must have to get your own complete set, it doesn’t have to be that expensive as you can always go for a better club set when you have improved

In today’s blog post we are going to be introducing to you the best golf club (complete set) for men beginners

Today’s golfing offers the best on sale golf club set for beginners to help them improve quickly on their game

Making the right selection of golf clubs as a beginner, starter, novice, amateur or learner can be confusing and daunting for many, so as a newbie you need to be enlightened on the best golf club set that is recommended for you

It’s quite too common for beginners to make the wrong selection on clubs

The main things you are looking for in a new set of beginner golf clubs is forgiveness and accuracy

Golf club set with over size head option is usually the best as it does offer more forgiveness even on a mishit

What Are The Things To Consider Before Ever Buying A Club Set As A Beginners?

Now lets gets started, 12 clubs make up a modern set of golf clubs, among this 12, three are made of wood, one at least a single hybrid, seven are made of irons, one a PW then a putter. 

In the game of golf its rule gives you the advantage to carry fourteen clubs, nevertheless, you can still add one or two more specialty hybrid or wedge, because the more tools in our hands the greater we will perform.

If you are a woman here is the best recommended golf clubs for you 5 Best golf clubs for women over 50

Golf club consists of three components, they are; Shaft, Head, and the Grip

As a novice, the most frequently asked question is how can I get one of the best equipment to help me improve on my game

As portrayed earlier, right here we will educate you by presenting you the accurate and updated list of club set for under experienced men

As a man who had just gotten started with golf, the greatest fear is spending money on the wrong club

Once before, experienced and professionals golfers prefer drive with lower loft and to hit a target it requires more skills from the side of the golfer,

With advancement in technology of today,

Professionals now seek clubs with a higher loft as Low loft on the ball always resulted in many ball spin and so to say generally the longest golf drives are achieved with a low spin coupled with a high launch angle

Many professionals in PGA now work with a loft of about 8.5 to 10 degree. For those who are not professionals or simply put ‘BEGINNERS’

A driver with a loft of 10 degrees or more is really good, they have a poor and weak swing and so they need a club with a more forgiving design

These are perimeter weighing and low center of gravity on clubs,  these designs result in a golf club much forging than wood

Perimeter weighing on its own helps to initiate a wide sweet spot resulting in a beautiful hit

A whole lot of golfers are moving to something more modified than the clubs of past years, replacing lower lofted irons with higher lofted woods

And this is a very commendable progress because these high lofted woods are a whole lot easier to hit, Example of low lofted wood iron is iron 3 and 4 of gravity

What Are The Best Club Set For Beginners?

This list were complied from deep research and analysis, different club were used to analyze which helped the rookie men perform better on course, this club ensures better and more efficient playability

Are you a male golfer who is tired of the using the wrong club set and want a better golf club option to help you learn faster and play more efficiently on course? here is the top golf club set picks for men      

  • Wilson Men’s Ultra Complete Package Golf Set(Best Lightweight And Solid)

Top rated beginners club, best club for beginners, 2020 golf club for beginners Wilson has everything needed for the beginner, it does possess a 14 piece golf club set for new bees, with a total of 10 clubs, a cool golf bag, and three head covers to make you more confident and relaxed

Beginners usually start out with this set of golf clubs until there is a pressing need to upgrade to a more professional satisfying kind of clubs

In this 10 club count, includes a driver, a single three wood, a single hybrid wood, pitching wedge, putter and a range of 5 to 9 irons

The 2015 model of Wilson is well known around the globe because of its long lifespan and cheaper cost

I assure you as a beginner you will love this club and without a doubt recommend it to other beginners

Give it a try and get the maximum beginner golfers experience like no other


  • A well known kind of club set
  • Three head covers
  • Real good for starters


    • Made to specify starters only demand though may be used by professionals.
    • A must upgrade when you are now good in playing golf game.

  • Confident Golf Men’s Power Hybrid Club Set And Stand Bag(Best Quality And Responsive)

Beginner club, list of best club, beginners best club, 2018 best beginners club Confidence? do you know what that means? It’s just as confident as the name implies. This set of golf clubs assures you that it won’t break

Though they are not that famous in the world of golf clubs even yet, its strength is as tenacious as the strength of the bull, they are a great club set for newbies

This golf club set is made up of a driver, 6 to 9 iron, a great hybrid wood and a semi-mallet putter for a greater positive result on your voyage in the world golfers

This club set can be affordable since its price is lesser than its delivery power. It has a beautiful and gorgeous bag with straps that guarantees you free movement wherever, whenever and anytime

its only flaw is the absence of a sand wedge which you will need, but not to worry you can always get one to make this club set stand out from the rest. Pros

  • A semi mallet for greater positive result
  • comes with a nice bag and strap
  • Affordable

Cons not the best for professional golfers Absence of sand wedge.                                                                                      

  • Wilson Golf Men’s  Ultra Complete Package Set(Best For Feedback And Response)

 Wilson Golf Men's 2017 Ultra Complete Package Set, Black All hail the Wilson which is designed for optimum accuracy for men, With the latest Wilson clubs, which are designed with forgiveness a starter golfer can enjoy golfing experience unconditionally

Wilson has a total sum of 13 clubs, and for a proficient movement of the clubs in the golf course, it does possess a spacious brand of a cart bag

A great choice for the beginner men due to the E9 zone technology face integrated into it. A typical Wilson Complete set cannot be found wanting of any of this component- putter, sand wedge, pitching wedge, single driver, 3 woods, 5 woods, hybrid of 4 and 5

So difficult is it to come by a set of clubs with wedges and free from long irons. This traits I think should make one rejoice, ”New golfers to be precise”. Pros

    • Proficient movement of clubs in the golf course
    • It cart bag is spacious enough
    • integration of E9 zone                                                               
    • Quite expensive.
  • Limited production


    • Shipping restrictions.  
    • bag do not have a stand                                                                                                                        

Tour Edge Reaction 3 Complete Set(Best Quality And Responsive)

Golf complete set, golf club, best golf club set A Driver, Four head cover, Stand bag, 3 Woods, 4 Hybrids, Putter and 5 Iron through pitching wedge is thus the component of this club set

The titanium driver of 460cc has a great and really high moment of inertia which increases the intensity of its forgiveness, thus farther and a continuous shot is made possible of the tee

To shy away from many mistakes the club is designed, the stainless steel, not an exception, help feature an under cavity which is well important for to aid wide sweet spot and complete for ultimate forgiveness

Are you a golfer who loves fancy and classy yet without sacrificing forgiveness and response then this is what you have been looking for, the tour edge reaction 3 will do you good, they are lightweight, easy to use with an exceptionally durable and fanciful bag

Which is very durable and fanciful and you will love it, try this set and see how well you will enjoy golfing                                                                                      


  • No difficulty in hitting
  • presence of a mallet putter
  • great forgiveness for starters


  • Club is short
  • quite expensive but worth the price                                                                                                                                                                                            
  • Prosimmon Bag and Golf X9 V2 Golf Club Set(Most Quality And Responsive)

Top pick club, club for beginners, best beginner golf club Prosimmon is for beginners and the average golfers, it is usually not the best option for Professional

The complete set of Prosimmon is made up of a very large oversized 460cc titanium  with head cover coupled with an extra large sweet spot, a fairway wood of 15 degree with head cover, 21 and 24 less difficult and easy to hit hybrid with cover, 35-inch putter, a cavity back 5 iron through pitch wedge, a 7 way top stand bag light in weight.                                                                                   


  • Has extra forgiveness, which makes it one of the ideal choice for beginners.
  • It has a large sweet spot
  •  made of titanium.
  • Cons
  • Absence of sand wedgeFor right handed women only.                                                                                           
  • Wilson Men’s Profile XD Golf Complete Package Golf Set (Most Lightweight And Responsive)

         Top rated beginners club, 2018 beginners club, best beginners club review, best golf club in 2018

Is a new set of clubs for 2017.  and has a power weighing technology.

This set have a clubs with 460cc driver made of titanium, weighing putter, pitching, send wedge, stainless steel iron, 5 wood , 5 hybrid and  a heel When you buy this club, you will be given a cart bag with two padded shoulder strap.  the wood, driver and hybrid also have head covers for maximum protection,

They are a great choice for the male who is just starting out, it is designed with utmost forgiveness, responsiveness and ease to help the newbie without too much effort get the best out of his every swing,

With this club your putting becomes easy than ever, your shots becomes well optimized for better result and with its wedge getting out of the bunker will no longer be a problem and you did thank yourself for making the right choice


  • The right size for starters golfers
  • The presence of a 10 club including a sand wedge.
  • All kind of sizes is readily available( Standard and long sizes)


  • They head cover as many user has said were made from poor materials and moreover it is small.

    Pinemeadow PRE Men’s 16 Piece Complete Golf Set(Best Responsive And Quality)

Best golf club for beginner, 2018 beginners golf club, beginners best club reviews Known as the golfers companion. Pinemeadow PRE Men’s 16 piece complete golf set is a total of 16 clubs. it has a 10.5 titanium driver, 3 wood fifteen degree, 4 through pitching wedge, stainless steel irons, head-cover, wood hybrid and a hybrid of 21 degree.

This sets have a sweet spot though oversized. in order to increase forgiving all the club have oversized faces.

With this golf club all your experience will remain a classic. The oversized sweet-spot creates room for exceptional forgiveness and better rolls, and now distance is now at your finger tips, one thing quiet loveable about this set is that it is one of the most easy to use club yet without sacrificing comfort, forgiveness and response,

They are quite expensive but yes if you want to get serious with golfing then in no doubt this is one of the best and highly recommended golf club set to start with


    • rain hood prevents stand bag from getting wet.
  •  16 piece clubs
  • Easy to use
  • Very quality for durability and efficiency sake


    • no sand wedge
  • users complain of clubs poor durability

  • Aspire X1 men’s complete golf set(Best For Lightweight And Quality)

2018 best club for beginners, beginners best club, top rated club, beginners club reviews This golf set is tempting and has every quality that fits an amateur. Its titanium driver have a loft of 105 degree, 24 degree hybrid club.

Three headcover, 6 iron through pitching wedge, 4 putter, fairway wood, and a stand bag.

For easy movement this Aspire X1 has a dual strap and can be purchased under $200 making it an ideal golf set at an affordable price for beginners,

Great club set with all the requirement you will be needing as a newbie for a better golfing experience, and a high MOI for more optimized shot with precision and Low CG for more forgiveness,

What more can you ask for, thanks to its engineers who through conscious effort has crafted one of the most finely tuned clubs that will aid the beginner better performance as he hits through

They are inexpensive and is great option for those who have little budget, they are durable, lightweight and easy to use as well,


  • Complete set of clubs, 14 to be precise.
  • Light weight bag with comfortable dual strap
  • 460cc titanium driver and a great hybrid club.


  • Shipping restrictions
  • Right handed

  • Call away strata ultimate complete golf set(18 piece)(Best Quality And Forgiving)

Best club for beginners, beginners best club, beginners club 2018, top rated beginners club This is a golf set of 18  clubs. Its has a driver, 2 fairway wood, double hybrid, 4 irons, double wedges, a putter, 5 headcover, and a bag, and a large sweet spot for great forgiveness and mercy.

Its hybrid are the best alternative to the difficult to hit irons, Its high flight technology stimulates long distance travel, Its ball has tee holders and comfortable pockets.

With this set as a beginner you have all it takes to succeed, they are well built and sturdy as well with exceptional flexibility yet without sacrificing feedback, feel and response,

Designed with high MOI for awesome forgiveness and Low CG you will do more accurate long short ball distance with well optimized roll for more positive results


  • Clubs are standard length wise
  • The bag has a stand
  • Iron steel are made from steel shaft
  • Fast shipping


  • Right handed
  • No warranty
  • Shipping restrictions

What Clubs Should A Beginner Golf Bag Have?

In a more general note, as a beginner, you will have no need for a complete club of set, at the initial, only basic clubs are needed until your grow up to become a better golfer or as you improve on your game

There are some essential golf club that must not be missing in your bag, as a person who just started golfing, you will not be needing a whole complete set, however there are some primary clubs or simply put most essential that you must have

This essentials include a Driver, Putter, Iron and Wedge, this is why it is very important to find the right club set as a beginner

At least the best beginner club set must have two woods, one putter, two wedges, one hybrid and seven irons

Which Should I Buy, Individual Club Or Set

The choice to buy individual club or set is totally yours, do you really need a set or you are well off with an individual club, this is a matter of choice for you to decide

It solely based on want or necessity, if necessary to get a set, then buy one and on the other hand if not, its best to save your money until they are needed

Should A Beginner Get Fitted For Golf Club

One of the greatest advantage to fitting your club is that it helps you to perform at your optimum best since they are just the right size for you

As a golfer, you do not just fit club because you want to , there must be a necessity for that, whether as a beginner or a professional or average golfer

Anyone could have his or her clubs fitted, what should be highly considered is necessity, if it s necessary, then go do fitting as far as it does not harm your game

How much Should A Beginner Spend On Golf Clubs

The price junior should spend on clubs is highly dependent on your budget, while some golfer do have more budget, others might have low budget

However quality golf clubs requires you spending more as they are long lasting for durability and efficiency sake, just like any other product, more quality equals more money

However to get the best of quality it is advisable you spend you money on high end clubs, but a beginner, picking a decent club for a decent amount might be the right choice to go for

And as you become better at golfing you cam go for a more expensive and quality club set, having said this clubs between $200 to $300 is great for beginners

Do Expensive Golf Clubs Make The Difference

Even though it is generally agreed that your play9ng level depends on your expertise, we cannot deny the fact that equipment’s seems to play a larger role than we think

Without mizing words, expensive golf clubs are more quality with up to date features in terms of technology that supports better playability and response , this can make a difference

Here is the take away: Your play level depends largely on your expertise even yet the kind of clubs you use can magnify or DE-magnify your game performance


Golf club set is one of the most crucial perquisite to play golf, there are club set designed for beginners of which is quite different from the Pros

As a beginner male you will be needing the best of clubs set which offers exceptional forgiveness, extra flexibility, feedback, response and control to better and more efficiently play golf

We have given you a detailed list of the best clubs set from where you can choose and watch your performance on course become much better and improved such that you have never seen before

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